tagGroup SexTogether Series: Group Camping

Together Series: Group Camping


I'm not saying that I didn't enjoy myself ... but that was definitely the weirdest camping trip I've ever been on.

It started out innocently enough.

See, Micah works in the same building as my boyfriend Eddy, and the two came together over the mutual dislike of one of the higher-ups. Before long their lunch meetups became dinnertime double dates. Micah's girlfriend Cara, and I get along pretty well - she's the punk-rock to my ... sit at home and read?

We'd been friends for at least a year, but it was more of the meet-for-dinner-out sort rather than let's-go-on-a-trip-together relationship. One night, as we were pouring ourselves into cabs home while lamenting that we couldn't stay out for more fun, Eddy announced that we should "Have a sleepover!"

My boyfriend, ladies and gentlemen - ever the gleeful child-type.

Sobered up, we made plans to get out of the city and go camping a few weeks later. One newbie trip to REI, one stop at our favorite liquor store and almost a thousand dollars later and we were on our way to the mountains just a couple of hours away.

The campsite was remote - Cara said that she and some girlfriends had come out this way a few years back, and she remembered the space as being 'beautiful and totally alone.'

"Okay," I had said, "so what if we're mauled by a bear or something? Nobody's going to arrest us for smoking pot but nobody's going to hear us scream, either."

Eddy had rolled his eyes and called me a 'fearmonger.' I pinched him hard when I thought our campmates weren't watching.

That first afternoon was mostly spent in setting up camp, and I was surprised at how well we all worked together. Cara and Micah turned out to be great at what Micah had cheerfully called 'camp kitchen' and I'll be damned if Eddy hadn't busted out tent setup skills that I never knew he had.

I busied myself in setting up hammocks and stocking a little makeshift bar. When I complained that it seemed like everyone else was doing all the real work, Cara had winked at me and said that I 'brought the fun.'

Dinner was a quick hotdog and s'mores sort of affair. Once it got dark we stopped even pretending to be productive about the campsite and just sat around the fire, drinking and telling old college stories.

A couple of times I thought I caught Micah staring at me across the fire, but I chalked it up to bad nighttime vision.

Finally, sleepy and piss-drunk, the four of us decide that whatever hour it is, it's past our bedtimes. We douse the fire, joking about headaches in the morning. Micah high-fives Eddy on a great decision to go camping, and Cara comes up and hugs me, leaning into me hard.

Cara's laughter at something Micah had said earlier becomes like a beacon, and I can hear it fade as they head to their tent at the far edge of the campsite.

I almost fall twice on the way to our tent, but do a pretty good job of flailing my arms until I'm upright and stable.

Eddy dims a new LED flashlight in the style of an old fashioned lantern, so that we can see inside our little waterproof space.

Way too drunk to consider a hunched-over-in-a-tent change into pyjamas, I just wriggle out of my jeans and sweater. I'm crawling into the sleeping bag in my panties and a camisole when Eddy drops to his knees and presents me with a rock-hard cock.

He's grinning like an idiot.

"Jesus, Eddy, seriously?" I hiss, falling back onto the pillow.

He sneaks his dick out through the convenience flap of his boxers. "C'mon Sal. They're already passed out." He sways where he kneels, ghosting a barely closed fist over himself. "I wanna fuck you."

He flops on his side and fumbles with the zipper of the two-fer sleeping bag. The salesman at REI had called it a "cozy situation". I called it overheating.

Once he's in the sleeping bag, he presses himself against me, his dick heavy against my thigh. His hands grab at my tits and from this close, trapped inside a nylon cocoon, I can't swat him away.

In the end, I have to admit that I do want it. We've both been busy with work so sex has been scarce, and while Eddy isn't the best at foreplay he's a master of the act itself. When he slips his dick between my legs, even from the outside of my panties I can't deny that I'm wet for it.

I sigh. We're already in a mostly spooning position, so I just reach down and push my panties off as best I can.

"Yessss," he cheers quietly from behind me.

"Shut up," I whisper back. Then, as my clit starts to throb with pre-sex anticipation, I demand, "Just put it in me."

He doesn't need to be told twice. He pushes me onto my stomach and lines himself up from between my legs. I barely have time to raise my ass up a bit before I feel his fingers spreading my pussy open.

One finger dips in, tests the waters. I clench, pumping my muscles around him.

He slips a second one in and fingers me momentarily, making me pant desperate little involuntary "Ngh, ngh, ngh" grunts.

"So fucking wet for me," He whispers, triumphant, before pulling out and rubbing his cock back and forth against the lips of my pussy.

I arch my back against him just as he pushes his cock at my hole. Between the two of us, he's thrust into me immediately. I'm so ready for him that he glides in straight up to the hilt.

He grunts in appreciation before settling into a comfortable position. He pulls back and rams me once, hard. I have to grip the edge of the sleeping bag to keep from tipping forward onto my face.

My nipples are brushing low against the sleeping bag, making them hard and sensitive. Every time he pushes into me, I push forward just a bit and my nipples brush the fabric, sending electric jolts down to my clit.

He starts thrusting with rhythm, just hard enough that his balls smack my pussy on every upswing. I can feel his breath on the back of my neck and I love the feel of him arched behind me, the two of us rutting like animals in the woods.

I feel my first climax start to build - I always come fast when we do it like this - and in just a minute I'm moaning openly, my face pressed deep into the pillow to muffle the sound.

Eddy reaches down and around, slipping his fingers back and forth across my wet clit and urging me on to a full orgasm. When I do come, it's going to be into his hand and all over his dick.

"Oh fuck, Eddy, yes," He's always been so good at this. Every time he brushes that sensitive nub it drives me closer to oblivion. I can't help myself, "God yes, fuck me!"

I loose my grip on the sleeping bag and tweak one of my nipples, pulling and rolling it desperately. The pleasure goes straight between my legs.

Things are getting fuzzy now and I know it's about to happen, "Oooohhhh don't stop, here it comes,"

I clench around his dick and the friction drives me over the edge. "Oh God, I love it!" My thighs start to quiver with an adrenaline rush and suddenly, "I'm coming, I'm coming now! Oh God, so good!"

He fucks me hard, straight through it - we both know this isn't anywhere near over. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, fuck, Eddy, I'm coming,"

My legs start to really shake, "Oh Jesus, harder, Eddy, harder!" Even through the muffled of the sleeping bag I can hear his hips smack into my ass on every pound, "Aaaaaahhhhhh, oh, oh, oh, oh God."

I keep it up, "Yes, don't stop," a whispered stream of consciousness encouragement as he grips my hip and pounds into me.

His dick slows when its over, and soon I relax into the glow. I feel myself grinning as the wave of euphoria washes over me.

I can tell that he's about to initiate a position change when I hear the unmistakable sound of our tent zipper, zipping open.

We've wriggled almost halfway out of our sleeping bag at this point and with both of us on hands and knees going to be pretty obvious to whoever is out there that I'm getting soundly fucked.

When her face peeks into the tent, it's clear that Cara is totally prepared for this.

In fact, she seems pretty excited.

Evidenced, if nothing else, by her almost total nudity.

Before I even notice her smile, I see her tits. They're smallish, sloping down from her chest into little globes that perk festively with hard little nipples.

Her frame in general is slight (I've always been irrationally jealous), and my eyes travel from her breasts, down her flat stomach and past the hint of hip bones, to rest on the magenta g-string that she's wearing with such nonchalance that it makes me blink in surprise.

Inside me, I feel Eddy's dick give a little twitch, like he's giving himself the same tour.

Cara unzips the tent flap and wordlessly invites herself in, zipping up behind herself. We've got a big tent, but it isn't exactly made for a crowd, so when she bends down to undo the sleeping bag she has to rest her cheek on Eddy's shoulder.

We stay frozen mid-stride, exposed as she patiently works the zipper open and lays the double sleeping bag flat. Shocked or not, I'm absolutely throbbing at the feel of Eddy's penis docked in me for so long.

When she's done, she sits back on her heels on the other side of the open bag and looks at us expectantly.

She addresses Eddy first.

"So, it sounds like technically it's your turn." She makes an apologetic face, "And believe me, before the night is out you will get your share of this." Her knees spread open suggestively.

If it's possible, Eddy gets even harder inside me. I don't know if I'm excited or upset by the feeling.

"But," Her smile is all for me now, "I have to make you make those noises again."

My mouth opens, but instead of the rational "What made you think you were invited to our tent?" or even "Where the hell is your boyfriend?", all that comes out is a strangled sort of whimper.

Cara seems to get my intention though, since she nods her head back in the direction of her own tent. "Micah passed out before he could even get it up, and I'm horny as hell. Thought I heard sex over here so before I took care of myself," she casually slipped a hand down the inside of her leg, "I thought I'd come play."

I turn my head back to look at Eddy, but he's so lust-drugged that all he can do is shrug and look at me with this 'Seems legit.' face.

Turning back to look at Cara, and to tell her as politely as possible to get the fuck out, I find myself totally stopped by the look on her face.

I can feel her eyes on me and I can tell she's imagining herself all over my body - her hands on my oversized tits, my narrow stomach and my wider-than-I'd-like hips. I suddenly want to know what her mouth feels like, everywhere, and I want it more than I've ever wanted anything else.

I had never been with a woman before, but let me say this - I haven't been with a different one since.

So instead of rejecting her overconfident offer, I pull my body forward and twist toward Cara. On its way out, Eddy's dick makes a wet trail on the inside of my thigh and up my ass. He sits back on his feet in imitation of Cara, hands on his thighs like he's about to give us a pep talk.

He doesn't get a word in edgewise.

Cara crosses the short distance between us and immediately she's pressed against me so close that I can feel her pebbly nipples on my own breasts; the angular press of her hips against my own softer ones. When she kisses me it's full-on, our mouths opening to one another's before our lips have even fully come together.

She's warm and wet and so damn confident when she kisses me. I suckle greedily at her mouth, my tongue meeting hers in a velvety embrace. I'm still wet from Eddy but I know that I'm getting wetter and I whimper into her kiss when she nips me on the lower lip. She practically purrs in satisfaction.

Cara is clearly more experienced than I am at being with a woman. While I fumble with her breasts - I never knew that they'd feel so good in my hands - she fills one hand with my hip, holding me in place as she drags careful fingernails down the side of my neck.

Beside us, I can hear Eddy make appreciative noises.

We're both kneeling fully upright now, our bodies leaning into one another so that I know she feels it when I start to unconsciously pulse my groin toward hers.

"Oh, baby," she croons, "we'll get there." Cara fills her hands with my ass and grinds our bodies against each other, empty desperation driving me to pant into her neck and clutch at her.

She brings me back in for a kiss, leaning hard on me and pressing me onto my back on the floor of the tent. I'm obedient, anxious for what I hope is coming next.

She dips one leg between mine and rubs her thigh against my bare sex. My wetness makes my pink lips slide deliciously against her firm pressure and I groan low in my throat as she returns her mouth to mine.

I grind myself against her leg, holding firm to her ass in a desperate attempt to keep her in place.

Cara's lips are kiss swollen when she pulls her face away from mine and takes one of my nipples between her thumb and finger, rolling and pulling it until I arch my back and cry out, a wave of pleasure rippling from my core.

"That's it, baby." And I'm heartbroken to think that we might be done. Except she's still touching me, and I'm closer now than ever to total oblivion. "You can do it."

My breast finds its way into her mouth and I involuntarily gasp an "Oh,God!" as she lathes my nipple and gently squeezes her handful.

She rolls to her side, keeping my legs spread. In place of her thigh she presses her middle fingers, stroking me up and down until I can't take it anymore. I open my mouth but I hardly know what I'm saying, "Fuck, fuck," and I know she's so pleased with herself, "Cara, oh, Cara!"

My eyes are squeezed shut and I'm so focused on her stroking me that I almost come immediately when she slips her fingers inside. "Come for me baby," she whispers.

"I want to! Oh, I want to!" My muscles clench around her as she pumps in and out slowly, finger fucking me until I see stars behind my eyes. My pants become desperate grunts, "Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!" and my voice reaches a pitch I didn't know I had in me, "I want it! Oh God, oh God!"

My leg grinds in between hers as I try to lift my knees off the ground, my shoulders coming forward in a sort of pre climax-crunch.

Cara dips her face into my neck and kisses me, sucking and murmuring to me as I slow-burn, "That's right, good girl."

Her thumb touches down on my clit, finding it faster than any man ever has. "Uuuuuuuuhhhhhh," I moan helplessly. "Oh, God, Cara! So close!"

"Come on, baby, bring it home." Cara moves on to the other breast, giving my nipple gentle play with her teeth.

My eyes pop open and I crash suddenly, hard, crying out so sharply that I surprise myself. I tremble underneath her, "I'm coming, Cara! I'm coming!"

She lifts her body up, leaning over me and pumping with her whole arm.

My tits are bouncing on my chest, she's fingering me so hard, "Ooooooohhhhh God, I want you!" I spread my legs as wide as they'll go and all I want is for her to finger me harder, faster, deeper. "Fu-u-u-uck, oh! Cara! oh! Yes!" my cries are panted out in time with her thrusts.

I'm gasping for breath, heaving out "Yes, yes, yes." as I come down. My legs are jelly and I've clenched the sleeping bag so hard that I've ripped a little hole in the nylon but I don't care.

Cara looks like she's just achieved orbit. She's grinning as she leans in to kiss me, taking her time with her tongue, making languid passes in and out of my mouth.

When she pulls away from my face, she pulls her fingers out of me. It takes everything I've got to keep from grabbing her hand and putting them back.

"You," she says "are the best cheerleader I've ever had." She brings her fingers to her mouth and sucks herself dry. From the corner of the tent I hear Eddy groan. "Don't ever shut up, okay?"

I smile gratefully and manage to weakly say "Thanks. I've always been embarrassed of my sex talk."

"Don't be."

We both look at Eddy, who has moved to the edge of the sleeping bag. He's got his cock in his hand and is mouth-breathing and wide-eyed.

Cara chuckles at him. "Alright, big boy," she says with authority, "don't lie to me. How much longer have you got in you?"

"Eddy," I chime in, "can last all night. He's got insane control." He looks at me with such gratitude that I blush.

"Then we start with my mouth."

Cara gets on her own hands and knees and moves Twister-style through our tangle of limbs until she's comfortably got her face against his member.

For the moment, I'm completely satisfied. But the sight of this woman, doubled over on her legs with her mouth on my boyfriend's dick, makes me inexplicably hot. After only a few minutes I find my own hand trailing down to touch myself.

Eddy gathers up Cara's hair and holds it at the base of her neck, watching her face as she twirls her tongue around the head of his cock before dipping down low. He's always been pretty stoic about blow jobs but I can tell that he's enjoying himself.

Cara keeps one hand on his balls and starts sucking him so hard that her cheeks are pulling in as she bobs her head.

Every so often, Eddy lets out a low "Oh yeah," or "Fucking suck it." Cara alternates from sucking him fully into her mouth and playing with the head, letting her hand work his shaft.

I realize after a few long minutes that I'm being left out of the action, and I don't like that. Without any nervousness, I sit up and align myself on my knees behind Cara. Eddy is so focused on being blown that he either doesn't see or doesn't care.

Softly - I don't want to surprise her - I lay my hands flat on Cara's ass, fingers pointed down. She groans around Eddy's dick when I curl my fingers in and scratch lightly up.

Eddy's eyes meet mine and I can tell that he knows where I'm going with this. He nods to me slowly and suddenly it hits me that we're about to be group-fucking a girl, in a tent, in the middle of nowhere while her boyfriend sleeps maybe 30 feet away.

And I love it.

I slip one hand over the G-string, down between her legs. Briefly, I feel around for where the G-string stops and her pussy starts. I'm not surprised to find that she's totally hairless.

Once I've found the edge, I tuck my index finger around the fabric and stroke at her sex. She stiffens and half-arches her ass into the air, giving me a better angle.

Inspired, I reach up to her chest and fondle her breasts, squeezing and pressing the way that she'd done to me. With my other hand I push the g-string aside entirely, and find the entrance to her.

As I tuck one finger up inside her, I'm amazed at how different another woman feels. When I pleasure myself, I always know what's coming. With Cara, the experience is entirely different. When she clenches around my hand it's unexpected. When I pull out and slip my fingers against the nub of her clit it's with wetness that I didn't make myself.

I push two, then three fingers inside her, as deep up as they'll go and then deeper still, as she presses herself back against my hand. When she pulls herself off Eddy's dick expressly to moan, it makes me absurdly proud.

After a few thrusts, I switch tactics. With my palm flat against her pussy, I push my middle two fingers inside her as far as they'll go and then stay there. My other hand drags a slow fingernail down the length of her spine and I watch as goosebumps break out across her skin.

Cara is still sucking Eddy, but it's with less focus now. After a moment or two, he pulls himself out of her mouth entirely and just watches, his cock glistening in the glow of the tent light.

Gently, I flex my fingers a bit from inside Cara.

"Oh baby, that's it." She starts to bob again on Eddy's dick.

I wait, then flex again. And again. I pull out a little and flex on the way down. I flex three times in rapid succession and she makes a mouthful "Mmppfh" sound and pulses her muscles around my fingers.

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