tagIncest/TabooTom Lives Out His Dream

Tom Lives Out His Dream


Since he first discovered the Internet and the excitement of browsing erotic sites, Tom had been fascinated with the incest and intergenerational sections of the sites he found. A special interest for him was those stories involving young men and mature women. He had fantasized about older, more experienced women since he was in his early teens and now, at twenty nine, he spent many an hour cruising online chat rooms to live out his dream vicariously while watching others connect. When not online as an 'observer', he was reading all the stories he could find and taking his cock in hand, would stroke himself to many a lonely orgasm.

Every night, he would rush home from his boring job as an accounting clerk and turn on his computer to begin his adventures. He would often even forget to eat and find himself going to bed more and more frustrated every night. However, before crawling into bed for the night, he dutifully called his mother to wish her good night and find out how her day went. They had always been close since Tom was an only child and his father had left them for a younger woman when he was only five. His mother always called him 'her little man" and the 'man of the house" and he grew up maturing fast.

After Tom left home for college, his mother met and married a local carpenter who was often out of town on contracts for weeks at a time. His mum was only around forty at the time and a very attractive and needful woman. After being without a man for so long, she desperately needed a man to fulfill her sexual desires, which were many and varied. Unfortunately, this was not the man for the job since when he was at home, he spent most nights drinking with his buddies or falling asleep in front of the television. Charlene was very unhappy but didn't want to upset her son so Tom was never aware of his mother's despair.

Then one night, just before he shut down for the night from the chat room called 'Mature Women Loving Younger Men", a new person joined the group named Dolly50. When he checked her profile, he read with interest that she was 51 years old, married (but unhappily) and had always dreamed of the strong robust young man who would take her to his bed and makes long, sexy love with her.

Tom watched until she signed off an hour later as other men online tried to engage this lady but she did not appear particularly interested in getting into any prolonged conversations with any of them. This struck Tom as curious; if so reticent, why was she there in the first place. Perhaps it was just idle curiosity and this intrigued him. However, he had to go into work early tomorrow so decided to turn in; with a good night to everyone present, TomCat signed off for the night.

For the next few nights, as soon as he signed in, he noticed Dolly50 appear; neither of them joined the sometimes inane chatter that often populates such chat rooms until around 8:00 pm, a message popped on Tom's screen – Dolly50 was inviting him into a private chat room to get acquainted! Following the directions he was given, he signed into the private address and moments later, she appeared. It was as if his every dream might be realized as they carefully felt each other out.

She admitted to a long running fantasy of having a younger less experienced man to teach the secrets of how to please a woman and she was anxious to experience the stamina of a virile man. She admitted to feeling ignored and sexually frustrated by a husband who simply didn't care and that the marriage was completely loveless. As they continued to correspond over the next few weeks, they became more and more open with each other as to their fantasies and sexual fetishes. The more they chatted, the more they found they had in common.

After a month and a half, Tom admitted that each night after they chatted for a couple of hours, he went to bed and masturbated at the thought of having sex with her. There was a prolonged pause with no reply; he checked to see if she had left the room fearing that he may have gone too far too soon. Then, with an almost hesitant had, the letters appeared on his screen; "I do too"

A flurry of messages flew back and forth as they became more and more intimate. Within minutes, they were sharing the most amazing online sex either had ever had. Actually, it was the first either had ever experienced and they came together! As they relived their experience, it was Dolly who asked if Tom wanted to meet.

Without hesitation, he agreed and they consulted their respective calendars when they could arrange an intimate encounter and experience each other for real. It was set for a four day space of time when her husband was scheduled out of town on a job and Tom agreed to make reservations at the prestigious La Salle Hotel in downtown Chicago. He would arrange for the room and would send her a message with the room number the night before her arrival.

The next week flew by and Tom checked into the hotel after arranging a deluxe suite for four nights and ordered champagne and a dozen red roses to be in the suite when he arrived. Having sent the message with the room number the night before, Tom registered and waited anxiously in the room until the appointed time. A knock on the door almost made him jump out of his skin; this was to be the defining moment – would both of them hit it off?

He opened the door and his jaw dropped; "Mum!"


Charlene (aka Dolly50) walked into the room pulling her small-wheeled suitcase as her stunned son closed the door. She was dressed in a sexy slimming sheath that hugged every curve of her well-toned body. The dress was high around her neck with a plunging back that almost exposed the top of her ass crack. She was obviously wearing neither bra nor panties under the dress and, in spite of himself, Tom's cock tented tightly inside his slacks. He was wearing an unbuttoned shirt that similarly hugged his chest and in the silence that followed Charlene's entrance, their eyes fed upon each other's body.

"Mum; you look absolutely stunning! But I don't understand."

"Baby, you know that I have been living a sham of a marriage for years now. I am sexually frustrated and our time online has made me realize that I need you. I know that it is wrong in most people's eyes but we found each other and needed each other. Now that we are here, why can't we just have the time we planned? Please?"

Mother and son moved slowly towards each other until their bodies were within millimetres of touching. The heat radiating from their proximity was unbearable and they leaned together to brush their lips against the other. Their hands remained clasped behind their backs as though they feared that the slightest touch would ignite an incestuous fire that couldn't be extinguished. But the heat of the lips was too much; Tom's arms encircled Charlene and drew her tightly against him. He ran his hands down her bare back and into the back of her loose fitting dress (best described as a 'fuck me' dress') and gripped her firm ass cheeks pulling her against his erect straining cock.

Both moaned into the kiss as their tongues fought with each other. Tom reached up with one hand to undo the single button holding the strap of the halter dress behind his mother's neck. Charlene stepped back and allowed the dress to fall in a silken pool at her feet. Her body, still firm with smallish pointed breasts – each topped with a hard as steel pink nipple and dimpled aureole – a slightly rounded tummy and trimmed black bush between her legs, was breathtaking. Still in her stiletto heels, she stepped out of the dress kicking it aside and advanced towards Tom with a slight sway of her tits.

She reached up and, first kissing him lightly on the lips, started to unbutton - very, very slowly – his shirt. As each bit of bare chest was exposed, she ran her hot tongue along Tom's skin, tailing a line of fire as she went. Reaching down for his buckle, she deftly undid the belt and unzipped the slacks. While she had been tending to undressing her sexy son, his hands were busy massaging her tits and tweaking her nipples to even greater length and hardness.

Charlene fell to her knees, taking Tom's slacks and briefs with her and, lifting his feet one at a time, threw the discards across the room. She then glanced up at the rampant cock standing 8 ½' from her son's groin. With a groan, she grasped the tumescent shaft in her warm small hand and took the growing stream of precum onto her tongue. As she pulled away slightly, a sticky rope of the sweet fluid reached from his pee hole to her tongue, which she quickly gathered up and swallowed.

With that, Charlene opened her mouth and almost completed swallowed the full length of Tom's throbbing cock. "Oh God, Mum! That feels so good!"

As she bobbed her head back and forth, pulling him deeper with each stroke, she started to hum and these vibrations almost brought Tom to the edge; luckily, Charlene knew a few tricks and with a squeeze at the base of his cock, prolonged the ecstasy.

Tom pulled her off his cock before he came in her mouth; he wanted to taste her sweet pussy just as they had done online but this time, it was for real. He scooped her up in his strong arms and carried her to the king sized bed. Her lips were running a burning trail along his neck until he lowered her gently into the middle of the bed. As she stretched like a contented cat, Tom started at her lips and then moved his kisses along the side of her neck and nibbled gently on her ear lobes. Whispering, "I love you, Mum", he moved over her collarbone to the rise of her perfect conical tits and kissed every inch of the silken skin.

As his lips reached those nipples crowing each breast, Charlene twined her hands in his hair to pull him hard against her breasts. She cried out as he nipped softly at each nub and begged, "Harder!" As he obeyed, she cried out again "Yess!"

As he turned his body to tongue her navel (obvious from her reaction, a very erogenous zone) she gripped his stone hard shaft to pull him into a 69 so she could taste his cock once again. As Tom planted the first kisses she had ever felt along the inside of her thighs, she engulfed the head of his cock between her lips and sucked as if it were the world's greatest lollipop.

Tom's fingers separated the engorged outer labia of his mother's vulva (an almost unsettling bit of deja vue that this is where was 29 years before). The glowing red of her inner lips and the heady aroma of her arousal were too much to delay any longer. Tom's tongue drove deep inside his mother's cunt as she poured forth a gush of orgasmic cum to fill his mouth. The taste was delightful and he continued to suck up every drop. As he pulled back a bit – Charlene was again deep throating him and driving him to the brink over and over again – he saw the pink clit growing fast as it emerged from its protective hood.

He slid two fingers into the front of Charlene's cunt searching for that elusive g-spot; as he found it and pressed hard on hit, he started to nip and suck hard on the clit as if it were her little cock. Both of them sped up their actions as they neared the point of no return.

Charlene's hips were bucking as she fucked Tom's fingers and drove her clit harder into his mouth. At the same time, she sucked his cock all the way into her throat and by using her throat muscles, started to milk him until he came in torrents down her gullet to fill her hungry appetite for his cum. She screamed in almost silence around his cock as her body was racked with a series of orgasms the like of which she had never experienced and she came in gush after gush that her loving son drank to the fullest.

With mutual cries of a satisfaction never before experienced, they crawled into each other's arms and spend the next hour kissing and exchanging words of love. Not as mother and son anymore but as lovers.

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