tagLesbian SexTo Serve A Princess Ch. 02

To Serve A Princess Ch. 02


Dinner that evening was an event. Velvet had insisted on preparing the meal and the King, the Queen, the Princess and the Seneschal found themselves in culinary heaven. The first course was stuffed mushrooms that had been grilled over a smoky flame. The earthy mushrooms had been marinated in garlic-laden oil and fat chunks of sweet crabmeat swam in a creamy cheese filling. The queen couldn’t stop talking about how perfect they were.

Velvet watched as Rosebud put on a clandestine show for her, licking the juice from the rounded bottom of a mushroom cap, dipping the pink tip of her tongue into the filling to retrieve a chunk of crab and closing her eyes in ecstasy, reminding Velvet of what her face had looked like when she came.

Next came a delicious garden salad, loaded with sweet carrot curls, apple slices and garden greens. Again, Rosebud played the mischievous nymph, sucking on the tines of the fork and throwing her a knowing wink. Sir Gordie commented on how well the sweet apple slices matched with the tart, tangy vinaigrette.

The main entrees were next: a perfectly grilled haunch of young lamb, sizzling with rosemary and basil and a whole broiled red snapper that the Cook’s son, Jervis had caught, which was stuffed with sliced lemons and capers. Velvet had made pit-roasted baked potatoes, their fluffy innards riddled with sweet butter, corn on the cob and broccoli in a delicate white cheese sauce. The King had three plates, mostly of the lamb and belched with a silly grin on his face and to the horror of his lady wife, actually wiped his greasy chin on the sleeve of his shirt, then laughed about it.

This time, there was no show for Velvet knew that Rosebud’s favorite dish was roasted lamb. She just stood aside with a huge smile as the princess sliced into her portion and chewed with her eyes closed. When her hazel eyes found her, tears were brimming in them and she mouthed “thank you”.

To finish the dinner, Velvet decanted some icewine and served it with a savory cheese-crusted cherry pie. There was silence around the table as everyone dug into the dessert and contented sighs when the plates were empty.

Sir Gordie stood up, turning to Velvet, who was collecting the dirty plates. “That was, by far, the best dinner I have ever had, Miss Velvet. Thank you for inviting me to partake such a fantastic feast.” With a nod to the rest of the party, he took the main hallway to the outer parapet, heading for his nightly meeting with the guards.

“Wow!” The king said, patting his belly. “I’ve never heard Gordie say anything like that before!”

“Well, he’s never had our Velvet’s cooking before!” The queen smiled, wiping the corners of his mouth. “Velvet, that was truly wonderful!”

“Thank you, ma’am.” Velvet bent to collect Rosebud’s plate. “And you, miss? Did you enjoy my pie?”

Rosebud nodded, sipping her wine. “I just adore cherries.” As her parents fussed over each other, she whispered, “And I haven’t had your pie yet.”

Velvet was suddenly glad that she had dark skin or else she would look as if she’d been out in the sun too long. She took Rosebud’s plate and threw her a sweet smirk as she whispered back, “I bet your pie’s sweeter.”

“Shall we have a sherry in the solar?” The queen queried and her husband and child agreed. Velvet bowed as they all stood and turned toward the kitchen. “Wait, Velvet, you must join us also.”

Rosebud graced Velvet with a brilliant smile, then turned to lead the way. As she stepped into the solar, she flushed, remembering their first kiss and went to the sideboard to serve the liquor while her overheated flesh cooled. Velvet took the tray from her and served first the King, then his wife, then the princess, reserving the last glass for herself. For the next hour, the foursome talked about politics and life and Rosebud was surprised to find that Velvet could hold a conversation with her father. He seemed impressed, too, to her delight. When her mother began to snore, the king declared the night over and Velvet moved to the Queen’s side.

“Ma’am?” The queen awoke with a snort. “We have finished our discussion. May I escort you to your chamber?”

“Yes, please.”

Rosebud watched Velvet escort her mother from the room and blushed when her father caught her. “You seem to get along quite well with Miss Velvet.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Are you taking her with you after you are married?”

Despair washed anew over Rosebud but she did her best to mask it. “Yes, sir.”

“Roger may not permit it.”


“He may be …. “ The king pulled on his beard, searching for the proper word. “Jealous of your … friendship.”

Rosebud noticed the emphasis on the word friendship. “If he is jealous of my lady-in-waiting, then he is stupid.”

“He may be, but he is also very observant.” She sensed that he was giving her some kind of warning as he arose to go to bed. He gave her a warm hug, pressing a kiss to her forehead. “Keep her close, Rose. If he has any hint of your closeness, he will surely seek to separate you.”

He turned away before she had a chance to search his eyes, but she now knew that she had been given a warning.


After dinner and discussion, she did not return to her rooms right away. She went to her favorite place, the western balcony, where at this time of the year, the moonlit air was fragranced with apple blossoms in full bloom just yards away. She felt Velvet’s presence long before her soft lips brushed against the nape of her neck.

“Are you all right?”

“Yes.” Rosebud nodded. “Put your arms around me.”

“Not here, my princess. Too many eyes can spy. Let us repair to your rooms. I have a bath waiting.”

To say that it was a bath was an understatement. The second interior room had been converted to a shrine of sorts. Candles covered every available surface and the scent of rose petals permeated the air. Two thick towels rested on a chair nearby and one the seat of a chair was a square of unfolded satin, a bowl of white cream, a knife and a whetstone.

“It seems that I have been remiss in my duties, my lady. I was informed by your Queen Mother that one of my duties was to attend your bath.” Velvet flicked the lock closed, ensuring them the utmost privacy. Her breath, hot and sensual, was welcome as it caressed her neck and shoulders. “I intend to set that right.”

Rosebud closed her eyes and leaned back against Velvet’s strong body, trembling as her lover’s fingers traced the veins in her neck, following the path with her warm, moist lips. Whenever Velvet touched her, her heart leaped in her breast, her nipples hardened to painful points and a wet warmth began to ooze from her pussy. And it wasn’t just physical. She felt as if Velvet was hypnotizing her with her attentions; she forgot about the impending nuptials, she forgot about the warning her father gave her and blissfully fell head-over-heels into a world of perfect love.

She felt cool air touch her skin as Velvet loosened the buttons of her gown, then sighed as Velvet’s fingers encircled her fat, puffy nipples. She was turned around and the fingers were immediately replaced by Velvet’s eager tongue, which swirled around each nipple until they were hard. She was so enraptured that she didn’t feel Velvet’s fingers unhooking the soaked silken panties and drawing them to the floor. But she did feel Velvet’s lips sliding from her tingling breasts to just above her navel.

Velvet tried to spend as much time as she could kissing her way down to Rosebud’s furry patch. She so wanted to lick the princess clean but she resisted. Not yet. The exciting scent of her musk filled her nostrils and her mouth watered at the chance to taste her sweet juices but she arose quickly, her eyes sweeping over Rosebud’s naked body.

“Into the tub.”

Rosebud pouted for a moment, hoping for the feel of Velvet’s tongue on her clit, but stepped into the steaming tub and settled against the back. Then the most amazing thing happened. For the next twenty minutes, Velvet spoke to her as if she were a suitor. She asked questions about Rosebud’s hopes and dreams and shared her own. They compared their past relationships and past sexual experiences and the entire time, Velvet gently rubbed the back of her hand, feeding the sexual tension and keeping the physical connection alive and sparking. Rosebud thought that she had never had such a wonderful bath as this.

Velvet felt Rosebud’s pulse beating beneath her fingertips as she unloaded her painful past: the mother that died when she was a child and the father that didn’t want her. Being shuffled from home to home and escaping molestation by running away and surviving on scraps stolen from dogs. Her first real relationship with a woman led to her birth as a laborer and when the woman decided to rent her out as a sexual laborer, she left.

She had worked steadily on her own terms, looking for love and keeping to herself. She was afraid to open herself to the princess but her heart told her that Rosebud was the one. But she was aware of the wedding and wondered where that would leave her. She didn’t want to leave Rosebud, but she was afraid that once she made love to her, she would never be able to leave. This girl was in her blood and Velvet found that she wanted her almost more than air.

“Okay. Time to scrub.”

Very methodically, Velvet scrubbed every inch of Rosebud’s body, purposely ignoring her pussy. The princess’s skin glowed warmly in the candlelight and Velvet allowed her hands to memorize every inch of her body. Last, she washed her hair, wrapping it in a towel as Rosebud stepped out.

“Now sit in that chair.”

Toweling her hair, she sat in the bare wood chair and paused as she saw the knife and whetstone. “What’s that for?”

“Shaving, of course.”

Now she really stopped, again looking at the gleaming knife. “Shaving what?”

Velvet ignored the question as she poured hot water into a bowl and put a small cloth into it. She felt Rosebud’s eyes on her as she set the bowl on the floor at her feet and wetted the whetstone. The knife’s blade reflected the low light as she drew it across the stone, sharpening it. Rosebud cleared her throat.

“You didn’t answer my question.”


“What are you intending to shave?”

“I’ll show you without speaking.” Velvet leaned forward and flattening her tongue, she licked Rosebud’s hairy slit from bottom to top.

After she recovered from the assault, Rosebud spoke. “Really? You’re gonna shave my pussy?”

“Mm-hmm.” She checked the knife’s sharpness and satisfied, she pushed Rosebud’s knees apart and grabbing her hips, slid her forward until her pussy was on display for Velvet. “Now, try to relax.”

“Do I get a reward if I do?”

Velvet felt her heart swell with love when she looked up into the woman’s mischievous smile. “Yes.”

It took a while but Rosebud managed to keep her squirming to a minimum and it was the most exquisite torture that she had ever been subjected to. Velvet coated her furry pussy with the cream and very deftly proceeded to shave it bald. The torture came when Velvet had to grip her pussy lips to shave them clean. She could feel the roughness of her skin as she stroked and teased. By the time the hot cloth went on, her pussy was drenched. She tried to steady her breathing as she watched Velvet clean the knife and put it away.

“Did I do good?”

Fire flamed in Velvet’s chest as she turned her attentions to the princess. “Yes.” She rubbed the fruit oil into her shaven skin as she spoke, smiling as Rosebud moaned. “Let’s get you into bed.”

Rosebud felt herself trembling as she laid back against the cool sheets. The beautiful black woman moved about the room, dousing the candles until only a tall trio remained at the side of the bed.

“Are you ready for your reward?”


Velvet knelt at the end of the bed and sucked her right pinky toe into her mouth, her tongue playfully flicking in and out of the valley between. Rosebud closed her eyes and gasped loudly, feeling electrical currents bury themselves into her creaming pussy. “And have you been a good girl?”

“Yes.” Velvet immediately removed her mouth and Rosebud moaned. “No, I haven’t been a good girl.”

Velvet’s mouth slid wetly down her instep, then rotated around to her ankle. Rosebud bit her bottom lip, her innards quaking as she imagined that she felt every nuance of Velvet’s articulate tongue as it moved to the inside of her right leg, slowly dragging up the calf. Oh, Gods! She felt her pussy clench and a flood of warm wetness flowed from her slit and trickled down the crack in her ass. Velvet, please put your mouth on me.

Rosebud felt teeth nibbling the sensitive inside of her kneecap, then the broad brushstroke of Velvet’s warm tongue and the tingling electricity streaked through her again. “And what have you done, you bad girl?”

Velvet’s mouth moved upwards, inching closer to that beautiful shaved mound. Rosebud’s thighs were soft and warm, smooth on her cheeks as she paused to rub against them. The woman groaned softly. She nibbled on both sides, taking a moment to slide her tongue into the creases on either side of her pussy and pressing kisses against her belly.

“I – “ Rosebud held her breath as Velvet lightly blew against her fevered pussy lips. “I’ve masturbated almost five times every day since you’ve been here.”

Velvet paused and smiled, running her fingertips over Rosebud’s soft thigh flesh. “And what could have made you want to fuck yourself almost five times a day?”


Velvet knew that Rosebud was ready. She positioned herself so that with one movement, she could reach from Rosebud’s swollen clit to her winking asshole. With a reverence borne of love, she began the assault. The fat fleshy pud of Rosebud’s pussy was her first target. She placed open-lipped kisses against the now-smooth flesh, pausing to suck and lick. The princess alternately gasped and moaned. Kissing the insides of her tasty thighs, she stuck her tongue out, turning it into a point and ran it slowly down Rosebud’s humid slit.

“I kept imagining that you were licking my pussy …” Rosebud’s voice cracked as Velvet’s tongue stroked again and again. “Just like you are now.” Velvet used her fingers to pull the cum-glued lips apart and the princess nearly screamed as her drenched pussy was swabbed by Velvet’s warm, wet tongue. Suddenly, she floated away again, lifted by the sensual lickings of her lover’s tongue. She felt it probe every nook and cranny, sliding up to flick her blood-filled clit, then moving down to part her thick lips and delve inside to scoop up her sweet cream.

Over and over, Velvet laved Rosebud’s slit, glorying in the taste of her feminine musk as well as enjoying the slickness of her shaven pussy. She lost herself in eating her lover’s pussy, drinking in the copious nectar and stabbing Rosebud’s winking asshole. It only took a few minutes before her sweet princess was cumming and cumming hard. Rosebud buried her face in her pillow to release a scream as her pussy spasmed and gushed over Velvet’s mouth and chin. Velvet drank it all down, holding the princess’s pussy tightly against her mouth as she sucked.

Rosebud sank into the pillows, panting and exhausted. Every nerve ending in her body seemed to be shouting and her skin was tingling as if a million centipedes were traveling across it. “Oh, Velvet. Is this what it’s like to be bad?”

Velvet chuckled, using the wet cloth to clean her face and dousing the candles. “Yes.” She leaned down and captured Rosebud’s pouty lips in a deep kiss. “And that’s not even the worst punishment.” She pulled the covers over the princess, tucking her in and smiling as she curled up sleepily. “Now go to sleep.”

“What about you? You didn’t cum.”

“I didn’t?” Velvet knew better. She rubbed her slick, fat pussy lips through her pants, sighing as she felt wetness spreading against the crotch. She smoothed the hair away from Rosebud’s forehead and planted a soft kiss there. “I came without even touching myself, love. Now sleep.”

She paused at the door, gazing at the moonlit features of the sated and dozing princess. “I love you, Rosebud. Sleep well.”

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