tagLesbian SexTo Serve A Princess Ch. 04

To Serve A Princess Ch. 04


The days sped by and Princess Rosebud thought that if she didn’t have Velvet, she would fly apart. Her father kept Velvet busy with preparations for the wedding and Sir Gordie needed her to help with the security details. She felt as if she were dying, as if it was only a matter of time before she would be attending a funeral – her own. Oh, Velvet. Only six days until I marry …

“Princess?” Sir Gordie stood at the top of the stairs. “Please excuse the intrusion but your father and mother would like to speak with you.”

“Thanks, Gordie.”

She found them on the west lawn, nuzzling each other like newlyweds among the blossoms of spring. The sight of their love brought a smile to her lips and for a moment, she imagined that it was Velvet holding her hands and tucking a pear blossom behind her ear.

“Ah, Rose!” King Simon released his wife, who promptly turned two shades of pink but continued to giggle. “Come join us.”

“What are you doing out here?”

“Enjoying the gifts of spring, my dear.” He laughed, touching the rosy cheek of his suddenly shy queen. “We were thinking that since you’ll be getting married in a few days, it might be nice for you to have a few days to yourself. Don’t you think so?”

“Uh, yeah. Sure.”

“So I took the liberty of having the sister estate cleaned and stocked.” Rosebud felt her body go numb. The sister estate was a smaller version of the royal manse and was only a half-day of travel away. She had always hoped that she would inherit the property but to spend time in its halls was a gift beyond compare. “Your things have been packed and you leave at once.”

“Oh, thank you, Father!” She sprang into his arms.

King Simon held her close, so that his whisper was for her ear only. “Velvet will meet you there later.” His daughter pulled back and surveyed his face. “I can only give you four days. Beyond that, you will have to solve the puzzle for yourself.”

Rosebud hugged him again, closing her eyes against the tears. “Thank you, Father.”


The sister estate was absolutely beautiful. Its wood gleamed like the sun and the sweet smell of flowers refreshed its dusty hallways. Sir Gordie helped Rosebud with her baggage and left after making sure that the guards he had brought had their orders. Finally, she was alone. She wandered about the place, her mind racing. Four days. Four days with Velvet. She paused in the master bedroom, her hands stroking the gauzy mosquito netting.

Yes! That’s it! She would prepare the castle as if it was their wedding night. There would be a sumptuous meal, a hot bath and candles in the bedroom. And I will finally be able to taste Velvet’s sweet pussy! Brimming with excitement, she skipped down the stairs, happier than she had been in days.


Velvet could barely think as she urged the horse toward the castle. She could barely believe what Gordie had told her this morning. The princess will be spending four days at the Sister Estate. He had stated this as he pressed a bag of gold coins into her hand. The king and queen expect you to provide protection for her. She had stared at the bag, her heart in turmoil. So what should I do with this? Gordie had smiled at her question. It’s usually customary to exchange gifts on the honeymoon.

A honeymoon. She felt like crying at his words. So she had finished her work and after a trip into town, found herself here, gazing upon a castle lit up like a Christmas firework. She crossed the bridge, nodding at the guard and received a few words of instruction from Gordie’s man, Mervin. They were here at Gordie’s request to provide protection and under no circumstances, save attack, would they enter the castle. After receiving her thanks, the portcullis was lowered, her horse led away and she grabbed her bags, heading into the entryway.

A vision in white met her in the main hall. Wearing a diaphanous gown trimmed with baby blue ribbon, Princess Rosebud stood waiting, a circlet of daisies on her head. Velvet forgot to breathe as the woman moved toward her, her pink lips moistened by an even pinker tongue.

“You’re finally here.” Her voice was soft, warm and low, caressing Velvet’s soul. “Did you miss me?”

Velvet had no words. She dropped her bags and swept Rosebud into her arms, her mouth finding Rosebud’s in a sweet marriage. For long moments, they remained like that, spellbound by the touch of each other’s hands and mouths since it had been so long. “My Princess.” She whispered into Rosebud’s soft hair, then pressed kisses across her forehead and cheeks.

“I’ve been waiting so long for this.” Rosebud breathed into her mouth, leaning in to suck Velvet’s tongue into her mouth. “I want to fuck you all night long.”

“Oh, I do, too.” Velvet answered, kissing her over and over again. “But first … “ Velvet dropped to her knees, fumbling in her pocket. “Rosebud, I have been alone a long time and I thought that I would never find love. I made a vow to myself that I would give myself to the woman that I fell in love with.” The princess’s eyes grew bright with tears. “And that woman is you. With you, I don’t have to hide who I am. I can be who I want to be. I can trust you with my fears and share my dreams with you.” She took a breath. “I know that you are getting married and that my part in your life will diminish but I want you to know … “ She felt her throat ache as tears pricked her eyes. “I want you to know that I will always love you. Will you do me the great honor of becoming my bride?”

Tears blurred Rosebud’s eyes as she looked down at Velvet. “Nothing would make me happier.” She closed her eyes and sighed in happiness as the cool gold band slid onto her pinky. Velvet had known that a regular ring would draw attention so she had thoughtfully chosen a gold pinky ring, festooned with sapphires and diamonds. “As I give myself to you as your bride, so do I take you as my husband.” She removed the daisy circlet from her head and placed it on Velvet. “With this ring, I thee wed.”

Velvet arose and kissed her bride, a sweet, deep kiss that melted her innards with its gentle innocence. My bride. The thought made her pull Rosebud even closer. My Rosebud, my bride.

Rosebud had prepared the honeymoon dinner: grilled beef steaks with mushrooms and wild onions, parslied carrots and spinach salad and she smiled with satisfaction as Velvet finished nearly two plates. The hot bath the princess had prepared melted the soreness from Velvet’s muscles and gave Rosebud time to ready the bridal suite. When Velvet emerged from the bath, the princess wrapped her in a silk robe, forcing herself to refrain from touching her magnificent chocolate body. She wanted their first joining to be perfection and nothing less.

Now, as they sat before the roaring fire in the main hall, Velvet sipped the almond-flavored liqueur, the warmth spreading through her belly and coupling with the sexual tension she was already feeling. At this angle, the firelight clearly delineated Rosebud’s gorgeous form and her pendulous, large-nippled breasts caught and held her attention. So did the love in her hazel eyes. God, I love you! She thought, reaching over to touch her hand.

Rosebud found herself staring at her beautiful lover, her eyes moving over her lightly clothed figure. She had never seen Velvet like this and her mouth was watering as she imagined her lips around her fat, dark nipples. Finally, she could wait no longer and reached for the tie holding the robe closed. The white silk fell away, revealing the objects of her desire and an unending expanse of brown skin.

“Oh, Velvet.” Her voice shook as a dark chocolate nipple hardened under her fingertips. “I want you so much.”

Velvet welcomed the tingle of her touch with a soft moan. She had always imagined this: finding a beautiful woman that would love her. She imagined the touches, the smells, the tastes, the sounds, but this was so much more. She could never have imagined the trust that she saw in Rosebud’s eyes, nor the desire that flared deeply within, matching her own. She arose and jerked the princess to her feet, smothering her mouth with a punishing kiss that took their breaths away, then swung Rosebud into her arms and mounted the stairs.

Rosebud’s heart thundered in her ears as she felt Velvet lift her. It was so romantic, something that she had never expected from Velvet. She wrapped her arms around Velvet’s neck, nuzzling the soft skin there and pressing kisses against the flesh. Velvet paused to lean down and nibble on her plump bottom lip and before setting her down in the bedroom.


Candles covered every surface in the bedroom and surrounded the four-poster king-sized bed with buttery light. A fire roaring in the fireplace lent warmth and the floor and turned down bedsheets were littered with rose petals, their fragrance permeating the air. Velvet gave her lover a squeeze as she realized how much work Rosebud had put into this.

“This is our bridal suite.” Rosebud whispered, not wanting to break the mood. The glow from the warm flames backlighted her lush figure, her eyes lighted from within. “I want you to make me your bride.” She pulled her robe open, the movement catching and holding Velvet’s eyes. ”I want you to take my virginity.” The soft fabric rippled and buckled as it slid off her shoulders, slipped over her buttocks and pooled at her feet. “I want you to put your mark on me and make me yours.” She parted the thin curtains and lay back on the bed, her thick brown hair fanning out around her face as she raised the pinky ring to her lips, pressing a long kiss against the golden band. “I want you to make us one.”

Velvet couldn’t think but she knew that it was the fastest she’d ever undressed before. Within the spanse of a few seconds, she was pressing her naked body against Rosebud’s, her mouth gently devouring as they both moaned. The princess’s breasts pushed against her, the tender mounds now capped with hard nubs. She wrenched her mouth away to pull one into her mouth, teasing her writhing body until Rosebud pushed her back.

Ignoring the look of confusion on Velvet’s face, the princess leaped on her with a fury borne of passion. She left no inch of Velvet’s body untouched, either by mouth, tongue or hands as she claimed her lover’s body, driving Velvet crazy with need as she specifically ignored her tingling nipples and throbbing pussy. Rosebud delighted in the sounds that she made, the breathy catches in her throat when her lips came near her inflamed pussy lips and the long, low moans when she licked underside of the brown globes of her breasts.

Rosebud teasingly kissed around one of Velvet’s fat, puffy nipples, her eyes connecting with those of her lover’s. “Tonight, we fulfill my fantasy.” With those spoken words, her tender mouth swooped down on Velvet’s nipple, drawing a cry from the woman as electric tingles raced from nipple to pussy. She did not relent in her passionate assault, drawing the nipples into hard peaks and rubbing her teeth along the edges.

Velvet couldn’t breathe as the sensations rolled through her body. All her hopes and dreams were coming true and the feeling was overwhelming. She closed her eyes and gave in to her feelings, her pussy pumping out cream that coated her slit and dripped down to her asshole. But Rosebud’s attention to her breasts stopped and she panted in anticipation as the soft lips made a trail down her stomach to her freshly shaved pussy. She watched breathlessly as Rosebud raised her legs back and bent down to drink from Velvet’s pulsing well.

The world spun away. Velvet could feel Rosebud’s tongue, tracing the edges of her inflamed sex and waves upon waves of pleasure broke across her skin like a refreshing ocean swell. A deep, long moan erupted from her throat, surprising her with its intensity. Her tongue moved up and down her slit, flicking over her clit before traveling down to the gushing hole.

“Oh, Rose!” Velvet gasped, trembling as her body arched upward. Rosebud took the opportunity to pull her lover closer, to slide her hands under her buttocks and bury her face in Velvet’s juicy slit.

“Cum for me, baby.” Rosebud whispered, using a finger to massage Velvet’s swollen clit while her tongue repeatedly speared her hole. She heard Velvet’s breathing coming faster and faster and it made her skin flush as she realized that her ministrations were the cause. “Cum for your bride.” She plunged her tongue in again and sucked the inner lips into her mouth at the same time.

“Oh, baby!” Velvet’s broken cry echoed through the bedroom. She knew that she had never climaxed like this before and that it could only have happened because of the love she felt. Her pussy muscles clenched over and over, pumping sweet cream onto Rosebud’s waiting tongue. It was several long minutes before she was able to come to her senses and the first thing she saw was Rosebud’s beautiful face, her eyes silvery with tears. “That was beautiful. I’m so glad I waited.”

“I’m glad I could be your first.”

“First …” Velvet pulled Rosebud down for a long kiss, thrilled to taste her own pussy on her lover’s lips. “And last.”


Four days sped by for the inseparable twosome. They spent most of their time in the big bed, licking, sucking and fucking their way from daybreak to daybreak. As each day passed, Velvet saw shadows marring Rosebud’s ethereal beauty but she could do nothing to help because she had shadows of her own. In only a few days’ time, Rosebud would be the bride of a man; a man who would brutally take her virginity, plant his seed and toss her aside like a withered husk.

And there was nothing Velvet could do about it. So she made love to Rosebud as if each time were the last, taking extra time to explore her throbbing pussy, to hold her close when they slept, to put every ounce of emotion in every touch and kiss. She held Rosebud’s gaze when she came, silently willing the sweet memories to become permanently embedded in her lover’s mind so that when she was under Sir Roger, she could recall their moments. She spoke of her love constantly and did not leave her alone during silent moments, even when she knew Rosebud’s thoughts were on the nuptials.

The morning of the fourth day broke and Velvet opened her eyes, tears slipping silently down the sides of her face as she held Rosebud close. Somehow, the princess sensed her despair because she reached up and cupped Velvet’s face with her small hands. “Please don’t cry.” She moved up and over Velvet, pressing her entire length against her. “We will always be together.”

Her words made Velvet cry harder and she struggled to swallow past the huge lump in her throat. “I don’t know if I can do this. You are my princess, not his!”

“I know, baby, and that’s all that counts. He can take my body but he can’t take my heart.” The electric feeling of their rock-hard nipples rubbing together drew a groan from Velvet. “That belongs to you.” She pressed her open mouth across Velvet’s neck and collarbones, ending with a deep, searing kiss that made her already wet pussy even wetter. “Now, let’s make love one last time before we have to leave.”

Velvet decided that since Rosebud had dedicated their first time to her pleasure, she would focus this last session on the princess. She made no move to push her off; instead, she grabbed her ass and ground her mound against Rosebud’s. A deep groan resonated through them both, their clits grinding as she rotated her hips and did it again and again. The princess kept her mouth glued to her, their tongues stroking and battling alternately as their ardor flamed into life.

Rosebud shivered as Velvet reached between them and gently pinched her clit. Her nipples tightened immediately as her body responded to her lover’s knowing touch and allowed Velvet to roll her off and onto her back. First, she felt the cool air move across her back as Velvet removed the sheet, then the wet heat of her tongue as she laved every inch of Rosebud’s back. Just when she thought that she could no longer stand it, Velvet pulled her up onto her knees, pushing her legs apart. “I want you to pretend that I’m him.”

“I can’t.”

Velvet ran her hands over Rosebud’s back, culminating with a slow run down the inside of her pussy-juiced thighs and almost back to her wet slit. “Open up for me.”

Rosebud complied, reaching under to pinch her own nipples as Velvet slid a thick, rough thumb into her juicy pussy. She groaned, pinching a little harder, her hips moving with their own rhythm as she accepted Velvet’s thumb like a penis. Another deep twinge made her pussy clench when Velvet’s tongue began to lave her ass in flat-tongued strokes, moving down her cleft to her pink pucker. Oh, Gods! Velvet made her stop for a moment while she lubricated two fingers in Rosebud’s pussy, then re-inserted her thumb.

Rosebud braced herself for the anal assault but was pleasantly surprised when Velvet’s roaming tongue breached the ring of her asshole, loudly moaning her obvious pleasure. The two lubricated fingers found a home on either side of her engorged clit, stroking and pulling in tempo with her thumb. It was all too much and she could not hold back any longer. Her orgasm drenched Velvet’s thumb in thick cream and her anal ring pulsed around her tongue, but Velvet did not stop. Rosebud counted a total of six orgasms, each more intense than the previous one, before she collapsed, completely sated and exhausted.

Velvet pulled her up into the circle of her arms and held her while she recovered, murmuring soft words of love. She hadn’t cum but she wasn’t concerned. She wanted to make it the best for Rosebud. When she felt the princess’s fingers sliding into her hole, she moaned and came immediately and allowed her to bring her to two more tooth-grinding climaxes, her eyes filled with tears.

“We should get packed.” Velvet said at length, not wanting to dislodge the princess from her resting place. “Gordie will be here to collect us soon.”

Slowly, Rosebud nodded and watched as Velvet pulled herself out of her embrace, heading to get fresh water so they could wash up. “Rosebud,” Their eyes met as Velvet paused in the doorway. “Don’t ever forget that I will always love you.”

“I won’t.” She forced a smile, feeling stronger than she had in a long time. “It’s what is keeping me sane.”


King Simon and Queen Rosamund welcomed them back to the castle with a small feast, held in Velvet’s honor. The king presented her with a jewel-studded ring that bore the family crest in honor of her service and the queen gave her packets of seeds so that she could begin the garden that she had always wanted. The seeds came from a family friend in France and were of a quality not seen at the local market. Velvet accepted the gifts with great respect and ate the meal of Cornish hen and rice pilaf with relish. It was only after the royal family had sought their beds that evening that Sir Gordie found her alone on the west parapet, with a gift of his own.


She hastily wiped her face and cleared her throat. “Yes, Gordie?”

The usually straitlaced, military man with the impeccably groomed goatee sat on the wall, looking out across the dark verdant landscape, his clear blue eyes searching for something. “I respect you.”


He turned to her, his gaze sincere. “You went after what you wanted and you were honest about your feelings. I respect that.”

Velvet turned away, tears burning her eyes again. “I don’t deserve your respect. If I had been a better person, I would not have confused her by wooing her.”

“You haven’t confused her.” He paused, his eyes again searching the darkness. “Rose has always known what she wanted and it has never been a man. The queen has always known, but chose to ignore it, thinking that it was a stage. But Rose never grew out of it.”

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