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Todd and Marty Ch. 07


AUTHOR'S NOTE ::: This is the love story of Marty and Todd. It also includes several other characters as well as their storylines. This story will be submitted in several parts and is based off the hit soap One Life to Live, yet the "history" has been changed somewhat to suit the purposes of this story. Not all the parts of this story will contain erotic sex scenes as there is a plot. First and foremost, this story is a romance/drama, not a sex story.

Also, I'd like to note that I do not own ABC's One Life to Live or the characters and I will NOT be receiving any payment whatsoever for writing this story. It is intended for entertainment purposes only.

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*~John and Blair~*

(The night of Paloma Manning's birth)

Blair was still furious with John for having left in an attempt to 'save' Marty. "Damn him! Damn Todd! Damn ALL men!" Blair screamed as she was sweeping up the broken glass and flowers from the vase which had shattered when she had thrown it at the door.

Blair had just got the glass swept up when the telephone rang. When Blair answered the phone, she heard Vicki on the line. "Blair, you and Starr need to come to the hospital right away," Vicki said urgently.

Vicki's voice was shaking as she made the call, and she hoped that Blair and Starr would arrive at the hospital as soon as possible. After she hung up the phone, Vicki cried.

Blair promised to be there as soon as she could. She grabbed her car keys and her purse then ran upstairs quickly to get Starr. On her way up the stairs, she bumped into Langston and asked her to watch the boys while she had to go out. Langston said she didn't mind at all. Then Blair knocked on Starr's door. "Starr, open the door! We have to go!" Blair insisted.

"I don't want to go anywhere!" Starr said pitifully.

"Starr, look... just open the door!"

Starr yanked the door open, her face streaked with tears.

"Mom, I've had a really shitty day, okay? Schuy ...ummmmm... Mr. J and I aren't friends anymore. And Cole is being useless when it comes to helping find out what happened to Hope! So just leave me alone!"

"You and...? Never mind," Blair said, realizing they'd have to revisit that one at a later time. "Starr we gotta go to the hospital. Vicki called."

"What? What's wrong?"

"I don't know, but Langston is watching the boys, so let's go," Blair said quickly and the two of them tore out of the house and drove over to Llanview University Hospital. Starr tried to hide the fact she had been crying as they walked in, wiping away her tears.

Once Blair and Starr entered the hospital, Vicki walked up to them, a grave expression upon her face. "I have to tell the both of you something... and it's not going to be easy to say," Vicki said, trying to find the words to describe this delicate situation.

"Starr... your baby girl... Hope... She isn't dead," Vicki said slowly. "She's very much alive and well."

"It's like a miracle... and I want to take you to her tonight," Vicki announced.

Starr glared at her Aunt Vicki and her mother. "This isn't funny! That's a horrible thing to say!" she yelled, fighting more tears.

"I was there in the hospital when my baby died! I just don't understand HOW she died! How can you just stand there and tell me she's alive?"

Starr was flipping out, and it took a lot of energy which she barely had. She crumbled to the floor on her knees, clutching the locket she wore around her neck as the tears fell anew. "Why?" she sobbed. "Why can't I get answers? Why can't you all just let her rest in peace?"

Blair looked startled by Vick'is confession and then Starr's outburst. "Starr ~ honey, surely Vicki would never be so cruel; she loves you," she said gently, reaching out to caress Starr's hair.

Blair then said to Vicki, "I'm sorry, Vicki... Starr's had a bad day today. Could you please explain to us what you mean? Did you find something out about Hope?"

Starr pushed her mother's hand away as she wasn't going to just sit there and listen to everyone tell her lies. She tried to stand up but exhaustion kept her from going far.

"Starr, I would never tell you anything so cruel just to hurt you. I love you so much... and this is tearing me apart. I just didn't know how to tell you..." Vicki said as big tears filled her eyes.

"On the night your baby was born, Jessi's baby was born, too... only her alter Tess was the one that birthed the baby. It turns out the baby was stillborn, and Tess and Jessica's other alter Bess decided to switch the babies. I didn't know until tonight, when Jessica suddenly got her memories back. Starr, the little girl that my daughter has been raising is in fact your baby girl Hope," Vicki explained. "I'm so sorry, sweetie... I know you must be in so much shock right now... but we had to tell you the truth... That precious baby girl needs her rightful mother."

Starr felt like the room was spinning as she tried to piece together all of this in her head. Her cousin? Jessica, her cousin whom she loved and talked to all the time, had stolen her baby?

"Starr ~ honey, are you okay?" Blair asked, realizing how shocking this must all be to Starr, because it was to her, too.

"Oh Vicki, I'm so sorry about Jessi's baby," Blair said. "This is all just ...wow."

"I stood there and talked to Jessica about Hope...about losing Hope and I told her how much it hurt me! And this whole time she's had my baby! I've been grieving for my daughter who is alive! And Jessica's been living her happy little life with MY baby! And all that time, I had nothing!" Starr spit out. She knew deep in her heart that it wasn't Jessica's fault, but even so, the pain, heartache, and betrayal was unimaginable.

"Starr!" Blair said as she had never seen Starr behave that way before.

"Vicki, I'm sorry. Starr doesn't mean that."

"Yes, I do," Starr said coldly as she rose to her feet and walked down the hallway away from her mom and Vicki.

Blair sighed. "Ohhh my. This is going to be hard."

Vicki's heart was breaking when she heard Starr's words. She really couldn't blame Starr at all for feeling the way she did. Due to Bess's act,

Starr had lost 9 months of her precious daughter's life. "Ohhh Starr, I'm so sorry... but you haven't lost everything. You have a gorgeous baby girl,"

Vicki reminded before Starr walked away.

Vicki then turned to Blair, apologizing to her as well, "I am so sorry for everything your family has been through, Blair..."

Starr found an empty room and walked in. Closing the door, she leaned back against it, sobbing. Pulling her cell phone from her pocket, she slid it open and scrolled through the numbers until she got to Schuyler's. The one person she wanted and needed right now she had pushed away, and now she had nowhere to turn with this. She wanted to call him, but she had told him that she wouldn't, and she was sure that even if he did pick up he would hate her now.


"Mom," Natalie spoke up.

Vicki turned, seeing Natalie there in the hallway. Natalie was holding Bree's hand and she had the baby in tow in the stroller. "Natalie," Vicki said, hugging her daughter.

"Mom, I heard everything... is it true?" Natalie asked, tears in her eyes.

"Yes, it is. I'm so sorry, baby, but it is," Vicki said as she hugged Natalie and both of them cried.

Both their eyes then settled on the tiny little girl sitting in the stroller. "Then we have to give Chloe...I mean, Hope... back," said Natalie.

Natalie reached into the stroller and took the precious little girl she had thought all this time was her neice into her arms. She carried the 9-month-old down the hallway, then touched Starr lightly on the shoulder. "Starr..." she whispered.

When Starr turned to look at her cousin, Natalie placed the baby into her arms.

Starr felt someone touch her shoulder as she slipped her phone back into her pocket. She turned toward Natalie and the baby was placed in her arms. As Starr held Hope, she couldn't stop the tears that were falling. This was just too hard to process; she had been watching Hope grow up all this time under her cousin's care.

Starr struggled to find the words as baby Hope reached out for the locket around her neck. "Aunt Vicki, Natalie, would you...you like the locket with Chloe's hair in it?" she asked them softly.

She knew it wouldn't change the fact that they had lost Chloe, but she knew what it felt like to lose a baby now. Even if it had only been for nine months, the locket had brought her some solace and hoped it would for as well her aunt and cousins.

Fresh tears entered Vicki's eyes anew when Starr handed her the locket. "Thank you so much, Starr. We'll cherish it always," said Vicki as she clutched the locket close containing the only thing the family had left of her precious granddaughter, Chloe Victoria Brennan. She knew that the next thing she must do is have the stone changed upon the baby's grave. It needed to read her granddaughter's correct name.

Natalie handed Starr the diaper bag containing diapers, a change of clothes, and Hope's pacifiers, formula and bottles. "You'll need this..." Natalie said. She then went to take Brennan in her arms, because with all the crying going on, the little girl was very confused.

"I'm going to take Bree home now," Natalie told Vicki. "It's getting late, and she needs to sleep. I have no idea what I will tell her about the baby. I'll worry about it tomorrow."

"Okay, dear. Take Bree home. I'm going to stay here at the hospital incase Jessi needs me," Vicki stated.

"And I'm sorry about what I said before," Starr said to her Aunt Vicki.

"Thank you," Starr said softly as she accepted the diaper bag.

"It's okay, Starr. I don't blame you for feeling that way at all," Vicki said, hugging her neice tightly, then tenderly kissing Hope's soft little cheek. "It's been a long night, sweetie. Why don't you take your sweet little daughter home now? I will be in touch..."

At that moment, John walked into the hallway, rubbing his aching head. In his disorientation, he ran smack into Blair. "Ohhh imagine meeting you here," he said, looking her up and down. He wasn't even aware that his clothing was sticky with Marty's blood from when he had carried her into the hospital.

He then looked down the hallway, seeing Starr holding a baby that looked very much like Jessi's daughter Chloe. "What's going on here?" he asked, seeing Vicki and Natalie holding each other and crying.

Blair crossed her arms over her chest. "I am here because it concerns MY daughter and her baby. But I don't see how you'd have time for that, right? I mean Marty Saybrooke is the resident damsel in distress! Ohhhh, so did you kill someone for Marty this time?" Blair asked, when she noticed all of the blood.

"What?" John gasped, realizing suddenly that Blair meant that Starr's baby was actually the child Jessica had been raising these past nine months. How could that be? "Starr's baby is Chloe?" he asked in confusion.

He then looked down, seeing the blood all over his clothes. "No, Blair, I didn't kill anyone," he spoke. "This blood is Marty's. I was right... Marty WAS in trouble. She nearly died tonight... and it's all Todd Mannings fault."

"Yes, Chloe is really Hope. There was some sort of mix-up," she said, not wanting to go into details. "Look, Marty is a grown woman, John. Really, do you have to run after her every time to help her? Let her deal with Todd; she chose to be with him."

John shook his head in disbelief, watching as Starr was talking to Vicki and Natalie and holding the pretty baby girl. Starr's baby was alive?

"Look, Blair... I have this connection to Marty you will never understand, and I'm not even going to try to explain it... because you will automatically assume I am just trying to get into her pants. I'm not. I am committed to you and to your kids. I care about all of you... and I'm sorry I ran off tonight to save Marty. And yeah, you have a point, she chose to be with Todd Manning... I promise you, I am going to stay out of it from now on. If Todd wants to fuck up her life, and she lets him... there is nothing I can do about it; I am done," John swore, looking into Blair's eyes. "Can we just go home now? It's late... and Starr needs her mother right now..."

Starr had said her goodbyes to her aunt and cousin and then left with John and her mom to go home. Once they had reached Dorian's, Langston had million questions, none of which Starr felt like answering. It had been a really long night.

Starr went upstairs with Hope and changed her for bed. Blair found the old baby crib and put it in Starr's room so that Starr could be near her baby girl. Then Blair went to her own bedroom to get changed for bed.


The first thing John did upon coming home is take a long hot shower. It felt great to wash away the blood and grime that had been clinging to his skin. The back of his head still ached where Todd had slammed it repeatedly to the wall,

but it wasn't anything too serious. He came out of the shower, wearing a black towel wrapped around his waist and saw Blair sitting there on the bed in her nightie. "Are Starr and the baby settled down for the night?" John asked, his eyes taking in the sight of Blair in that next-to-nothing nightie. He knew he she was still pissed at him. He could tell it by her eyes.

"Blair, can we kiss and make up?" he then asked her, dropping his towel to the floor.

"Starr and Hope are fine," Blair said as she turned to glare at John.

"And if you think taking me to bed will fix things, you are very wrong," she said defiantly, crossing her arms over her chest. She couldn't help it though; her eyes did take in the site of a naked John Mcbain standing right in front of her.

John was very aware of how Blair was taking in his impressive package. He walked over toward the bed, till he was standing about two feet from her.

"No, I don't think taking you to bed is going to 'fix' things, but it's always helped before... you know neither one of us can deny that," John spoke.

"Besides I want to show you who it is I really want. I don't want anyone else, Blair... only you." With those words, John gently raised Blair's chin, gazing into her eyes.

Blair looked up into his eyes and found herself getting lost in them. "Just me?" she asked.

"Prove it," she challenged. She had to see if John really meant it. She was tired of him running off to rescue Marty and leaving her to fend for herself.

Softly John caressed Blair's lower lip with his big thumb. His finger slipped between her lips, lightly caressing. "I can't wait to show you how much I want you, only you," said John, his voice husky and heavy with desire. "It's you my cock throbs for... only you..."

He took a step back, so she could see how much he truly wanted her. Already his cock was huge, stiff, and pulsating. "I need to be inside you, Blair," John moaned.

Blair couldn't take her eyes off of John's huge cock. "Mmmm," she said, looking at it hungrily. "Then stop standing there and put it inside of me. It definitely looks like it's ready."

"Yep, it's ready alright," John nodded as he continued to caress Blair's cheek. His hand then slid down her neck, to her chest. Through the silken fabric of her nightie, he cupped a full breast, lightly pinching a nipple. "Lay back first... I have other plans for you," commanded sexy John.

Blair let out a moan, feeling him pinching her nipple and laid back as instructed. She was waiting to see what he had up his sleeve as she knew that it would most certainly be something good.

"Everytime we fight, I get hard for you," John admitted as he moved over to the bed where Blair was lying. "You're so sexy when you're angry."

John let out a hot hiss as he reached for Blair's nightie, ripping it right down the middle. His breath got even more ragged, seeing she wore nothing underneath. "My God, Blair, you're so fucking sexy," he breathed harshly. Like a hungry animal, John began feasting on Blair's breast.

She let out a passionate moan and raked her fingers through his hair. "Ohhh God! Yes!" she gasped, liking the way his mouth was teasing her. It felt so damn good as she gave herself up to John.

"It's only you I want, Blair... believe that," groaned John as he spread heated kisses down Blair's body. He sipped his way along her skin, toward her tummy. His mouth brushed against her pubic bone and with insistant hands, he opened her long sexy legs. She was incredibly wet, pink and ready for him. "Someone must want me, too," he observed, catching the scent of her desire.

Blair smirked. "Yes, I am definitely wet," she murmured.

She could feel every sensuous touch as he parted her legs. "I want you. I really, really want you," she emphasized.

John watched as Blair opened her legs wider for him. "You do, huh?" he asked, raising one eyebrow. "Did our fight earlier get you all turned on,


"Were you thinking about how we might make up?" With those words, John ran a finger along the moist seam of Blair's pussy, watching as the feminine lips opened to his touch. She was so wet, her juices clung to him. With a hard thrust, he slid his finger deep inside her.

"Maybe it did. I always love making up with you," she responded. "Make-up sex is always better than anything else."

John worked his big finger in and out of Blair as her words enticed him further. He bent down on the bed, inches from her wet slit. "I can't wait to taste you," he said as his tongue snaked out, flicking against her aroused clit. He circled his tongue around it, his finger fucking her faster and faster.

Moaning, Blair raised her hips to meet his thrusting finger while she arched her body right up off the bed. "Oh God, John! Yessssss... faster," she breathed, loving the way that he was fingering her.

"Mmmm... you like that, do you?" John said to Blair in a husky voice. He slid two more fingers inside her while licking her hard little clit. He bit it softly with his teeth, fucking her harder and harder. He stopped his wicked licking then to ask Blair, "It's you I want... don't you know that? Only you..."

Blair looked at him, her gaze full of lust. "Show me, John. Show me that you want me and only me," she told him. She had to admit she liked the fact John was in her bed and not Marty's.

John was ready and willing. When Blair commanded he show her, he couldn't wait another second. He straddled Blair on the bed and began to slide his cock toward her opening. His huge tip inched toward her center. He could feel her warm honey touch his velvetty cock-head as he pressed it against her slit.

Blair moaned in pleasure. "YESSSSSS!" she begged. "Put it in all the way in!" She wanted to feel him fill her up to capacity, and she wanted to feel him thrusting deep inside of her.

Harder and faster, John pounded his way into Blair, showing her with his rigid cock just how much he wanted her. "I'm going to cum..." he groaned, feeling his orgasm so near. "Where do you want my sperm?"

"Right here, right inside," Blair instructed, as she moved her hips. She could feel him pounding harder and faster as she was loving every second of it.

"Oh God! Yes!" Blair cried out.

John couldn't hold back a moment longer. He started spilling hot jets of his semen deep inside of Blair. He shuddered, flexing his hips as he came. He then looked down at Blair, hoping she had reached orgasm at the same time as he had. He kissed her on the lips as he withdrew from her snug heat.


Starr had thought Hope was settled until she heard her crying again, so Starr got up and went to the crib. "Hey baby girl," she said, lifting her out of the crib. "What's wrong?" She tried soothing the baby to put her back to sleep. She sang to the child as she tried everything she could think of, but Hope would not stop fussing.

"No dirty diaper," said Starr, right after she checked. "I know you're probably not used to me, but I love you, Hope. It's okay... really," she said, hoping to calm the baby down. When her efforts didn't work, Starr checked the time and assumed her mom and John were probably asleep. As the minutes ticked by, she was getting desperate now as she sat down holding Hope. She reached for her cell phone, sliding it open. She went to her contacts and scrolled through, passing by the people she knew would be no help at all and paused for a moment at Schuyler's name, biting her bottom lip softly.

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