tagRomanceTogether Again Pt. 01

Together Again Pt. 01


First Night

These past three months have been the most agonizing of my life. I hadn't gone that long without her since before we were together. Then, I had the chance to see her, at last. Eight hours on a plane and we would be together for five days. Heaven awaited.

Three months without sex had driven us both nearly mad. A little phone teasing, a lot of masturbation, but that was it. I longed kiss her lips. I needed to hold her in my arms. Every night I went to sleep wishing that we were in the same bed together and I could caress her smooth skin, finding the touches that would make her purr.

I would remember our last encounter before we moved to opposite ends of the continent. She had been asleep, or nearly so. I had dreamily run my hand over her chest. In that wonderful twilight state where actions make sense for their own sake and don't need rational explanations, my fingers stroked the soft flesh of her breasts. She moaned. I wondered if I could seduce her. Her hand slipped inside her panties. I flicked her nipple once. Her hips rose off the bed. I flicked it again. She came. We cuddled together and returned to sleep.

A few days later, we were crying and saying goodbye at an airport. Now, after three months apart, another tearful scene at an airport: this time, a joyous one.


We held each other and cried.

"I didn't think I'd ever see you again."

Eventually, we collected my luggage and headed for her car. We laughed and chatted as she showed me around her Phoenix.

She took me to her favorite Japanese restaurant because Mexican would be too trite and because sushi is so damn sexy. I had pan-seared ahi tuna. As a slice of the delicate flesh dissolved on my tongue, it brought to mind another experience.

"Hon," I said. "Try this tuna."

I held a piece out for her with my chopsticks. She leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the pink meat before sucking it into her mouth.

"Don't chew it," I advised. "Just let it melt."


"Doesn't that remind you of something?"

She arched her eyebrows with mock astonishment before smiling and nodding. I closed my eyes and tasted another slice. Heaven.

"It feels like oral sex," she said. "Like going down on a girl." I nodded.

"Every time I had this while we were apart, I could almost imagine that I was eating you."

"Mmm. I see."

"I hope I have that chance tonight."

"We'll see."

After dinner, we hopped into her MINI Cooper and started toward her house in Tempe.

"Wait," I said. "Head for downtown."


"I have hotel reservations for us."

"You do?"

She looked excited. She loves staying in a fancy hotel and I had spent as much on this room as I had on the plane ticket—for two nights.

The room was extravagant. A king sized bed. A bouquet of fresh flowers. An enormous bathroom with a tub big enough for us both. We laughed and hugged. Then she was in my arms and we were kissing.

Our first passionate kiss in months and it stoked my inner fires fiercely. I resisted the urge to make mad love, to tear off her clothes and take her. I knew she wanted that as much as I did, but I wanted this to last. Our tongues met and caressed. Her hands gripped me tight. She thrust her hips against me, pressing against my erect cock. Her taste sent me into orbit. Could I have forgotten that taste? I felt a glow rise from her skin through my hands as I caressed her neck. I kissed her neck and she melted.

“Oh, sweetie,” she sighed. I kissed her neck so softly I could feel each hair against my lips. Her hands gripped my shoulders. I let my lips slide up her neck to her ear. I folded her ear over and kissed behind it.

“Please undress for me,” I asked softly.

“Oh, God, yes.”

“Do it slowly.”


She took two steps back and unfastened the first button of her blouse. Then another. My heart stirred with my arousal as I watched this sexy striptease. I bit my lip as her black lace bra came into view. She let the garment fall open then shrugged. The silk blouse drifted gently to the floor. Her soft breasts stirred gently with every breath. I could see her nipples outlined against the delicate material and I longed to tease them. I gave her a smile and she continued to strip.

She reached behind her back and unzipped the plaid skirt. She gave it a gentle push and it slid past her hips and down to her ankles. She stepped out of the skirt and stood before me in her bra and panties. She was so beautiful. A perfect woman. Soft, round breasts. A smooth belly. A spankable ass. She flashed me a teasing, sensual smile. She knew what she was doing to me.

I took her in my arms and we kissed again. She teased my earlobes with her fingernails. Pinpricks of pleasure raced along the surface of my skin from my ears to my toes. Now I was the one whimpering.

“Now you,” she whispered, as she nibbled my ear.

I slipped off my jacket and tossed it across the room. I unbuttoned my shirt as slowly as I could, watching as she bit her lip and let her fingers play along the front of her lace panties. I pulled my shirt off. With a grin, I yanked my belt loose and pulled it out of the loops. I set the belt on the vanity and gave her a wink.

“Next time for that,” I teased. She nodded. Next time we might be kinky. Tonight, we would lose ourselves in passion. We were nearly out of control already and we still had clothes on.

I popped the button on my khakis and eased the zipper down. She gasped as she recognized my underwear: blue silk briefs that hugged my body like a lover. I stepped out of my trousers and turned around so she could see my ass. I love showing off for her.

She wrapped her arms around me and kissed the back of my neck. Wonderful pleasure. Her hands teased my chest hair. Oh how I had missed this! Her fingers drifted over my quivering stomach toward my crotch. She gently grasped my hard cock, giving it a perfect caress.

“Mmm,” she groaned into my neck. “I’ve missed you.”

I turned around and we kissed some more. I pressed my cock against her. We are such a perfect fit. With little to restrain them, our genitals ground together seeking the union they desired above all else.

The fingers of my right hand found her nipple. I flicked it back and forth, loving the way she jumped. She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, then tore it off her shoulders and threw it somewhere. I let my hands slide lightly up her breasts. She drove her mound against me firmly. My thumbs worried her nipples. They stiffened so I teased them some more. I gave them each a short, hard squeeze. She cried out and moaned. I bent my head and sucked her right nipple between my lips.

“Oh yes,” she breathed. I sucked her nipple like she would suck my cock, sliding my lips up and down it. Then I took it into my mouth and sucked hard. I flicked the other nipple hard with my fingers continuously. I switched breasts and sucked the left teat into my mouth. I flicked it with my tongue.

“Come on,” she moaned. “Come on and fuck me.”

“You said I could eat you.”


I dropped to my knees and pulled her black lace panties down, slowly revealing her sexy hirsute mound. I kissed it and was overwhelmed by her scent. Her panties slid past her ass and off her hips. The crotch clung momentarily to her wet lips before falling to the floor. I took her ass in my hands. She spread her legs and thrust her hips forward, presenting her cunt for me to feast upon. I extended my tongue and licked from the bottom of her lips up and over her clit. She shivered and grasped my head. I licked again, this time between her inner and outer labia—up one side, then down the other; first concentrating on one set of lips, then the other side.

Her inner labia opened for me, wet like a flower after the rain. I took one of her lips between my lips and massaged it, then did the same for the other. Her pussy was swollen and deeply pink. I kissed her labia like I kissed her lips and she moaned, grinding against me as my tongue sought out the inner folds of her vagina. I felt her cunt squeeze my tongue. I flicked back at the tensing muscles, massaging her from within.

I pressed my nose to her clit and let myself be overcome by her taste and scent. It is the most intoxicating substance I have ever encountered. Her nectar flowed over my lips. I let it wash over every taste bud before swallowing.

Leaving her vagina, I licked slowly up to her clitoris. I ran my tongue firmly in a slow circle around her hood, then gave it a firm lick. I massaged her clit through her hood with quick strokes of my tongue. I looked down for a moment. Her clit was hard, poking just out of its protective sheath. As gently as I possibly could, I touched my tongue to the tip of her most sensitive nub. She cried out and pulled at my hair. I drew my tongue around her clit as softly as a feather.

“God damn it, when are you going to fuck me,” she yelled as I sucked her clit between my lips. “Fuck! Uhn! Oh, God.”

I was loath to surrender such a succulent taste, but she was right: the time for holding back was over. It was time to fuck.

No sooner had I stood than she pushed me back onto the bed. As aroused as we were, we could both giggle as I flopped onto the comforter. She peeled my satin briefs off, freeing my erection. I gasped as she wrapped her finger around it. Now it was her turn to tease. She slid it so slowly into her lips I thought I would die from the pleasure. The nerves in my cock screamed for joy as she caressed them with her talented mouth. She moaned as I dripped a little of my own nectar on her tongue. She swirled her tongue around my crown. My cock swelled in her mouth. Now I was the one begging:

“I thought you wanted to fuck, sweetheart,” I said between grunts.

She grinned and climbed up to mount my staff. I took my cock in my hand and tapped it against her hard clit a few times, loving the way she rolled her eyes into the back of her head at the sensation. I pushed my cock to her opening and she thrust down, sliding over me.

To have not felt that wonderful sensation for so long, then to feel it again was among the most exhilarating moments of my life. My ridges and veins pushed through her soft sheath, burrowing deep into her. She ground her cunt down hard against me, pushing her clit into my pelvis. She rose up and fucked down again several times. She was so wet. She slid so perfectly.

Soon, she wanted it fast. She fell forward onto her hands and pistoned her hips up and down as fast as she could. I licked her nipples and held her hips. We were both moaning with every slide of her pussy.

She gasped and squealed as I flipped her suddenly onto her back, then gave a deep, satisfied moan as I drove hard and deep, spearing her cunt. I fucked her with hard, deliberate strokes, using my knees for leverage. I kissed her moaning lips and she took my breath away. We pressed our foreheads together, gazing into each other’s eyes. Lust took charge. We were out of control, now. She wrapped her legs around my back. I was on the edge already, teetering at the brink of orgasm, but loving it too much to fall off. Everything was gone except the need to sustain this wonderful feeling forever. All thought of self disappeared. I was a single sustained note of happiness played on an instrument of pure love. We were together, completely.

“I’m so close, baby,” I moaned.

“Mmm, good. Just stay there on the edge.”

I always get so hot when she talks like that, encouraging me, fucking my mind. As soon as she told me to stay on the edge, it suddenly became impossible.

“Oh, God, please,” I whimpered. “I can’t hold back.”

“Oh yes, that’s it. Just let it build, baby.” With that, she reached up and pulled hard on my nipples. My cock twitched in response.

“I’m gonna lose control,” I groaned.

“Good. I want to feel you lose control.”

“Please let me come, please,” I begged. “Oh, please, I want to fill you.”

She twisted my nipples harder, pulling a scream from them.

“Lose control and come for me,” she commanded.

I lost it immediately. My cock swelled. She moaned at the sudden stretching. My hips flew at an insane pace. My ass clenched. Every sensation in my body was focused on the head of my penis as it pushed back and forth through her wet cunt. My orgasm built and built and built. It spread from my cock all through my body. I was way over the edge, now, falling toward the inevitable. Finally, it hit. The contractions thundered through my body. I shouted with each pulse. She screamed with me as my come launched deep into her pussy. Pulse after pulse of semen streamed from my spasming cock, draining all that sexual tension away and leaving a lovely, tingling feeling of well being. I pushed hard into her, grinding against her clit as my cock strained against her squeezing cunt through its final contractions.

I collapsed against her. We wrapped our arms around each other. She massaged my cock with her pussy, milking it for my come. She stroked the back of my neck, sending me deeper into the trans-like state of post-orgasmic bliss.

I slipped my cock slowly from her flooded cunt and crawled from between her wonderful thighs. She held me in her arms and cradled me like a baby as I panted and grasped for enough sanity to tell her how much I loved her.

When my motor skills returned, I reached my fingers down and stroked her stretched pussy lips, feeling droplets of semen oozing from her. I spread our mixed creams over her lips. She tensed her hips against me and stretched her legs out.

Instead of going straight for her clit, however, I slipped two fingers into her pussy. She gasped in surprise. I curled the tips of my fingers up and felt for her g-spot. Her eyes went wide. Her mouth formed an “oh” and she looked deep in my eyes as I pushed firmly against the spongy tissue, feeling it swell against my fingertips.

“Oh, God,” she gasped as I rubbed it steadily. “Oh. I have to pee,” she said.

“That’s it. Just go with it,” I advised.

I brought my other hand over and stroked her clit, rubbing the hood up and down over her woman’s erection. I quickly found the right rhythm, stroking her g-spot back and forth while rubbing her clitoris in tight circles, all the while holding her gaze.

“Fuck!” she grunted, banging her fists against the bed.

“That’s it, sweetie. Let it feel good. Just relax and let yourself lose control.”

Her hips flew into the air. Her legs went completely tense. I rubbed harder and faster.

“Come on my fingers, baby. Let me feel it.”

I felt her pussy suddenly swell and she flooded my fingers with her juices. She was on the edge.

“That’s it,” I said, keeping up my encouragement. “You’re so wet. You’re nice and ready, aren’t you?”

“I’m going…” she stammered. “I’m gonna come.”

“I know, sweetie, you just come on my fingers, now.”

Her body jerked half off the bed. I held her firmly and rubbed her clit fast. Her cunt squeezed my fingers hard. She grunted deep with every ecstatic pulse as the waves washed through her.

Finally, her clitoris pushed to its limits, she took my hand in hers, pulling it from her mound. I slowly slid my fingers from her cunt—once gripping madly, now limp and relaxed—and wrapped my arms around her. She curled up in my arms and rested her head on my shoulder.

We lay like that for a long time, resting, holding each other. This visit was only for a few days, but that moment was an eternity.

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