tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTomb Raider: Rituals Ch. 04

Tomb Raider: Rituals Ch. 04


Previously in Tomb Raider Rituals:

The wealthy and dangerous Josephus Alvarez came to Croft Manor to seek the help of the famous adventurer to have her help him find the golden Chalice of Kiribuni. Knowing Alvarez's greedy nature Lara Croft refused, but still set out to find it, but to protect it not acquire it.

The Chalice belonged to the Tsitsikwama, a people native to the jungles of the Congo, a people similar to the Amazon's; woman ruling over men. And a people steeped in all manner of sexual rites.

Lara found the ancient people and took part in the sexual ritual for the right of passage, a rite she could take part in as a woman to earn the knowledge of the whereabouts of the mystic and valuable Chalice. Passing the rite the village came under attack by mercenaries working for Alvarez, but the nimble Ms. Croft narrowly escaped.

Lara then found herself the prisoner of the local DRC military movement the C.U.M, and its ruthless general Ernest Ekeke. Having endured Ekeke and a number of his men having their way with her for hours, Lara was finally freed by the humble soldier Lumanse O'etto.

Now Lara is once again on route to the Caves of Kiribuni...

The Caves of Kiribuni...

They looked like jagged knives jutting out of the ground and reaching far up into the sky. There were various African male and female statues carved into them, all with exaggerated sex organs.

"Would you look at this", Lara said stepping out of her Jeep, and removing her shades to get a clear look at the rocky caves, "their absolutely gorgeous."

"They most certainly are Lara."

Lara felt a sickening feeling in her gut as she turned to face Josephus Alvarez.

"Mr. Alvarez, what a pleasure to see you again", Lara said sarcastically.

"You truly are a marvel Lady Croft. When Mr. McKlintock here told me he saw you racing off through the jungle I betted having Ernest Ekeke stopping you would buy us time to catch up..."

"And you didn't disappoint. You escaped, with a little help, and we followed you right here."

"And now what?" Lara asked narrowing her eyes on him.

"We go in of course", he said nodding his head in the direction of the cave's entrance. Lara looked at the mercs pointing their guns at her and knew she had no choice.

Alvarez walked past her leading the way, passing under the legs of a large male statue, its gigantic penis jutting out, the entire carving marking the cave's entrance.

Will Mackie walked up next to Lara, "You been avoiding me las?" he asked in his strong Scottish accent.

"Hardly Will. I've had no chance for pleasant association with old friends", she was being sarcastic again.

"Friends Lara, is that orl I we were?"

"It was a bet William, I admit I underestimated your abilities, and I did pay the price for my foolish negligence."

Will Mackie smiled at her, "beautiful woman, who knors how to admit she was wrong, you seem like the entire package darling."

Lara didn't dignify his flirting with a response; she knew he was hoping that she would oblige him with a repeat of what had happened between them in Japan. She just silently followed Alvarez's lead.

The caves seemed to be a labyrinth of twists and turns, and for more than thirty minutes they followed the winding paths until they were right back where they started.

"Oh this is fucking ridicules!" Josephus shouted. Lara smirked, but not without him noticing. "You bitch, you know how to get to the Chalice don't you?"

"When we followed you here I thought the route was far too easy, but it's not the way to the caves that's impossible to find is it, it's the root through this fucking maze."

"Well Mr. Alvarez. At the very least, you're not as complete imbecile", Lara smiled mockingly.

"Seeing as how death threats won't force you to cooperate, I'll try other methods..."

"Rodger, get the dynamite."

"Go ahead", Lara said, as one of the mercs removed his backpack, "blow the dynamite in here and we'll all be mashed under a cave-in, and do it from outside and you'll seal the cave forever."

Rodger, stopped what he was doing and looked up at Alvarez, waiting for further instructions.

"Don't worry, Mr. Alvarez, I'll lead you to the Chalice, I need you to get it so that I can take it from you later."

Alvarez brow twitched in irritation at Lara's egotistical arrogance, but he said nothing, he knew he needed her help; for now.

"Follow the path and keep left, on the third turn we go right and then continue left again all the way to the center of the labyrinth."

"Why don't you lead the way my dear", Josephus said, forcing a polite smile.

******** ******** ******

The inner-labyrinth of the caves of Kiribuni...

They must have made their way past the jagged caves and into the mountain Lara thought. The cave opened into a huge dome, the inside of which was also decorated in the same fertility statues and symbols as outside.

"Fantastic", she breathed looking up in awe. Lara Croft had seen some truly awe-inspiring sights, yet still every time she was introduced to a new man-made masterpiece in architecture; it sent shivers up her spine, "absolutely marvelous."

"I, it sure is", William agreed as he came to stand beside her.

Lara found herself smiling at him. While he had got in this business for the money, he did share her passion for it.

"If you are done ogling at the stone pornography, can we get on with it", Alvarez said, cutting in, "how do I get my Chalice Lara?"

Lara ignored the annoying feeling she felt towards Alvarez and looked around the cave. In the center of the dome was an alter which she walked over to. Around the sides were carvings of African females with exaggerated breasts, and on the top was a huge carving of a penis.

"A sacrifice to Ta'munkulu, the patron deity of the Tsitsikwama", said Will Mackie.

"Yes, one that will allow us to obtain the Chalice", Lara confirmed.

"Well, that's too bad Lara, I kind of liked you", Alvarez smiled sadistically.

"That's just it with you men isn't it, Josephus, you do not pay attention. The Tsitsikwama are a tribe ruled by females..."

"Look at the symbol on the top the alter."

"So", Josephus smirked looking at the penis carving.

"So", Lara replied, "it has to be a male sacrifice, not a female."

"I, she's right Mr. Alvarez. I'm guessing becoz the Tsitsikwama did practices by sexual rituals, this is pretty moch the same."

"Right Mackie, one of the females would have sex with the male, and then stab him in the heart, a sacrifice to Ta'munkulu. Then they would take the revealed Chalice and drink from it saying a prayer for the birth of a female child", Lara explained reading the symbols on one side of the alter.

"Well then, seeing as how you're the only female here Lara", Josephus smiled.

Lara looked at him. He was right; the only way the Chalice could be obtained was if she willingly fucked one of the men.

"The things I do for bloody treasures", Lara sighed, "I'll need a volunteer."

The mercenaries backed away. While the prospect of fucking Ms Croft would be a conquest of note, doing so at the cost of their lives was not worth that conquest.

William McKlintock pulled Josephus one side, whispering something in his ear.

"Looks like, I'll be doing this myself", he grinned widely turning at Lara.

Lara felt her stomach churn. Shagging Alvarez was not part of her plan in obtaining the Chalice.

The men in the cave shifted uncomfortably on the spot as Lara started removing her clothing. She dropped her backpack, then undid the rig that made up her belt and holsters, letting it fall with a loud thud on the ground. There were groans when Lara's firm round ass came into view as she shimmied out of her shorts. Leaving her boots, on Lara turned her attention to the top half of her body. She pulled off her tight tank top, her voluptuous breasts squeezing together as the material slipped over them, then swaying firmly into place, the rosy buds of her brown nipples instantly hardening in the cool air within the dank cave.

Josephus smacked his lips as his heart raced, thumping against his chest. She was incredible. Back when he saw her naked the first time outside the Tsitsikwama village, he couldn't see just how toned her body was smeared in all that dirt and cum, but now, now, looking at her in all her clean, naked glory...

His cock swelled rock hard in his trousers.

Alvarez walked closer to her, causing her to take a cautious step back, her ass brushing against the alter. She took a sharp breath as he reached out and lightly skimmed his hand over her large breast. He took as much of it as would fit in his hand and kneaded it softly then groped it.

The feeling of his erection pressing uncomfortably against his jean becoming too much, Josephus quickly undid his pants and let it free. Lara couldn't help looking down at his thick cock dangling just between her legs.

"Willing sex rituals Lara, you have to enjoy this", Josephus reminded her.

Lara bit back the disgust as she reached out and gripped his cock firmly, his hand gripping tightly around her tit in shock. She felt him twitch between her fingers as she ran her hand up and down his length, watching as his foreskin flicked back and forth over his tip.

Lara slipped off the alter before letting him sit on it as she came between his parted legs. She looked into his eyes as she started to pump his cock twisting her wrist at the top.

"Ffffck", Alvarez groaned as his cock twitched more and more as she stroked it. Lara let her head down burying her nose and mouth in the strands of his pubic hair running her tongue over it. She laid his cock next to her mouth, against his pelvis, and then licked along the bottom of it, feeling his body shudder.

She twisted her wrist in little circles round his tip as she slowly ran her tongue over the outside of his dick, tasting him, her eyes fixed on his the entire time.

Josephus struggled to catch is breath, and Lara had barely been busy for a minute. She was a little sex kitten with a plethora of sexual knowledge; he would have wondered how she knew how to do what she was doing if he weren't trying so hard to keep his cool.

He gave a long sigh as Lara finally stopped the tease and took him into her mouth, flicking her tongue into the groove on the underside of his mushroom before taking him deeper in. her mouth was like a warm moist glove, that sucked gingerly as she slurred it up and down his cock sending unbelievable twitches through his body.

Lara bobbed her head slowly up and down his cock, coating it with her saliva, feeling it throb more and more urgently. She ran her lips to his tip then slid him out of her mouth and then slowly pumped his cock again, watching as dribbles of pre-cum oozed out of his pee-hole. She ran her tongue over his flaring tip, licking the milky fluid up, her free hand going down to cup his soft ball sack giving it a soft squeeze.

Lara rose between his legs, his dick springing forward and slapping against her firm tummy. She looked into his eyes, they fluttered rapidly. She got onto the alter on top of him, the delicate velvet folds of her pussy lips brushing over his cock. Lara looked in his eyes as she ran her fleshy pussy against his cock watching him squirm in pleasure. Although doing this was something that made her sick to her stomach, she was the type of person who prided herself in doing everything right.

Satisfied with the way he was throbbing between her legs; Lara got on her knees and turned around, her back facing him. She hovered over his cock, as she watched him grip it and point it straight up lining up with her glistening cunt.

She shut her eyes as she slowly lowered herself, eking a shaky breath as his cock pushed against the soft folds of her labia. "Ffffph", she breathed as she pushed her waist down, his rock hard dick gliding into her hot pussy, pushing into her, as she slid down his length.

Alvarez grit is teeth as Lara's warm, inviting pussy enveloped his cock, swallowing him inch by inch, his foreskin peeing back as he slid into her body. She felt amazing inside, a moist warm embrace that yearned to be filled completely.

Lara sank all the way down, not stopping until she felt his balls brush up against her clit. She didn't move for a while, neither of them did. Nestled tightly inside her, his cock was giving soft twitches that was pulsing through her. She could feel the eyes of the many men, including Will Mackie burning into her naked skin, hear their uncomfortable groans.

Releasing the breath she had held and taking in another, she got on with the public exhibition. She raised her body slowly, the muscles in her calves tightening, Alvarez's hard cock slipping slightly out of her body, then sank down again.

They sighed with that first delicate motion.

She did it again and again, allowing her body to grow accustomed to the warm cock deep inside her, feeling her pussy muscles flex as it stretched around it. Lara used her agility to arch her back and rested her hands on his chest behind her, then started to work her pussy up and down his length setting a quick rhythm.

The soft tapping of Lara's ass against Alvarez's pelvis was only drown out by the groans of the mercenaries and Will Mackie. They watched as Lara's sopping cunt slid over Josephus' glistening tan cock, her lips curling as his dick pushed up into her driving in deep.

Lara's breathing grew heavier with every thrust of her hips, Josephus' grip on her waist becoming almost painful as he held onto her as she drove onto him, but she didn't stop, she couldn't, it felt so good. Over and over again she drove her warm pussy over him, pleasure teasing her sweat-kissed body as it began to coil within her.

"Humffpht, ahh, ffck. Lara", he groaned as he raised his head slightly to watch her ass slam against his pelvis, light ripples going through it as it jiggled. He skimmed his hands over her stomach, and then her ribs, feeling them expand as she took in deep breaths. His hand continued upward until they found her massive breasts, her ample chest swaying and bouncing as she drove her tight little body on his cock. He grabbed hold of her breasts feeling it overflow in his hands as he used them to station himself so that he could thrust back into her. Her pussy was growing hotter around his aching cock as he struggled to thrust into her from below, the feeling causing him to grit his teeth as his balls began to strain.

"Ohh, ohh, ohh", Lara moaned, as she felt Josephus grope her tits hard, the sensitive nubs of her nipples brushing against his palms. She felt him begin to meet her thrusts, driving into her sopping pussy from beneath, the feeling birthing a tingling sensation that was quickly consuming her. She was more than willing to respond to his thrusts, sitting back up- his hands sliding down her body to her back waist- and bouncing on his throbbing cock as fast as she could.

Every movement hindered her breathing yet increased the pleasure, the resonating pulses of is dick reverberating through her, the soft tapping of her clit against his balls satisfying her horny body.

"Hahh", she yelped in surprise as he pushed her up, his dick slipping out of her pussy as she fell forward on the alter. Alvarez was on his knees in a flash. Desperate to continue the debase ritual, Lara raised her long thighs her face flat on the cold stone. Lying there, her back half raised on her knees, her heart shaped ass ready for him, Alvarez, gripped his cock and drove into her sopping cunt and got into a fast and steady rhythm.

Lara's nails raked over the stone as the hard thick dick pistoned in and out of her vagina. She moved her hands between her legs to find her clit, grinding the engorged bundle of flesh back and forth, teasing her body as it quivered in pleasure.

Alvarez's face scrunched as he held onto her waist driving in and out of her as fast as he could. His dick pulled out to the tip before slamming back in over and over. His legs started to feel like rubber begging him to stop, but he mustered all the energy he could and continued pounding his cock into her quivering sex, smiling because of the incredible feeling.

Desire caused soft quivers to ripple up Lara's sweat drenched spine, her pussy gripping around Alvarez's cock as it sloshed in and out of her. Her breasts rubbed painfully against the stone alter as her body was roughly pummeled. She didn't care, she was enjoying this too much, she ran her waist back, meeting Alvarez's long strokes, her fingers rubbing clitoris furiously.

All at once Lara's eyes drove to the back of her head, her toes curling in her boots, her pussy tightening around Alvarez's dick as her clit throbbed in between her fingers. All life around her disappeared for one sensational moment. Trapped in her own world of euphoric bliss, Lara bit her lip as the soothing embrace of her orgasm blanketed her.

"God", she whimpered, the heat shooting her body into violent spasms as her climax raked through her in the powerful throes of pleasure.

Josephus groaned as he felt Lara's orgasm cause her pussy to clamp like a vice-grip around his cock, she was incredible. He wished he could continue fucking her but it was barely half a thrust before his balls tightened.

He slipped his cock out of her just before he lost it. His dick erupting in thick strings of hot spunk mixed with piss. Lara rested her forehead on the cold stone as she felt the warm sticky goop slosh over her ass and spill onto her lower back, some of it dripping down over her pussy.

She fell flat on her stomach exhausted, her pussy still lightly burning from the amazing shag. She heard Josephus shuffle behind her and get off the alter, after which he called over one of his men.

Lara looked up to see Josephus forcefully push the mercs body over the alter before he took out a knife and stabbed him in the heart. Lara shot up watching in horror as the man twitched, his breathing growing shallow as the life drained out of him.

His blood pooled underneath him before running into the groove in the stone and fill out the carving of the penis.

The cave began to echo as a loud grinding sound singled a door opening. Josephus looked around but saw nothing.

"Well, what now?" he asked, his voice still a bit shallow due to shortness of breath.

Lara looked up at a ledge above them, William catching it.

"Lara, Lara, Lara. It's up there in'it?" he smirked.

Alvarez followed his gaze patting him on the back, "well done Mr. McKlintock, well done."

Alvarez turned to his men, "we're climbing, watch her", he pointed to Lara, "Mr. McKlintock, let's go..."

The five mercenaries watched as Josephus and Will started to climb the jagged rock up to the ledge above. Lara waited till they were high enough not to be a nuisance.

She was quick; approaching the nearest merc, she spun her body into a roundhouse kick but instead of following through, locked his neck in the joint of her knee bringing him to the ground, with a twist of her hip she broke his neck.

The other mercs raised there guns ready to fire. Lara quickly grabbed the down mans stun stick, flicking the switch, the tip lighting up with an electrical spark. The agile Ms Croft was on the four remaining mercs in a flash, twisting her body to avoid their incoming blows, and hitting them with the stun stick in key body joints.

In less than a minute the mercs lay in aching spasms on the ground as volts of electricity jolted through their bodies. Not having time to get dressed, Lara grabbed her belt and strapped it on. She reeled out her grappling hook and flung it up watching as it caught a jutting rock. With a tug the hook was secure, and Lara quickly climbed the rock face.

"Josephus, back away from the Chalice", Lara demanded pointing both pistols at him.

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