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Token Vengeance 05


Disclaimer: This story and all characters are fictional. All characters are over 18 years old. In real life, all non-consensual sex is immoral and illegal, and not condoned by the author. Not for publication except on Literotica.



The next day was actually worse.

Even in conservative Wyoming, Laramie was a university town, and much more progressive than the rest of the state. Popular in theory, but not in practice, the "Free the Nipple" movement had made its mark on the city. In the spirit of equality, the male-dominated City Council made it legal for women to be topless in public places.

Stores, restaurants, and even the university campus could follow the law at their option, but the city streets were fair game for any intrepid female wishing to flaunt her equality.

Only a few did, at least in the first weeks since the passage of the ordinance. The few that did nobody truly wanted to see topless.

Still, it was the perfect opportunity for Eric to let Tina demonstrate her independence as a mature woman breaking the confines of her marriage and going solo.

"You know, Tina," Eric said as the couple finished lunch with Tina only in her panties as usual. "Why don't we go for a walk. Let's take advantage of this glorious late summer day in the park."

"Really?" Tina asked her scheming husband suspiciously, wondering what form of torture he intended for her now, since it was unlike him to not mix a degrading element into everything he had her do.

"Sure," Eric replied positively. "Why don't you go throw on some clothes and we'll head out."

Warily, Tina retreated to the bedroom and threw on a loose pair of shorts, her tennis shoes, and a light blouse. She didn't bother with a bra, since she didn't quite as yet fit into the C-cup she had purchased, although she did sense her breasts were bigger than the B-cups they were yesterday.

"Okay, I'm ready to go," she cautiously advised Eric when she returned to the living room.

"Well, look at you, all dressed and everything," Eric remarked charmingly, followed with a backhanded compliment. "You do look good, T. I almost forgot how nicely you look with clothes on."

"Yeah, yeah. Ok, Eric, let's go," Tina shrugged, displeased with the comment but contented to wear clothing again.

The two walked to a local park, sitting on a blanket and enjoying the late summer sun while sharing some fruit and having a cool drink, almost like the happy couple they once had been.

"You know, Tina," Eric started ominously. "It's such a nice day, and with the new law in force, I think it would be great if you exercised your newly-won rights as a woman and took off your top."

"What?" Tina cried aloud, stunned by his 'request.' "I can't be outside in public...topless!"

"Sure you can," Eric responded with mock incredulity. "It's legal. I'm gonna be a lawyer, I should know."

"But...I can't...I mean, it's indecent...," she complained. "People will see me...see my...um...breasts."

"That's a problem?" Eric asked facetiously. "Isn't that why women fought to get the city ordinance changed?"

Tina stood dumbstruck, unable to even reply knowing arguing against the new law contradicted her feminist philosophy.

"Besides, you're well on your way to becoming the proud owner of a C-cup set of tits," her erstwhile husband blithely comforted his unsettled wife with another mean-spirited remark. "You don't need to be embarrassed about your tiny titties any longer."

"Shut up about my chest, Eric," Tina snarled with hurt pride. "You know I didn't want big boobs."

"Maybe not, but I promise you'll be happy to have them someday," Eric assured his doubtful wife.

"Please, Eric?" Tina pleaded without true hope of reprieve. "It'll be humiliating."

"You know, I could just make you take off your shirt whether you want to or not," her smartass husband threatened, "but if I do, you're going to have a long night of begging me for relief, if you know what I mean."

Tina's shoulder's slumped.

She knew she was beaten. If she didn't do it, he'd make her do it anyway, and she didn't like the idea of growing nauseous later when he denied her his addiction-quelling semen.

"Alright, you win," she finally conceded, throwing off her sunglasses and reaching for the hem of her shirt to peel up over her head to expose her firmly uplifted lily-white tits to the world.

"Look at you," Eric smirked, scanning the park to see if anyone had noticed her suddenly bared breasts and finding only a couple of guy's playing frisbee nearby taking a long gander in their direction.

Sitting cross-legged on the blanket, Tina wanted to cover herself with her hands but didn't bother, knowing that doing so wouldn't square with her husband's wicked intent. Instead, she sat upright with her rounded melons on full display, her round half-dollar sized rose areolas flat and unaroused in the afternoon warmth.

"Your tits are really coming along nicely, Tina," Eric praised sincerely, reaching to cup one of his wife's glorious globes in a move that disconcerted Tina, but to which she didn't otherwise react.

"I think I've done a pretty good job with 'em," he added speciously.

"I mean, they're getting bigger and all, but they also have a nice shape and practically no sag at all," Tina's husband appraised assiduously. "You're really going to have a spectacular set of knockers when it's all said and done."

"Eric! Don't talk about me...um...them, that way," Tina scolded her callous mate. "It's sexist and demeaning."

"Whatever," Eric dismissed the remark, "...guys are gonna love 'em...and ladies too."

"Fuck you, Eric," Tina growled, but then let the issue drop, knowing she was only digging herself into a deeper hole with her protests.

"C'mon, let's take a walk," Eric said getting up, "...maybe pop downtown."

"Oh, please no," Tina objected, fearing further exposure to the crowd of newly arrived college students hanging out on the day before the start of classes. "We don't know who we'll run into downtown. I might know them."

"Too bad," her husband chuckled at her distress at such an occurrence. "It's a chance I'm willing to take."

The couple walked around the neighborhood, with people's heads turning and more than a few men unabashedly checking out Tina...or at least, her developing tits. Many of them knew who she was, if not personally, then from seeing her and Eric around the neighborhood over the last year.

"Hi Mr. Green," Eric waved to a forty-something man mowing his lawn as they neared downtown. "Lovely day for a stroll, isn't it?

"Umm...yeah...," Jim Green mumbled stone-faced before fixing his wide eyes on Tina's uncovered chest. "Hi Tina. Enjoying the sun, I see."

Tina could only nod with shame as the kindly older man appraised her naked breasts greedily, while knowing his wife was likely inside the house seething at her wanton temerity in tempting her husband.

Eric and Tina soon found themselves in the downtown area. Tina cautiously watched the noontime lunch crowds milling about for any sign of recognition. She felt funny, and not just for her lack of a top.

For the first time in her life, Tina's breasts shimmied with each step she took, buoyantly bobbling in a reflection of their growth and the dense nature of the swelling glands encapsulated within the delightfully large nectarine-sized handfuls.

Scrupulously, she avoided direct eye contact, but noticed some upset mothers covering their children's eyes, while other wives scolded their husbands for openly ogling the daring but bare-breasted woman taking advantage of the new city ordinance.

Somewhere off to the side someone issued a shrill wolf whistle, sending a shiver up Tina's spine, but also raising her feminist hackles when she turned to see a group of immature college freshmen standing nearby eyeballing her closely without shame.

Tina was mortified but couldn't cover herself. Eric had ensured her arms couldn't move, frozen by her sides. She had only the protection of her sunglasses for any sense of anonymity and trembled visibly with embarrassment.

"I love how lively Laramie becomes at the beginning of the school year," Eric expounded gleefully, enjoying every minute of his wife's torment, while also taking a dig at Tina's summer fling. "Especially after having spent the entire summer in this sleepy town, all by myself, without anyone to keep me company...unlike you."

Waving and greeting people to ensure his blushing wife was noticed frequently, Tina was in near tears throughout the walk until she was suddenly seized with panic.

"Oh shit, Eric, let's turn around...please," the distraught grad student implored her husband, clearly seeing something...or someone, she didn't want to see or be seen by.

"What's wrong? We're heading home," Eric replied unconcerned. "This is the shortest way there. I thought you'd want that."

"You don't...understand," Tina stuttered, "I...uh...know these two guys coming our way. They're in the grad program with me."

"So?" Eric asked with a smirk at his half-naked wife's horror.

"SO?!" Tina's voice raised to a high-pitched squeal. "Damn it, Eric, I go to school with them. They're my peers. They know me. They'll see my...see me...topless!"

"Lucky them, I guess," Eric replied unsympathetically. "Probably should get used to it, don't you think, T? Aren't you at least happy you've got something to see now? I mean, shit, a lot of guys are going to see your tits in the future. May as well start now."

"Eric, please...nooooo! You have to under...," Tina begged her husband to no avail, then shrank with resignation at his response as he cut her off mid-sentence.

"Pays to advertise, ya know?" Eric gave his heartless reply, adding disdainfully. "It might be beneficial for some future...uh...emergency."

"Hey, Tina," Clark Rydell gushed with unrestrained exuberance and unrepentant glee, unable to peel his eyes off Tina's chest. "Wow, I...um...mean...uh...wow. Nice to...uh...see you."

"Hi, I'm Eric, Tina's husband," Eric said enthusiastically while putting out his hand. "So, you're in school with Tina?"

"Um...yeah," Clark acknowledged, surprised by the casual frankness Eric approached the whole exposure of his wife to these two men.

"And you are?" Eric asked the other man standing next to Clark looking Tina over head-to-foot, with a lingering stop at her impressive breasts in between.

"Jason Macklin," the other guy answered. "Tina and I have the same academic advisor, Professor Tomlinson."

"Great, nice to meet you both," Eric gladly shook his hand too. "Tomlinson? Didn't he lead your trip this summer, honey? Were you guys on the summer field trip? Or is this the first time you've...um...seen my wife...uh...in the flesh since last school year, so to speak?"

Clark couldn't help himself from grinning at the obvious reference to Tina's partial nudity, keeping silent while indiscreetly gazing with fixated interest at her pleasantly displayed pair of tits, even as her skin flushed pink with embarrassment at her exposure before her classmates.

"No," Jason replied, "but we heard all about it...everything. I understand Tina had quite a stimulating adventure, what with all the extracurricular activities, as it were."

"Yes, she certainly took advantage of the opportunities offered by the isolation of the western foothills," Eric retorted knowingly at the lurking grad student's clear allusion to Tina's summer affair with her student.

"Is that why she's coming out of her misanthropic shell today?" Jason asked, before making the first straightforward reference to Tina's lack of a top. "I like what she's wearing, by the way. Very trendsetting. She just letting her girls out to get some fresh air?"

"Something like that," Eric replied with a smile, suggesting a more libertine attitude by his uptight, liberated wife. "I think she likes the feminist freedom of the new city ordinance. Don't be surprised if you see more of her dressed this way in the future. You know, free and easy...really easy."

Tina shrank with the remark sending her upright boobs jostling inadvertently in response to put on an unwanted exhibition of their marvelous form. As bad, she cringed at how they talked about like she wasn't there.

"Well, I have to say, there's more of her than I'd have ever guessed," Jason commented, clearly referring to the surprising size of Tina's generous chest. "I'd have never thought she was so nicely...um...endowed."

"Late bloomer, as it turns out," Tina's husband offered playfully. "She's always been so tiny, but suddenly she's blossomed into a solid B. Who knows when she'll stop? At this rate she'll be busting out of a C-cup by the end of the week."

Not that I'm complaining," Eric went on to say. "It's a nice improvement over those tiny A-cup titties she had, and they've got plenty of bounce too, right sweetheart?"

"Eric," Tina whimpered abashedly, standing by humiliated while these men she knew and thought respected her intellect talked as if she was some admirable feminist icon testing the boundaries of social convention, when in fact they diminished her presence to just a bare set of enjoyable tits and nothing else.

"All I can say is, 'good for you, Tina, go get 'em girlfriend," Clark snickered in finally joining the conversation. "Who'd a known you have such a great rack if you weren't so willing to express yourself. Thanks for sharing."

"See you in class, Tina," Jason finished the shameful destruction of the married grad student's social standing with a fleeting chuckle. "Hopefully, a lot of you."

"Fuck, Eric," Tina whined as the two men sauntered off, "...why did you have let that happen? Now, people who know me...men who know me...have seen me topless. They've seen my tits, Eric!"

The angry wife stood bare-chested in the middle of downtown Laramie seething at her husband, but was more concerned about her reputation in the Anthropology department than the indiscreet glances of the men and women passing the bickering couple.

"Have you had enough of humiliating me?" Tina growled. "Can we just go home now?"

"Sure, T," Eric allowed. "You've been a good girl. I'll tell you what, I'll even let you blow me when we get home so you can concentrate on your first day of classes with a clear head. Won't that be nice?"

"Gosh, you're too fucking good to me, Eric," Tina answered facetiously with a resentful glare.

Still, she was wary of taking her vitriol too far for fear he'd renege on his offer and make her find another source of semen to stem her rising need.

With that, Tina walked uncomfortably back to their house, nervously past a local church which was gratefully not in session at the moment on a Sunday, to return and immediately strip down to just her panties again in her now-typical home attire for the remainder of the day.

Dropping to her knees to slake her cum-lust at the fount of husband's ready cock, she drained his balls expertly to roll on the ground through a supreme orgasm, before settling in for a fitful night's sleep worrying about what the first day of classes would bring.


"Time for school, baby cakes," Eric called to Tina.

His beleaguered wife lay still unconscious after a nightmare-filled sleep of teaching naked in front of her entire class. It was a prototypical dream a psychologist would interpret as fear of exposure, as her lack of clothing symbolized her insecurity about her position vis-à-vis Eric and her first year as a graduate teaching assistant.

The big difference was that in her nightmare, Tina wasn't simply naked - she had huge DD-cup jugs and kneeled before a line-up of young men in a row with their hard cocks in hand ready for the pretty married teacher to take between her over-plump cocksucker lips one after the other.

"UHHH!" Tina started when her husband gently shook her bare shoulder.

"C'mon, T," he said pleasantly. "Rise and shine. You have a big day in front of you."

"Oh, awful...just awful dreams," Tina mumbled, clearing her head from her grogginess and adjusting her eyes to the morning light.

"Can't worry about those now, honey," Eric offered helpfully. "Time to get showered and dressed. You have a lot of firsts to accomplish today...teaching, displaying your 'new look,' and going down on your first student."

"What?!" Tina exclaimed at the last comment, not expecting her controlling husband to be so blunt and yet so nonchalant at the same time.

"Of course," Eric explained. "New you, new look, and a new life sucking off different excited college boys to fulfill the fantasy sex life as a wife slut you apparently desired so badly over the summer."

"You aren't serious, are you, Eric?" Tina panicked, knowing in her heart of hearts he was very serious. "You're not really going to...um...make me...uh...blow someone, are you? Your own wife?"

"Well, you're not blowing me today, that's for certain," the vengeful husband taunted, "...so I guess I'll leave the 'someone' part up to you."

"Don't...oh, don't Eric. Please...," Tina yelped in desperation. "Not today. Not on my first day. I promise, I'll come home right after class and give you the best head I know how. I'll make it so good."

"Sorry, afraid not," Eric scoffed. "Time for you to spread your...um...wings, as it were. Or at least those great teasing cocksucker lips you now possess. Besides, Ella's already offered to give me the best head she knows how, so how can I turn that down?"

"I don't...I don't think I can...," the dismayed wife dropped her head to her hands. "It'll ruin me. I'll be a scandal."

"Sure you can, and you're already a scandal, at least based on what Clark and Jason told me yesterday," Eric dismissed easily, taking great pleasure in his devastated wife's misery.

"Besides," he added cruelly, "I'm guessing by the time office hours come around this afternoon, one of those lucky guys brave enough to visit the T.A. on the first day of classes will look pretty appetizing. I've no doubt he'll happily accept the gratifying benefits of visiting Mrs. Rogers' office after class for some oral instruction, so to speak."

Tina merely whimpered her tears in despair and then shuffled morosely in the direction of the bathroom.

"Get showered and I'll make some coffee," the terrible law student encouraged. "Oh, and you might want to dress for success...you know, something that shows off your new chest. I'm sure it will be very helpful later in the day."


In a zombie-like trance as she prepped for the day, Tina didn't want to 'dress for success.' Instead, she wore her standard fare of jeans and a baggy top. Her only concession was the V-neck in her diaphanous button-down blouse revealing a hint of the cleavage she had never owned before while wearing her new C-cup bra.

She found that even with the dramatic growth of her breasts due to her husband's meddling with her hormones, the bra was still a touch large for her increasing but not quite yet filled-out breasts.

Tina knew at the time she bought the undergarment she wouldn't be able to wear it for long, and that by the end of the week the unused space in each loose-fitting cup would be busting at the seams as her tits moved from C into their ultimate D-cup or bigger size.

'If I'm gonna have big boobs,' she rationalized with surprising acceptance and ego while selecting a white and lacy style that supported her enhanced tits with an uplifting push, '...they may as well look nice.'

"Not what I would have chosen," Eric critiqued while checking out his sheepish wife as she entered the kitchen, before adding a sharp dig into Tina's inglorious recent past, "...but who am I to tell the expert about how to seduce college men...er...boys?"

"Shut up," she answered curtly.

To her surprise, Eric did just that as he finished his own cup of coffee and started out the door to his first class of the day.

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