tagBDSMTo Sir, with Love

To Sir, with Love


While reading the notes you leave me I move quickly to your room. Reaching behind me, I begin my task my unzipping my dress. When the zip is all the way down, I slip out of the navy blue dress that work makes us wear. It's a uniform, what can I say. The only fun thing about it, is that it sits about 3 inches above my knees.

I leave my stilettos on, so after my dress is off, I'm left standing wearing only a lace black thong with matching bra. Normally, I can't be bothered with dressing in matching underwear, but I woke this morning feeling sexy so I thought 'fuck it'.

Walking around your room, I go and explore everything. Over at your draws, I look at it, pulling out one of your T-shirts and trying it on.

I look at myself in the mirror and giggle at the image I see. My mind wonders, imagining that it's not fabric I wear, but your arms and body draped over me.

Without thinking, I've closed my head and let my hand travel down my body to my panties. I know that I'm already wet, I don't need to touch to feel the heat from between my legs.

I snap out of my daze and look at myself again in the mirror. I need you in here with me, but you're nowhere to be seen.

I take off the shirt, followed by my bra and panties. Leaving them just outside the door, like a trail for you to find your way home.

I've brought a few things with me for my stay, so I grab my bag and throw it on the bed, no need to rummage through it. It only has a few things. A few vibrators, and a small but plug. Knowing that you would want me to train my ass.

I get on all fours, my heels drop to the floor. I look over my shoulder and see my reflection in the mirror.

Finally I get higher on the bed and rest on your pillows. They smell like you, it only makes me need you more.

I bend my knees and then drop them so my legs are open. I run my hands along my body, playing with my nipples. Pinching and twirling them around. It's one of the many things I need from you. My eyes close again, my imagination sets off.

My left hand reaches over and I grab the butt plug. I roll onto my stomach and and look at the ruby red toy, it's one that has ridges on it, and a button. A magical vibrating plug that will train my ass just for Sir.

After lubricating it, i get on my knees, and push my ass up into the air, hold my breath and ease it into my ass; picturing it being your cock, stretching my hole to fit you perfectly. Getting it in was easy enough, the fun begins when I switch it on

I press the button, vibrations ripple through my ass, making my tight cunt drip with juices. Almost in a cat like pose, I grip the sheets and moan out loud. My knuckles almost white while I try to control my breathing. My ass clenching the the plug, as my body desired more.

Falling to my side, my fingers slide between my dripping folds. I've not yet touched my clit, but it's already throbbing- aching for your mouth. As my finger touches my swollen but for the first time since last night, I gasp. Proving to be extremely sensitive, I waste no more time and grab the vibrator.

My little pink rabbit. It's not big, but fuck is it powerful. I bring it to my mouth and take it in my mouth, wanting it.. needing it to be your cock, I slide it back as far as I can take it without gagging.

Thinking of you fucking my mouth and throat, I start to buck my hips, rolling them into the mattress. I've worked myself into such a tight ball, if I was to fuck myself, my cunt wouldn't beagle to stand much.

So I start to take my time. Taking the vibrator out of my mouth, I begin to run it alone my nipples, they are rock hard and needing to be punished, bitten and slapped. But there is only one spot where I need my toy, the same place your cock belongs.

Now on my back, moving my toy further down, I let it rest for a moment over my clit. I feel a pressure building in between my thighs. I could just leave it like this, my legs are shaking as it is. But I eat your cock buried deep in my tight cunt.

I thrust the pink rabbit into me, turning it on to high. Moving it about hard and fast, needing this release now, needing you now.

My back arches high, the back of my head pushing into the pillows that smell just like you. Gasping turns to panting, panting turning to moans, they fill the room with your name. I can't hold any more, my release comes quick.

I lay on your bed, a wet mark on the quilt. I'm spent, my ass and cunt exhausted from the play time.

I hear your footsteps approaching the closed door. I have no time to straighten up. About to be busted, by Sir.

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by Anonymous

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Cute but...

Cute story but it really needs an editor!! Lots of errors.

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