tagLoving WivesTo Shower, Or Not To Shower

To Shower, Or Not To Shower


“Hey baby,” Chloe called out.

Josh glanced up on his way to the shower, a look of surprise crossing his face as he saw his wife home instead of work. “I thought you had left,” he replied, an incredulous look on his face.

“I changed my mind,” she replied, glancing down to see his semi-erect cock hanging between his legs. “I just couldn’t get myself to go to work knowing you would be home all day with no one to keep you company.”

Josh grinned, feeling his cock start to grow just at the thought of what today would bring.

“So,” she grinned, glancing downwards again to see his cock near fully erect by now, “Just how hard does that thing get?”

Josh’s grin grew, glancing downwards at it himself and then to his lovely wife. “Only one way to find out,” he suggested.

Chloe licked her lips gain, looking at it. “Something tells me that it could get harder.”

“Come over here and we’ll see,” he teased.

Chloe grinned in delightful amusement and slithered closer but instead of pressing up against him as he fully expected, instead she melted downwards to her knees and gently pushed him back against the wall. She peeked up to see his grin as she pushed his knees apart slightly, a gleam appearing in her eyes like a devilish twinkle. “You know, I haven’t had my breakfast yet this morning.”

Josh groaned in response before suggesting with a wry grin, “You should definitely eat then.”

Chloe took that as an open invitation and looked at the gorgeous monstrous cock in front of her, her fingers sliding tantalizingly slow over its surface. She reveled in its velvety texture and in the smoothness of the swelling vein that lay beneath. Watching in delight, she saw drops of precum begin to ooze out of the swollen head.

Chad smiled down at her as he rested back against the wall, seeing the look in his beautiful wife’s eyes as her fingers slide around the base of his now throbbing cock. He moaned softly in response as she applied some pressure and leaned close to sweep her tongue over the precum glistening on the mushroom-shaped head. He wrapped his fingers tightly into her hair as it slowly began to turn a deep shape of purple as his desires began to grow.

Chloe purred softly, feeling her pussy lips begin to swell as her husband’s fingers curled in a tight grip into her hair. Her tongue swirled around the sensitive head, lapping greedily at the precum oozing out a bit more freely as her hand began to squeeze and stroke the base of his shaft. Her husband’s low growl of pleasure and the sensation of his cock growing harder on her tongue brought forth a moan of wonderment as his body did exactly what she had hoped it would. The sensation of it swelling and pulsing beneath her touch sent her mouth downwards in a descent to take the head in, moist lips clamping just beneath the head of his shaft in a beautiful vise-like grip.

As she began to suck, her hand stroking in slow delicious strokes, Chad’s voice moaned low in a husky caress, “Goddddd, baby.” She glanced up at the sound of his voice, sucking him deeper as her mouth slid down the shaft in a slow agonizing tease to about halfway down his length. Her stroking hand bumped her lips as she suckled him, savoring the taste of his flesh on her tongue.

Chad’s head fell back against the wall as he savored the magic of his wife’s mouth. He could hear his soft purr and feel the vibrations sent from her throat to shudder through his sensitive cock, making his jerk towards her mouth. When her head began to bob up and down his length, his hips began to pump, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth. The loose curls of her hair from the night before fell around her face like a sexy frame only to caress his hips like a velvety curtain as her hand began to stroke him faster.

Chloe groaned softly, adjusting her kneel close to his legs and came to rise up a bit as his hips pumped forward, beginning to push the length of his cock into her warm pliant mouth. Beginning to suck him harder, her mouth moved faster over his flesh. She could feel him shift, moving one of his legs between her own thighs to rub his shin against her wet cunt. She couldn’t help but gasp, her hot breath flooding over his hips as her cunt instinctively pushed forward against his flesh.

Chad was almost shocked at just how wet and swollen Chloe’s lips were as she fed from his cock like a hungered slut. He grinned, glancing down at his beautiful wife as his hips pumped forward faster and began to move his leg up and down his her wet swollen flesh. “Ride my shin, baby … that’s it,” he murmured as his hand seemed to pull her mouth further down his throbbing cock.

She couldn’t help but groan deep, the rumbled of her voice shuddering over his cock that was buried in her constricting throat. Her head began to bob even more on him, suddenly famished for his cum. She wanted so badly to taste it on her tongue as her cunt slammed against his shin, beginning to ride over it like a wild stallion. She could feel her clit begin to throb to a pulsing crescendo as it rubbed against her husband’s leg.

Chad could feel his balls begin to tighten as his cock pulsed in her mouth and suddenly with a scream of delight exploded, sending hot ropes of cum down Chloe’s throat and into her belly. “Oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk! Goddddddd!” he moaned.

Chloe groaned her hips moving faster on his shin as her clit burned like a raging inferno. She gulped in air as she tried to swallow his thick hot cum, some of it bursting out of her mouth to dribble down the sides of her mouth and onto her chin. Yet her lips still worked furiously on his erupting flesh. She cried out over his flesh, her teeth raking the still throbbing meat as she gasped for breath. She could feel her cunt walls tighten and then explode in a rainbow of warm thick cum that erupted onto his shin. Her hands slid up his thighs to gently tug on his balls as her mouth continued to suckle him hungrily.

“Godddd baby,” he groaned, “That’s it … don’t stop!”

Chloe cried out as her mouth suddenly pulled off him, moaning uncontrollably as she came hard against his leg. Her palms squeezed against his walls only to send one last jet of his cum splattering upwards into her flushed face from his pulsing cock as her own cum bathed his leg.

“Damnnnnnnnnn,” her husband groaned his eyes wide as he glanced down to his wife. His legs were trembling non-stop as he leaned against the wall for support. “Wow!”

Chloe couldn’t help but laugh gently even as she shivered uncontrollably. Her fingers slowly slid along the length of his delicious cock as her own body shuddered over his flesh. She pressed close as a soft moan erupted from her lips. “Ohhhh,” she whispered.

“God I love you,” Chad whispered, reaching down to pull her up into his arms. He smiled, pulling her close as one hand came up to sweep a dribble of cum off her face and presented it to her lips. The adoring look she gave him as her tongue snaked out to lick it off his fingers was enough to make him want to throw her onto the bed and start all over again.

“I love you too, baby,” she whispered.

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