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To Spiral Further Down


To refresh those of you just joining us, I'm Jamie the petite dark blonde with the slim build and perky c-cups. Anyway everything leading up to this point was in 'The Descent' which should still be new, but if not check Loving Wives, or my info page.

I entered my dark house knowing my husband was asleep and actually hoping that I didn't wake him. My face was flushed and my hair tousled. My panties were no doubt damp from my own juices. What had I done? I had allowed another man to finger me to orgasm. He hadn't fucked me, but if he had tried I would have let him, encouraged him even. How could this be? I thought of the man sleeping in our bed right now and pain crossed my heart. It was love. I still loved him, without question I did. So why had I done this? I cleaned up and crawled quietly into bed, but sleep was a long time coming. The following day my husband went from work to his card game with barely a peck on the cheek and I was thankful, because I longed to tell him and might have if he had asked me how I was.

While my husband played cards I paced the house thinking of tomorrow and my two week break from the rules. I would still have to remove my pants and that would make me really hot. I could still feel Matt's hands on my bare chest, then his hot tongue. I was horny again and then I thought of my husband and being without him. I didn't want to leave my husband, but I DID want to fuck Matt. Or rather, let Matt fuck me. I wondered when he would finally do it, I wondered what the next rule would be. He had to have known that he could have had me at the boat launch. What man wouldn't fuck an attractive willing girl? The fact that he had the restraint to toy with me made me want it more. My husband and I hadn't had this kind of adventurous unsurety since we had very first met.

I really had no choice. To change the rules now and go back to driving myself in would leave the need for an explanation. So I knew that I had to continue down my current path, and that meant Matt and the rules. Knowing this liberated me to fantasy and I masturbated at the thought of what was to come.

Thursday as he had promised, Matt pulled up to carpool to work. I waved to my husband and trotted across our small front yard and got into Matt's car. As soon as we were halfway up the street Matt looked at me and I took off my pants.

"Nice panties." Matt said. I had worn my only pair of G-string panties and I had sworn never to wear the full backs again. The ride to work went quickly and Matt didn't mention Tuesday night at all. On the way home the little ritual of getting a cd produced nothing but a brush of my bare thigh. This went on for the next six rides. Where lust over sense had been driving me crazy it was frustration that drove me crazy now.

The second tuesday was to be the new rule, as always he waited for the ride home to spring it. I was sopping wet in anticipation when we walked across the lot. We got into Matt's car and he looked over at me.

"Legs open is where we left off isn't it?" He asked and I nodded and pulled my pants and panties off and opened my legs wide. I tried not to smile as Matt looked down at my open pussy approvingly.

"You want the next rule, don't you?" He asked. I was on the spot, meekly I nodded. Matt looked past me out the window and made a motion with his hand. Someone started to walk over I moved to close my legs. "Leave them open." Matt said. My stomach twisted into knots as I sat with my legs open watching another young man come over. I'm by no means old in my mid twenties, but Matt is only twenty-one, and this boy looked to be about the same age. He was carrying a backpack. He came up to my window and Matt reached across my open legs and opened the door!

"Move over." Matt said. "Jamie, this is Ben, Ben, Jamie." I scooted closer to Matt my legs closing to make room as Ben sat by the door and set his backpack on the floor in front of him.

Now the front seat was cramped and my legs were shut.

"Hook your right leg over Ben's knee." Matt said. I looked at him and Matt lifted my left leg and set it on his side of the console, so close to the gas pedal that his driving leg flexed against my bare thigh. Matt nodded to Ben and Ben lifted my leg and pulling it open set it between his legs. Now my legs were open and Ben was using my knee as an armrest as he reached into his back pack and pulled out a photo album.

"This is Ben. He's the new rule." Matt said. "He's into computers and digital imaging. He has a present for you."

Ben opened the album, at first all I could see was a photo of Matt's car. Then I realized I was in it. The next photo on the next page was a zoom in shot at the first red light on our drive. It seemed to be taken from the roof of a low building. The dome light was on and you could see that I was naked from the waist down. The next picture was another close up, he had zoomed in so far that you could see the texture of my pubic hair and my left hand with my wedding rings on it. The next page was taken at the same light, this time with my legs open. Moisture glistened on my open vagina from the dome light and it was all there in perfect clarity. What were they doing? Was this blackmail? The next six pages were photos from the make-out session. Apparently Ben had been in the tree right above us. Taking pictures through the sunroof. My heart sank.

"What are you doing?" I asked and despite my voice cracking Matt knew my question.

"This isn't blackmail." Matt said. "I already know that you'll do pretty much whatever I want, you even want to. This is just a memento. I've got one, Ben's got one, that one's yours, but you can keep it in the car, I'll understand." Meanwhile Ben had closed the book and pulled a small digital camera out of his pack.

"Smile." Ben said filming me from head to toe, as Matt turned the dome light on for a better view.

"Is there an out this week?" I asked.

"No, Ben gets to stay." Matt said, and after thinking for a minute said. "Although if you'll let each of us bury a finger in you, for...let's say one minute each, I'll let you close your legs until next tuesday." I nodded and Matt went first.

Ben filmed the affair as we sat in the parking lot . He slowly inserted his middle finger all the way into me. I closed my eyes and tried to resist the urge, but soon found myself grinding against his knuckles. I was about to come when the minute was up. Matt removed his finger and held it glistening up to the camera.

Next Ben handed the camera to Matt and leaned over me positioning his finger against my vagina. He had to slide up and down my open lips to get into me and his finger was long and slender. He bent and wiggled it as he pushed it deeper inside me and once it was all the way in he pressed on my clitoris with his thumb. I quickly came while bucking against his hand. They let me close my legs and we pulled out of the lot, I was so ashamed.

Wednesday came and went and Matt picked me up thursday without Ben.

"Ben only comes on the ride home." Matt said in reply. On the ride home, they talked about getting together the three of us some time. They decided that some wednesday they would come over to keep me company. The thought of them in my home excited and sickened me all at once. Saturday and Monday were uneventful. Then came the next Tuesday and the new rule. I would also have to go back to opening my legs for the ride.

After work Matt and I walked out together and Ben sat by Matt's car waiting as always. He lived right down the street and just walked over at closing time. Matt and I got in and I removed my pants then Ben got in like always.

"Your legs." Matt said and I obediently opened them. "Time for the new rules." Matt said. "Both Ben and I came up with one this week." I cringed.

"Mine is easy." Ben said. "It's your bra." They waited while I took it off. My breasts free in my shirt accomplished nothing except giving away the location of my nipples.

"My rule is your finger." Matt said. "You have to ride home with a finger inside you all the way to your street."

"What's my out?" I asked.

"You can skip the finger for a week in exchange for, Ben's cock." Matt said. "take it into your mouth for the whole ride, you don't have to suck or anything, just keep it warm, but even if he comes in your mouth, you can't break contact until we turn onto your street." I shook my head. "That's ok if you're not ready yet."

A week went by with my finger buried inside me, now if my husband happened to be awake I'd have to explain why one hand smelled like pussy every night I worked. Matt and Ben enjoyed it and my scrapbook grew.

Tuesday came once more. I climbed in and stripped down hoping I didn't lose my shirt as Ben climbed in and closed the door. They waited for me to insert the finger.

"My new rule is every ride." Matt began. "Everytime we drive you home there will be a new rule from each of us." I cringed and looked at Ben.

"My new rule is you lose the pants and panties before you get in, and don't get them back until you can see your house." Ben said.

"Your out is a good one this week." Matt said. "It will buy you a week of no new rules, and you can get dressed at the end of your street still."

"What is it?" I croaked.

"Tell your husband that afterwork Thursday night there's a birthday party for a girl at work, and you're going to stop in, so you'll be late." Matt said. I agreed to it and we left the parking lot, my finger tingling my senses with every bump. When I got out of the car Matt looked at me and smiled.

"See you Thursday." He said.

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