tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTomb Raider: Rituals Ch. 01

Tomb Raider: Rituals Ch. 01


Disclaimer: I do not own the Tomb Raider franchise, or related characters. This is a story meant for entertainment purposes. Characters in this story are taken from the Tomb Raider: Legend game by Eidos.

The golden brown leaves crunched under the hooves of the black Andalusian as it galloped across the huge fields of the enormous manor grounds, its rider digging her heels into the steed allowing her actions to communicate her desired direction.

From over the hill there was the loud sound of whirling chopper blades, and as the Helicopter came into view and flew overhead it caused the dead autumn leaves to swirl up into the air.

The rider of the horse tugged at the reigns, steering the horse toward the Mansion a kilometer away and galloped toward it.

Winston stood on the cobblestone steps and watched as the chopper landed on the helipad and the door open with two men exiting it. From the left the horse came running in up the hill. Its rider brought it to a halt and dismounted. Winston quickly walked over to her holding the umbrella he had opened over her, shielding her from the light drizzle of rain.

"We appear to have guests Lady Croft", he announced, informally.

Lara Croft looked at the two gentlemen in suites walking toward them.

"Lady Croft, we represent Mr. Josephus Alvarez..."

Lara ignored the men and walked toward the mansion, not even looking at the man watching from inside the chopper.

"Gentlemen", Winston said apologetically, "do forgive Ms. Croft, may I invite you to wait in one of the studies, I'm sure her ladyship will see you shortly."

Three men were in the Gallic decorated study less than five minutes later, Winston did his best to be a gracious host, "perhaps I could bring you gentlemen some tea?"

"Tea... Is for guests", interrupted Lara Croft walking into the room, "they will not have tea." Her eyes fell on the man with his back to her standing before the huge window.

"Lady Croft", he said turning around, "I heard we might not be well received."

Josephus Alvarez was dressed all in white; suite and tie. Though he had an English surname, his features were dictated by the strong Hispanic genes of his father. He was a philanthropist, but that was merely his day job, no, Vorne's true love was his collection of truly rare and priceless treasures that he gathered from all over the world. His means of getting said treasures was the nature of Lara's obvious disdain.

"Yes Mr. Alvarez. What you can do is kindly take your goons and get the bloody hell out of my home."

"Oh do be civil Lara, at the very least let me say why I came to you", Josephus smiled. "Tell me, have you ever heard of the Chalice of Kiribuni?"

Lara's curiosity got the better of her. She raised an eyebrow, "the fertility Chalice of the Tsitsikwama people of the jungles of the Congo."

"What was I thinking, of course you heard of it..."

"And you are after it."

"I'm here to ask for your help in acquiring it", smiled Josephus.

"The Tsitsikwama follow a lifestyle close to that of the fabled Amazonians, a tribe where woman are leaders and men do the serving. Were you to try and find the location of Kiribuni they would kill you. And so you come here and fall before me on bended knee to see if I will try to earn the right of passage..."

"Is that about right?"

"Well I underestimated you Ms Croft."

"Oh I'm not done. The fact that the chalice is made of solid gold has nothing to do with your interests in it. Or perhaps you are wondering about the myth about the powers that will be bestowed on whosoever drinks from it."

Josephus said nothing in reply. He realized that Lara knew more than he had initially thought, much more.

"No Mr. Alvarez. I want nothing to do with this, venture, of yours. The Tsitsikwama are a peaceful people. The Chalice is a part of their religious culture; they believe it necessary to drink from it to ensure the birth of females to the tribe. To take it would prove the end of their way of life."

"Lady Croft, please", Vorne protested.

Lara pulled a sawed-off shot gun from her coat, "The answer is no. Now if you, gentlemen, would be so kind as to get off your bottom's and get out of my bloody house."

"Fine", Josephus said defeated, we will go", he walked out of the room, "but mark my words, I will get that Chalice, with or without your help."

"Why do I get the feeling you will be seeing him again lady Croft?" asked Winston, joining her on the balcony where she was watching Josephus' chopper lift into the air.

"It seems I'll be taking a trip to the DRC Winston, have Zip make the usual arrangements." After the chopper disappeared from view Lara went back into the house, "I need to unwind. Do be a dear and draw me a hot bath."

Lara smiled as the warm steam invited her into the luxurious bathroom adjoined to her bedroom. She shrugged the silk robe she wore off and melted into the steamy water with a contented smile. Her hands cupped her huge boobs, squeezing them before the skimmed over her firm tummy traveling down south.

Lara grazed her fingers through her short pubic hair then over the soft tissue of her clitoris. A shaky breath escaped her full lips as two of her fingers fondled the nub back and forth, water giving slight resistance. Her free hand reached into a gold plated box on the side of the bath to pull out a large purple dildo.

Lara put the toy into her mouth sucking on it as she continued to stroke her engorged clit. Her fingers skimmed down over the soft folds of her pussy lips where two of them dipped inside her opening.

"Ahh", Lara hissed, her body cradled in a growing sensual bliss. She removed the dildo from her mouth and grazed it over her clit. She pushed her fingers deeper into herself, her toes curling, the spark of pleasure jolting through her body making the water splash.

Lara's eyes shot open at the knock on the door.

"Bugger", she muttered.


"Lady Croft", Winston answered, "Master Zip has managed to chart a flight for you in fifteen minutes. I took the liberty of having the limo brought to the front."

"Thank you, Winston." Lara listened to the sound of Winston's footsteps walking away. "Every time", she muttered getting up and placing the dildo back in its holder. She quickly rubbed herself down with the bar of soap, careful not to let her hands spend too long between her legs, trying to ignore the yearning need she had created there.

An hour later Lara sat in her private plane flying over the Mediterranean Sea. She sat staring out of the window at the golden clouds that shimmered in the light of the sinking sun. There was a beep from the screen in front of her seat. She pushed the button, accepting the Sat-call.


"Hey Lara, you told me to keep an eye on Alvarez."

"Yes, and?"

"He charted a flight to the DRC an hour ago."

"Of course he did Zip. Do remind Alistair to dig up any information he can on the Chalice and let me know as soon as he can."

Lara turned off the phone.

"Lady Croft."

Lara turned to the captain of the plane who had come out of his cabin.

"You asked me to put the plane on auto pilot and come and see you."

"Yes George, I'm afraid I require some in-flight entertainment", Lara smiled.

"Of course."

The Captain walked over to Lara kicking her legs apart. He then pushed his groin against her shorts between her legs as he captured her lips in a demanding kiss.

"Mmmmnn", Lara moaned against his lips as she felt his cock begin to swell against her pussy through her pants. Her hand moved down gripping him through his trousers causing him to groan. She pushed her tongue into his mouth allowing him to suck on it as they kissed passionately.

"Dear Lord", Lara breathed as his tongue slid down her neck. His hand slid under her top to grope her large breast her nipple hardening instantly.

Lara moved her other hand down and undid his belt and unzip him, she then quickly slid off his underwear. His rock hard cock sprang free resting against her stomach. She used her athletic body to slip out of her shorts from the awkward angle she found herself in.

Lara's breath hitched as she shuffled her waist as the captain took his cock and rested his tip against her slit. She spread her legs open pulling him onto her giving out a small squeak as he pushed into her. Her pussy lips parted as her vagina gripped around his cock.

Her beautiful brown eyes were fixed on his as he eased his way up into her, her body adjusting as it stretched open inviting him further in.

Lara sighed as she felt his balls brush against her ass. Her eye fluttered and she moaned, contented with him filling her so completely. The captain himself only gave slight thrusts, letting his dick slide barely a millimeter out of her before pushing back in. He knew this is how she loved it.

Lara's eyes fluttered open before they trailed to where the captain George's dick was nestled inside her cunt. She looked back up at him. He took the signal and pushed his finger hard on her clit before he pulled out of her half way then drove back in, ball sack slapping against her ass.

"Ahh", Lara squirmed in delight, her hand went down, fingers spreading the pink folds of her pussy lips apart. George rubbed her clit as he pulled out further this time and slammed back into her. Lara's body jolted with a pleasurable spark this time.

George slid his cock out of her pussy waiting for her. Her finger ran over her clit slowly. George went down and pushed his finger inside her deep causing another spasm. Lara grabbed her top and pushed it up over her breasts. George's free hand groped her melon as he started to lap and kiss around her pussy.

Lara breathed slow watching as he teased her, her clit starting to throb between her fingers. Finally the captain licked her pussy lips lightly before he drove his tongue inside her as deep as he could. Lara gave another shaky breath followed by a moan as her body tingled.

"Now", she said.

George looked up at her, and then got on his knees and drover his cock into her moistening pussy again.

Lara shook.

He started to quickly drive into her gaining speed with each thrust. Lara shot her legs out and rode them up his waist huffing as she was fucked quickly. Every thrust made her warmer, wetter. She pinched her eyes closed as she started feeling the familiar tension growing between her legs.

George grabbed both of her 34DD tits and squeezed them together as her continued driving into her sopping cunt.

"Ohh, god, bloody lord, yeess, yess, yes", Lara squirmed as the pressure built in her loins. Her pussy gripped around George's cock drawing him deeper. She felt him start to throb inside her and knew he was close.

"Ohh", she moaned as he stopped his power driving and started thrusting in and out of her slowly. Her body was now trembling with desire. When he pushed his entire cock in her, her breath caught in her throat and her legs tightened around his waist. Her body shot into convulsions as her muscles contracted.

George felt her pussy tighten around his cock before her cum seeped down her ass. Once again her eyes fluttered open and she smiled.

George pulled out of her and she slid off the seat onto her knees. She gripped his dick firmly and began pumping it before she wrapped her luscious lips around it. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked hard. Watching Lara running those sexy, full lips up and down his twitching cock made George's entire body tingle as the nerve endings in his cock became more and more energized. His face scrunched as he was unable to hold back any longer...

"OHH, Hahh, FFFUCK", he spasmed as he erupted in Lara's warm wet mouth.

"Huhmmm.. ehmmnn", Lara moaned enthusiastically as the warm thick cream splattered into her mouth, some of it dribbling down her chin and onto her breasts. She looked up at the captain with half-lidded eyes gently sucking on his cock. He twitched as he watched her. Lara slid his cock out of her mouth and stroke it again as she used the back of her free hand to wipe the cum off her chin than lick it clean.

She kindly put George's cock back in his pants and got up pecking him on the lips.

"You really are a darling", she purred in her posh English accent.

Lara turned grabbing a few tissues to clean the drying sperm off her chest. She quickly pulled up her shorts and fixed her top.

"We will be landing N'Djili International airport in Kinshasa in about six hours Lady Croft", the captain said trying to make himself look presentable.

"My jeep?"

"It will be on the airstrip as pre-arranged."

"Very good George, as always your services has been above and beyond proficient", Lara smiled.

"You are too generous Lady Croft", he turned and headed back to the cockpit.

Lara walked over to a closet and opened it. Inside was all the equipment she used for her many adventures. She took out her pistol holsters and tied the belt around her waist before strapping it fasten around her legs. Next she clipped on her binoculars and magnetic grappling hook. Finally she took her trademark, custom made duel pistols. She checked to see if they were loaded before holstering them.

Lara again looked out the window of the aircraft...

"Alright, let's do this, shall we."


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