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Walking from the mall, the parking lot seemed longer than a football field. The wind was pushing the temperature below the predicted -20 degrees that had been holding for almost a week.

"Thank heaven for auto starts," he whispered. His warm breath melting her ear where it touched, he tucked her in close to protect her from the biting wind. A few feet from the truck he pushed the auto start to open the doors.

The few minutes the vehicle had run did little to take the chill off the inside. Shivering he helped her in before going to the driver's side, getting in himself and turning the ignition

Tucking her hands between her thighs to warm her fingers and clenching her teeth to keep them from chattering, she kept glancing sideways to see if he was really looking at her. A feeling she had been getting all day.

He had spent the whole day attentively attracted to her, listening to her every word, cuddling close and stealing kisses every chance he got. Putting his arm around her in the movie theatre and whispering in her ear. The caring and gentleness he showed was intoxicating.

After the movie dinner was lovely, but the anticipation of what was possible pushed dinner along more quickly than necessary. Asked later what they had to eat -- she couldn't remember. All she could see in her mind's eye was the look in his eyes that made her melt. The look that made her want to crawl into his embrace and never leave.

Walking to the truck was exhilarating even with the frigid temperature. Climbing in the seats felt cold and stiff from hours of sitting in subzero temperatures. Thanks to the great heater and the chemistry bubbling between them the truck warmed much quicker than expected.

Peeling off her heavy coat and shoes, she surprised him by crawling over the console and curling up in his lap. A bit of a tight squeeze between his body and the steering wheel but she felt comfortable and safe cradled in his arms. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and buried her face in the warm spot on his neck. She could smell his cologne, taste it on his skin where she kissed him. Dropping light kisses on his neck and along his jaw he leaned his head back on the headrest and closed his eyes. A quiet moan escaped his lips when she took his ear lobe between her teeth, nibbling gently before running her tongue around the rim of his ear.

"Goosebumps," he whispered before they both giggled, his lips coming down on hers, locking them in an intimate embrace of arms, bodies, mouths and tongues.

His tongue running deftly across her lips, they parted allowing him access to the delicate place behind her upper teeth. His exploration of her mouth sent a shudder of delight down her spine. Kissing, sucking and nibbling each other's lips sent time whirling out of control, until she began to squirm.

"My foot's asleep -- it's all pins and needles!" Reluctantly she returned to the passenger side of the truck, stretching out her leg to coax the feeling back. Gently he took the sleeping foot between his hands, rubbing it gently back to life. They sat talking in the orange glow of the lot lights. They shared their dreams and desires for the future. What they wanted for their lives.

The music in the CD player, a gift from her, played through unheard. They were wrapped in each other's presence, lost in the electricity that buzzed between them like a high tension wire.

"What do you want to do?" he asked as she shifted back onto his lap.

"In future don't buy a vehicle with a console." Giggling, she planted another long kiss on his mouth letting their tongues dance together with wild abandon.

"I'll take that under advisement." He mumbled not wanting to break the connection with her eager lips.

"What do you want to do?" she asked knowing they were thinking the same thing -- both afraid to say what they really wanted.

His hands wandered lazily up and down her back, occasionally stopping to offer an appreciative squeeze to her behind. Still enjoying the connection of their lips, his hands pushed their way beneath her sweater cupping her warm breast in his hand and kneading it gently. With his lips he traced patterns across her face and down the soft underside of her jaw. Her hands played with the hair on the back of his neck and around his ears.

Relaxing into his arms a soft sigh escaped from deep inside her throat.

"What do you want to do, it's getting late."

"I want to be with you." She said meeting his gaze intently.

Inside the hotel room, he pulled her into his arms pinning himself between her and the door. Holding her there he traced warm wet kisses down her neck, pushing her sweater over her head to expose her delicate skin.

Unhooking her bra, he released her full breasts his waiting touch. Bending to kiss her more deeply, he held her breast in his warm hand thumbing the nipple to a hard rosy peak before sucking it into his mouth. Dancing his tongue lightly across her attentive nipple sent a shock wave straight to her sweet spot.

Now it was her turn, pulling his sweatshirt over his head to expose his chest, she ran her hands appreciatively over his warm skin, taking time to anoint each nipple with loving tenderness. Sucking lightly to make each nipple hard, the bulge in his jeans evident of what he wanted.

She could feel their hearts pounding together in time, as they slow danced to the bed. The room aglow from the fireplace. Warmth enveloped them. Laying on the bed together his body half over hers, his hands lazily wandered down her skin leaving scorch lines in their wake. His touch set her on fire, the aching desire in her tantalizingly delicious. Her nails tracing patterns on his back, they continued to explore the tenderness of the moment. Bodies entwined, lips and tongues tasting, hands exploring. The minutes hung in the air around them like stars in the crisp night sky.

She never felt him unbutton her jeans but she did feel his hand slide between her skin and her panties, sending and explosion of desire through her core. Wiggling out of them both she lay naked beside him. His lips blazed trails across her skin, coming to rest at the bud between her thighs. Voluntarily, she spread her legs to allow him greater access.

Licking and sucking her already wet pussy, whipping her into an even greater frenzy, she writhed on the bed beneath his adept hands and mouth. Cries of ecstasy and moans of delight no longer contained within her. When he plunged his agile fingers into her wet and waiting love box she exploded in delicious orgasm that sent shock waves through her entire body.

Panting, she pulled at his jeans eager to get them off, to taste him and feel him inside her. When his manhood sprang free of its enclosure, she could barely contain herself. Pushing him back on the bed she buried him deep in her mouth, sucking his engorged member, enjoying his taste and texture. Cradling his balls in her hand and rubbing them gently. She made long licking strokes on the tender underside of his rock hard erection. Alternating between licking and sucking until he was quivering with need, she took joy in the sounds escaping his lips. His moans sending her own desire off the charts.

Moving to straddle his hips she plunged his rock hard member deep inside herself, holding him there to wholly experience the fullness he created within her. Slowly they began to learn each other's rhythm. Moving together, pushing each other higher and higher to release. Bending to him her stiff nipples brushed his chest as they locked mouths again, tongues dancing to the rhythm their bodies were creating. When his need overtook him -- he rolled her onto her back, her legs instinctively wrapping around his body, his maleness pistoning harder and faster until he exploded within her.

Locked in an embrace neither wanted to be free of, they rested in each other's arms. Their breathless gasps returning to normal.

Wanting to taste their juices mingled together, she again took his member and plunged it deep in her mouth. Wanting to taste all of them she licked and sucked, his not yet flaccid cock springing back to life. He lay back enjoying her ministration holding her hair in his hands, winding the long strands around his fingers as she joyfully sucked his large member hard again.

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