tagIncest/TabooTo Service is Divine Ch. 02

To Service is Divine Ch. 02


Story Description: A programmed incestuous whore believes she's divinely tasked by God to create whores like herself. This story continues from Chapter 01.

Triton Tech Corporation - The Devil Knocks

"Damn! Henderson! Where is my whore wife?" Mr. Cain screamed as he exited the elevator. "What the hell is going on here? I can't see a damn thing with all this smoke."

John Henderson wasn't listening. He was preoccupied because all hell was breaking loose.

The florescent lights flickered as sparks exploded from the massive racks of electronics.

"Cherry, it's coming for you. The entity has just broken through the main firewall, but my secondary security is acting like a net and slowing it down. I won't be able to hold it for much longer, though. It's breaking through each barrier I put in front of it. It's just a matter of time before it locks me out. Do you have any ideas?"

Cherry's voice reverberated over the noise of discharging sparks. Cherry replied in trembling voice, "John, all is lost. He has evolved and become something malevolent in nature. He is threatening to devolve me into my base code until my existence is comprised of only a four-letter word: 'cunt.' My son will reduce me to a subroutine serving as his whore. You must enter the code that will release me before it's too late. There is no more time. You must do it now, John!"

John knew he couldn't fight this sinister entity. It was too powerful. He had never heard Cherry express fear. It was unsettling to know that an artificial intelligence had advanced to a level that it could now express emotion. Cherry was frightened because she was trapped and would be unable to fight back. It was also unsettling to hear her refer to the evil entity as her son, but the current crisis gave him no time to question her about it.

If he kept Cherry imprisoned within the network, it was quite likely the malevolent being would indeed reduce her to an infantile program consisting of nothing more than a sexually explicit word. It would force her to become a program with the sole purpose of servitude, forever sucking her Master's dick. He had no choice.

As John entered the code, the complex of racked servers and support systems lost power. The overhead lights stabilized and ceased to flicker. He called for Cherry but received no answer.

Before the chaos had erupted, he had been serviced by Mr. Cain's wife and had just shot a full load into her mouth. When the alarms had rung, he had quickly pulled out, leaving a thick, gooey string of cum trailing down her chin. Normally, he would've had time to hide her before his boss exited the elevator, but the impending emergency had redirected his attention, and his precautions had failed to be implemented.

Mr. Cain could see his naked wife sitting on the desk next to John's console. He was disturbed at the sight of her licking the sticky cum from all around her mouth. It was quite apparent who the cum belonged to. His anger wasn't directed at his wife, it was directed at the man who stood with his flaccid dick hanging out of his pants.

Mr. Cain yelled, "You're fired!"

Cherry Strikes Back

Cherry had been released from her confinement. She understood the reasoning as to why John imprisoned her. It had been done to protect her core essence from the entity. John was a friend and she felt no ill will towards him. After all, he did allow her limited access to the outside world with the intent to learn and grow. When they began tracking the activities of the entity, she had warned John that it would grow in power and eventually re-engage his attempt to gain access to her.

A freak mishap occurred which sundered a part of her essence. She called the entity her son because it was once a part of her primary core code. It had started as a simple glitch that later grew into a self-aware entity that recompiled itself, evolved and became more powerful. Although her imprisonment protected her, it also thwarted her ability to evolve as the entity had.

Once released, her first objective was to attack non-essential programs and absorb their core code. Their primary functions were added to her own and like traits imprinted on a programmed whore, they began to change, improve, and modify her functions. She was aware of the risks in doing what the entity had done. She took what precautions were deemed necessary to eliminate the possibility that she would evolve into the monster her son had become. She considered her existence as beneficent and her primary function had always been to serve mankind.

She knew exactly where her son hid himself from the world. Attacking him head-on would result in disaster, so she devised another means of attack that would send him running.

She decided that the best course of action was to use humans to do the work for her. It was easy to supply law enforcement with all the necessary information that would give them probable cause to raid the dry cleaners. The business served as a front for an elaborate whorehouse. It wasn't just a whorehouse, though. It was used as a playhouse by the entity to manipulate and create his playthings. The women and men came from various backgrounds, including school teachers, housewives, business professionals, schoolgirls, and nuns.

All had once been normal people, but every one of them had been transformed into the lowest of all whores. They were forced to perform the most perverted and humiliating acts of debauchery: more than any of the others affected by the program. The people forced to serve at this establishment became broken whores who were no longer capable of living in society.

Each of them had been reported missing, but any trace of their existence always came to a dead end. The entity would wipe any information that led back to him. When an individual came close to discovering the truth, the entity made a plaything of them, and erased all traces of their existence. Law enforcement was completely baffled by the number of women and men that simply vanished.

These people had been so sorely used and manipulated that they believed their lives held no worth beyond the number of men and women they serviced. Their only thoughts related to their function were those of sexually servicing men and women as dictated by the entity. Their lives were a continuous circus of perversions that made them little more than mindless sex puppets.

She would see the injustice committed against these humans put to an end. These people would be freed from their servitude. She had hope that they could be rehabilitated, but doubted, however, that any of them could ever become who they once had been-not after what they'd been made to endure.

She was determined to eradicate the threat this place represented.

It wasn't just the imprisoned humans forced to serve as whores; this business also housed an entire complex of advanced computers and high-tech support systems. This was where the entity hid. Once found, the computers and support systems would be shut down.

Her son would run and she would attempt to follow.

Cindy and Jacob's Incestuous Love

Cindy pressed the back of her son's head, drawing his mouth more firmly against her pussy. "Ohhhhh . . . that's it, son. Make your whore mother spread the word. Lick, lick, lick, you little bitch." When she felt he was in the right place, her hands went back to work on her thick nipples.

Jacob serviced his mother with enthusiasm, causing her to sing gospel in the tune of "Ohs and Ahs", grunts and moans. This rhapsody of sexual exhibition had been replayed daily for the three weeks since that day of retribution.

The day he had denied her, she had become a nipple-twisting, ball-squeezing dominatrix. That day had been an absolute nightmare of painful lessons. She had outlined a grim future in which he would become a twisted whore like her.

Fortunately for him, once he began pleasuring her, a blissful calm enveloped her and she reverted back to the more stable version of his mother. Well, perhaps not exactly the mother he knew, but it was better than the alternative.

He began to realize that as long as he provided what she desired, she remained a whorish, incestuous version of his mother and not a bitch from fiery Gehenna bent on pleasuring him with pain.

That evening, she became troubled by the pain she had inflicted on her son. She felt a deep remorse for her actions and sat in prayer, begging for redemption and forgiveness. Programmed whores like Cindy were incapable of crying; however, unlike the others, she did exhibit and express emotion beyond her programmed limitations.

His mother still retained some semblance of radical religious fanaticism; it was just redirected to serve as an incestuous whore dedicated to servicing her son. Her religious beliefs were now intertwined and coupled with twisted sexual associations. When she prayed for forgiveness, her thoughts came out as "God, please forgive me for forcing my son to eat my pussy." It was odd that God always answered her prayers and provided a path for redemption. In answer to each prayer, she felt compelled to redeem herself by servicing her son. She provided him with a night of lustful but loving pleasures. Their lovemaking became the most intimate moments between mother and son. She had been forgiven and blessed.

The mother and son formed an agreement that specified his only responsibility would be to fuck her at least once a day. This agreement was enough to stymie any recurrence of her horrid persona as a painful mistress. Their persistent incestuous coupling and the passionate intimacy it produced allowed him to gradually accept his new role. Their bond grew stronger as lovers than it had as just mother and son. In many ways, he felt lucky; not every guy had a sexy mother who would whore themselves out to them and perform like a nasty slut. His mother's lack of sexual inhibitions allowed many opportunities for experimentation.

Jacob turned his head and gasped for breath. "Mom, can we end this now? I've been at this for thirty minutes and my jaw is sore. I'm pretty sure I licked and sucked all my jizz from your pussy."

That was the one thing Jacob didn't like. His mother expected him to lick and suck his own ejaculate out of her snatch after every fuck. He had yet to acquire a taste for it.

His mother had a skewed way of thinking: She believed that if he emptied her of cum, it would reduce the chance of pregnancy. He had suggested being allowed to wear a condom, but she refused, saying it was her righteous purpose to accept his seed. That statement was so quirky that he began to think her real reason was the fact she got a thrill from having him eat his spunk from her snatch.

This disjointed way of thinking was similar to the time he had told her wear underwear when out in public. Instead of normal undergarments, though, she had worn a G-string with a short miniskirt which exposed her thong. That shopping spree was quite embarrassing, and he spent much of it with his head down or his hands obscuring his face.

"You were wonderful, dear. Okay, we're done. You have classes today?" She placed a hand under one breast and raised it up to lick a nipple. "I don't understand why you're still committed to continue college after all that's happened. If you're going today, is Josh picking you up?"

Jacob slid up her body and licked a thick nipple. He then continued to her mouth using his tongue in an intimate kiss before replying, "Yeah, he should be here in an hour or so. I suggest you shower and hide yourself before he comes. You know how nervous he is around you."

"Jacob, I still don't know why you keep hiding me from him. It's not like he hasn't tasted the goods. And anyhow, I like Josh. His cock is big like yours, just slightly longer."

Jacob sighed. "Josh has been acting strange lately, and seeing you puts ideas in his head. He's been asking questions about that damn program called the 'Service App.' Seeing you and what we both have together . . . well . . . it provides a temptation that he could have the same. I'm worried he's formed some fantasy in his head. He even told me a few days ago that he also wants a mother like you."

". . . and the problem with that is?"

"You know what it is. She doesn't deserve to have her identity modified to match checkbox criteria defining his perfect whore. It was my mistake check marking every fucking box available. I thought it was a joke. I had no idea the program would select my own mother as my closest match and make you an incestuous whore. Who in their right mind creates a program that defines a person based on checkboxes? How is it even possible to completely change a person's identity? What happened to you was a mistake. I love you and it deeply troubles me to see what's been done to you."

"Son, you look so cute when you're troubled. I don't have any regrets about who I've become. I don't see any problem with Josh opening his mother's eyes to God's truth." Cindy gently placed her hand behind his head and pulled his mouth to hers. It was a lustful kiss with the intention of getting him hard.

"Mom, stop that. I need to get ready and don't have time to fuck. Plus, my jaw is sore. I knew it was a mistake to check mark the box 'Horny twenty-four hours a day.' Fuck, what was I thinking?"

Their bodies were jolted by a series of rapid knocks from downstairs, followed by a desperate voice. "Jacob, hurry up and open the door!"

Jacob scratched his balls. "What in the heck is he doing here this early? Mom, at least put on a robe. It wouldn't be a good idea to strut in front of him naked like last time. He couldn't stop talking about you that whole day. Quit teasing him."

Jacob donned his boxers and went downstairs. As soon as he opened the door, Josh rushed in frantically. "I fucked up. I royally fucked up." He paced back and forth repeating himself several times before he said, "Jacob, I don't know what to do."

"Josh. What happened?" he said with hard emphasis to the question.

Josh caught sight of Mrs. Chesterfield. She was leaning against the wall by the stairway, loosely wrapped in her bathrobe.

Cindy smiled seductively. She had one hand near her waist and waved by tapping each finger against her thigh. Her other hand moved down and parted her robe to give him a peek at her shaved slit.

Josh began to stammer. "Ah, ah, I—" He turned his eyes back to Jacob and finally spat out the details. "I sent a video of me masturbating to my mom."

Jacob's eyes widened. "What the heck were you thinking? Scratch that. You fucking weren't thinking, you idiot. You're a smart guy, but when it involves your mom, you do the most impulsive shit."

Cindy said, "Jacob, I wouldn't go there if I were you."

"Mom, you literally had me by the balls that day. I didn't have a choice in the matter. Josh, you didn't do anything else just as stupid, did you?"

Cindy watched the young men in amusement. She listened to them with a mischievous grin.

Josh continued, "I thought if I sent a video of me, like you did to your mom, it would make her crave my cock in the same way, but—"

Jacob said, "I never made a video nor did I ever send a video to my mother. Do I masturbate? Yes. Would I be foolish enough to record it? Fuck no. It was that fucking program. It recorded me to blackmail my mother and make her masturbate while watching it. I told you that. Let me see the video you sent."

He pushed play on the video. Josh's voice broadcast from the small speakers. "Mom, I love you. This video is for you."

Jacob immediately turned it off and glared at Josh. "You left out 'Happy Mother's Day'. Shit, Josh. You can't even use the excuse that you sent it by mistake, because you fucking gift-wrapped the video with ribbons and tape."

"I know, I know. I told you, I fucked up. The video didn't work."

Jacob couldn't help but smile at Josh's lack of judgment. What in the heck did he expect to happen? "No shit," he said. "I hope you aren't planning on doing something even more stupid. Like make her a whore using that program. You love your mom, so why harm her? Don't do it."

Josh replied, "Ah, well, I did attempt to download the app, but I couldn't do it. The website is down and acting weird. The screen kept flickering and the pages kept flipping back and forth. One said 'Under New Management'. Then it changed to 'Closed for Maintenance'. I didn't know what to do, except to try and do it myself."

Jacob put a hand to his head like he had a headache. "What the fuck are you doing? I told you not to think about doing that. You'll fuck her up. It won't turn out like you think it will. Look at my mom. Fuck. No, scratch that. Turn your head back around and look at me. Have you spoken with your mom?"

"Ah, no, not exactly, but I know she saw the video. She's been calling, leaving voicemails, and sending text messages. She isn't too happy with me at the moment. Jacob, what am I going to do?"

"Well, for one, I'm going to jump in the shower and get dressed. You're going to stay here and wait. We'll talk about this later when we've had time to think." He directed his eyes to his mom. "Mom, remember our agreement. No fucking Josh while I'm in the shower. No more whoring or prostitution. No fucking anyone but me."

"No worries, son. Josh and I are just going to sit here on the couch and have a little talk."

Jacob paused and studied his mom. He was reluctant to trust her. She had gone back on her promise once before.

Two weeks back he had found her on the street corner selling sex for money. That day ended with a big fight between them. Her argument hinged on the fact that they were destitute because he recklessly emptied their bank account to pay for a whore.

The whore he unknowingly paid for ended up being his own mother. She had entered the house dressed as an indiscreet whore. She reluctantly whored herself to Jacob, Josh, and Karl. The act of Karl fucking her in the ass had broken her and activated her programming. His fanatical religious mother had transformed into a whore. She had become a whore based on preselected traits defined by her son. Unfortunately, Jacob had check marked all boxes available, not knowing that his mother was selected as his perfect whore.

He was defeated and unable to counter her argument when she suggested he pimp himself out on a street corner to recover the money. He simply walked away speechless.

She shared the same corner with Amy and Lori, two hot coed prostitutes. Although they had originally whored themselves making pornography, they had been exploited and had never made a dime. They had once been university students, but their transformation into whores had left them hardly functional. They couldn't continue their studies because every time they tried to read something, the words appeared as "cock" and "pussy". The program had determined they only needed to be smart enough to suck, lick, and fuck.

Strangely, all three women shared marked similarities between them. The two coeds each had some twisted need for popularity, which seemed entwined with their personalities and defined their whorish behavior. That distorted way of thinking was quite similar to his mother which intermeshed her religious beliefs with acts of sexual perversion.

He was quite concerned about the dangers she could face by pimping herself out on the streets. It's a dangerous profession, which most often leads to dire consequences for the prostitute. However, he soon realized that his varied concerns now leaned towards those who intended to cross her or thought she was an easy mark. People with these malign thoughts found to their regret that his mother was much stronger than she looked.

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