To the Citadel Ch. 01


"Enough, young lady. You will learn to be polite to Garth or you'll be fellating one of the stallions tonight instead. He doesn't have to donate his jism to you. It is a privilege not an entitlement."

"I don't think his willingness is going to be a problem," Katryn retaliated sarcastically but she remained silent although her breathing was laboured and nervous.

"Garth come here, we will show Katryn some basic technique," Lena ordered but with a warm smile.

Garth couldn't believe he was about fulfil his fondest wish and eagerly came to stand in front of the two women even though Katryn stepped back anxiously.

Lena put an arm around her. "The first step, dear, is to ensure Garth's arousal. I suggest we let him play with your fine breasts first."

Katryn crossed her arms across her bosom. "But he's already aroused. Look!"

"Yes, but he won't always quite this enthusiastic. Do you want to become a Craftswoman or not?"

"Yes but this is so different to what I expected."

"Katryn, this is the only way. Do you understand? Will you, at the very least, be polite to Garth?"

Katryn licked her lips and nodded.

"Good. Would you like to have a feel of Katryn's breasts, Garth?"

"Yes, please." Katryn took a deep breath and slowly uncrossed her arms, exposing her chest to Garth's lustful gaze. His hands came up of their own accord to gently squeeze Katryn's large firm tits. She groaned as he began to work on them more forcefully, feeling her nipples harden through her snug riding top.

"Take off your top," he ordered. Katryn looked up at Lena who gave her a reassuring smile.

"I'll do it too," she encouraged and slipped her unlaced blouse over head, once more freeing her considerable and buoyant breasts. Garth moved his attention to Lena's chest while Katryn stepped back and hesitantly began to unlace her own top.

Lena grunted as Garth twisted and tweaked her nipples before adding, "Come, Katryn. Show Garth your lovely tits."

Katryn's blouse was now unlaced all the way. She paused and took another deep breath before pulling open her blouse and exposing herself fully. Garth moaned in anticipation as his hands reached out for Katryn's creamy lightly freckled tits. Her nipples were large, browny-red and very hard. Her breasts looked even larger than Lena's although this may have been in contrast to her slender frame. He weighed them up in his hands, astounded at their firmness, before allowing his hands to slide upwards until her nipples drilled into the centre of his palms.

"I never thought you would be so beautiful," Garth exclaimed with such passion that Katryn blushed and smiled. He brought his head down and clumsily kissed her, "Sorry. I'm not sure how to do that!"

"Here let me show you," Lena murmured before pulling Garth's mouth to her own, kissing him deeply and allowing him to explore her mouth with his own tongue.

"That's lovely, Garth," Lena said eventually, pulling away from him. "And now Katryn," she continued before giving Katryn a long tonguey kiss. Garth watched on in wonder as the two women's breasts squeezed up against each other.

Lena stepped back and allowed her two wards to kiss properly, both using what they'd just experienced with her to good effect. After a few more minutes of highly rewarding heavy kissing, breast-fondling and nipple tweaking, Lena knelt down in front of Garth pulling Katryn down next to her. Katryn seemed flushed and excited and appeared to have overcome her reluctance fully.

"Are you ready to receive your very first seminal benediction, dear?" Lena asked, her eyes sparkling.

"I'm not sure I'll ever be ready but I feel so aroused, I'll do anything!" Katryn answered breathlessly.

Lena began her instruction. "First take out his rod. That's right. It's a good size isn't it? Feel how smooth it is, how hard it is. Oh yes, feel his sensitive glans and his thick straight shaft. Isn't it gorgeous? Now touch his balls but be gentle with them."

Garth, his hands on his hips, was more excited than he'd ever been. Katryn, the woman of his dreams, was actually kneeling in front of him fondling his cock. And she looked like she really wanted to. This was really happening to him. She was steadily wanking him now and he silently thanked Lena for providing him with oral relief earlier and allowing him to enjoy the current sensations without spurting over Katryn's upturned expectant face.

Katryn asked a few questions about how to hold his cock and Lena obligingly showed her several grips all of which got Garth more and more excited.

"Can I kiss it, now?" asked Lena eyeing the clear droplet seeping out of the eye of Garth's cock.

"Yes, go ahead," Lena encouraged.

Katryn glanced up into Garth's eyes before tentatively kissing the very tip of his penis. She seemed to approve because her mouth immediately opened and she took in the first third of Garth's cock, all the while humming her appreciation.

After a few minutes of exploration, Lena pulled out Garth's cock and showed her how to use her lips and tongue on him and within a few minutes and with very little encouragement, Katryn was licking, sucking and nibbling his knob, shaft and balls with every sign of real enthusiasm. Garth sighed in bliss at the contrast between Lena's clever flickering tongue and Katryn's enthusiastic if uneducated slurping.

"Oh Katryn, that's so wonderful, I love you!" Garth exclaimed in pleasure as she tongued his glans before adding, "I'm getting close."

"Quick dear," Lena intervened. "Put it into your mouth, suck as hard as you can and slide your head back and forth and get ready for his explosion!"

Katryn quickly complied until, after no more than a dozen more bobs of her pretty head, Garth let loose in her mouth. He was half-expecting her to spit out his seed but instead she noisily swallowed everything he had, making little squealing noises around his cock.

"Oh Garth, thank you, it's delicious," she enthused before turning to Lena. "I felt a rush in my head and between my thighs. It was like when I touched myself down there but even better. I've never felt so alive!"

Lena laughed with her. "That's the potency of the spunk feeding the latent power of the Craft. Every time Garth comes in your mouth, you'll feel the same. Some Craftswomen liken it to a good orgasm. I'm so pleased for you!"

Garth watched on with his limp cock hanging from his breeches as the two topless women hugged in shared delight.

"Oh Lena, please can I do it again?" Katryn asked earnestly.

Lena smiled indulgently, "My dear, don't forget you must limit yourself to two to three times a day. So if we can breathe some more life into Garth's member, then you can have one more mouthful tonight."

Katryn immediately began playing with Garth but became frustrated after a few minutes when he failed to respond despite the best efforts of her mouth, breasts and hands.

"Dear, why don't you take off the rest of your clothes? I'm sure Garth would love to feel your arse and finger your pussy. It will help him get hard again for you," Lena suggested.

Katryn stood hesitantly before pulling off her boots and sliding off her tight riding breeches. She slowly peeled down her knickers, exposing her glorious bum and a delightful tuft of copper hair between her peachy thighs.

"Do you think I'm beautiful, Garth?" she teased.

"Oh fuck yes, you're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen," he expressed in wonder just as Lena's hot mouth engulfed him once more.

Katryn moved to stand beside him and kissed him deeply; Garth pulled her towards him and squeezed her perfect bottom while Katryn clasped the shaft of his expanding cock and tossed it into Lena's mouth.

After a few minutes Garth brought his right hand around to cup Katryn's sex, instinctively allowing his middle figure to slide up and down her slit. "You're so wet!" he exclaimed to Katryn who had closed her eyes in pleasure at his touch.

Lena pulled his now rigid cock out of her mouth. "Let me show you how to pleasure her, dear," shuffling around and pulling Garth to his knees in front of the exultant Katryn. She reached out and began to finger Katryn herself showing Garth how to play with her clit as she slowly opened up her lips for his inspection.

She moved her mouth forward and planted a light kiss directly on Katryn's pussy causing her to jolt.

"Oh! What did you do?" Katryn asked open-mouthed at Lena's sorcerous touch.

"Just ensuring that that you feel no pain when Garth enters you. Assuming you want him to?" Lena enquired.

At this suggestion Garth and Katryn locked their gazes. "Do you want to, Garth?" she eventually asked.

"More than anything, Katryn, that I've ever wanted before."

Lena laughed in happiness before beginning to earnestly tongue Katryn's sweet vagina. Katryn sank down onto her back while Garth leaned close to learn from Lena's delightful ministrations. After a few minutes he felt confident enough to try himself.

"Oh that's so wonderful!" Katryn screamed in pleasure as Garth slowly slid a finger inside her while flicking his tongue over her clit.

Lena, who had been playing with Garth's cock, said, "Right it's time, my darlings. You both need to know what it's like to have full sex but you must remember, Garth, not to come inside Katryn's pussy. I'm trusting your control. And Katryn if you are lucky enough to find release you must scream your pleasure loudly, you must channel your power through your voice and not via the Craft. You will understand when the time comes."

Katryn leant back as Garth knelt between her legs; Lena guided his cock to her pussy until his head was lodged in Katryn's hot wet opening.

Katryn looked up into Garth's face. "Fuck me, Garth," she ordered.

With a cry of triumph, Garth thrust himself into her, smoothly sliding in until he was buried to the hilt.

"That's it, Garth, "Lena cheered. "Now, slowly in and out. I've ensured it won't hurt her at all. That's right, take control, push firmly, fuck her hard."

Katryn was now screaming in pleasure, her voice rising with every thrust. Garth used all of his control to maintain a smooth rhythm, jubilant that now, at last, his ultimate fantasy had been fulfilled.

"Oh it's coming!" Katryn finally cried out as she came. Garth pulled out and covered his ears as her voice took an extraordinary piercing quality. Her magically-enhanced shout lingered and echoed unnaturally around the wood.

Garth uncovered his ears. "Wow."

Lena laughed, "That's how you keep your orgasm safe for those around you. You will of course gain much more control as you grow stronger until eventually you'll be able to do it without quite so much noise. I suggest we avoid orgasms for now - as you've already said you'll get as much pleasure, much more safely, from swallowing Garth's seed. Talking of which..."

Katryn, now recovered from her climax, pulled herself around and, without hesitation, plunged her mouth down over Garth's still rigid pole. She didn't seem in the least deterred by the taste of her own juices and once more passionately bobbed her head up and down his shaft.

Lena also joined her ward by licking Garth's balls until he could hold back no more and emptied himself into Katryn's willing mouth. Katryn once more swallowed his semen, shuddering in pleasure.

Eventually she recovered enough to say, "Thanks, Garth. And I'm so sorry for being so mean to you earlier. I was terrified."

"That's OK. And thank you. That was amazing."

Levan walked back to the clearing noisily, leading two of the horses, amusedly allowing his eyes to roam over Katryn's naked body. "Very nice. You're a bit of a screamer aren't you girl?" he laughed. "Come, we need to move. I won't have been the only one out there to hear you!"

Katryn's blush reached right down to cover her bosom as she scrambled to pull her clothes back on. Garth protectively stood in front of her she made herself decent while Lena casually laced her top back up.

As Garth's pony followed the others' mounts back out onto the North Road, he thanked Selka, goddess of love, for his luck. Today he'd come in the mouths of the two most beautiful women he'd ever seen and he'd lost his virginity to and taken the virginity of the girl of his dreams.

Could the rest of the journey be as amazing? Katryn looked back and gave him a warm smile. Maybe it would be even better.

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