tagIncest/TabooTodd, Fuck Your Mother. Ch. 02

Todd, Fuck Your Mother. Ch. 02


I appreciate and thank all for the interest in this story; it was among my best received. For those who requested a second chapter I hope you find this long-delayed submission to your liking.

In Chapter 1 Todd's mother, an attractive libidinous soul married to a man whose passion is sitting in his recliner while watching professional wrestling, discovered her son was a peeping tom, and was peeping at their next door neighbor and her son.

As always, all story characters engaged in sexual activities are eighteen years of age or older.

* * * * *

As my son's shrinking cock slipped from my ass I felt his cum drip from my rectum; it was a delicious sensation. Milla and William had recently discovered the joys of anal sex; Todd and I, watching them, had also.

I turned to my son, kissed his lips, said, "That was fricking amazing."

Kissing me back he said, "She's getting up," and looking out the window I saw my neighbor stand, stretch her trim taut naked body, say something to her son, and hold out her hand to help him up. The two of them, pausing to turn off the light, walked hand-in-hand from the room.

They had fine butts.

We moved onto my son's bed - he and I'd recently picked out a larger firmer mattress - and he said, "Do you think they know we watch?"

"Possibly, they give us plenty of opportunities and it would be fun to do this for an audience."

"Maybe we should leave our lights on or do it in the backyard so they can see us."

"I've thought about that. The problem is that if they don't know we're watching and see us, then they'll know we can see them. Then they might make sure we couldn't."

"Yeah, you're right."

Throughout our conversation my hand had been working his shaft. He was hard again. I took him in my mouth.

* * * * *

Todd and I ended our kiss when my husband shouted, "Where are my keys?"

"Top drawer of your desk honey, where you left them."

Jangling those keys, ready to hit the road, he entered the kitchen, absentmindedly said, "Good morning," not noticing, as he never did, his wife and son's flushed faces. Handing him a cup of coffee fixed the way he liked - too much cream, too much sugar - I said, "Remember, I'm meeting Pamela on campus tonight, we're going to dinner. You two will be on your own."

My husband said, "Great. Todd and I can order a pizza and watch Impact Wrestling, Austin Aries is defending the title," and headed out the door.

When it clattered shut Todd and I checked the clock; we had time for a quickie.

* * * * *

Pam texted me, her lab was running late. Unfortunately it was Thursday, party night on campus, and the dorm's lobby was packed with college students working on tomorrow's hangover. I was looking for a peaceful corner when Angelina the Dorm-Mom, a striking graduate student of mixed Asian and Caucasian ancestry who lived on-site, spotted me and said, "Hello Mrs. Hooper, waiting for Pam?"

"Yes, her lab is late."

Looking around she said, "Why don't I let you in her room. I'm sure you'll be more comfortable there."

* * * * *

Both my daughter and her roommate Naomi were neat freaks, so I noticed the binoculars laying next to their open case. Underneath them was a sketch: three rows of rectangles sitting atop each other with notes in each box. I recognized Pam's handwriting, the other script must be Naomi's. Curious, I started reading.

Good god.

I turned to the window, looked at the dorm on the other side of the quad, and started counting windows. Once I realized the first room on each floor had only one window the number of rectangles in the sketch matched the number of rooms. The first two rectangles of the second floor, which was directly across from Pam's room, were labeled, "No action;" I recognized the third. Pam had called Ross Jones, a high school friend of Todd's, now a freshman at the university, "Nerdboy" as long as I remembered and here she'd written, "Nerdboy Jones, are you kidding?" The fourth box was inscribed, "Usually late," in the fifth, "Most every night, early," and in the final two rectangles, "Occasionally."

I turned off Pam's lights, picked up the binoculars, sat in the chair facing a window - I'd thought the set-up peculiar - took a deep breath and started down the row. The first two rooms were dark, the third's gauzy curtain obscured who was inside, although it sure looked like Ross, the fourth was dark, and then, "Oh fuck."

She, a beautiful blond, and he, a powerfully built, seriously hung, black man, were pounding their bodies into each other. The lights were on and curtains pulled back. They wanted to be seen, knew people were watching. Pam and Naomi weren't the only students with binoculars.

I was watching, fondling my breasts through my shirt, when my phone pinged. Pam was heading my way. I texted that Angelina had let me into her room, turned the lights on, put the binoculars back on the desk, cracked open the window to dilute the smell of my arousal, and texted Todd, "I need a late night coffee run."

My daughter found her sedate mother reading her Kindle.

* * * * *

"Todd, fuck your mother."

Our coffee in the console, my son was sitting in the passenger seat as I, in the reverse cowgirl, drove my body onto his dick.

He twisted my nipples, I reached for his balls; I came, my sex convulsing on my son's masterful prick.

Like he'd pounded her, Todd was pounding me, slamming his body into me. I came again.

Letting go of my breasts, he took hold of my hips, pulled me into him. He the puppeteer, I the puppet, my body bounced and shuddered on his cock. I came again, my gut contracted, we both came, his cum poured into me, and as his mother's cunt spasmed another load of sweet hot seed filled me and screaming, we both came again.

* * * * *

"Honey, can you bring me another beer?"

Todd said, "Don't worry Mom, I'll get it."

My husband was eating in front of the televison, Todd and I in the kitchen. I used to complain about it.

When Todd returned I ran my foot up his leg and said, "So how about it?"

"You're sure no one will know it's us?"

"Yeah, I've known your friend Ross for years and I was looking right at him with binoculars and I couldn't be sure. The only person who might recognize us is Pam and we'll do it when she's in lab. Ross will lend you his key, right?"

"Yeah, he's always on the road, going to tech shows and comic-cons, he's already shared it with several friends, lets them crash at his place when he's out of town."

* * * * *

Pam's cell phone vibrated. It was Naomi. She opened it, did a double-take: "OMG, you're missing it, Nerdboy is going at it like a madman."

"You're shittin' me."

"Nope, Aimee's here, she'll confirm."

A message from Aimee: "It's true."

"Whose he with?"

"Can't tell, really can't tell if it's him. Could be a friend using his room."

Clearing his throat the biology professor reclaimed his students' attention and said, "We're sharing the lab with another class tonight so just check your work, organize your data, clean up. If you're done early that's okay."

* * * * *

Several blocks from the dorm Pam texted, "They still at it?"

"Yeah, but close to the finale, her hands are on the windowsill, he's doing her from behind, they want to be seen."

While safety dictated she go around the parking deck, Pam decided the chance to see Nerdboy in action was worth the risk. Unfortunately, about halfway through the deck her phone pinged: "Sorry Pammie, show is over."

Pam said, "Fuck," stuffed the phone in her pocket, and saw what looked like her mother's car, then saw the dent in the back door. It was her mother's car. She texted Naomi: "Did Mom drop by?"


Thinking her mother must have just gotten there, although that didn't explain why she hadn't park closer to the dorm, Pam laid her hand on the hood. It was cold, the engine had been off awhile.

She looked in the car, saw her brother's jacket on the back seat, and deciding to make a point, reached for the magnetic box holding a key under the bumper, tore off a piece of the student newspaper with the date on it, wrote, "I'm hurt, you visited campus and didn't come see me," stuffed it in her brother's pocket and returned the key to its hiding place.

That's when, hearing a muffled male voice, she stepped into the shadows. A couple came around the corner, stopped for a deep kiss, then stepped under a light.


Her brother gallantly holding the passenger door open, they kissed again, their mother opened his fly, pulled out his dick - shit, he was hung - and said, "Let's do it again soon, we'll give Ross quite the reputation on campus."

Her brother closed the door, walked to the driver side. As he put it in gear their mother's head dipped below the dashboard.

The marbles fell into place: her mother's recent unremitting good mood, her new found indifference to her husband's long standing indifference, the amount of time she and Todd spent together, his new found ease around her girlfriends and, according to Ramona, her (she had thought) relatively inexperienced brother's skill in the sack. Her mother and brother were screwing, had been for awhile.

Later that night, uncoiling her naked frame from Naomi and Aimee's sweet bodies, Pam got out of bed and sent her brother a text: "Naomi's out of town this weekend and there's this frat party, I need a wing man. Let 'em know you're a jock, wear your letter jacket. "

* * * * *

"Wooo sis."

The colorful bandana wrapped around her head, which barely kept her long brown hair in place, accented the sparkle of her hazel eyes. Her dangling earrings, tie-dyed tee-shirt, blue jeans, blue jean jacket, and boots didn't advertise, but didn't hide, the slender five feet, nine inch, 31-23-34 body that made her full round "B" breasts seem larger.

"But with you dressed like that, I feel like a nerd."

Todd had worn his letter jacket, khakis, and a button down shirt.

"That's what I'm looking for baby brother. It's a quiet frat, not one of the wild ones. You'll fit in. Me, they'll wonder about the hot hippie chick. We can have some fun with that."

"So we're not siblings?"

"No, what kind of loser goes to a frat party with her baby brother?"

* * * * *

They had danced fast, now were dancing slow. Holding Pam to his body Todd thought she'd been right, it had been fun. Whenever his sister had wandered from his side guys had sidled up to him, asked about her, and Todd had told them the misleading truth. He was a senior in high school, she a freshman at the university, they'd met through family.

She rotated her shoulders, pressing her breasts to his chest, and said into his ear, "I'm so glad you came, I'm having a blast, I hope you are too."

"I am."

"Good, put your hands on my ass."

"Are you sure?"


Adjusting his stance to ensure she wouldn't feel his erection, he did and she said, "Y'know last night I called the house to see if you could come tonight. Got Dad, he said you and Mom went to a coffee shop. I asked which one, he said McCallie's. Said he'd tell you to call me. I guess he forgot."

"Yeah, I guess he did."

The song ended, she angled her head as if waiting for a kiss, and he dropped his head to hers, not sure what to expect, but not expecting the way her lips moved firmly, if briefly, against his then, holding his hand, led him to the end of the porch as if for privacy, moved her body into his as if they were lovers.

"Todd, last night Naomi texted that two people were going at it across the quad with the lights on, said they were really hot."

She knew her baby brother, saw no concern on his handsome face. He'd be a good poker player.

"So I cut through the parking deck on my way back to the room."

There was a hint of something in his eyes.

"And saw a car that looked like Mom's SUV."

He said, "Really." Still no concern in his voice, but a new intensity in his eyes.

"Even more amazing, it had a key hidden in the same place as Mom's and a jacket on the back seat that looked like yours, so I opened the car and put a note in the jacket's inside pocket. Do you mind if I look?"

She slid her hand up his chest, the pressure of her hand undeniably sexual, fished the note from his pocket and without looking at it handed it to him and her voice a purr, said, "Does it say 'I'm hurt, you visited campus and didn't come see me?'"


"You and Mom. It explains a lot that's been going on lately. How long?"

To his credit he didn't get angry, or panic, or issue a transparently false denial, instead turning to the central issue he said, "Have you told anyone? Are you going to tell Dad?" and was relieved by the look of astonishment on her face, as if not believing anyone could ask such a stupid question, and said, "Hell no," and kissed him, her tongue engaging with his.

* * * * *

Sighing happily, Pam lay her head on her brother's shoulder, ran a hand down his hairless chest, and said, "Really, William and Ms. Jovanovic?"

"I'd been watching for several months when Mom found out about it. Like me, she tried to resist, but it's fricking addicting. Well, I found out she was watching, then we watched together, one thing led to another. Mom's a fire cracker and I figure with Dad she'd eventually get it someplace else. I'm glad it's me; she's great in bed and it's Mom, how can you not like Mom?"

Detecting the rising lust in his voice - her brother was getting turned on again, which was fine by her - her hand moved to his dick and she said, "So how did you end up in Ross' room?"

Not willing to lie to a woman playing with his penis, Todd spilled the beans on their mother. "A couple of weeks ago, when Mom was waiting in your room while you were at lab she saw the binoculars and notes you and Naomi made, figured out what was going on, and actually saw a couple going at it across the way. After watching Milla and William, we'd talked about doing it for an audience. She asked me to get a copy of Ross' key. Last night, when you were supposed to be in lab, we did it. She wants to do it again.

His hand moved to her breast, toyed with the erect nipple, and he said, "So, why weren't you at lab?"

Her hand now on her brother's balls Pam said, "Naomi had texted me about the action in Ross' room and lab ended early so I hurried back to check it out, cut through the parking garage - normally I'd go around - saw the SUV, then you two appeared."

Frigging his resurrected erection she continued, "I even saw Mom pull this out and disappear behind the dash board to do this," then leaned over and wrapped her lips on his cock-head. Sucking hungrily she took him deep into her mouth and, inspired by his groans of pleasure, lips snugly wrapped on his shaft, bobbed her head.

Her pussy lips swelled, dripped juice onto the bed. His cock was big long thick vibrant hard, it tasted like, he smelled like a man. She knew why her mother couldn't get enough.

As Pam sucked Todd ran his hand on his sister's round firm rump, kneaded the butt cheeks, slipped a finger into her sex from behind, dragged the wet digit back to the crack of her ass. Loving the wicked sensation Pam wiggled her backside and Todd returned to her sex several times, moistening his talented finger, revisiting her butt, brazenly lubricating her asshole until, sensing she was ready, he pushed his middle and ring fingers into her cunt and thumb into her anus, wiggling it on her spasming sphincter.

Pam wondered, had Todd fucked their mother up the ass? She'd tried anal once, hadn't liked it, and that cock was smaller than her brother's. Still, it might be fun, but that was an experiment for another day: she did need to leave something for the second date. Letting his cock slip from her mouth she moved onto all fours, said, "Okay baby brother, fuck your sister," and Todd took his place behind her, held her waist, and Pam turning her head to watch, sunk his cock into her. After a few minutes he pulled out, rolled her onto her back, positioned himself between her legs, and fed her his dick, her vagina tingling as her brother's oversized prick bulldozed its way inside.

"Oh yes, feels so good, oh, oh, fuck me, yes."

At first Todd fucked her slow, wanting to know every millimeter of his sister's hot sex.

"Oh my, fuck me, make me come baby brother."

But like his mother's, Pam's pussy was too good to resist for long and loving the feel of her firm tits and hard nipples on his chest, loving Pam's moans and groans, Todd, in constant contact with her clit, fucked her, picked up the pace, screwed her, pounded her, claimed her.

"Oh yes, fuck me, so good, so good."

Balls tightening, knowing he couldn't hold out much longer, Todd tried thinking about something else, baseball maybe, but his effort was interrupted when his sister stiffened, bucked, and in the grip of a violent orgasm yelled, "Hold me Todd, please hold me, I'm commmming."

Todd slipped his hands under her upper back, folded his fingers around her shoulders, drove into her hard, and as her cunt spasmed Todd felt an explosion deep in his gut, fired a barrage of cum into her pussy, and let out a stark animal howl.

The residents of Pam's dorm knew someone was getting lucky.

A few minutes later, after easing his cock from his sister's well-fucked snatch, Todd lay next to her. Thinking I'm gonna be sore in the morning, even my clitoris aches, Pam rolled onto her stomach and said, "That was amazing, you up to servicing your mother and your sister?"

"I was thinking a threesome."

"Does Mom do girls?"

"I don't know."

Pam said, "I know just the person to find out."

* * * * *

Naomi met me in the lobby. She'd called, said the girls were talking about Pam's birthday, but all their ideas involved too much alcohol. Perhaps I could provide some insight; was there something in Pam's past she'd enjoy revisiting with her new friends?

On the way up to her room she said she'd bought some wine, which was still chilling, let me in, then apologized and excused herself for the ladies room. I snatched up the binoculars, but instead my attention was drawn to the small women's dormitory catty-cornered to this one, where, one floor below, in a brightly lit room, two young women - one blonde, one brunette - were kissing. They were so close you didn't need binoculars, heck you could practically feel their lips on you.

Hearing Naomi open the door I put the binoculars back on the desk and took the chair facing the window. I didn't know that Naomi had arranged the binoculars just so; she knew I'd picked them up. Then, testing whether I'd seen the women, she moved her chair to the right, providing me a view of their window, and happily saw my eyes flit to it several times.

And with the vision of the women crawling through my brain I studied Naomi. She invested little energy in appearance. Rail thin, small breasted, pale skin, she wore almost no make-up on her round face and kept her black hair short and spiky. Her clothes were as casual as the rest of her: plain white tee-shirt, no bra, cargo shorts. What was striking were her eyes. Brown, large and round, shining with intelligence, they drew you in, and as we talked about Pam growing up, looking for experiences she might like to revisit, I found myself thinking that I very much liked this young woman who was, in her distinctive understated way, quite pretty.

We'd identified some spots for a birthday party when Naomi's phone beeped and she said, "Good, the wine should be ready. I'll be right back."

I stood. The blonde was topless, sitting on a corner of the bed, cradling the brunette's head, who fed on the blonde's breasts as if a starving child. I licked my lips, wondered, what they tasted like.

When Naomi opened the door I returned to my chair, moved it a few inches to the left seeking a better view of the women, as Naomi with four quick twists of a corkscrew popped the cork, poured the Gewurztraminer, handed me a glass.

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