tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTodd and Marty Ch. 03

Todd and Marty Ch. 03


Author's Note: This is the love story of Marty and Todd. It also includes several other characters as well as their storylines. This story will be submitted in several parts and is based off the hit soap One Life to Live, yet the "history" has been changed somewhat to suit the purposes of this story. Not all the parts of this story will contain erotic sex scenes as there is a plot. First and foremost, this story is a romance/drama, not a sex story.

Also, I'd like to note that I do not own ABC's One Life to Live or the characters and I will NOT be receiving any payment whatsoever for writing this story. It is intended for entertainment purposes only.

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"It wasn't easy," Marty told Todd. "But you're welcome. I dunno what Blair will say, but at least if she has a chance to think about it maybe she will do what's right and let you see the boys."

Then she laughed hearing Todd say he wanted to repay her in some way. "And what might that be?" she asked.

"I'm nearly there," she said while pulling up in the drive.

Todd grinned as he walked into the foyer and heard Marty's car pulling up into the drive. She hadn't been kidding when she said she was nearly there. "Well, all morning long as I sat in that jail cell, all I could think about was that wonderful French toast breakfast you made for me that I did not get to enjoy. I say we go out for lunch together and then maybe do a little shopping. We could get some things for the baby.... and you know I'd like to spoil you, too," suggested Todd as he stood in the foyer, waiting for Marty to come walking through the door.

"I am sorry you didn't get the breakfast," Marty said, getting out of the car, then walking up the stairs.

"Yes, lunch would be fabulous... and you're right, the baby does need a few things," she said as she came through the door.

Todd laughed when Marty came through the door and inside his foyer holding the phone while speaking to him. He took the phone from her hand and in the same moment he swept her into his arms, gazing into her eyes. "Hi there," he said, reaching down to give her a soft lingering kiss on the lips. "I can't believe you're really here, back in my house again.... back in my life again. It's a dream come true...."

"I am really eager for lunch as well as shopping, but one thing first...." said Todd. "Marty, are you sure... absolutely sure you can forgive me for everything I have done? And I do mean everything... I really need to know..."

Marty laughed and returned his kiss. She looked up at him and smiled. "I am sure. I trust you enough to believe you're changing, so I forgive you for everything. Let's bury the past and forget about it. We have a future now to build together," she said. "Starting with lunch."

Todd stood there in amazement when Marty told him she wanted to bury the past and put it behind them. "I think that might be difficult, cause everything we have been through is still a deep part of both of us.... But you know, everything we have been through has bonded us in a way that no one can truly understand. The same event has tortured both of us for nearly 20 years, but in different ways. We will never forget, but we must forgive. Forgiving myself is going to be so hard, Marty... but I must do it... so I can get better and be the man you need and deserve me to be," spoke Todd. "I'm glad that you trust me.... but remember, that man that I was 20 years ago is still inside me somewhere... and there are times when rage overtakes me and he wants to come out.... making me do bad things, like when I nearly kidnapped my daughter's baby. From the very beginning, I never wanted to be that man. I loved you, and I wanted you, but I had no way of expressing that to you... the only thing I ever knew how to express was anger, power, and hatred. But seeing how I hurt you and becoming a dad, that changed me... it made me want to be a better man."

"I'm not saying it's going to be easy, but if you can't change then this can't happen, Todd. Because this child deserves a good life, and I can't subject a child to that man. I know he's inside somewhere, but if you try hard then I think you can beat him, and he'll just stay there, and not want to come out."

"It's you who gives me hope that I can do this, Marty," said Todd as he took her hand into his and lead her outside to his car. After he helped her inside the vehicle and took a seat at the wheel, he said, "Knowing that you love me despite all my faults, knowing that you can forgive me, it gives me what I need to fight the rage that seethes deep inside me. On New Year's Eve, I had just about lost all hope. I thought we were over.... I thought there was no hope for my redemption, so I jumped into that icy water. I nearly took my own life... Now I see that maybe there is a life out there for someone like me." After those words, Todd started the car, and then drove to the mall with Marty by his side, thankful that she had returned to his life once again and that the two of them were about to embark on a journey together that hopefully lead toward happiness.

Marty was glad; she was happy that Todd was all for starting this new life together. "Gosh, there is so much that we need!" Marty laughed, as they were on their way to the mall. "I don't have a list but just thinking of all the things that we need is like so overwhelming!"

"I'm actually looking forward to this whole shopping-for-the-baby thing. I have never been this excited in the past when thinking of a new baby on the way. I think it's cause my other kids are getting older now... and I have missed out on so much with them due to my own stupidity. Things will be different with this kid. I'm going to be a great dad... and give the kid lots of attention. I might even spoil him or her," Todd said enthusiastically as he and Marty left the car and entered the mall. With Marty's hand in his, Todd came across a small shop called Everything for Baby. "Here we go," he said, holding up a little bib that said, "I coo and poo. That's what I do."

"Do you think the baby wants this?" he asked Marty.

Marty couldn't help but laugh at the words on the bib. "It is definitely accurate," she said.

"There should be one that says I drool too," she said with a laugh.

"I think he or she will like it," she said with a smile as she picked up a soft baby blanket.

Todd placed the bib into their shopping basket. He watched as Marty browsed the shop, checking out all the adorable little baby things. Todd looked over a rack of tiny clothes, wondering what they should buy. After all, they were uncertain as of now whether or not they were having a boy or a girl. "I'm not really sure what all we need, so you get the stuff you think the baby's going to need in the very beginning. Later, when we find out the sex, we can come back for more clothes," Todd suggested.

Marty nodded her head. "That's a good idea," she agreed. She picked up other essentials, like bottles and pacifiers and such as well as other neutral items that the baby would need.

Todd saw Marty gather the items for the baby and he too added a few things to the basket. He picked up a small brown teddy bear and a rattle that said "I Love My Mommy." He grinned at Marty, still feeling awe but mostly extreme happiness when he thought of this tiny life they had created together. "What about a crib?" asked Todd. "We could set it up in the extra bedroom..... right next to mine... I mean ours..." Todd did hope that Marty intended to move in with him now that they were back together. Recently he had had enough lonely nights to last a lifetime. He missed spending time with Marty and having her be there with him every moment of the day. Surely now, she would want to come stay with him at his place.

Marty smiled at the teddy bear. "Yes, a crib would be good," she said.

"Ours?" she asked with interest.

"I could get used to that," she admitted. "Except I was hoping that Cole would want to move back in with me wherever I decide to move," she admitted.

After a few moments, Todd had found the perfect crib. It was made of solid oak and had a built-in changing table which would come in quite handy. It would look great in the baby's room, whether or not it was a girl or a boy. "Is this crib okay?" Todd asked Marty.

When Marty mentioned Cole's name, a small muscle twitched in Todd's cheek. He did his best to make his expression appear calm and collected, for Marty's sake. "Sure, Cole's welcome to come and stay as well. There's plenty of room. I know he doesn't think much of me, but I will do my best to be civilized to him and make him feel at home, after all, he is your son," spoke Todd, trying his best to be "nice," although decency was something quite foreign to the man most of Llanview regarded as a monster.

Marty sighed softly, "I know neither of you is a fan of the other, but this is his little brother or sister, too, and I just hope that everyone will get along with each other. Though I fear that'll never happen."

"I wouldn't worry about Cole wanting to live with us; he's not exactly speaking to me right now," she said.

Todd told the sales lady that he and Marty would like the oak crib along with the matching dresser and the yellow and cream-colored bumper pads and bedding set featuring adorable teddy bears. The sales lady took Todd's credit card, tallied up all the items, then told Todd and Marty that the crib would be delivered in a couple of days. "Thanks," Todd said to the sales woman, putting his credit card back into his wallet.

As they walked out of Everything for Baby, Todd carried the large bag of baby items for their little one. "I'm sorry that things aren't going so well right now for you and Cole. Now that your memory is back, things should get better. Though I fear he's not going to like the fact that you and I are together," Todd spoke. "I hope you can eventually work things out between the two of you. I know it's stressful right now, knowing he would rather live with Bo and Nora, but in time, hopefully you can make amends with him and he can come over to spend time with his baby brother or sister."

"It won't be easy," she said of Cole. "But I'd like very much for him to welcome this little brother or sister into his life and maybe even one day the two of you will at least be on civil terms."

Taking Marty's hand, Todd then lead her into a jewelry store. At the counter, Todd said to the clerk, "I'd like a locket for the beautiful lady here.... Gold and sapphire along with a pair of matching earrings and a bracelet." Todd then turned to Marty and smiled.

"I told you I wanted to spoil you," Todd said as he gazed into Marty's blue eyes. "And I remember how much that locket meant to you that was given to you all those years ago by your Aunt Kiki.... You made me go into a burning car to retrieve it after that accident you had with CJ and Jessica, remember? I almost got burned to a crisp that day... but I would have done anything for you. Too bad your Aunt Kiki turned out to be a betraying bitch. I want to make all that up to you, Marty. I know I can't take away all the pain.... but I will do anything I can to try."

She was shocked that he remembered that. "Yeah, I loved that locket," she said.

"I still can't believe you did that," she admitted.

After awhile, the clerk came back with the perfect locket.. It was shiny gold and had a heart-shaped locket complete with shiny sapphires adorning the heart's surface. It also included matching sapphire earrings and a bracelet which glittered with tiny diamonds and sapphires. "Here you are, Sir," said the clerk. "That will be....."

Todd stopped her before she could name the price of the jewelry. "We'll take it," Todd spoke, knowing money meant nothing to him as long as he was making Marty happy.

When Marty saw the jewelry she was even more amazed. "Oh my Gosh, it's gorgeous," she said. "Are you sure you want to spend the money?"

A smile came to Todd's face as he handed the jewelry to Marty after he had paid for the items. "Ohhh yeah, I love making you smile," he said when she asked if he really wanted to spend the money. Todd had wealth abounding, even after his ex-wife/attorney, Tea DelGado had ripped into his funds during the recent trial. He had just bought a huge 5 bedroom house with a full basement, a Jacuzzi, and a pool out back. He wasn't hurting for money. Not in the slightest.

Marty smiled as she accepted the jewelry. "Thanks," she said with a smile.

"Right now I am starving. How does lunch sound?" Todd then asked, taking Marty's hand as they left the jewelry store. "Let me guess... I bet you are hungry for pickles and ice cream," he teased her as they neared the food court.

Marty laughed. "Not yet, but I'm sure soon enough I'll be waking you up late at night to get me some crazy things," she teased with a smile as she walked with Todd to the food court.

"And I'll cherish every minute of that," Todd chuckled as the yummy smells of the food court met their nostrils. "Everything looks good," said Todd as they walked up to an Italian food stand. "I think I'll have a salad with everything, two slices of pepperoni pizza with mushroom, bread sticks, and a coke," Todd told the man behind the counter.

Marty raised an eyebrow and laughed. "And which one of us is pregnant again???" she teased. She herself placed an order for a side Caesar salad, some of the baked ziti, and a bottle of water to drink.

Todd burst out laughing when Marty made the "pregnant" comment. He carried their tray over to the table, then took a seat. "I feel like we both are," he said, looking deeply into her eyes as she sat down next to him. "I love you, Marty. I truly do...."

Marty smiled as she rested her hand on top of Todd's as they sat across from each other. "I'm so glad I have you. I love you, too," she said softly. "I truly believe I made the right choice this time."

"We both did," said Todd. "I couldn't have done it without you." Todd picked up his bread stick, dipped it in some sauce, and started munching on it. All the while when he ate, his other hand rested beneath Marty's. He was still in a state of awe that Marty was here with him and they were about to embark on a happy life together. "Do you think I deserve to be happy?" he asked her.

With her free hand, Marty took her fork and took a bite of her salad. She chewed and swallowed, washing it down with water, and then looked at Todd. "Everyone deserves to be happy," she said gently. "If you want it then I know you can do it. It's a matter of what you want."

"I know I want you, Marty... I always have, even when everything seemed so impossible. I know I want our baby, too," Todd spoke. "But I also want my kids. I miss them. It's so hard spending every day without them. And Starr--- I know I hurt her so much. I want to make it up to her, but I don't know how. I've really messed things up, haven't I?" Todd ran a hand through his hair as he looked over at Marty, wishing he knew the answers to make everything right again.

Marty listened to Todd speaking and then looked at him. "Yeah you did," she said honestly," But I think it is going to be one of those things that takes time and effort. Once she sees you've changed, she'll change her mind about wanting to spend time with you."

"You're right, it's going to take some time. I will do my best to show everyone I have changed... you, Vicki, my kids, Blair... it won't be easy... Everyone always seems to think the worst of me," Todd said with a sigh. He then resumed eating his meal, the hunger getting the better of him. After he finished his food, he sipped at his coke, watching as Marty too polished away her lunch. "What would you like to do after lunch?" he asked her.

Marty had finished eating and was sipping some water. "Mmmmm... how about a walk?" she asked with a smile. "Just the two of us; no worries, no demands, just enjoying a nice walk?"

"A nice walk sounds great," agreed Todd, a smile on his face. "We can go to the park... and even have a picnic there again, if you like.... after our walk?"

"Remember our last picnic there, when I proposed to you?" Todd then asked. "There is something I'd like to talk to you about..."

He laughed softly, then added, "I promise, I'm not going to propose to you again... not for awhile anyway. I understand you are not ready for that kind of a commitment. But after our walk, after we just enjoy the time with each other with no worries or demands, there is something I do need to talk to you about..."

"A walk, a picnic; it all sounds wonderful," she said with a smile.

She then laughed. "I do remember," she said when he mentioned proposing. "I don't think we've gotten that far yet in our start over. Of course after our walk if you need to talk, we can."

Todd beamed when he saw Marty's happy smile. "Okay, let's head back to my place and put our purchases away, then prepare for the picnic," Todd suggested, standing up so he could throw away their trash from their lunch. He then returned to the table, taking Marty's hand into his. She was already about six months pregnant, but she was barely showing at all. Todd marvelled at that, thinking their baby was going to be so incredibly small. It had been years since he had held a tiny baby, not since Jack was an infant as he had lost the first year and half with Sammy due to Margaret's insanity. By the time Todd had gotten custody of his son, Sammy was not quite two. At first he had wondered how he could possibly love a child who had been created from the act of rape, but Sammy was a sweet little boy and everyone who knew him couldn't help but love him. In fact, Blair had agreed to adopt Sammy and loved the little boy like her very own.

"I miss my kids," Todd said as he walked with Marty out of the mall toward his car. "I miss Sammy's laughter... and I even miss Jack smarting off."

Todd laughed softly, thinking about Jack's rude antics. "And I really miss Starr. She and I were so close when she was growing up," Todd said as he helped Marty into the car. He entered the vehicle, started the engine, and then headed toward his house.

Marty smiled gently. "Soon enough you'll be able to spend time with all of them. Starr just needs some time; I know she probably misses you, too. That closeness won't be gone forever. It'll get better you'll see."

Todd nodded when he heard Marty's words. He hoped she was right and he would one day be close with Starr again, just he knew Marty hoped that she would one day regain her relationship with Cole. Their lives were sort of a mess right now, but Todd hoped it wouldn't spoil their day at the park.

Once inside his house, Todd began gathering items for the picnic into a picnic basket. Once he had a jug of iced tea, food, glasses, plates, silverware, and a blanket packed, the two of them were ready to go.

He gave Marty a smile as they walked outside into the sunshine hand in hand. It was a gorgeous day as they strolled to the park together. The park was nearly deserted as the two of them made their way down the pathway leading toward its center.

"So, have you had an ultrasound yet?" Todd asked, curious about how everything was going with the baby.

Marty smiled. "I have!" she said excitedly. "Of course from now on I'd like you to come to appointments with me."

"So far, I don't know the sex of the baby yet, because he or she kept refusing to cooperate," she said with a small laugh.

Todd listened intently when Marty described the ultrasound and seeing their baby on the screen. "I really wish I could have been there," he told her longingly. "And yeah, I wouldn't miss the next one for the world."

By now, they had reached the center of the park. Todd spread out the blanket on the thick green grass, then helped Marty sit down. "Now, we can talk," he said, gazing into her eyes.

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