To the Citadel and Beyond Ch. 02


They had armed themselves with curved demon daggers that were the size of human short-swords and they were able to fend off various encounters with aggressive fauna including a startled family of tusked rabbit-like creatures, a hunting pack of sinuous canine snakes and a flatulent shimmering carnivorous sloth-like werebeast.

All-in-all though, with careful woodcraft and simple common sense, they managed for four days before they ran into any trouble.

They were walking through a forest of spindly sparkle-leaved cedars when the ground suddenly fell away beneath them, tumbling them into a concealed pit.

"Oh, Belal! Are you all right?" Baglish asked, groaning as he picked himself up.

Teona, who had landed hard on her bottom, grunted that she was. They looked around at the vertical walls and the leaf-strewn net that had fooled them, wondering how they would be able to leave.

However, before they could try anything several diminutive figures appeared at the top of the pit, peppering them with small thorn darts.

"Stop that," Baglish protested. "Oh, hang on, I think we've been poisoned..." he said, before collapsing. Teona looked at him bewilderedly before her vision blurred and she slipped into unconsciousness.

Teona woke in an enormous cage woven from toughened bark and silver wire sitting on a platform amongst what looked like squat green clay buildings. Her head was pounding. Peering through the bars were two kneeling wide-eyed demon children, a rare sight in Prolix. Because they lived many human lifetimes, demons rarely reproduced.

She heard a groan next to her as Baglish slowly sat up, rubbing his temples. Their packs and swords were gone but they still had their translation amulets hanging around their necks.

"Are you OK?" she asked him, not waiting for his answer before reaching to heal him with a touch to his head.

"Oh! Thanks, that's better," he said. "Here let me try with you." Baglish's healing technique was cruder than hers but, after an initial shudder, she felt grateful for his intervention.

"What happened?" she said, turning her attention back to the two peering faces outside of the cage. "Please can you get your parents," she asked relatively politely considering her circumstances.

The two demons jumped up. "We're not children to be patronised," said one in a silky voice.

The other concurred indignantly. "No, we are imps and proud of it!" she said in cultured tones.

Now that Teona's head was clearer it was obvious that they weren't children at all but rather a smaller version of demons, perhaps half the size of then, only a little shorter than typical humans. The two figures were undeniably female with nude lushly curvaceous figures, cherry skin, big eyes and slender lips. Their nipples were dark red and the lips of their pussies prominent and glistening. They were hairless with slender, curved horns on their heads decorated with various tiny trinkets and baubles.

Teona noticed that Baglish was staring at the two imps lecherously and, on impulse, she elbowed him.

"Oomph! What did you do that for?" he complained but Teona just raised an eyebrow at his foolishness and addressed their captors.

"Hello. I am Teona and my gawping companion is Baglish. I apologise for not recognising your, um, impishness. Please, why have you detained us? We weren't doing you any harm. Please let us go," she asked calmly.

"Oh, but you have incurred a tariff! A significant one. We must fetch the comptroller-thing to present your schedule," said the imp on the left.

Both of them jumped off the platform and ran off, making a trilling sound obviously calling for others. Realising they were momentarily unobserved, Baglish vainly tried to break open the cage but it was too sturdy so he desisted.

Soon enough the cage was surrounded but twenty to thirty almost identical female imps, only differentiated by their horn decorations, all cooing and twittering as they studied their caged captives. Teona shook her head as Baglish stared hungrily at the numerous breasts and bottoms invitingly on show around their prison. What was he playing at?

"Lila and Nila are fetching the comptroller-thing," she heard one chirrup. "Here it comes!"

Teona glanced at Baglish in puzzlement at the strange sight of a male imp running comically towards them, knees ridiculously high and holding a wide flat cylinder above his head as he was chased by their two original captors wielding ornate three-headed switches which they flicked at his bottom to urge him on.

"Harrup, harrup, comptroller-thing," the female crowd encouraged musically as he jumped onto the platform and stopped miserably in front of the cage.

Either Lila or Nila (it was difficult to tell which) proclaimed, "Comptroller-thing, item the schedule!"

The comptroller-thing, grumbling all the while, carefully put down the box he had been carrying and pulled out a circular parchment and what looked like a charred talon. He made some scratches with the talon on the parchment before clearing his throat.

"Regarding the two, er, unidentified creatures. Their schedule of crimes is: item 1, trespassing in the sanctified Spittleberry grove; item 2, wanton damage of valuable geehog trap net; and item 3, entering Lackimp village without properly observed obeisance and genuflections. In total the charges for these outrageous violations comes to five and one-eight dinkets."

Teona protested, "This is ridiculous. We didn't know about your grove or your trap and we were unconscious when you brought us into the village." But she was shouted down by the assembly of imps.

"In addition," the comptroller-thing continued, "there are extra charges for use of eleven geehog darts, thirty-seven minims of labourer-thing usage and one day's extra-luxury accommodation in the village cage. In total the tariff to date comes to nine and seven-thirty-seconds dinkets."

This was greeted by cheering and capering from the female imps, causing Baglish to groan aloud, presumably at the mass of bouncing breast-flesh. Teona gave him a hard look.

"Please we don't have any dinkets. These charges are completely unfair..." she began but was interrupted by Lila (or Nila).

"No dinkets! Well have you any freshly harvested bull fiend sebaceous exudations? A sixth of a mini-smidgeon would suffice to cover your tariff," she said.

"No!" Teona answered confusedly. Freshly harvested what?

"Ooh, no dinkets, no exudations!" the gathered imps cavorted.

"Well then you must clear your schedule with orgasms!" Lila (or Nila) proclaimed triumphantly at which the imps cheered loudly, clapping and dancing in a delighted frolic.

"What in Belal's teeth is going on?" Baglish asked but Teona just shook her head in bewilderment. She had no idea but suspected it couldn't be good.

Once the crowd had quietened down, Nila (or Lila) came to talk to them. "So, you may pay your debt by providing us with one-hundred and thirteen orgasms." She leaned closer to Teona. "We did inspect your thing while it was unconscious," she continued nodding to Baglish, "and noticed that its penis, once stimulated, was of the perfect size to provide many fine orgasms. I have no idea what species you are however our own things' genitals are functional but tiny and, although we have occasionally been owed a tariff by a demon, theirs are too large for any practical use."

"What! I wondered why my breeches were undone!" Baglish exclaimed.

Lila (or Nila) made a surprised pout with her mouth. "Your thing spoke to you without permission. I suggest you beat it with a tanglethorn sprout. That would shut it up."

Teona thought that might not be such as bad idea and shushed Baglish before he could angrily respond. "So, if I've understood correctly, we need to give you a hundred and thirteen orgasms before you'll let us go?"

"That is correct. Although for every day we provide you with accommodation, your tariff will also be charged an extra five," she confirmed. "Perhaps your thing can start with giving me an orgasm?" she said, eyeing Baglish in anticipation.

Teona couldn't believe it. What kind of bizarre life did these imps lead? "This is ridiculous. What are we going to do?" she moaned.

Baglish cleared his throat. "Well, maybe we should try to give them what they want. I'm sure we could, um, reduce our balance in a few days."

Teona eyed her companion disparagingly. "Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you? You can hardly keep your eyes off them!" she replied huffily

"What! It's no different to you sucking off all those demons! You were always complaining that I wasn't doing anything to help get us back home. Here's my chance!" Baglish protested, much to the general amazement of the surrounding imps.

"Fine then! Just get on with it!" Teona yelled, crossing her arms indignantly, confused by her feelings and furious with both herself and Baglish.

The imps took this as agreement and carefully tied Teona to the cage wall, leaving two guards holding sharpened stakes to watch her whilst several others entered the enclosure.

Lila (or Nila) clapped her hands eagerly. "Tell your thing to take off its coverings and lie down. I get to go first because I'm the eldest."

Baglish didn't wait for Teona to say anything but pulled off his breeches and undershorts to reveal his erection, much to the satisfaction of the watching imps, before lying on his back just in front of her.

Nila (or Lila) stood over him before squatting down, deftly catching his penis and plunging down onto him. Baglish groaned in pleasure, his hands reaching up to fondle her large perky red breasts.

"How does it feel, Lila?" Nila asked entering the cage, waiting for her go.

Lila (definitely) moaned happily in reply. "Oh, it's wonderful, sister! You will enjoy it immensely!" she said, grinding her hips back and forth.

Teona didn't know whether to be amazed by the spectacle of this perfectly formed but undersized woman satisfying herself with such vigour and passion or jealousy as she watched Baglish lose his virginity.

Not that she was sure why she felt jealous. After all, their relationship was one on convenience and he was right that she'd had plenty of sex with demons even if only using her mouth. And yet, she couldn't help but feel resentful as the imp fucked him so zealously and with such obvious delight.

Lila suddenly tensed up and let out a piercing cry as she came, briefly collapsing on Baglish before being pulled off him by Nila.

"One orgasm," she heard the comptroller-thing murmur as she scratched at his parchment.

Nila didn't take long to come either but she was joined by Baglish who bellowed in pleasure as he emptied himself inside her as she climaxed.

The imp who had been standing ready for her go was not amused. She turned to Teona. "Your thing has oozed his secretion and softened. How do I harden him once more?"

"Er, well, he likes being, um, stimulated orally," Teona suggested.

"With mouth and tongue? I shall try to do so," she said, kneeling down to lean over Baglish's sticky cock and swiping it with her tiny cute tongue, causing him to moan in renewed pleasure.

The comptroller-thing was scratching at his parchment again. "Another orgasm less one back, so still net one," he intoned.

Teona groaned in sudden comprehension. "Baglish, you mustn't come. Every time one of them makes you spunk they add one to our total. Do you understand? Make them climax without orgasming yourself."

"Oh, OK," he replied, his cock now stiff in the imp's hand. "I'll do my best."

For the next few hours, Teona watched incredulously as Baglish serviced a dozen or more imps. As his confidence improved, he fucked them in different positions and Teona was impressed with how his stamina improved. She supposed her regular blowjobs must have helped but this didn't really make her feel much better. He was certainly making them come and only came every four or five imps himself so was making a reasonable net positive gain.

Eventually though, despite desperate and skilful ministrations he couldn't get it up anymore. The final imp who'd done her best to resurrect his erection stomped off, moodily promising to be back first thing the next morning.

The comptroller-thing made some final scratches and declared that a net thirteen had been reduced from their bill, leaving exactly one hundred to go.

Teona was untied and collapsed down next to the exhausted Baglish. "You did really well, Baglish," she acknowledged begrudgingly.

He turned to smile at her, "Thanks." He reached out to hold her. "You know that none of them are as beautiful as you, Teona?" he said tenderly.

Teona blushed in response, not sure she knew exactly how she felt. "Thanks," she squeaked. Goddess, he was infuriating!

As night fell, Teona and Baglish were given their bedrolls and allowed out individually for ablutions, although still under guard. The cage was covered and they fell asleep in each others arms.

The next day was much like the latter. They had discussed how they needed to get away as quickly as possible and Teona suggested to the imps, who still wouldn't talk directly to Baglish as her 'thing', that they make use of Baglish's fingers and tongue whilst they waited to fuck him to speed the process up.

In fact Baglish proved to be a quick learner and even made some of them orgasm using his tongue alone. By the end of the day their balance was down in the seventies.

That night Teona felt quite unsettled as she held Baglish. She had to admit to herself that been envious of the imps as they rode his face and cock, perhaps wishing that she could have a go, not because of any real feeling for Baglish just to see what it was like. She kissed and nuzzled Baglish's neck until he turned to her wearily and used his magic to make her come intensely whilst tweaking her nipples. They both slept soundly until dawn.

The next morning as Teona watched Baglish enthusiastically lick an imp to distraction, she had a sudden thought. Why couldn't she do the same? She knew some of her sisters at the Citadel enjoyed each other in this way and, although she didn't find women attractive, the thought didn't repulse her at all.

Tentatively she offered to go down on an imp much to Baglish's obvious excitement. The imp happily accepted and lay down in front of her, legs splayed, as Teona hesitantly licked at her proud pussy lips. The taste was actually quite pleasant and Teona bent to her task with more vigour, flicking her clit and catching Baglish's eye as he took another imp from behind. She had no idea why he found it so stimulating to watch but she winked at him mischievously to tease him in any case.

They took a break at midday for food and ablutions, Teona happy that she could contribute to attaining their freedom at last. While she was eating some unidentifiable fruity gruel, she was approached by Nila, who in the role of co-hetwoman jointly ran the village with her sister.

"I understand from the innovations that you have introduced that you are keen to reduce your schedule more quickly. I have a proposition for you. I wish you to service our things or 'males'. We have fifteen or so that we keep for labour or other specialised tasks such as comptrolling and geehog-lamping. We also use them to breed when in season but in the off-season we need to keep them satisfied to avoid fighting and high-spirited scraps. Now usually the task would fall by lottery amongst the most junior imps but I thought you might wish to take the opportunity to accelerate your release..."

Teona didn't know what to say at first but after she briefly considered before replying, "I'm really sorry but I can't! I really want to leave but I've never had full, er, sex before. And I'm not ready to do it yet."

"I see! Not even with your thing? If I had a thing like yours I would use him regularly. In any case, I suspect that your pussy might quickly become somewhat loose and ineffectual for our things' tiny todgers. I know you are adept with your mouth but I couldn't help notice whilst inspecting your thing that his anus is snug and tight. If yours is the same it would be perfect. I would even be willing to strike six orgasms for every five you service," Nila offered.

Teona, shocked at her own naughtiness but desperate to get back at home, eventually negotiated a rate of three orgasms for every two male imps she satisfied with her bottom.

Baglish wasn't particularly happy about the arrangement but couldn't come up with any practical reasons why she shouldn't do it. "But your arse is so nice, it just seems a shame for it to go to waste on some imps!" he was eventually reduced to complaining.

"It's my arse and I can give it to whomever I want! Look, if we go for it this afternoon we could be done by tomorrow," she replied, determined to be free as soon as possible.

In the end, satisfying the 'things' with her bottom proved less taxing than Teona had feared. Nila provided her with a vegetable-based lubricant and Teona got onto her hands and knees on a low platform while the comptroller-thing took his turn first, standing behind her and unceremoniously shoving himself into her butt.

"Ooooh," Teona wailed, her eyes almost crossing at the slightly painful but extremely peculiar feeling of having her bottom violated. Luckily the imp's penis was slight and slender and it took little time for her to become accustomed to being buggered. She even clenched herself to accelerate his orgasm, successfully bringing him off in no more than ten minutes, ready for another.

And so Teona and Baglish finally paid off their debt to Lackimp village, Teona on her hands and knees taking it up the arse and Baglish with two imps riding his cock and face while he fingered another two to climax. They even built their balance into a small credit in order to be allowed to stay another night, not wanting to leave in the dark.

Although they were both wary of duplicity the imps were punctiliously exact and scrupulous to the dinket, allowing them to go free once the balance was exactly zero. In fact as they were left an orgasm in credit owing to Baglish's minor miscalculation, Nila insisted on giving one back to them before they go, a task for which Baglish immediately volunteered. And so Teona had to stand and wait, arms crossed and foot tapping, whilst he fucked the imp's pert pouty mouth, holding onto her horns as he rammed himself down her throat until he spunked over her face. Of course Baglish had accidentally miscalculated, she thought sceptically to herself.

Despite the delay in Lackimp, Teona found herself in a happy and playful mood as they made their way through valleys and passes in the Ptowng Mountains. She flirted with Baglish, confusing him no end, not entirely sure why she was doing so but enjoying his befuddlement as she teased him.

Over the next few days they hiked tirelessly, fending off an attack by a shoal of amphibious feathered tree pike and avoiding a trap laid by a coughing three-armed spike-collared ape. Their spirits were high as they crested the mountain-tops and began to ascend slowly through foothills towards the distant Feecherfart plain.

As they were passing under a blue hanging-branched tree on a narrow ridge, Teona tripped heavily, her foot caught by a root.

"Are you OK?" Baglish said, laughing at her stumble as he turned back to help her.

"Oh ha ha," Teona said sarcastically as she prepared to stand up. Suddenly though she felt a tug at her ankle and was horrified to see a blue tentacle wrapping around her calf. "Baglish, help me!" she screamed scrabbling for her sword.

She managed to grab it and hacked down as she was pulled back towards the tree the boughs of which she could see were now waving spontaneously. She managed to free herself but was abruptly caught by several tentacle-like branches, forcing her to drop her sword. She called for help again but Baglish was similarly caught although he was still holding his sword desperately trying to wield it but unable to move.

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