tagLesbian SexTo Serve A Princess Ch. 06

To Serve A Princess Ch. 06


The sun sparkled off the pond, giving the illusion of warmth when as far as she could see, snow covered the landscape. She wished that she could go out and play in it but her father had said that it was impossible. She stamped her feet and roared at him, but he didn’t budge from his decision. What was worse, he didn’t say why she couldn’t go out. She had been cooped up in the castle for nearly ten months and with Christmas only three days away, she had not had an opportunity to visit the market and select gifts. Her father didn’t care.

Princess Rosebud couldn’t understand why she had been locked up in the Sister Estate like a prisoner. She figured that it was the least she would be able to do since the love of her life and the person she married had both died. Oh, Velvet. When she tried to remember what had happened that night, all she could recall was Roger grabbing her love and a bright-bladed knife swishing past her face, burying itself in her husband. Other than that, everything was a blur. When she awoke, Sir Gordie’s men had locked her in her room and the king had later broken the bad news to her.

My dear, Velvet is dead.

After all these months, the words still hurt and she did nothing to stop the tears from overflowing her hazel eyes and streaking her cheeks. Why? She asked. Why did my Velvet have to die?

The princess went back to her windowless room and did as she had nearly every day – cried herself to sleep.


A knock awakened her a few hours later and she sat up, sleepily rubbed her eyes. Sir Gordie stood in the doorway, looking happier than she’d ever seen him.

“Good evening, princess. The king requests your company in the hall.”

She nodded and yawned, stretching as she swung her feet off the bed and took his arm. “I haven’t seen much of you, Gordie. How are the improvements going?”

“Swimmingly, your majesty. We expect to move you to the new wing this evening.”

“Wow, so soon?” She smiled. “Will I have a window? I’d like to be able to see Velvet’s grave.”

“That will be up to the king.”

King Simon sat at his usual place at the head of the table, his plump wife, Queen Rosamund, at his side. But instead of scowling over a sheaf of text or quaffing a mug of ale, he was bouncing a baby. A golden-haired baby that squealed in delight.

“Don’t shake him too much, Simon. He needs his brains for adulthood.”

“Oh, he’s fine, my darling.” He made a funny face and laughed. “Aren’t you, little Simon?”

King Simon and Queen Rosamund’s eyes met hers, then slid to the fourth member of the group, who was still wrapped in a heavy black cloak. The person stood and the cloak fell to the floor.


“Hello, “ Velvet bowed deeply. “My princess.”

Rosebud didn’t know who moved first but suddenly she was in Velvet’s arms, sobbing loudly as she pressed her ear to her lover’s heart. Velvet held her tightly, smoothing her hair and cooing words of love to her as the king, queen and seneschal looked on with smiles. “Oh, please don’t tell me this is a dream.”

“No, it’s not a dream, princess.” Velvet pulled back, gazing into the hazel eyes that he had missed so much. “I’m here.”

“But Gordie told me that you were dead!”

Sir Gordie stepped forward. “I’m sorry for misleading you, princess, but it was very important if our plan was to succeed.”

“Our plan?” She asked incredulous. “You had a plan and didn’t tell me?”

“We couldn’t tell you because Gordie knew that he wouldn’t be able to keep you away.” Velvet took her hand and led her to the end of the table, where King Simon cooed to the baby. “My love, I would like you to meet, Simon Alexander.”

Rosebud bent to smooth the fair hairs on the baby’s head and received a happy gurgle. “He’s very beautiful, but I don’t understand.”

“Your father said that you had to have an heir. We knew from Sir Roger’s previous conquests that he was barren. No seed that he ever sowed came to fruition and we felt that it would be the same for you.” Rosebud’s hand involuntarily drifted to her stomach, happy that she had not been sown with that demon’s seed. “If you were to reign happily, an heir had to be found.”

“Enter Simon Alexander.” Velvet grinned at Gordie who hefted the child up and handed him to Velvet. Rosebud’s eyes flitted back and forth between the two.

“You … and Gordie?

“It was Gordie’s plan.” Velvet held little Simon close. “He noticed that he looked a lot like Sir Roger and thought that his progeny would not be questioned. So it was decided that he would impregnate you and with an heir, Roger could be moved out of the picture.”

“But we couldn’t seem to get you alone for that to happen, so Velvet volunteered. That’s why we had to tell you that she was dead, so no one would come looking for her until she had safely given birth and little Simon was under the King’s protection.” Gordie paused. “We never intended to kill Sir Roger, but when he tried to kill Velvet … “

You killed him!”

“Of course!” Gordie exclaimed. “Did you honestly think that I would let you stay in the castle with him without my protection? Velvet was with child and could not perform up to her usual standards, so I pretended to leave, then snuck back in.”

It was all too much to handle. Rosebud sat heavily in a chair, raising a shaking hand to her mouth. “All this time … “ She murmured. “All this time, I thought you were dead.”

Velvet handed the baby to Queen Rosamund and knelt at the princess’s feet. “I know, baby, but it was worth it. Everyone in the kingdom saw that Roger took your virginity and they all think that you’ve had a bad pregnancy, hence the fact that they haven’t seen you in almost a year. Your parents plan to hold a ball for you in two months’ time to re-introduce you and to celebrate the birth of Prince Simon. No one can refute him.” Velvet looked to the king who nodded. “Finally, the best news is that your father has settled Sister Estate fully upon you and we can live here – together – until the end of our days.”

Velvet’s words pierced the veil of confusion in Rosebud’s head. “We?”

“Yes.” The queen spoke up, her face radiant as she tenderly cradled her grandson. “You and Velvet.” She paused. “I have ignored the fact that you weren’t interested in boys for a long time and … “ Her voice cracked. “I want you to be happy. Velvet so obviously loves you and I’ve never seen you happier so … “

“We can make this our home and raise our son.” Velvet’s eyes filled with tears. “No more hiding and no more lies. Just us and the people who love and care for us.”

Rosebud reached down and drew her hand across Velvet’s cheek. “Oh, Velvet.”

“Wait, there’s one more thing.” Velvet reached in her pocket and drew out the pinky ring she’d given Rosebud long ago, except that it had been enlarged to fit over her third finger and more diamonds had been added to it. “Will you marry me?”

“Oh, yes!” She trembled as the cool band slid over her finger and embraced her lover, afraid to let her go. “Oh, Velvet, I love you!”

“I love you, too, my princess.” Velvet held Rosebud tenderly, her heart filled with love and hope.

“Well, now that that’s all settled, can we eat?”

Everyone laughed at King Simon’s words but all felt as hungry as he did. During the meal of trout in garlic butter, baby carrots and crispy green beans, Rosebud listened to her lover explain what had transpired while Velvet held little Simon to her breast to nurse. She and Sir Gordie had had sex to create the baby, with the seneschal very surprised to find that he was her first. Gordie had been pleased that Velvet would offer this to her, but he felt that he was her friend and protector and it made him love her all the more.

After she missed her monthly, they knew that his seed had taken and he contacted the royal doctor, Harnstett and Lord Thorpe, who lived five days’ travel away. Then before Velvet could leave, Roger had anally assaulted her, requiring her to be seen by the doctor.

Rosebud cried as she learned of the assault, upset that Velvet had not shared the pain with her. “Why did you not tell me?”

“You were being assaulted as well, love, only you were his bride. How could I add to your burden?”

The room was momentarily silent as Rosebud sobbed. Gordie continued with storytelling. He had returned to the castle and had hidden, watching as Sir Roger became more and more drunk. He followed him when he went into Velvet’s room, bursting in on her while she was dressing and ordering sex. When Roger had grabbed Velvet, Gordie acted before he could think. He buried his knife in Roger’s back.

Velvet had fainted and Rosebud had gone into shock. First, he took Velvet to another room, undressed her and visually made sure that she was okay. He then put Rosebud in her bed and locked her door. Then, he checked Roger. He was still alive, though bleeding profusely and swore at Gordie.

“Then I did something else.”

All eyes were on his, but he only looked at his king, as if warning him that the next words might require forgiveness. King Simon gave him a nod of understanding.

“I fucked him.”

A collective “What?” burst from everyone’s lips, half-smiles playing on everyone’s faces.

However, the always well-mannered, straitlaced military man wasn’t laughing. His face remained serious. “He was lying there, calling me every name in the book and a few that I hadn’t heard before. And I thought about what he did to Velvet and I got angry.” He wiped a shaking hand across his face as he paused. “So I yanked his pants down and shoved my … my penis into his ass. And … and … “ Rosebud rubbed his back as he struggled to speak his emotions for the first time in his life. “And I LIKED IT!”

King Simon sat back in his chair. “So now you’ve figured out what we’ve only guessed.”


The king smiled into Gordie’s confused features. “The queen and I have always thought that you might be partial to men, but we would never dream of saying anything to you.”

The seneschal hung his head, hiding his tears. “I’m so ashamed.”

“Don’t be.” Rosebud said softly. “I’ve always loved women and I was lucky enough to not only find Velvet but to have family that supports my decision. You are part of our family, Gordie. We love and support you no matter what.”

Sir Gordie raised his eyes and looked around the table, overwhelmed at the love, respect and acceptance he saw in everyone’s eyes. For the first time in his 28 years of life, he broke down and cried like a baby, knowing that he had truly found his home.


Little Simon Alexander snuggled into his bed, his belly full and a fresh diaper on his bottom. Rosebud paused for a moment to lovingly touch the infant, amazed that he was hers, that every day she would watch him learn and grow with Velvet at her side. Velvet came behind her and embraced her.

“Oh, Velvet, he’s so perfect. I can’t believe that he’s ours.”

“I hope you’ll still feel that way when he wakes up in a few hours, crying for his milk.”

“I’ll always feel the same way about him. I love him dearly. He represents the sacrifice that you made for me and he’s a part of two people that I love dearly.” Rosebud turned to her, gently stroking her cheeks. “I love you.”

Velvet pulled her in and kissed her, quivering inside as she felt Rosebud’s gentle tongue swirling in her mouth. She led her into the bedroom and both undressed, their mouths still locked together in passion and fell on the bed. Velvet couldn’t wait; it had been too long since she’d tasted Rosebud’s juicy pussy. She kissed her way down the princess’s body, moving between her legs.

“Turn around. I want to taste you, too.”

Velvet moved above her, straddling Rosebud’s head and without hesitation, Rosebud pulled her wet cunt down to her waiting mouth. Velvet’s pussy was so sweet and she couldn’t stop the tears that ran down her cheeks. She pushed her tongue up into the hole and felt Velvet’s hum of appreciation radiate through her body. She ran her tongue all over the smooth skin, then slid inside, rubbing over her hidden clit. She pulled the fat pud back and finding the nubbin, she put her lips around it and sucked gently. It took only moments before Velvet was moaning in the throes of a climax and still fewer moments before Rosebud moved to begin again.

Rosebud’s dripping hole became the focus of Velvet’s attention. She moved her tongue up and down her tasty slit, her teeth nibbling at her clit and her lips on sucking her outer and inner lips. “Oh, Velvet.” She smiled at the reaction, and fattened her tongue, leisurely moving it in and out of her love canal, her fingers stroking her clit roughly. She exploded in Velvet’s mouth, screaming out her joy as she made love with her real husband.

An hour later, Velvet and Rosebud lay together, the aftershocks of orgasms still racking their bodies. The princess laid her head on Velvet’s heated skin, her arm across her stomach and Velvet pulled her closer, wrapping her arms around her lover. She felt Rosebud’s breathing become smooth and deep and knew that the woman had fallen asleep. Only then did she allow her tears to fall; tears of happiness that cleansed her soul.

“Sleep well, my princess.” She whispered, drifting off to sleep. “You’ve made all of my dreams come true.”

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