To Sleep Perchance to Cream


"Thr..." before she could get out the sounds of the number 'three', she had drifted into a deep sleep and started snoring.

"Very good, Beverly." The doctor lifted her hand and released it. As it flopped back down onto the bed by her side, he grinned. He added, "Very good, Beverly" as he walked out of her room.

Chapter 4

Dr. Dunleavy walked over to the receptionist and asked, "How many patients do we have tonight, Aileen?"

"A full house, sir. Stewart, Roger, and Melissa are returning patients, and Beverly is a new patient."

"Are they all here?"

"Yes, sir. Melissa was the last to arrive, but she got herself set up and she's been asleep now for about ten minutes."

"Did Beverly see any of them?"

"She was in the waiting room when Melissa arrived. Considering the way Melissa hurried in, and the way she was dressed, I doubt Beverly got much of a look at Melissa's face."


"I know Beverly's in room 1. Does that mean Melissa's in room 3?"

"Yes. And Roger's in room 2."

"Got it. So how have you decorated the central hall tonight?"

"Why don't you go see for yourself?"

"Do we have to play this game every night?"

"Do you have to ask every night? I'd think you'd need more details than anything I might say about what I did. You'd need to, um, see my handiwork firsthand, wouldn't you?"

"And I would check it out anyway. I'd just like ... to, uh, you know. Know what your theme is before I walk in there."

"So you admit to me that you have other ways of finding out."

"Of course I do. I'd just think that you'd want to tell me."

"Blame my upbringing."

"I always do, Aileen. I always do." He turned on his heels and strode to the central hall. The moment he opened the door, he smiled broadly. "Now this looks like it'll be a lot of fun for our four patients tonight."

He looked up at one of the cameras that monitored activity in this room and gave his receptionist a "thumbs up" sign.

Glancing at his watch, he recognized that he had about ten minutes to kill before Beverly would be ready, so he returned to his office and decided to play a few games of solitaire on his computer.

After losing two straight games, the young doctor glanced at his watch and realized it was time. He launched an application on his computer and stared at a few lines of encoded information in green text against a black background.

As he continued to type, he made a point of glancing out of his door and into the corridor. Melissa slowly walked past his office, her back completely straight, her eyes fixed straight ahead. She was wearing a gray bathrobe.

After Melissa was out of sight in the hallway, Dr. Dunleavy glanced at a closed-circuit television camera monitor. After a few moments of watching an empty room, he smiled as Melissa appeared in the monitor. From what he could tell, her face was expressionless, eyes barely open. He typed a few commands on his computer and Melissa strode over to a table near the wall. She then picked up one object and held on to it.

"Perfect, Melissa. Absolutely perfect," he whispered.


Once the first commands had registered in the computer, Beverly let out a gasp. She sat upright in her bed, turned so that her feet hung over the edge, and stood up.

Chapter 5

Beverly's sleeping body moved of its own volition. Her hand moved inside of her pajama top and, in a sweeping gesture, unbuttoned all of the buttons, before both hands hung limply by her side.

She swayed slightly in a few different directions and the smooth fabric of her nightshirt fell off behind her, revealing her breasts to the darkened room.

She continued swaying until she landed gently back onto her bed. Her hands moved to the pieces of elastic that kept her pajama bottom and her underwear on at her hips. Stretching both articles of clothing with her thumbs, she lowered them to her knees and stood up again.

Her legs then started moving in an almost march-like stride. In no time, the remainder of her clothes had fallen gently to her ankles and then onto the floor.

Once naked, she held out both of her hands in front of her and marched out of her room, down the hallway, and into the central hall.

Melissa had been waiting in the central hall ever since her own nocturnal wanderings had taken her to this point. The only clothing she had been wearing was the gray bathrobe, which now lay at her feet.

Beverly stopped a little bit over an arm's length away from Melissa. Once she stopped walking, Beverly opened her mouth and raised the back of her long hair above her head.

Melissa stepped forward and stuffed an object into Beverly's mouth. With Beverly's hair out of the way, Melissa walked around and clasped it shut, locking it into Beverly's mouth.

Melissa then lowered her hands and pinched both of Beverly's nipples.

Upon feeling this sensation, Beverly let out a low squeal, however she was unable to vocalize too much due to the gag she now wore.

Melissa backed away as Beverly let out a low snort, confirming that her body was still asleep.

Beverly walked slowly to the middle of the room.

The two men, Stewart and Roger, walked into the room, their arms outstretched before them. In a fluid, synchronized motion, both men threw off their own gray bathrobes and stood naked before the two women. All four people stood facing each other before the two men broke off and walked towards one side of the room

The men waited by the wall and, after a moment, a large round piece of wood -- a large wheel -- rolled out in front of them. They quickly rolled it back to where the two women stood, bringing it to a stop directly behind where Beverly stood.

Melissa knelt down and secured Beverly's left ankle to a leather strap near the bottom of the wooden wheel. Beverly spread her legs as Melissa bound her right ankle.

The two men bound Beverly's hands above her head.

Once Beverly was bound solidly, the two men moved the board upon which she was bound, adjusting it so that it was parallel to the floor. Had her eyes been able to focus on anything specific within the room, she would have been looking at the ceiling.

Melissa stepped forward and began to lick Beverly's pussy. The sensation of Melissa's tongue and lips probing and exploring every fold and ridge of her flesh, made Beverly let out a low moan that vibrated through her gag, even in her subconscious state.

Melissa probed Beverly's body more deeply. In response, Beverly arched her back, her body reacting to the stimuli she was receiving as she got wetter and wetter under Melissa's knowing tongue.

Once Melissa was satisfied that she had prepared the newcomer for the pleasures of the sleep clinic, she stood up. Melissa walked around Beverly's bound body, taking care to pinch both nipples before walking away.

In another corner of the room, Melissa saw her destination: she approached the wooden apparatus and knelt down before it. She then leaned forward and placed her head and arms in the designated spaces.

Stewart followed Melissa and closed the "rack" over her head and wrists, binding her in her place. He wagged his cock in front of her face, grazing her lips with the tip. Melissa let out a gasp as he did this.

Melissa's gasp was barely audible over the sounds Beverly was making: Roger had found his way over to the bound newcomer, removed her gag, and had mounted her, teasing her engorged slit with his cock before thrusting deeply into her.

Stewart strode slowly behind Melissa, parted her legs slightly, and took her from behind.


In short time, the subconscious yelps of both women echoed throughout the clinic.

Dr. Dunleavy looked away from his monitors and smiled at his receptionist, who by now, was sitting next to him in his office. "So how'd you come up with the idea of the dungeon motif?"

"Oh, well, you know..." Aileen blushed slightly.

The doctor chuckled. "Well, at any rate, as always, you do good work. I think this is better than the deserted island you did last week."

"Thank you." After a short pause, the receptionist leaned closer to her boss. "So, does this give you any ideas?"

"That depends. What did you have in mind?"

She started to run her hand up and down his chest and said "Oh... Nothing in particular."

He closed his eyes and let his assistant have her way with him. It was one of the fringe benefits of working here, he mused, as she rocked his world.

Chapter 6

Shortly before the sun rose the following morning, Beverly and the other patients sleep-walked back to their respective rooms. Dr. Dunleavy was waiting for her there, and he helped her to get back into her pajamas.

Once she was back in her nightclothes, she lay back down in bed and he pulled the covers back up over her body.

He adjusted a dial on the machine by her bedside and waited for the low hum to recede.

"Now, Beverly. I suppose you need to understand what happened here tonight. The headband you wore tonight helped you to get to sleep, there is no question about that. I added some additional programming into the microchip in the headband, and that resulted in your activities overnight with the other patients.

"When you wake up in the morning, you will remember what happened tonight, but it will seem to you as though it were a very vivid, very erotic dream. And, of course, you enjoyed it tremendously, even if you might not feel comfortable talking about dreams like this in your normal, daily routine.

"Now. You will not have any major issues with your sleep from now on, but you will also find that you will not feel quite as refreshed on a daily basis, as you will feel when you do wake up in about an hour or so. So you will want to come back to this clinic on average of once every other week or so. You will authorize us to bill your insurance, and will be willing to cover any costs that your insurance might not be willing to pay. I do not anticipate this being more than a relatively small amount for any given visit to the clinic."

Beverly let out a low snort.

"I have one more thing that you should be aware of. While I can't instruct you of what you should wear when you sleep at home, from here on in, you will sleep in the nude here at the clinic. The only article of clothing you should want to wear here once you get settled in, is a bathrobe. When you wake up, I will recommend that you purchase a bathrobe that has been branded with our logo on it, and you will do so before you leave. If you understand everything I've told you, then nod your head."

Beverly nodded her head.

"Very good. Now let's let your body wind down from your amazing experience tonight. I'll be back in time for you to wake up."

The doctor pressed a few buttons on the machine by her bed, got up and walked out of her room. When he reached the doorway, he turned back to glance at her silhouetted, sleeping form. He mused about how peaceful she looked before turning back around and closing the door.

Chapter 7

At about 7:30, the machine by Beverly's bed stopped making its humming noise. Almost as if on cue, Beverly opened her eyes, squinted at the light shining through her window, blinked a few times, and stretched her arms above her head.

As she inhaled deeply from the first restful night's sleep in some time, her hands immediately went between her legs to confirm that, yes, her panties were somewhat wet from the erotic dream she had had the night before.

She turned her head to one side and immediately pulled her hand away from her crotch. "Oh, Dr. Dunleavy! I, um... I didn't see you there."

"That's all right, Beverly. If you'd feel more comfortable, you can call me Conor."

"Um, I think Dr. Dunleavy's probably better for me, if you don't mind. Takes my mind off of how young you look."

"That's fine. Either way, I'm always in my first-time patients' rooms when they wake up. I just want to see how you feel."

"I feel great!" she answered without hesitation. "Even before I started having trouble sleeping, I don't think I ever slept that well."

"I'm glad to hear it."

"But, um..." she looked away from the doctor. "Remember last night how you said that a lot of your patients have really, um... you know... uh... sexual dreams?"

"Yes." He spoke the word slowly and deliberately.

She looked around to make sure that she was alone with her doctor before whispering, "Yes. I've never had a dream like that before."

"I don't want to say or do anything that would make you feel uncomfortable, but would you like to tell me about it?"

"I, um, don't want to say too much, but I was in this dungeon and this girl put a gag in my mouth and then I was tied to this round table and this guy. Actually two guys ... and the girl, now that I think of it, they, um, they all got to have their way with me, and, um... Well, I couldn't, I mean it was really sensual and really, well... I, um... I think I enjoyed that dream in my sleep, if you know what I mean."

"Do you mind if I ask, are you 'into' that sort of thing?" He made a quote mark gesture with his fingers as he said the word 'into.'

"No! Or, rather, I, um, I don't think I am. I've never done anything like that before."

"Well, if it means anything, a lot of my patients tell me their dreams often involve activities that are outside of their, shall we say, comfort zones, but that they liked it anyway. Now, I really can't tell you what you should or shouldn't do in your personal life, but sometimes I wonder if I ought to do a study on the nature of these dreams and whether or not I'm tapping into something deep in my patients' subconscious about their desires and fantasies, experiences and interests."

"Well, I think you should.."

"Thank you. Now. For a few business matters to round out. First, you are under no obligation to come back here for additional sleep assistance, but if you feel you need it, I'm going to have to bill your insurance for any future services. Do you think you'll want to do that?"

"I do." Beverly paused, thinking she sounded a bit too enthusiastic in that answer. "I, um, er, that might be a good idea."

"That's fine. Normally, insurance doesn't cover the full cost of our services, so any differences you'd need to cover. If your insurance is like most others, then you'll probably need to pay about fifty dollars out of pocket for each visit."

"That seems reasonable."

"We have a total of four spaces on any given night. Although they do fill up quickly, I don't think you'll ever have to wait more than three or four days for an appointment from when you call us."


"One final bit. We are trying to make a little bit more money to help defray our costs, so, um, could I interest you in purchasing a bathrobe branded with our logo on it?"

"I'd love it! How much?"


"You've got a deal."

"I'll leave a box with the receptionist, and you can pay her when you're ready to leave."

"Thank you."

"Now, if you'll just give me your headband, I'll leave you to get dressed. Please stop by the receptionist on your way out to make sure all of the paperwork is in order."

Beverly handed the doctor her headband and rubbed her forehead as she watched him wheel the machine out of her room and close the door.

She walked over to the sink to brush her teeth and told her reflection, "Yeah. I think I'm going to want to come back here."

Chapter 8

The next time they were together at work, Janie couldn't help but comment on Beverly's appearance. "Wow! That sleep clinic must've really helped you with your insomnia! You look great!"

"Thanks, and you're right. I really want to thank you for telling me about it."

"Don't thank me. Thank my brother."

"I will if I ever see him."

"He's actually going to come by at lunch today. He's got the day off and he said he wanted to get together with his favorite sister. I told him I was his only sister, but he insisted. So he'll be coming here and enjoying the lovely cafeteria food they offer us. Would you like to join us?"

"Sure! Why not?"


When lunch rolled around, Janie got a call from her brother. "I'll meet you at the guard's desk. I'll be there in five minutes."

Janie and Beverly walked to the guard's desk where Janie's brother received a visitor's badge before the three of them continued to the company cafeteria.

"Bev, I'd like you to meet my brother, Roger. Roger, this is Beverly. She's the one who went to that sleep clinic."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Beverly." He shook her hand.

"Same here, Roger. You know... You look really familiar."

"Yeah. So do you..."

Beverly felt a slight flutter in her loins as she realized she had only seen him in a dream. A very vivid, sensual dream.

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