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To Serve


Note to reader: The Japanese Tea ceremony depicted here is far from accurate. A few small details within the text hint at this.

Thank you goes out to Shadows, Lady Kouka, and Lady Jalina

Butterflies fluttered around her heart. The light broth she ate for lunch hovered in the back of her throat. She trained and prepared for over a year just for this moment. Pulling the silk Kimono's white sash tight around her thick waist, she pondered the path that brought her here.

Two years after graduating Magna Cum Lauda from a prestigious Ivy League college, she found herself on the fast track to a large corner office. Why in the world did she need this? What need forced her to seek Him out? The dichotomy of her soul reflected the dichotomy of her plump body.

Although her rounded face attested to her ancestry, two generations in America blanked out all cultural ties to her family's homeland. The blood that connected her to one of the oldest cultures on Earth had thinned. Perhaps she chose debut with this particular ceremony because it was as close to her heritage as she could find. Granted a Japanese tea ceremony performed by an American of peasant Chinese stock is ironic, but she enjoyed the beauty of it. Closing her eyes, she hoped that He would like it as well.

Running her to-do list through her head, she meticulously checked each item. The water remained warm in a cast iron kettle. Her implements nestled in a silk napkin chosen to compliment the pale blue and white of her garb. The lute played on repeat in His CD player.

Carefully inhaling deeply through her nose, she closed her eyes and envisioned the flowing silk trailing behind her as she entered. Exhaling slowly through her mouth as He taught, she banished the nervousness, centered her thoughts, and focused on the impending task.

Before walking down the long corridor that led to the patio, she banged a large gong. Once, the deep sound reverberated to warn the spirits of her entrance. Twice, the mischievous spirits fled from the sound felt in the sternum. Three, she couldn't remember what the third gong was for, but reverently, she followed the script.

Walking to the open French doors, her Kimono flowed behind her and made the painted waterfalls adorning her move and drift into the early twilight. Inhaling deeply again, she focused on her task. Knowing that He sat there, waitinf for her, nearly overwhelmed her. She repeated her lessons of the previous year. Breathing deeply, in through her nose and out through her mouth, she envisioned herself as the river she wore. She traveled the path that He the bedrock of the Earth laid for her; she altered the shape of the stones as the stones directed her course.

Proudly, she glided out of the doors. The only skin that showed past her costume was her hands and her face. Her carefully arranged hair hid all but the very tips of her unadorned ears. Between her hair and the tall collar of her Kimono the soft skin of her neck hid. Although no makeup touched her skin, her face was a mask of serenity and composure.

As she stepped onto the rocks, still warmed by the waning day, she barely heard Him gasp at her beauty. She willed the blush of satisfaction to subside, but that slight loss of His control was the most powerful compliment she had received in her life. They had known each other for over a year, but tonight she came to serve Him.

Gliding toward the low table, she watched Him. He propped Himself against the firm cushions. His heavy lidded eyes watched her through His thick lashes. Slowly, methodically, she set the tray holding her implements on the table before folding her legs beneath her and settling the pools of fabric around her. As she arranged herself on the cushions, He sat up, attentive to her every move.

Slender fingers unfolded the silk enshrining the wooden measuring spoon and tea whisk. Touching the cast iron kettle, she checked its temperature. Three mounds of tea billowed into the wooden cup followed by warm water from the kettle. Pulling her Kimono to expose a wrist as slender as she was thick, she whisked the tea.

Chastely, she looked at Him through lowered lashes. Eyes, closed, she brought the warm brew to her face and inhaled its aroma before taking a long drink. After re-folding the silken napkin, she wiped the edges of the cup, turned it clockwise thrice, and offered it to Him. Solemnly, He received her offering. He emptied the cup before handing it back to her.

After wiping the cup with the napkin, she folded the whisk and measuring spoon into the silken napkin.

"Traditionally, i should have offered You the sweet first, but i offer it to You now," her soft words barely reached His ears. Reaching up to her hair, the sleeves of her robe fell to her plump elbows. She pulled the decorative combs from her hair, allowing it to cascade in waves down her shoulders and back.

"Stand,' He commanded. Gracefully, she did so. The last of the fading light cast shadows on her face. She stood, outwardly impassive, inwardly quivering in anticipation. He stood before her and ran His hand through her thick, dark hair. Calmly, she breathed deeply, in through her nose and out through her mouth. "Are you ready?" His deep voice delved into her soul. Voicelessly she nodded to him. "The word?" He demanded.

Looking into His loving eyes, she whispered, "Remorse."

Smiling at her, He slowly unwrapped the gift she presented. The white sash whispered to the ground. He pushed back her Kimono, letting it spill from her now naked body. She stood in a puddle of silk as His warm hands stroked her bare flesh. Stepping toward her, her pushed her hair away from her neck and whispered in her ear, "Not a word, not a sound. you may not crescendo until I tell you so." She nodded inperceptively as goose bumps swam on her flesh. His lips lightly skimmed the soft flesh of her neck. "Good, girl." His praise sent shivers of warmth through her body that paralleled the burning desire his hands lit.

He trailed paths of fire down her body with His lips. His hands caressed her broad back chasing the evening chill, which settled upon them. He discovered her bare mound, shaved clean as a surprise for Him. His hands encircled her wide backside as he kissed her bare lips. Breathing deeply to maintain control, she stood still against his ministrations despite the desire he built. He delved into her core finding the jewel that had remained untouched for the last year as she finished her training.

"I shall not disappoint Him," she silently promised herself as He licked her near frenzy. Breathing quickly, but deeply, she kept her promise – neither word nor sound escaped her. She closed her eyes, willing release from this sweet torture. A moment before she broke her vow, a moment before she drowned in the waves of pleasure He caused, He stopped. Her trembling muscles could barely hold her upright.

Smiling up at her, he relented a little. "you may lean against My shoulders if you need." Wanting to be strong but knowing her limits, she leaned heavily against His strong shoulders. Before His saliva could cool on her sex, He again tested her limits. Light pressure on her thighs directed her to spread her legs wider. Snaking His long fingers between her legs, He swam in her ocean. His fingers sought her depths as her tides flowed thickly around him. Thirstily, he drank deeply of her second offering.

Leaning heavily on Him, she willed the beads of sweat forming on her body to stop. Focusing on the smooth stones pressing against her feet, she brought their coolness into her body to quell the flames He lit in her. He road her currents like a stone skimmed across a placid lake, but the strong undertow he created threatened to envelope her.

Again and again he brought her perilously close to the edge before he backed off and allowed her to regain her control. With each of his journeys into her core, she leaned more and more heavily upon Him. Determined to keep her promise, neither word nor sound escaped her; her climax for His command.

Finally when the full moon peeked above the trees, He stood and held her trembling form. Smiling sweetly at her, He looked into her eyes, wet with unshed tears. "My good girl," He crooned as He enveloped her. "Shall we crescendo together at last?"

The tears she held back flooded her cheeks. She carefully nodded yes. He kissed her lips gently and wiped her tears from her face. "Any noise, any sound, you are now free to make. Let Me delve your depths and show you what pleasure you have given Me."

Gratefully, she flung her arms around him and kissed him deeply. She paused only to whisper his name thickly before she lost herself in His pleasure.

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