tagRomanceToes in the Water

Toes in the Water


Chapter One - The Trip

Eddie and I boarded the plane that would take us to New Zealand for a 3 week trip and the experience of a lifetime. Our itinerary was simple. I would stay at a little cottage nestled amongst others at the Chateau Village Resort resorting along the Northwest shoreline of the Pacific as Eddie embarked on his 5 day hunt. Eddie would then return and we will begin a guided 5 day dual sport motorcycle ride around the country. Next a few days of shopping in the city and then a quick flight to Sidney Australia for 5 more days before heading back to the US.

Due to the physical stamina that was required for Eddie's hunt, the dual sport ride and the fact that I would be sunning on the beach for days on end required us to once again perform the 90 days of hell which results in fabulous bodies created by P90X. The X factor, as so many times before, created an incredible urge for Eddie and I to pound each other's brains out numerous times each week. What caused such an urge? Is it because we watched each other's bodies transform or was it something else that is simply part of being alive and in great physical condition. Who knows, but the sex was great and I longed each night for his shaft to plunge deep within me and make me intensely come as the other nights before. He would promptly mount me from behind, where we were able to maximum penetration. Something about the angle, it seemed to hit my "g spot" and create quick intense orgasms.

One of Eddie's goals was to harvest a beautiful Red Stag, a life-long dream of his that was finally coming to fruition due to his hard work which reaped the reward of a bank account that could support the trip. My goal, relaxation on a beach while intermittently taking in the local sites until Eddie returned. Then our combined goal will be to ride our rented motorcycles to remote areas within New Zealand and what better way to see it, than aboard a bike. Then see the north shore of Australia together.

Our flights were uneventful, albeit long, but we finally arrived and met our host. Gwen was easy to spot holding up a sign with "Thomas" on it. Gwen helped us get our luggage. She and Eddie effortlessly rolled them out and loaded them aboard the small van and afterwards she drove us to the Chateau Village Resort.

Gwen was striking, probably in her late 20s to early 30s, I thought. Her autumn brownish/auburn colored hair was long full and flowing. Her skin was golden and her body was tone and beautiful, not a flaw anywhere that I could see. I could see her triceps and biceps bulge slightly as she had lifted our bags and noticed them again as she drove us along. Her long hair and deep green eyes were a beautiful combination. I could only guess that Eddie was noticing her as well. Her shorts and t-shirt were conservative but complementary. I could faintly see the outline of her bra underneath the white shirt which revealed her well shaped breast. Her shorts covered but could not hide her plump round butt and long legs that were feminine, but yet, strong and beautiful. I noticed she was only slightly taller than I with her white tennis shoes adorned with pink laces, she was a "girl" I thought, those laces said it all. Her beauty was further accentuated by her lovely New Zealand accent so I engaged her more to hear her speak.

Gwen would be our host at the Village and would show me around while Eddie hunted. I was excited to spend time with her taking in the local sites and learning about the local arts that must abound here in NZ.

Gwen drove us to our cottage and handily rolled our bags inside and placed them on the foot of the bed and asked if she could help us unpack. I quickly said "no, that is fine" since I knew, bunny had made the trip with me. He would be of utmost importance since I had gotten used to the sexual ritual which had become part of our recovery from working out.

The cottage was awesome, the colors and wood that abounded in the NZ architecture was striking. The view of the Pacific was magnificent. I could see scattered sunning bodies along the white sandy beach which beckoned me. It was a perfect spot for me to relax, read, recoup and reflect.

The porch incased our private hot tub which was bubbling invitingly as I gazed upon it. I smiled and thought, hmmm, nights could be fun there!

The bath was adorned with marble floors and lower walls halfway up and then continued to a unique cork for the remainder up to the ceiling. The shower was a 2 head type with removable heads, similar to the ones at home. I could also use those to tantalize my button after a day at the beach was my first impression.

The bed was suspended from the ceiling with large chains that supported it from each corner. A swinging bed could be really interesting as I thought back to the time that Eddie and I experimented with a love swing and how my vagina and button were favorably exposed for teasing, licking and penetration.

To the other side of the room was a small desk which was adjacent to a kitchenette, all the comforts of home, with a BEACH, how great!

Gwen took my hand and led me outside onto the deck to show me the areas of interest and importance. Of course the beach, the bar (oh yeah, I thought) with its wooden and rustic "outback" look was inviting and warm in its appeal. And "most importantly", Gwen said as she pointed and exclaimed in her really cool accent, "the ladies only spa". Gwen began to explain its offerings to include; pedicures, manicures, facials, steam saunas, massage, private workout area and etc. Gwen announced that she is also a trainer and masseuse (now I knew how she had such a beautiful body) and that I can schedule time with her by simply calling down to the desk and making arrangements. She also explained that others are also available if I preferred. She further explained how they work here at the Chateau Village Resort. "As you can see, I am your personal host, your tour guide and your trainer and at your beckoning call should you need anything" she said. "Wow" I thought, this will be really neat.

While taking in the sites as Gwen spoke, I noticed a man and woman lying on the beach not too far from our cottage. "Oh, my gosh" I exclaimed as Gwen took notice and said, "oh yes, clothing is optional at our private beach!" "I could never do that" I said and Gwen said, "why, you look great and we'll do it together this week if you want?" I blushed, promptly changed the subject and walked back inside.

Eddie was feverishly unpacking my bags and trying to reorganize his hunting gear. Gwen asked if he was not going to stay and Eddie explained his upcoming hunt and that he would return later in the week. Gwen told him to have fun and not to worry, she would take care of me until he returned.

Gwen bid us goodbye and headed out the front door. I could not help but notice how well she was shaped and the movement of her body as it preemptively made her hair flow beautifully as she walked out onto the front porch.

I dazed and thought how I loved men and my husband and the feeling I get when he encases me with his arms and strongly pulls me tight, a sanctuary of warmth and security. But I had always wondered what it would be like to be taken in by a woman for a romantic interlude. I knew I was not homosexual or even bisexual, but maybe bi-curious was a better way to describe it.

Gwen departed and I refocused on Eddie who had just about finished unpacking my luggage. He had saved bunny for last and waved him at me and smiled. "Good thing you brought bunny to keep you satisfied while I am gone. Or who knows, you might be chasing Gwen around!" he said and laughed.

I was aroused and could feel the wetness in my thong panties. I rubbed Eddie's crotch and told him to sit tight because I needed a quick shower. I said, "oh yeah, you need one too because I am going to give you a welcoming gift."

I retreated to the shower and stared at the twin heads thinking of the pulsing water I had used so often at home. It made me quiver just to think of it. By now, my vagina was drowning my panties and I could feel her aching. She needed Eddie's cock and needed it quickly. I hurried into the shower and called for Eddie to hurry up and rinse off. He entered the shower as I got out and began to dry off. I noticed his shaft was partially erect and I knew he was thinking of me. I escaped to the bedroom and jumped under the covers to warm my body and began rubbing my button with delight. "Gosh what is taking him so long", I thought. I needed his cock now and deep.

Eddie walked in, smiling as I threw the covers from my hard body and spread my legs to take him within me. He dropped to his knees and began licking me slowly as he cupped both my butt cheeks with his strong hands. He lifted my clitoris to greet his tongue and I twitched as he daintily massaged her with gentle horizontal, vertical and circular strokes of his tongue. "Oh-my-gosh just put him in", I said as she ached now more than ever.

He stood up, pulled me upright on the side of the bed and quickly thrust his rock-hard cock into my mouth and began pushing it to the back of my throat. This time I will bury it to the base in my mouth, I thought. His long, thick shaft and bulbous head gagged me as I pushed it deeper and Eddie groaned with delight. I had done it and he was fully erect with his head red with pressure of internal blood that pumped it tight.

The foreplay, the mood, the environment and Gwen, it was all more than I could bear, I stood and grabbed the side of the bed that swayed under our commotion and spread my legs to accept him. Eddie pushed in slowly at first and then plunged deep. Two strokes, as my "G SPOT" was compressed

by his head and that's all it took. I yelled "fruuuggghhhhh" and shook as though having an epileptic seizure as I came hard and fast and gushed sweet internal moisture along Eddie's shaft to provide further lubrication.

Eddie was not done, he lifted me forward and up on the bed and began pounding me as though he were a jackhammer. It was a phenomenal moment of ecstasy as he continued to pound me from behind. I came more and more, harder and harder as my internal organs which breathed life into our children felt as though they would explode. I crawled forward and rolled to my back and then slid back towards him to regain penetration. I wanted to look into his eyes as he was aboard me. I could see as his face began to blush and I knew he was close to coming. I pushed him away and took his penis into my mouth and sucked vigorously upon his head. It was imminent, he came almost immediately! His cum was delightful in my mouth as it flowed from his throbbing head. He leaned over me and began to kiss me, tasting his own cum, this was a first for him and it excited us more. He was once again erect and plunged into me for vigorous and deep penetration. I once again came like a banshee and groaned out with delight! "Wow, he exclaimed" and stopped at the call of my orgasmic release and giggled as he retracted his still hard cock. He rolled me over and stroked his cock until he came once again all over my ass. I could feel the warm cum on my butt cheeks as he groaned with more delight. "I think we both received a welcoming gift", he said, as he kissed me on the back of my neck headed back and for another shower.

Later in the evening, dinner was great as we dined upon fresh ocean grouper and sipped wine at the outdoor restaurant which overlooked the Pacific. It was a memorable day and 20 more to go. Eddie and I retreated to the cottage for a relaxing dip in the hot tub and a good night's rest as he prepared for his journey tomorrow.

Chapter Two - Beaching

I awakened to the clatter of Eddie's hunting boots on the hardwood floors of our cottage as he made final preparations for his departure. He briefly leaned over me and kissed me gently as said that he would see me in 5 days, or earlier, if he tagged out before then. I told him to be careful and I loved him and would see him soon. He patted me on the butt and headed for the door with his gear bag in tow.

I donned my robe and strolled out onto the deck to take in the aromatic ocean breeze and fill the warmth of the morning sun as it began its day with me. I looked vicariously at the beach and decided I must get going to take it in as soon as possible. First, which swimsuit to wear, hmmmm? Eddie's favorite thong with the under-cover or something a little less risky, but after all it is a nude beach. I will wear my 2 piece black today and who knows what I might wear tomorrow. Maybe nothing, I thought and laughed out loud.

After some fresh fruit and coffee I made my way down the quaint little lane that wound through the tall trees which provided cover from the sun. I emerged at the beautiful white sandy beach and quickly found an umbrella and chair to establish my little domain for the morning sun.

I rolled over in my chair and slightly exposed my butt cheeks to the sun and began to relax and take in the sound of the crashing waves and wind rustling through the ocean grasses atop the dunes behind me. What a relief to be here and relaxing as I drifted off to sleep and then I awoke to the sound of Gwen's voice.

She said, "Gail....... Gail, you need to get some sunscreen on those butt cheeks, they are turning red. I was blushing, but she could not tell as my face was flush from the heat of the late morning sun. "I guess I fell asleep", I murmured as I rolled over to face her.

She looked very sporty in her short khaki shorts and floral printed top that was tied around her waist and slightly exposing her rippled abds and belly button ring. "She looked great as the wind blew through her hair and the light from the ocean reflected off of her", I thought to myself. Gwen offered to put some sunscreen on me if I needed some and I declined sheepishly and said, "I will do it". Gwen said that she would be back after lunch to take a swim in the ocean if I wanted to join her. I said, "Yes....., I would love to" and then thought to myself, "where did that come from?"

It was now close to lunch so I left my things and headed towards the outdoor grille for a grilled chicken salad. It was quite enjoyable with a light vinegarette dressing, just what I needed to keep all of my hard work in check. I then laughed at myself as I ordered a margarita. I watched the bartender, Seth, as he blended the beverage. It was all homemade and I could not wait for him to finish so that I could taste it. Seth was a good looking man in his mid to late 20s who was tall, muscular and well spoken. His hair was dark brown and I noticed his piercing blue eyes, they were beautiful, and we engaged in conversation as he continued to work on my treat.

Seth said, "Now you take it easy with this" as he placed in on the bar. "Why", I said! "Because they are strong and will sneak up on you", he countered. I said, "Thanks for the warning" as I made my way back to the tranquility of my beach chair and umbrella.

As I sat in my chair, I watched several middle age ladies and men walk by without any clothes on at all. They looked confident as they strolled along. "How can they do that", I thought to myself as I slightly turned my head away from their direction and peered through my dark sunglasses so they would not know that I was watching them. Seth was right, wow, this drink was good and powerful, I could feel my skin and head tingle as the margarita made its way into my system.

A man and woman made their way in my direction. They were neatly dressed in khaki shorts and white t-shirts. It was obvious they were ready to take in the sun and began to unpack their beach-bag right beside me. I said "hello" and they replied with "hello" in a pure southern US accent.

I was not ready for them to unclothe, but that is exactly what they did as they struck up small talk with me. I was so embarrassed that I was beside myself but they did not have a care in the world. They were confident in their appearance even though they were not exceptionally fit. They were just average people with average looks. "Wow, I need another drink", I thought and then just on time a waitress came by and asked her if Seth could make me another margarita? She was off to get my order in a hurried fashion.

My neighbors, Nick and Janice introduced themselves to me just as the waitress was returning with my drink. To lighten the impact of 2 naked bodies next to me, that continued to chat and ask me lots of questions, I licked the rim of my drink and took another heavy belt. I just could not....not look at them, that would be rude!

So I tried not to stare at Nick's cock but could not help but notice it as he sat in his chair facing me. It was flaccid but large and thick and not cleanly shaven but not scraggly either. "Oh, Eddie's only been gone one day and now I need his cock inside of me", I thought and daydreamed away for a moment or two.

As I looked at Janice, I thought about the size of her breast, they were about as big as my head and hanging low but had a nice shape. They were tan all over, so she either sun baths in the nude or goes to a tanning bed is what I was thinking. She was such a southern belle, even though she was completely nude next to me, it was a conflicting thought that I wrestled with..... Her hips and belly were nicely shaped, albeit, a little large but nonetheless, womanish in shape.

Janice waved the waiter over and whispered her favorite concoction in his ear, he smiled and scurried away. What I did not know is that Seth had been beckoned by Janice and he came to our sides with a tray of "upside down margaritas". The party had begun and it was still early in the day.

Janice raised her body up off her chair and arched her back upwards to expose her cleanly shaven private parts. Seth did not even flinch as he smiled at her. He began to pour the mixture into her mouth and down into her bellybutton. She shook her head and gulped the margarita into her throat as Nick jumped up licked the mixture from her belly. Janice laughed out loud as he tickled her with his tongue.

"Oh crap" I thought as Seth eyed me next and moved over me. I was already well on my way to be totally plastered and now I am being beach seduced by a southern belle and her husband. "Oh, what the hell" as I too raised up and arched my head back to allow Seth to pour the unmixed margarita into my mouth. It seemed to take forever as he poured it in and watched to not spill a drop. Then he moved over my belly button and poured in a small portion, "oh no", I blurted out as Nick moved towards me and suddenly hesitated as Gwen beat him to the spot. I giggled out as she quickly and decisively licked the margarita from by belly.

I was embarrassed since I knew the slight perspiration on my belly must have been even saltier than she was expecting. But, nonetheless, she cravingly licked at my belly and made me jump with excitement. She snapped her head back and peered into my eyes! "Thanks for the drink. I will be back later for that swim!" she said, as she turned to walk away. "Gosh, what is happening to me", I thought as my head became ever swimmier with intoxication.

I partied for the next couple of hours with Janice and Nick. You name it and we discussed it, they were sooooo much fun, but I wondered when Gwen would return for our swim.

Suddenly, there she was walking towards us in a bright white bikini and looking so awesome with her auburn hair and bronze body. She was indeed beautiful as she sauntered towards me. Her bodily curves were all perfect with muscular undertones, without being overbearing. She was extremely feminine and sexy and I knew Eddie would die, if he could see her as she moved with the grace of a thoroughbred. She was intoxicating to watch, as if I needed more than the alcohol that pumped through my body.

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