tagErotic CouplingsTo Set A Fire Ch. 03

To Set A Fire Ch. 03


Flexing my arms, I quietly test the security of the leather cuffs around my wrists.

"I wouldn't," he warns from beside the bed.

I tilt my head to the right and give him innocent eyes. "Wouldn't what?"

He swirls the deep, ruby hues in his wine glass and takes another sip, watching me with narrowed eyes. I can't ignore the rush of desire as my gaze slides over his body. The navy robe draped around him hides most of my captor's delectable figure. I consider the strength of those arms which had carried me into this room and I frown - why had I allowed this man to bind me to his headboard? 

His suggestion to lie down on the bed had seemed relatively benign at first, but then he'd instructed me further: "lift your arms above your head." He'd then deftly cuffed my wrists and chained them to the bed. When he left me alone in the room for several minutes and appeared moments later in a loosely tied robe with a drink - none for me? - I'd been both annoyed and intrigued.

I glare at him presently as he holds his wine glass and inspects me with those dark, appraising eyes. Still shielded by my clothes, I feel his gaze move over my body and I tingle with unease. Maybe I should have said no to this. Damn him.

"You're going to wipe that willful look off your face."

A flash of arousal surprises me. Nonetheless, I perform another spiteful yank on my wrist-restraints. No give. I glance up at the little lock securing my thick cuffs to a simple chain in the headboard. Nope, should not have agreed to this. Not that he'd explained the details first.

"Since I can't move my hands, you'll have to wipe it off for me," is my impudent reply.

A wicked smile spreads across his face. He takes another sip of wine and turns away from me. Walking around the bed to my other side, he sets his glass on the dresser and feels through the top drawer. When his confident grin turns back toward me, my unease increases. What now?

A solid crimson bandana appears a moment later. He leans over me from beside the bed and the soft warmth of wine on his breath is like an aromatic caress. He folds the cloth neatly until the square cloth forms a long strip. Oh. His intent becomes clear and my heart rate increases.

"I don't think that's necessary," I offer nervously.

"I don't think I give a fuck." His sharp words command obedience. "Lift your head up."

My eyes meet his and I consider the dangerous strength of the man hovering over me. Bound and gagged - are we playing a game? If I say no, will he stop? Years of friendship tell me to trust him, but...

I suppress my defiance and I elevate my head for him. Quick hands nimbly pull the cloth against my mouth - seriously? He's pleased by the look on my face and I catch his cocky smile before he shifts the material upward and secures the blindfold behind my head. Darkness. A shiver of fear and pleasure raises goosebumps on my arms and hardens my nipples. Wait, why is being unable to see arousing?

"Mmm," he hums. "the sight of you lying there so helpless is rather appealing."

I bite my lip. Helpless? I open my eyes against the smooth fabric and a thrill of panic pulses through me. I tug the restraints once more, twisting as I pull.

His voice comes to me from further away. "No clever response?" I angle my head toward him but keep my lips sealed. The sudden loss of my sight has put a damper on my confidence. I hear soft sounds across the room. What is he doing?

The bed shifts with the weight of his body, startling me. He crawls to my side and I feel warmth from his bare legs as he straddles my waist. "I like that you're learning to keep your mouth shut." I feel a soft, warm caress slide across my mouth. "But now I want you to open it. Moisten your lips."

A flicker of electricity hums through me. I run my tongue across my lips for him. When I'm motionless once more, that same ultra soft caress tickles my mouth. "You're going to let me fuck that smart mouth of yours." My insides twist with anxious pleasure and the pressure against my lips increases. "Now open."

I part my mouth and feel the tip of his dick press gently against it. Whoa, this is... As his hand moves up his shaft to brush my face before retreating, my mind fills with the image of him stroking his cock into my mouth. It leaves a throbbing ache between my legs and I flex against the leather cuffs.

"I want you to use that talented tongue of yours." His crown teases my sensitive lips and I savor the tingling trail he leaves across my mouth. Does he know how much I'm enjoying this? My breath rebounds off his shaft and I think about the absurdly explicit conversations we'd had last summer. Those talks had never been about anything quite like this.

"You're not listening," he says darkly. A hand grasps my chin and tugs it down as the weight on the bed shifts over me. He presses his cock more firmly into my mouth and I instinctively move my lips to protect him from teeth. As he slides into me I hear, "do as you're told."

A soft whine escapes me. I mold my mouth around his growing erection and carefully take him in. He withdraws gradually and then slides back with torturously slow movements. I tilt my head and slide my tongue along his shaft as he glides past my lips. "Mmm, good girl," his husky words induce a warm pulse between my thighs. His dick swells and fills my mouth, extending to the back of my throat as he gently thrusts forward again. The warmth between my thighs has become more insistent and I wonder what exactly he has planned for me.

A sudden thought of him sliding between my legs elicits another small sound from me - a brief, yearning note that makes him pause.

"Something I can do for you?" he asks, slipping his cock from my mouth and resting the tip against my lips once more. He releases my chin and I sense him stroking up and down his shaft. I tilt my head away and take a calming breath, fighting the urge to give voice to my desires. "It's okay," he adds gently. "Tell me what you want."

I'm silent, breathing the clean scent of the muscled form poised above me. In my mind's eye I see him, running his hand along his solid sex. God, I want him inside of me.

He reads my mind. "Do you want me to fuck you?" I whimper with need but resist answering his question. The weight above me shifts and I feel him move down my body. His lips hover over mine, that soft scent of red wine once again teasing my senses. "Would you prefer to feel me between your legs rather than in your mouth? To have me slide into your hot pussy and fill it full of my cum?"

I moan involuntarily and nod my head.

 He hums appreciatively. "Is that a yes?"

I twist and squirm underneath him as his mouth moves to tickle the skin on my neck. A trail of soft kisses cause tendrils of fire to shiver down my spine.

His weight and warmth abruptly shift back and gentle fingers appear at the waist line of my pants. "Stay," he commands, stilling my movements.

Slow, teasing circles tickle the skin just above my hips and my muscles contract, retreating from his tender, molten touch. He pauses, waiting again for my motionless obedience.

I will myself to surrender.

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