tagBDSMTo The Highest Bidder

To The Highest Bidder


Wondering how I ever got roped into this charity slave auction...and judging by the outfit they have given me to wear...roped into is an àpropos statement.

The cramped quarters of the make shift change room making it even more difficult and making me blush as I add the frayed ropes to my wrists. Taking a deep breath...talking myself calm, remembering the rules...two hours at the charity dinner, then home to the comforts of my own house. How bad can it be to eat dinner next to a man with ropes dangling from my ankles?

I wait nervously along with the other similarly attired 'slaves.' The banter is light as most know exactly who will be bidding on them, but I am a wild card, new in town and my first auction. At last my name is called and I walk out onto the stage.

My breasts heaving as I stand and listen to the made up description of me. Blushing as I hear the words willing and submissive. The short skirt barely covering my bottom as I turn and show off my assets.

Blinking under the bright Christmas lights and hot spot lights I can hear the auctioneer start the bidding and a look of horror crosses my face as the silence stretches.

Mortified that I have subjected myself to such humiliation, I turn and start to fumble my way off stage, when a hand grabs my elbow and steers me back to the front. I blink into the lights and see the flurry of activity in the silent audience as paddles are raised and lowered and the auctioneer's voice finally breaks through.

An appreciative gasp rolls over the crowd as the auctioneer bangs his gavel and says sold! Blinking rapidly, holding my breath as my 'owner' frees himself from the undulating crowd of bodies and offers his hand to help me down the steps.

As my feet land solidly on the floor, he tips my chin up so that I am staring into his twinkling green eyes. He turns me and ties my bound wrists together and with a firm hand on my back steers me toward the exit. Shocked to see the door looming, I stop and start to protest when he whispers in my ear, "I have bought you, and you are my slave. I will have you back and seated before dinner is served...now walk."

Unnaturally warm for the week before Christmas, I barely notice the temperature change as he guides me to a waiting limousine. The driver leaps out and opens the door, bowing to us as we slip into the spacious interior.

"Call me Master, that's all you need to know for now and I hope that you are as willing and submissive as you were described. I have won the award for highest bid tonight in addition to your voluptuous body." His hands grip my shoulders and he pulls me to him, covering my lips with his hot mouth and kissing the will from my body. Limply I lean into him, bound hands twisting behind me.

My heart pounding in my ears, the rushing of heated blood infusing my flesh with a soft pink glow. Barely able to pull air into my lungs, his hands are all over me. Poking and prodding, exploring my every curve. He pulls from me and lays me back on the seat, hooking the ropes that hold my ankles to opposite sides of the car so that I am splayed wide.

My skimpy purple panties, doing nothing to hide my aroused sex from his gaze. My breasts jutting forward as my shoulders pull back. I stare into his eyes and feel his hands on my thighs, rolling down the red stocking, baring my flesh. My heart beating nearly out of my chest, as my spread thighs tingle to his touch. Holding my breath as he lifts his gaze and peers into my eyes, lust filled and sparkling in the dim interior light.

"Are you ok with being my slave, I will only ask once?" his gaze piercing into me, parting my lips to speak, all that comes out is a moan, and I nod my head in agreement. He chuckles softly and his hand dives under the leg band of my panties, his breathing quickening as his fingers explore the wet folds. My entire body yielding to his touch as I pull at my tied wrists, straining to push my hips higher, to feel his fingers inside me.

He pulls them out and licks them...smiling, as the limo stops and I am clearly visible to the passersby on the sidewalk, the chauffeur holding the door wide as he steps out. My face flushing with a red as deep as the Santa suit that the man staring open-mouthed into the car is sporting. Unable to hide my exposed body the flush creeps lower until my entire body is glowing red, as hot as the embers of a winters fire.

As the door closes, I realize that I had been holding my breath and I let it out in a long expletive, finally chuckling softly to myself as I realize that Santa got his own gift just now. The situation so bizarre that I erupt into a fit of giggles that leave me weak, limply lying back, tethered within the luxurious interior.

The man who bought me, whose name I still don't know, climbs back into the car, holding the door wide to let the Santa and his gathering crowd see my plight once more. The murmur of the crowd cut short as the door closes and the limo starts driving once again.

He shows me the bag from the shop...and tells me he has bought me a Christmas present or two...his eyes twinkling. He rips my panties from me and I watch in horror as he produces two clamps, each hanging with green and red bells. He clips them onto my swollen labia, making me whimper and wince. Flicking them to hear them jingle, he winks at me and pulls out a matching set. Lowering my top, and cutting my bra off me, he adds those to my nipples.

The tingle ripples from engorged nipple, directly to my swelling clit. I can feel the juices running out of my pussy as the pain in my nether lips starts to subside to a dull ache.

He pulls the bells up high and my nipples point to the roof, I growl, from deep in my throat, pain and pleasure almost balanced, so much so that my eyes glaze over and my breath comes faster. Letting them go abruptly, my hips lifting, gasping in a ragged breath.

Shaking my head in denial as his hand returns to the bag and out comes a butt plug...a big butt plug, and omg...shock flickering over me as I see the tail hanging from it. He lubes it by pressing it into my sopping pussy and then pumping it fast and hard until I cum, a wriggling screaming mess, writhing on the slippery leather seat.

While my orgasm it at its peak...he pulls it from my spasming cunt and shoves it into my ass in one strong stroke. My lungs finding renewed energy, I scream, it echoes in the car....

As the scream fades, my depleted lungs bursting with the need for air, his lips descend, sealing to mine, sucking my tongue deep in his mouth, claiming my last breath.

He pulls back and quickly fastens a collar round my neck and two leather cuffs to my wrists, cutting loose the rope, my arms are clipped to the collar. As a final touch a leash is attached and a set of reindeer antlers perched on my head. Gasping, dragging cool breath in to soothe my throat and lungs, I stare into his eyes once more and find an inner peace there. I can feel my muscles relaxing, my breathing slowing, deep and even, all the while my wanton pussy pumps at the air, the bells jingling softly.

The limo lurches to a stop and he unties my ankles, pulls my stockings up my thighs and when the door opens he climbs out holding the leash. I must obey, I must follow, the bells jingling softly with every step, with every heave of my breasts.

Taking a deep breath and smiling, my body quivering with a need, a hunger for him, I follow my Master to dinner.

I can hear the murmurs, shocked gasps as he leads me to the dinner table. My hands held in place by the collar, my braless breasts bouncing, jingling with each step. The tip of the tail swaying just below the hemline of my dress, swishing against my thighs, keeping my pucker dancing. Swollen labia aching as the clamps dig deeper, the dripping juices threatening to flow out and over my thighs, stockings in place but telling their own tale with the runs.

I look only at my Master, his desire the only thing making my feet move, following the heady male scent of him, head held high as I am shown off to the crowd.

As we approach the table, he turns to me and pulls me up tight with the leash, sealing his lips to mine with a heat and passion I have never felt before. My hips swivel and pivot to grind against him, the bells jingling, seemingly so loud in the newly hushed room.

He pulls out my chair and I slip onto it as he slides it under me, gasping aloud, my eyes flying wide as the plug drives deeper into my hungry ass. I can hear his chuckle as he unhooks the leash and tells me that I am free to talk at will..."Enjoy your dinner," his eyes dance mischievously as he sits beside me.

As if a fog lifts from my passion infused brain, I realize my predicament. Decorated and tethered, my hands fluttering uselessly, I look at him and silently beg, plead to have my hands released.

The first course arrives and I stare at the plate, wondering how I am going to enjoy dinner like this. I peek at the others gathered around the table, they have become used to me sitting here like this, and they smile and laugh, commenting on how I am going to manage my food. A few of the men openly leering at my pert nipples, the clamps quite apparent through the sheer fabric.

Leaning close, I whisper, "Master, how am I supposed to eat, my hands are still clipped to my collar?"

His eyes dancing he answers with a loud voice that carries through out the room, "I am sure you'll think of something, maybe someone will take pity on you and feed you."

He goes back to his plate, digging in, ignoring me. I sit, thinking and finally deciding that I will just do my best. I lean forward, wincing as the plug in my ass moves, and start to eat from my plate. When I sit back up, he gently wipes my mouth with his napkin and kisses my lips. "There you go...I knew you were a Good Girl the moment I laid eyes on your trembling body."

A gentle tap on my shoulder and I turn my head. A young man asks if he may feed me. Master answers for me and says yes he may...but not to use the cutlery. A look of confusion at first passes across his face and then he smiles. He feeds the rest of the plate to me with his fingers, pushing them into my mouth with every bite, I let my tongue lap at them and can feel his arousal as he leans into me, his growing cock thrusting at my open palm.

He lingers, his fingers not leaving my mouth as the last bite is pushed in, so I suck his digits deep into my mouth, tongue stabbing at the webbing between them.

With a groan he pulls his fingers free, grips the back of my head and kisses me, bruising my lips with the ferocity of his kiss. He pulls back, panting for breath, and with a wink walks away.

My heaving breasts jingling once again, I turn to look at my Master, a blush creeping along my jaw line, spreading to my cheeks and neck, afraid that he will be angry with that kiss. Instead, he smiles and reaches his hand out to pat my thigh, his hand stays there, caressing, inching ever higher til it is stroking bare flesh, so close to my heated snatch. Then he pulls away, leaving me holding my breath, disappointed yet relieved. The next course arrives.

I stare open mouthed at my plate and then scan the other plates, mine is the only one with a raw, carrot placed on top...a rather thick long carrot at that. I look at Master and raise an eyebrow, questioning him, wondering what sort of agony I will have to endure at this dinner. In answer to my question, he pushes his chair back and stands behind me. His hands massaging my shoulders, I lean my head back against him and relax to his touch. Inhaling deeply, breathing him in, until...

The waiter grabs the carrot and drops to his knees, crawling under the table, using the empty space beside me. Master's hands dig into my shoulders, holding me in place so that I am immobile and the entire table is staring at me, watching my face.

Cold hands part my thighs, spreading them wide, my mouth an open O of shock, I can feel the carrot rubbing up and down my wet slit and I shake my head in denial, I try to move, to get away, but Master's hands are strong, and I can't move. Gasping aloud as the waiter pushes the thick carrot into my well lubed cunt, greedy walls gripping it...forced open and held wide as the carrot drives home. Further indignity as I feel his hot breath, his hand fucking me with the carrot and his tongue stabs suddenly at my swollen clit.

My shock apparent on my face as well as the lust, Master's hands lower to squeeze my breasts, powerful fingers digging painfully into my tender flesh, nipples pushing out and up out of the dress on display for the table. The waiter's tongue ceaselessly assaulting my clit as the carrot rapes my greedy cunt. My body stiffens and I scream aloud, the orgasm stolen from me....forced from my body as the room watches this raping of me.

Master releases me, and watches me writhing on the chair, the forced pleasure rippling through me. The waiter pulls the carrot free, and crawls back out...placing the dripping carrot back onto my plate, he kisses my tethered hand before walking away.

Quivering as the orgasm finally abates, my flaming cheeks glowing as someone claps in approval. Soon the entire table is clapping and talking about the impromptu show they have been allowed to enjoy.

Master raises the wine glass to my lips and lets me drain the entire glass, kisses me and without another word starts to eat.

I stare at my plate, watching the carrot glistening in the pretty Christmas lights.

The man seated beside leans over and asks if he may feed me...Master smiles and says yes...but only after she has cleaned the carrot. Growling from deep in my throat, Master says, "Show them how obedient you are, open your mouth and stick out your tongue."

Hesitating, apparently too long, Master's hand squeezes my thigh painfully and with a whimper of defeat, I part my lips, stick out my tongue and stare at the man next to me. He grips the carrot in his hand and lifts it...sliding its wet tip over my open lips. He gives a few test strokes along my tongue and then he stands, holding the carrot at his crotch and starts to fuck my mouth.

At first they are short slow stroke, my tongue tasting myself on the carrot, but as the crowd starts to clap, his strokes are longer, faster, tears springing to my eyes as I gag on the phallic like carrot. He does not stop, raping my throat in rhythm to the clapping crowd. Tears spill hotly over my cheeks and he thrusts in deep...holding that way until I fear I will die, I cannot breathe, the carrot pushed so deep into my throat.

Master, taking advantage of my oxygen deprived brain, reaches to stroke my clit, still throbbing, so sensitive that a mere touch spirals me to climax. Silently screaming as I cum, the carrot is pulled out and I breathe deep to exhale with a lusty scream of release.

Limp in the chair...I close my eyes and catch my breath. The next thing I hear is the clink of cutlery on plates and I open my eyes to find that everyone is eating heartily, ignoring me again, carrying on with their dinner.

The man next to me has cut up the carrot that has raped my cunt and throat and is passing it around the table..laughing as people grab a piece and actually eat it.

He feeds me tenderly, wiping my lips after each bite, until my plate is empty. Tenderly he kisses my cheek and tells me that this has been the best charity dinner he has ever had the pleasure to attend.

Small talk ensues, and I am drawn into the conversation, the plates are cleared and at last dessert arrives. All but mine. I look at Master and he shrugs. I raise an eyebrow, wondering why I didn't get any dessert, staring as everyone else enjoys the baked Alaska, drizzled with chocolate sauce, gleaming white in contrast to the sauce.

Master stands and fastens the blindfold over my eyes, and I stiffen, wondering what can possibly happen next. There is the sound of the table being cleared, chairs shuffling and Master leans to whisper in my ear..."Here's your dessert. Eat every drop or I will publicly whip you and force you to your meal."

Blinking as the blindfold is removed and I stare...shock making me shudder as I see the naked woman spread before me. Her legs have been tied to her arms and her pussy has been covered with....omg...my dessert.

Shaking my head no...I use my legs to propel me backwards, stumbling as I rise from the table...refusing to indulge in such a vulgar practice.

Master grabs me and forces me forward, my face landing in the spread V of her legs. Holding my breath, his hand pushing me deeper, I gasp in air, inhaling soft meringue and gagging, choking.

He pulls me back and tears his belt from his pants, "You prefer cock?" and before I can answer there is a cock pushed into my mouth, as Master's belt whips my bare ass. It hits the plug, driving it deep, making me gasp and cry at the pain. The cock in my mouth, fucking me...timing his thrusts with Master's belt as it tears into my reddening cheeks. Screaming in pain, in frustration and indignation, I feel the flood of spunk in my mouth as this strange cock feeds my throat. The cum dribbling out, mixed with my drool.

Master hits me a last time...so hard that I can't remember to breathe and pushes me forward to the dessert. My shocked brain, numbing itself to my predicament...my mouth eating, my throat swallowing the baked Alaska from this strange womans cunt. On auto-pilot...my body responding to the commands from Master..anything to avoid feeling the kiss of his belt. The dessert gone...traces of it clinging to the sopping pussy in front of me...I breathe in deeply, having avoided actually putting my tongue to her flesh.

Master leans in and says, "I said every drop...now finish!" and he punctuates his command with a slap of his open hand to my ass.

Groaning, I tentatively push my tongue along her open lips, tasting not only the dessert but a womans juices for the first time. Shuddering in revulsion, gagging as I am forced to endure this torture. Her hips push up to my mouth, and I am assaulted with the smell of her arousal. My tongue lapping at the traces of dessert, making firm contact with her skin as she lifts and grinds to my mouth.

Master's hand joins my mouth and he pushes three fingers into her gaping and dripping cunt...his strong fingers plying her inner walls, she trembles and moans...his other hand on my head, holding me in place, her clit rocking under my lips, my tongue lapping and stroking...

Master's cock suddenly hot and hard at my cunt...he starts fucking me...my entire body forced forward, my mouth at her clit, I can feel her trembling, recognizing the tell-tale signs of orgasm...he fucks me harder.

His hand pulls from her cunt and he moves my head...forcing my lips to her squirting gaping pussy, my mouth filled with the taste of sweet girl cum... and he slaps my ass...fucking my pussy...as I join my female dessert in a ground shaking orgasm.

Gasping, trembling on shaking legs, Master pulls from my cunt and forces me down to take his spunk in my mouth, adding his maleness to the female cum in my mouth...

Weak, horror filled as he pulls me up and kisses me...sucking the intoxicating mix from my mouth.

The room erupts into cat calls, whistles and applause, the floor vibrating with the stamping of feet as Master whispers, "Take a bow."

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