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Todd and Marty Ch. 02


Author's Note: This is the love story of Marty and Todd. It also includes several other characters as well as their storylines. This story will be submitted in several parts and is based off the hit soap One Life to Live, yet the "history" has been changed somewhat to suit the purposes of this story. Not all the parts of this story will contain erotic sex scenes as there is a plot. First and foremost, this story is a romance/drama, not a sex story.

Also, I'd like to note that I do not own ABC's One Life to Live or the characters and I will NOT be receiving any payment whatsoever for writing this story. It is intended for entertainment purposes only.

Marty put her hand to her forehead, "Todd! Blair will put you behind bars for violating that order," she said. "Oh my God..."

"Okay, okay --- it's okay," Marty said suddenly. "We can fix this. Todd, listen to me please, I want what's best for our baby but you have to change. I will consider a life with you but only if you return Jack and Sammy to Blair and apologize for what you did. We can work something out with Blair so she'll let you spend time with your boys, okay? But you have to take them back you can't live life like this. I can't trust our child with you if you go on doing things like this."

"I pleaded with her to let me see the boys, but she wouldn't. They're my sons," said Todd, pain in his voice. He listened to what Marty said, and he hoped she was right. If Blair took the boys from him forever, Todd wouldn't be able to stand it. They were his children, too.

"You will help me fight for them?" Todd said hopefully, tentatively reaching out and taking Marty's hand into his. He couldn't believe that she was saying this... that she was considering making a life with him as well as promising to help him fight for partial custody of Sammy and Jack.

"Why would Blair let you and I see the boys, she hates both of us?" Todd said as he held Marty's hand in his, thinking how right it felt in his own. He wanted to hold her, but he didn't want to upset her or move too fast. "Marty, why can't we just go away, you, me, and my boys? I just want to be with you...."

"I will help you," Marty promised him. "She might not like us, but I am friends with John. He'll want what's best for those boys. If we can show Blair you're different she'll have to agree to partial custody. It might take time but we have to right this; we can't run away, Todd. I'm sorry. If you still love me please do this right; do this for your unborn child."

"Make things right and everything will be fine," she said softly.

Todd nodded a little reluctantly when Marty promised to help him. "Okay, we will take the boys back after breakfast in the morning," Todd promised Marty.

"I do still love you, Marty... I've loved you through everything, I am sorry I was such an ass to you. I treated you so badly; you never deserved that. And I will prove to you I will change... I will do it for you and our baby on the way. This time I promise to do everything right. But I need your help, Marty... I need you..." Todd pleaded, laying his head in Marty's lap as he was swept away by emotion, so humbled that this amazing lady had agreed to share his life.

Marty caressed his back gently. "Okay," she agreed. "In the morning after breakfast."

"It's okay; I am here, Todd. I'm staying and I will help you," she promised softly.

"Everything will be okay; things will be good this time. I know they will."

"Okay, Marty... I trust you... and I hope you trust me too," said Todd as Marty tenderly caressed his back. Her touch was so soft, so soothing. "Will you come to bed with me now? I just want to hold you. I will hold you so close; I won't try anything... please let me hold you," Todd pleaded.

Marty took a deep breath. "Alright, only holding," she said. It take time for both of them she knew, but as long as Todd kept his promises it would be good.

"I do trust you," she spoke softly to him. It had for sure been a long night, and they both were in dire need of some rest.

Todd nodded solemnly when Marty insisted that they could sleep together, but only if he agreed to do nothing more than hold her. He took Marty's hand in his and lead her to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom, he began making up the bed with fresh blankets he had brought in from the van. Soon it was nice and cozy. Without saying a word, Todd started stripping himself out of his clothes in the lantern-light. In a moment, he stood there in nothing more than his boxers. He took his t-shirt, handing it to Marty. "It wouldn't be the first time you slept in my t-shirt," he said with a partial smirk. He crawled into the bed, waiting for Marty to join him.

Marty knew he was right about that and she could hardly refuse the shirt. "Funny," she said instead as she turned and changed so she was only wearing his shirt and crawled into the bed and lay down beneath the covers.

Once they were both under the covers, Todd cautiously reached for Marty, pulling her against him. He wrapped an arm around her, holding her against his chest. "I never thought you would be in my arms again," he said softly, looking into her face in the light glow of the moonlight that shone through the window. "I love you, Marty... I always have..."

Marty lay against him. "Life is unpredictable," she said with a smile. "I know there is good in you, Todd, and the more I see that, the more I want to be with you," she told him. "I think we could be real happy together."

"I never thought I would hear those words coming from your lips, Marty, after everything we have been through," Todd said as he tenderly caressed Marty's hair.

"I don't deserve you... but I will do everything in my power to make you happy. I just can't believe it... we are having a baby. This baby, our baby... it's my second chance, our second chance. I'm going to do everything right with this kid... you'll see," Todd promised as he cuddled Marty close.

"Marty, it feels so right holding you this way... you feel so good against me," said Todd as he pulled Marty closer and he could feel her nipples rising through his t-shirt and the bare skin of his chest. Immediately, Todd got hard, but he tried to hide it from Marty. He winced a little, pulling back from her slightly. *This is gonna be a long night* he thought to himself.

Marty smiled. "I'm glad you feel that way, Todd, I do want this to be your chance. This baby needs you," she said, as she lay there against him. "Tomorrow is a big day we should get some rest." She was so glad that Todd was wanting to turn his life around.

Todd felt Marty snuggling against him as he gradually fell asleep. She felt so good in his arms. He slept so well with her scent surrounding him. When he woke up in the morning, he was pleasantly surprised to find Marty Saybrooke in his arms. "It's true, you're real," he whispered, nuzzling his lips against her neck. As she came awake in his arms, he cuddled her close to his chest.

Marty's eyes fluttered open and she looked at him sleepily. "Morning," she said with a smile. She felt content and safe right where she was. It felt nice; it felt good to be starting a life, a good life. If Cole would trust her again and believe in her then life would be absolutely perfect.

Todd grinned as he finally stopped rubbing his lips against the flesh of Marty's neck. He knew they had a lot of mending to do in their relationship but at least they were together and doing everything possible to make new start. Todd slid a hand under the covers, lightly resting his palm on Marty's tummy.

"How's our baby this morning?" he asked her, looking into her eyes and still in awe that they had actually created a child together from that one and only time they had made love when Marty had amnesia.

Marty smiled as she rested her hand on top of his gently as the baby started to kick ferociously." I think..." she said with a laugh. "The baby is definitely doing good."

"What do you think?" she asked with a smile.

"Wow, is that our baby?" Todd gasped, in awe as he felt the strong kick through Marty's flesh. He had an odd look on his face; an expression of total amazement that he and Marty were finally having a child together, after all the hell they had both gone through. "Marty, are you sure? Are you sure you can help me be a better man? Cause I don't want to hurt you again... and I never want to hurt our kid. Every day of my life, I have lived with the torture of the hurt I have caused you... I never, ever want to hurt you again."

Marty smiled. "That is our baby," she said. Then she gently touched Todd's cheek. "I don't want you to hurt me or the baby or anyone again. I will do my best to help you, Todd; I will. I see how your face lights up when you talk about the baby, and I know you want to be a better man."

"I would kill myself before I ever hurt you again, Marty... that's why the night of New Year's Eve I was so willing to take my own life. I couldn't live with the torture of how much I had hurt you. I truly love you... how could I hurt someone so much whom I truly love? Life didn't seem worth living... I had lost you, I had lost my kids, I had lost everything. Why did John save me? I'm his worst enemy," reflected Todd as he held Marty in his arms. "Do you think Blair will really forgive me for taking the kids?"

"Undoubtedly John did it for the kids. I know things have been rough but your kids do love you. I honestly think that if Blair sees a good change in you that she would be willing to forgive you. It might take time. But it'll work out I promise you that," she said softly as she kissed his cheek. "I don't want to see you go on without your kids in your life."

"I wonder what Jack, Starr and Sammy will think about having a little brother or sister," said Todd with a smile on his face. "I'm really not a young man anymore, Marty... I was almost a grandpa not that long ago.... And that would have made you a grandma."

"About that baby, Marty... I know I really shouldn't have planned to take that baby from the hospital after Starr gave birth... but that baby was a part of you and I together, a part of both of us... and it broke my heart to think that Starr was going to give that child up. I just wanted that child to be in our life," said Todd as a way to explain the almost-kidnapping he had almost committed of his own grandchild. "I don't always do the right thing... but to be honest, I thought I was doing what was right for us and for that baby."

Todd didn't have a chance to say another word, as suddenly the bedroom door opened, and Sammy came into the room. "Daddy?" the little boy said softly, rubbing his little eyes. "Where is mommy?"

Sammy then looked at Marty, wondering who that pretty lady was that his daddy was lying in bed with. The last thing Sammy remembered, his mommy had been tucking him into bed. Sammy started to cry, cause he didn't know where his mommy had gone.

"Hey, Sammy, it's okay, don't cry," Todd said, standing up and pulling on his blue jeans. He went to his son and took him in his arms.

"But I want my mommy... where is she?" said the three year old.

"We'll call her, okay?" Todd suggested. He looked over at Marty, feeling really bad all the sudden cause his little boy was so upset.

Marty felt bad for Todd when she saw Sammy's tears. "Oh hey, why don't you take Sammy to call his mommy, and I will get dressed and see what there is in the kitchen to make for breakfast, assuming there is stuff to eat?" she said with a smile.

"Okay," said Todd as he smiled at Marty, then carried Sammy into the kitchen so he could retrieve his cell phone.

"Can I call Mommy now?" asked little Sammy. "I miss her."

"Okay," said Todd as he hit Blair's name in his cell phone directory and the call began going through. He then handed the phone to the three year old. Sammy pressed the phone to his ear as he waited for his mother to answer.

After a few minutes, Blair must have answered cause Sammy said, "Mommy, I miss you, I wanna come home...."

Marty had gotten dressed and was in the kitchen now putting together some breakfast. She knew the boys were probably hungry too, so she decided to make some French toast.

The moment the phone had rang, Blair quickly picked it up. John listened intently when he realized that Blair was speaking to Sammy. He hoped and prayed those boys were okay.

"Yeah, Mommy, Jack is here. And we are with Daddy," explained Sammy.

Todd listened to what his son was saying to Blair on the phone. "Hey, Sammy, let me talk to your mommy," Todd said.

"Mommy, Daddy wants to talk to you," said the little boy.

Sammy handed the phone to his dad. "Blair," Todd said when he was given the phone. "I made a mistake. I'm bringing the boys home to you."

"Do you know how worried I was!" Blair exclaimed. "Why would you do that, Todd?! I didn't know where the boys were and then Starr got into an accident! And we have to talk when you get here. Because I'm really not happy!"

"Yeah, I've been an ass and I know it, but dammit, Blair, you wouldn't let me see the boys and I---," Todd began after he had listened to Blair yell at him. He then glanced over at Marty, seeing her cook the French toast and he didn't want to scare little Sammy by yelling.

"Blair, I'm sorry. Look, I apologize for scaring you... for scaring the boys. I'm bringing them back to you. But promise you will let me see them again. Promise you will let me be a part of their lives. I love them. I am their father," he spoke in a cool, calm voice.

"Wait a minute... did you just say Starr was in an accident? Is she hurt? What the hell happened?" Todd asked frantically.

"If you start behaving like a human being we can possibly discuss a joint custody situation. I'm not promising you anything. I will be involving lawyers, and I was trying to protect my kids which is why I wouldn't let you see them. You've already hurt them so badly especially Starr. She's fine now; she has some broken ribs, a broken leg and a torn ligament. She never got the chance to tell me exactly what happened because all I could worry about was whether or not the boys were safe."

Todd groaned when he heard what had happened to Starr. As usual, everything always seemed to be his fault. "Dammit Blair, I'm sorry. I will bring the boys back right away. They are both fine. And I'll do whatever you want, just let me have joint custody," Todd pleaded.

Before Todd had a chance to say another word, cops had surrounded the place and the door burst open. "What the---?!" Todd exclaimed. He then dropped the phone when he was seized by police.

"Daddy!" Sammy called out, seeing his father being drug off in handcuffs.

"Marty," Todd spoke as he was taken away toward the police car outside.

"Take care of the kids."

"Todd, I'm not making promises!" Blair said into the phone, but there was silence on the other end. "Dammit Todd!" Blair was totally pissed off as she hung up the phone.

"Oh God, please don't hurt him!" Marty begged. "Please!"

She looked to Jack and Sammy who were greatly upset by their father's arrest.

"It's okay," she said softly. "We'll just get you home to Mommy and this will be fixed. It's just a misunderstanding... that's all."

Todd was taken to the jail in Llandview and booked for kidnapping. "This is all a mistake," he tried to explain, but no one would listen. "I need my lawyer!" he screamed out, as he was thrown into a cell and locked up. He started pacing back and forth like a caged animal because all he wanted was to see Marty and his kids right now.

Meanwhile, John saw how hysterical Blair was becoming. His cell phone rang then, and he had to take the call when discovering it was Bo. Come to find out, the police had taken Todd into custody. "Where are the boys?" asked John. John breathed a sigh of relief, hearing that Jack and Sammy were with Marty.

After hanging up with Bo, John said to Blair, "The boys are fine. They are with Marty... and Todd's exactly where he belongs, in jail."

Blair wasn't sure she was that comfortable with that idea but at least they weren't with Todd.

"Good! I hope he stays locked up this time!"

Marty got the boys situated with breakfast, and then from her cell phone she called John. She hoped that she could get him and Blair to understand because Todd hadn't really meant any harm.

"Hey," Todd screamed out. "Don't I get one phone call?!" Despite his shouts, no one listened. This enraged Todd and he started cursing both Blair and John.

Meanwhile, John was hugging Blair close to comfort her. "Marty will take good care of the boys.... I will give her a call now... and she can bring them home.... " John assured her. A moment later, John received the phone call from Marty and he asked her to bring Sammy and Jack back to Llanview. "I hate to ask Marty, but what in the world were you doing at that cabin with Todd Manning?"

"John, it was just a misunderstanding please have the charges dropped, I had talked him into bringing them home when the cops busted in. He just wanted time with his kids, if you had kids would you want to be away from them? He's trying to change. As soon as the boys finish eating breakfast I'll bring them home. I'm with him here because I'm going to have his child and he knows that if he wants to be a part of that baby's life that he has to change, I'm trying to make him a better person. But I need you to talk to Blair, get her to see that he just wants to be allowed to see his boys," Marty said.

John shook his head as he listened to Marty's explanation. "What the fuck?" he gasped, hearing her say she was carrying Todd's child. The thought of that totally blew John's mind. "Marty, you're really asking a lot of me, but I will do my best," he said to her with a heavy sigh. "But not because I believe Manning is actually a changed man, but because I believe those kids deserve to see their father... I'm not doing this for you... and I am definitely not doing it for HIM, but for those kids.... okay? Bring them home.... and I will do my best with Blair.'

After John finished his conversation with Marty, he turned to Blair. "I talked to Marty... she's bring the boys home right after they finish eating breakfast," John explained. "And she says that everything that happened was a misunderstanding....that Todd only took the boys because he hadn't been allowed to see them. She said that she and Todd are....well, gonna have a kid together, and that Todd is trying to change his ways. I really don't know about that.... but I do know that the boys miss their dad, and they really want to see him. Blair, do you think you could relent and let him have some sort of supervised visits or something? Cause Marty has said she will try to help him change... I don't know... you are their mom and it's totally up to you, I just know that its been hard for me to form a relationship with Jack, and I think it's cause he misses his dad so much...."

Blair raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me?! Marty The Party girl is going to have Todd's child?! How in the hell does she plan on doing that? She can't even take care of her own kid and does she really believe that Todd will take of it?" Blair gasped as she shook her head. "I understand that the boys want to see Todd, but right now I am not sure about leaving them alone around him. Maybe supervised visits, maybe.... but I need to think about it some more first." Blair then added, "Whoa! Marty must have fallen and hit her head and gotten amnesia again."

John too look dazed. "Would you consider dropping the charges against Todd then? For the sake of the boys? They have to be so confused right now... torn between their parents, and I don't want them to feel that way...." said John.

Blair sighed. "I don't want that either," she said. "Yes, I'll drop the charges, but I am definitely keeping an eye on him. "I don't fully trust that he wants to change; it's the same song and dance with Todd every time. He's already hurt Starr enough. Jack just doesn't understand right now. But I will drop the charges this time, yet if he pulls some shit again, don't even think about asking me to drop them."

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