tagNovels and NovellasTom & Sue & John & Debbie Ch. 18

Tom & Sue & John & Debbie Ch. 18


Thank you for reading my series, 'Tom & Sue John & Debbie.' If you haven't read Chapters 1-17, please do so before reading this chapter. The series is written as a serial novel, that is, each chapter builds on the previous chapter with each chapter playing a significant role in telling the story of 'Tom & Sue & John & Debbie'.

The roller coaster ride continues in Chapter 18 as Beverly Swifty continues telling the group of coeds about the skeletons hidden in her closet.

DISCLAIMER: All characters appearing in the series, 'Tom & Sue John & Debbie', are fictitious, as they do not exist. Any resemblance to a real person, living or dead, is purely coincidental, and should not be construed to associate a real person, living or dead, with the scenes or events described within the series 'Tom & Sue John & Debbie.' Reverse Cowgirl


"Tonya and I were more or less in a state of shock! Standing in my bedroom's doorway, dressed in his Army uniform was none other than my big brother! I immediately responded, 'It's not what you think...I didn't think you'd come home!'

"Skip answered in a rather disgusting voice, 'I can damn sure tell you and Tonya didn't expect any visitors tonight! So what the fuck are you two doing?'

"Tonya said to Skip, 'Well, it's like this. The guys have been going through early season fall practice for over a couple weeks now. We're leaving for rush tomorrow, so tonight we've drank a lot of wine, been watching some hot porn, and well, both of us were more than just a bit horny, and needed to 'get off'. So before getting ourselves off, we needed to get revved up a bit. At first, we were only kissing and playing with each other's titties, but things got hot too quick, and, before we realized it, we were humping and grinding against each other. Both of us were on the verge of getting off, until you so rudely interrupted us!'

"Skip smiled, 'So tell me little Sis, how far were you two planning on going, if I may ask? From what I was seeing, Tonya was sucking on your tits and the two of you were really getting it on!'

"I replied, 'It's the first time we've ever done anything like this...we weren't planning on going any further—were we Tonya?'

"Tonya covered our backs and said, 'Skip like Bev said 'it's the first time we've ever done anything like this' and like I just told you, we did it 'just to get revved up a bit.'

"Skip smiled, 'I'm really not buying y'all's line! But since you're both horny enough to want to play with each other, well, I'll accommodate you both tonight with the real thang, and the three of us can get it on.

'How about it girls? Ever since the summer before y'all's sophomore year when the two of you started developing those sexy athletic legs, nice titties, and those foxy, hot looking hindquarters, well, a lustfulness started dwelling deep inside me. And, the older you both got, the sexier y'all became, and virtually overnight went from cute and very doable sevens to a couple red hot, good looking eights! And, I hate to admit it, but every time I came home from the Academy, I'd have these wet dreams about fucking first my baby Sis, then Tonya, while the two of you were lying side by side with those sexy legs spread wide, and begging for my cock.

'And, that night in Tonya's pool, well, neither of you can deny it, but y'all loved it when I was rubbing my hard cock up against your sexy asses. And if those two teeny bopper boyfriends hadn't been around, before that night was over, I'd have fucked you both.'

"Skip smiled a big shit eating grin and said, 'Sis, me showing up tonight out of the blue wasn't by chance. I made damn sure Mom and Dad went to that reunion this weekend so it'd just be the two of us spending the night here at the house. In other words Sis, I put the wheels in motion for me to get my belated twenty-fourth birthday present from my little Sis, so we could finish that little game we started in Tonya's pool.

'Sis, you never could lie to your big brother, and I know you've had to have had more than one flashback, reliving that night in your dreams over and over again—haven't you?

'Don't lie Sis, you loved it when I was fingering your pussy, playing with your titty, and humping your butt skin on skin. And, after you squirted Sis, you obliged your big brother by giving me a butt-job and letting me fill your crack up with a load of cum. So tonight Sis, all the pieces of the jig saw puzzle are in place for your big brother to fuck his little sister before she goes off to college at University. And with Tonya being here, well it just adds icing on the cake—doubling my pleasure.'

"Tonya got that wild and crazy look in her eyes and replied in a direct voice to Skip,'Soldier Boy, you may be a real hunk, a for sure studmuffin, and yeah, I'm horny enough to maybe,just maybe, spread my legs for you tonight—that is Soldier Boy, if you can make it worth my while.'

"Skip smiled and with another shit eating grin said, 'Trust me Tonya, I've got a lot more hanging between my legs than either of y'all will have ever have stuffed inside your sweet cunts. Yeah, I'll definitely make it worth y'all's while. How about it Sis, you want to finish our game and play with your big brother?'

"I snapped at my brother, 'Skip, first of all Tonya and I aren't the naïve innocent virgins like we were that night in Tonya's pool eight months ago! Marty and Carlise have played with our titties, sucked, licked, and nibbled on our nipples, and we've both been fingered and ate out more times than Carter's has those little pills. And yeah, Tonya and I have both not only sucked the guys'cocks, but we've swallowed their loads, and we've had our cherries busted too!

'Marty popped my cherry prom night in the back seat while Carlise busted Tonya's in the front seat, and for the past four months my brother, Tonya and I have been fucking the guys like rabbits! So big brother, there's no doubt whatsoever, we'll be able to handle anything you're able to dish out!

'And, to top it off, we've not only mastered the art of milking a cock, but we've even gone so far as swapping partners! The four of us swapped partners the night of the Fourth of July. Carlise fucked me with his longer, but leaned seven-and-a-quarter incher while Marty's five-and-a half, thicker, and wider cock, stretched Tonya's pussy's walls like Carlise's leaner cock couldn't do. Both of the guys busted their nuts in record time, but it ended up being a total disaster for us! Neither Tonya nor I orgasmed while fucking each other's partner!

'And, just like you big brother, your sister just may have a hidden itch deep inside from that December night too! But, unless things are done differently, from the way Tonya and I did our swap, well, you can count me out, and we'll never finish the game we started in Tonya's pool!'

"Tonya quickly added, 'Yeah, there was zip foreplay, with the two of us lying flat on our backs, side by side, with our legs spread wide, getting jackhammered like there was no tomorrow by each other's boyfriend, and it only lasted five, maybe six minutes tops!'

"Skip, with a cocky, conceited smile, replied, 'Don't fret girls over spilled milk with your teeny bopper boyfriends! Trust me, there'll be plenty of foreplay, lots of kissing, touching, and before either of you get my cock, you'll both be begging for it. Now, I don't want to toot my own horn, but I'm not only packing more meat than either of y'all have had stuffed inside your sweet cunts, I'm also well-versed at rocking the boat in motion with the ocean, and can easily last half hour or so—even longer after I've blown that first load!

'The last time this ol' soldier got to blow a load inside a sexy hot pussy was a couple months back when I met Ellen in Vegas during Stanford's spring break. But tonight, well, from the sounds of things, it looks like this ol' soldier is on the verge of getting not one, but two very, very fine pieces of ass! Now, let's get the show on the road. I've brought along a fifth of hundred proof Jim Beam bourbon so it'll help you both relax a bit and just let loose.'

"Skip started taking off his uniform when Tonya smiled and said, 'Not so fast big boy! You're getting the cart before the horse! Before we get the 'show on the road', as you called it, I think you need to either put up or shut up, in other words, you need to show the goods. Don't you agree Bev?'

"Before I could answer, Skip smiled that shit eating grin of his and said, 'Okay Tonya, take a gander at this' as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his limp cock. My brother was definitely hung like a porn star! Even though his cock was a softie and hanging limp, it looked to be longer than Marty's and just as thick when Marty was fully erect!

"Tonya with that crazy look in her eyes, shouted, 'THAT'LL NEVER DO! GET IT HARD! After I see it hard, then I'll tell you if I'm willingly to play along. How about you Bev?'

"I answered Tonya, 'Yeah, same for me Skip. No doubt it was hard as a rock when you were sliding it up and down my crack in Tonya's pool, but I never saw it. I did see it the day before at Ellen's house when you pulled it out of her pussy, but it was only a half-boner. So go ahead Skip, get it hard, and let your baby Sis see for herself, if big brother actually has something between his legs I've never had before. '

"Skip answered us, 'The two of you get on the side of the bed. And, since you both like to suck cock, I'll play with your titties while Y'ALL get me hard. You first Tonya, open your mouth and suck on my cock.'

"Tonya with that wild and crazy look in her eyes, sitting at the edge of the bed said, 'Bring it on, Soldier Boy!'

"Skip smiled as he moved in front of Tonya. My brother was busy squeezing the roundness of Tonya's boobs and pinching her nipples while Tonya was kissing his muscular inner thighs. Tonya looked upward with those innocent green eyes of hers, smiled a devilish smile, and engulfed Skip's soft cock into her mouth.

"I sat next to Tonya and watched as she had difficulty filling her mouth full with as much of my brother's soft cock as she could. Tonya was immediately bobbing her head forward and backward while Skip played with her titties. Tonya continued bobbing her head back and forth, and right before my eyes, my brother's cock was no longer a softie, but was rapidly growing into a rock hard erection, leaving little doubt in my mind, my brother's cock was visibly a lot longer, thicker, and wider than either Carlise or Marty's!

"Once Tonya had Skip's cock hard, she took her left hand, wrapped it around the base of my brother's boner, and started slowly sliding her hand up and down on about half of my brother's cock while she continued bobbing back and forth on the other half or so that she had lip-locked in her mouth.

"After a couple minutes or so, Skip got in sync with Tonya and was now 'mouth-fucking' her— thrusting his hips with in and out motions, pushing his cock in Tonya's mouth as far as she would let him go. Slurping sounds now filled my bedroom and it wasn't long afterwards my brother was moaning and saying, 'Oh yeah! Your amazing Tonya! Keep working that tongue in sync with your hand! Your mouth feels so warm, you really know how to suck cock, and I'd love to blow a load in your mouth, but it's time for Sis to suck on her brother's cock a bit.'

"Skip's cock was now fully erect, and when he pulled it out of Tonya's mouth, there was no question whatsoever my brother's cock would have made Rod Jeremy and John Holmes both proud! Truthfully y'all, on the Hungfun scales, my brother's dick volume had to be a thirty incher!"

Nancy was laughing out loud and interrupted Beverly, "Thirty incher? Our Coach told us the guest in her devil's threesome was packing a 'thirty-three incher'—didn't she Roomie?"

I laughed, "Yes and Michelle was very adamant about the size of Amos' fuck muscle, as Angie called it, saying it was 'the length of Bud bottle and bigger around than a regular sized Coke bottle at the trademark'!"

Charlotte giggled, "That Amos fella better have a license to carry if he's for sure packing a thirty-three incher! And, from the sounds of it, Beverly's brother has my blue-eyed, blonde haired stranger beat too! I guess Beverly is all alone at the top of the mountain, that is, if her brother got his wish and filled his sister full to capacity...which from the way it sounds, is most likely on the verge of happening. How about it Bev, what happened next?"

Before Beverly could answer Debbie butted in, "Roommate, I can't believe what you're telling us! I mean, shit I'd never guessed you not only swapped partners, but you and Tonya getting down like ya'll did .

"Of course, Sally and I did some raunchy dirty dancing one night at the Foxy Lady to the beats of 'Bump n' Grind'. We were not only bumpin' and grindin' against each other's buns, but started humpin' and grindin' on each other thighs. Sally wanted to put on a show, so we started humpin' and grindin' boob to boob and pussy to pussy until the song, 'Bump n' Grind' came to an end. The Fox Lady was howling for more, but that was as far as we went. And now, that third cock you mentioned earlier... is from your brother—isn't it?"

Beverly answered, "Relax Roommate, you've got nothing to worry about. I'm not bisexual and what happened with Tonya was well, the result of too much booze, being horny, and needing to get off! And, I guess after that first time on the Fourth of July, we both were still feeling just a bit curious so we just let-the-chips- fall-where-they- may. Now, let me continue telling everyone about the skeleton, or skeletons that are hidden in my closet!

"Skip moved over in front of me and smiled, 'It's your turn Sis to taste your brother's cock.'

"Seeing my brother's thick-veined erect cock from a distance was one thing, but seeing his huge throbbing dick, dripping with pre-cum right in front of my face was a whole different story. I was staring at one very thick, one-eyed, purple-headed soldier, and it wasn't even an inch from my lips!

"My brother pushed the soft hardness of his mushroom cock's head against my closed lips, smiled, and said, 'Sis, wrap those sweet lips around my cock's head, and give it a good soaking tongue bath.'

"I was reluctant to open my lips and suck my brother's cock let alone put out for him tonight. And normal circumstances I would have never agreed to anything resembling a FFM with my brother. But tonight was different. Booze had taken over my better judgment. I was horny as hell from Marty not fucking me in over two weeks, watching all the hot porn with Tonya, humping and grinding with my BFF, until we were right on the verge of getting ourselves off, before we were so rudely interrupted—and, well, I needed to get off in the worst way!

"I gazed upward into my brother's eyes, licked my lips, opened my mouth as wide as I could, and was barely able to get the head in my mouth without causing just a bit of pain. My brother let out a satisfying, 'Ummmmmm' as his sister quickly wiggled the tip of her tongue back and forth a dozen or so times on that pleasure spot right underneath his cock's head.

"Skip smiled, looked down into my eyes, gently put his hand behind my head, and slowly pushed about half of what appeared to be a cock every bit the length of a beer bottle, bigger around than my wrists, into my mouth. I locked my lips around my brother's shaft, and started gently sucking his cock with a series of quick, tight, sucking motions, nearly chocking me in the process.

"I continued gazing upward into my brother's eyes as I sucked his cock, moaning 'mmmm' just a bit to drive him crazy, while I swirled my tongue all round his cock's head, and bobbed up and down on his shaft.

"Skip moved his hands from behind my head, started playing with my titties, smiling a satisfied smile, and said, 'Oh yeah Sis, work that tongue...right there... you suck cock good Sis...you and Tonya are naturals!'

"I was concentrating on giving my brother some good head and increased the suction of my sucking motions. The walls of my inner cheeks pushed inward, closing in on his throbbing purple-headed soldier, like a vice grip. I switched gears, and quit swirling my tongue around his cock's head, but now was moving my whole tongue backwards and forwards on the underside of his cock, homing in on that pleasure spot beneath his mushroom head, mimicking the feeling of his cock sliding back and forth inside Ellen's ripe, juicy pussy.

"Skip was moaning pleasurable moans one after the other, 'Mmmmmm... mmmmm...mmmm' and mumbling, 'Oh yes...Oh yesss... feels so good...keep it up Sis...play with my balls a bit, while you suck my cock.'

"I reached under Skip's groin area with my right hand, cupped his balls in my hand, and started fondling them while I continued sucking and honing in on that sensitive pleasure spot below his cock's mushroom head. Moments later Skip got in rhythm with me and started mouth-fucking his sister, just like he had done only minutes earlier with Tonya.

"I was sucking my brother's purple-headed soldier harder, working my tongue back and forth on the underside of his cock's head faster and faster, and I could sense his cock's head swelling, getting even thicker, with precum flowing like honey out of its tip. I was now on a mission, determined to finish the job, bring my brother to his sexual climax, and swallow his load.

"Brother and sister were in rhythm with each other and things were progressing nicely toward the big bang. Skip was breathing hard and fast shallow pants. His body was tensing up when he suddenly got too carried away. Skip quit playing with my boobs, grabbed my head with both hands, held it motionless, and shoved it further down on his cock—something I definitely wasn't anticipating!


"Skip was no longer just mouth-fucking his sister, but was now fucking her face using quick, short, ultra-fast stokes with each in stroke going a bit further inside his sister's mouth until his one-eyed, purple-headed soldier was hitting the back of her throat— causing me to gag just a bit. Another deep stroke or two and his wide mushroom head slipped past my tonsils and down my throat. I was no longer working in rhythm, but was gagging profusely, feeling like I was going to puke. Skip kept his cock head buried past my tonsils, worked his hips like pistons, and after I gagged a half-a-dozen times or so, my brother finally withdrew his cock from my mouth.

"I was embarrassed, I'd never gagged before with Marty, but I'd never had more than three-and-a-half inches or so of his cock inside my mouth either. My brother on the other hand, had just rammed, give or take a bit, six-and-a-half inches in my mouth with the head and ridge being shoved down my throat! I guess one might say, 'I'd bit off more than I could chew!"

Everyone giggled and snickered at Bev's comment, and Debbie with a devilish grin commented, "Roommate, I know exactly what you mean! This one night in my bedroom John did the same thing to me, but unlike your brother, John didn't give a flip about me gagging, and didn't stop until he'd busted his nuts down my throat."

Mary Ann looked in my direction, and with girlish grin, giggled, and said, "It's happened to all of us... at one time or another.''

Beverly smiled and continued telling everyone about the skeleton hidden in her closet, "My brother's cock head's tip was leaking pre-cum, like a broken water faucet, and as he withdrew his cock from my mouth, Skip smiled and said, 'You did good baby Sis...real good', and rubbed his cock's head, all over my cheeks and across my lips.

"Skip then smiled at me and Tonya and said,'Okay girls, enough sucking for now. It took a lot of willpower on my part, but I wanted to hold off from blowing my load until we're knocking boots—It's time girls, to get the show on the road!'

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