tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTomb Raider: Rituals Ch. 05

Tomb Raider: Rituals Ch. 05


Previously in Tomb Raider Rituals:

The wealthy and dangerous Josephus Alvarez came to Croft Manor to seek the help of the famous adventurer to have her help him find the golden Chalice of Kiribuni. Knowing Alvarez's greedy nature Lara Croft refused, but still set out to find it, but to protect it not acquire it.

The Chalice belonged to the Tsitsikwama, a people native to the jungles of the Congo, a people similar to the Amazon's; woman ruling over men. And a people steeped in all manner of sexual rites.

Lara found the ancient people and took part in the sexual ritual for the right of passage, a rite she could take part in as a woman to earn the knowledge of the whereabouts of the mystic and valuable Chalice. Passing the rite the village came under attack by mercenaries working for Alvarez, but the nimble Ms. Croft narrowly escaped.

Lara then found herself the prisoner of the local DRC military movement the C.U.M, and its ruthless general Ernest Ekeke. Having endured Ekeke and a number of his men having their way with her for hours, Lara was finally freed by the humble soldier Lumanse O'etto.

Lara Croft finally found the caves of Kiribuni but Josephus Alvarez and his men had caught up with her. Lady Croft resigned to her fate and led Alvarez through the maze within the cave to the heart of the labyrinth. On coming to the centre of the cave it was discerned by Lara and Will Mackie that yet another sex ritual would be needed to obtain the Chalice of Kiribuni.

Reluctant at first, Lara condoned to having sex with Josephus on the stone alter. The ritual to the Tsitsikwama's fertility god Ta'munkulu having been performed; Josephus took and drank from the Chalice making his body host for the evil deity.

Now Lara faces the human incarnation of a Sex God...


His eyes glowed an icy blue, smoke coming out of it as he looked at the two 'mortals' in front of him. When he spoke it was the sound of the voices of a myriad peoples speaking at once...


"Mr. Alvarez?"

His not Josephus Alvarez, Will", Lara said, "not anymore."

The being turned his head in the direction of the female voice.

"We should run now Will."

Magnetic grappling hook still tied to the rock and clipped to her belt, Lara ran and flung her naked self off the ledge. Free falling, she spun around in mid-air pulling out her guns and firing at Alvarez. The bullets did nothing but leave bumps on his body as they bounced off him.

The god Ta'munkulu watched Lara Croft as she dropped and fired shots at him. Raising his hands his cloths burnt off his body in an invisible fire. He stood on the ledge, his body toned and muscular, with glowing blue Tsitsikwama symbols seared into his flesh. His cock began to swell fifteen inches in length, as he watched Lara.


Just as she was about to hit the ground Lara felt all control of her body lost, her guns falling out of her hands. Bourne aloft like a feather, she found herself raising back up toward the god. As she rose toward him her legs parted on its own, as she was drawn faster and faster toward him.

The sheer force of the impact caused Lara to yell out as she her pelvis slammed into Ta'munkulu, his rock hard cock shoving completely inside her sex. Lara bit her lip, pinching her eyes closed as her body started to slam into his. He wasn't holding onto her, he just stood there hands in the air as he watched Lara floating in the air as if an unseen puppeteer were slapping her body into his.

Will Mackie stood behind watching with blinking eyes as Lara Croft's body slammed into Josephus' over and over again. Her face was contorted in pain as his unusually large cock pummeled her well oiled pussy.

"FUCK", Lara yelled out as her sopping wet pussy was scoured by Ta'munkulu's huge dick. She tried every trick she knew to try and regain control of her body, but it wasn't working. Worse still, was the fact that her body was beginning to tingle with pleasure as the monster cock pumping rapidly in and out of her teased the waking desire.

Will Mackie pulled out his gun and ran toward Ta'mun firing off a dozen rounds with little effect. When he got close to him, the god gripped his throat and flung him off the ledge.

"AAHH", Lara yelled out as her body shuddered in mid-air as her budding climax consumed her, her pussy gripping around Ta'mun's cock as her juices spilt onto his balls. As her orgasm raked through her, Lara felt her energy begin to sap, and when that happened Ta'mun started to hover up into the air.

Lara was quickly beginning to lose herself in another building orgasm, as she felt herself slapping even faster into the god's cock. Her mind was sated by the incredible pleasure as her sex grew hotter and hotter.

Back on the dome floor, Will groaned as he stirred. He looked up to see Ta'mun floating with Lara still fucking him in mid-air. Even from this distance he could see that she looked exhausted, as if she had been at it for hours. The realization of what was happening dawned on him...

...Lara was the maiden who had performed the ritual, but now because a man drank of the chalice, she would serve as a sacrifice. With every orgasm she had her life force would transfer to him, the mortal body of Josephus Alvarez he possessed would then become immortal, making the god Ta'munkulu complete.

He would have to hurry if he was going to save Lara, he thought, looking up and seeing her body spasm.

Lara bit her lip as a second orgasm shot through her causing her to take in several ragged breaths. She could barely whisper as she felt yet another orgasm building, her pussy gripping around the god-cock, drawing it ever deeper inside her body. She felt herself loosing consciousness from the sheer exhaustion, as all she could do was hover there in the air as her body rocked against Ta'mun's.

Meanwhile Will Mackie had made his way back up the ledge to where the Chalice of Kiribuni was...

"Please", he begged as he picked it up. He looked inside to see that some of the liquid was still inside. In fact he realized that when it had dropped the liquid could not fall out, and now lifting it upright he found that it had magically refilled.

Will went to the rubber band that still connected from the jutted out rock to Lara's belt as she floated in the air. He untied it and swung then started climbing it up to where the intimately joined couple was floating.

Lara could feel the amount of juices her dripping pussy was excreting as it drove over the monster cock, feel it running down the crack of her bum and drip to the floor far below. Somewhere deep inside she knew she had to fight, that being in this position was bad, but the lust that clouded her judgment was eating her alive.

The drops of pussy loob were dripping on Will's forehead as he climbed the band up to Lara. He could see the shivers running up her spine, soon she would loose herself in the sex, and as her orgasms grew closer together the life would sap out of her. If she lost consciousness, he would not be able to save her.

Finally he reached her body. Drawing his gun he took advantage of the fact that Ta'mun's eyes were closed as he enjoyed Lara's body slapping into his...

"Hey you Forker!" Will yelled pointing the gun at him.

Ta'mun opened his eyes and Will pulled the trigger, the shot firing and hitting him in the eye. The god yelled out and held his eye. Will quickly jumped on top of Lara's stomach, straddling her. His cock twitched as he looked at her sweaty body, her tits jiggling as her body rocked back and forth. She looked at him with half-lidded eyes, not even recognizing him her sex-addled mind lost in pleasure.

"C'mon Lara, you gort'a fight sweetheart", Will said.

He then took the Chalice and poured some of the liquid in her mouth. Behind him, Ta'mun regained his senses. He gripped Will Mackie by his throat again and throttled him.

"Ack.. hkk", Will gurgled struggling to breathe as Ta'mun held him.


The cool liquid ran over Lara's lips then down her throat. When it did it was like an adrenalin surge that jolted through her body.

"HAHH", Lara breathed as she found herself feeling the hard cock pumping away between her legs. She looked at Will as he was choked by Ta'mun. Lara grabbed the gun out of the Scot's holster and pointed it at the god. This time she aimed at the symbols on his body and fired.

"YAARGH!" he yelled as the blue splash turned into a red splatter of blood.

Both Lara and Will fell to the ground. Lara quickly threw out her grappling hook, catching another rock. She tugged, swung and grabbed Will out of the air. They came down hitting the ground hard.

Will was up first holding his throat and coughing as he struggled to breathe. Lara got up and sprinted for her own guns. She tossed Will's gun back to him then grabbed her own cocking them.

"Aim for the markings William!" she shouted as she squeezed the trigger.

The incoming bullets hit every blue marking on the god's body causing the blood to rain down from the sky. Lara's face glowed in the rapid nozzle flashes of her twin pistols as she emptied an entire clip on the god. On the last shot she took aim firing at the glowing blue dot on his forehead.

The bullet drilled in then blew out the back of his head in a pop of blood.

Ta'munkulu fell from the sky and hit the alter, the pouring blood filling out the carved penis.

Lara looked at Will breathing heavily, he looking back at her. He got up and walked to the golden Chalice, kneeling and picking it up.

Lara read his mind and spoke, "something like this is too dangerous to bring into our world Will."

"Lara the money", he sighed, looking at the gleaming gold.

"Please William, it must be left with the Tsitsikwama."

****************** ****************** ************

The Gulfstream G550 flew over the lush jungles of the Congo on route for the United Kingdom. Inside the expensive private jet its owner purred stretching out over the plush seat.

William McKlintock groaned as he pushed his aching cock deeper into Ms Croft's ass her plump cheeks pushing around his meat. Lara craned her neck smiling at him. He bent over and kissed her, her tongue pushing around in her mouth. He gripped her massive breast as he heaved his cock in and out of her tight rubbery sphincter, enjoying the feeling of the brown little ring gripping around his cock.

It wasn't often that Lara let someone take her in the ass but Will Mackie deserved it. She bit her lip moaning as he drove three fingers into her pussy and started pumping into her faster and faster, rocking her body back and forth. She opened her mouth in a voiceless scream as he curled his fingers up against her inn-walls, his thumb pressing against her clit.

"Hahh, Lara", Will groaned as she rocked herself against him. He could feel his balls begin to ach and knew he couldn't hold on for much longer. He drove his fingers in and out of her pussy in stride with his pummeling feeling her vagina tighten around his fingers; he then used his other hand to pinch her budding nipple hard.

"AHH, AH, Hahh AHH" their screams of pleasure mimicked each other's as their body's slapped together. Lara caved in first; her knees bulking underneath her as her orgasm ripped through her causing intense shivers to jolt through her. She pinched her eyes closed as her pussy and ass tightened around the invading cock and fingers, her cum drenching Will's fingers.

All Will could do was grunt as he couldn't contain himself any longer; he exploded deep inside Lara's bowls sighing happily as gallons of his hot cream shot into her anus.

Lara fell forward onto the couch breathing heavily. She turned around and watched Will's cock deflate, smiling.

"So how long is the flight to the UK again?"

"Orr, it's a couple O hours sweetheart" Will Smiled.

Lara spread her legs showing off he lush trimmed pussy. She opened the slightly brown lips and showed him her moist inner-pink walls then drover her finger deep inside herself.

A wicked smile crossed her face as his cock stirred once again...

"However shall we pass the time, love?"


Hope you guys enjoyed Lara's first adventure. Please look out for Lara Croft's forthcoming story. Here's a slight preview:

The unnaturally cold air caused her breath to turn into steam as she ran as fast as she could through the thick lush grass, pushing her aching limbs. Her mind flashing with a million images at once, as if someone had put on a slideshow right in front of her eyes.

Flash after flash caused her head to throb, as she saw herself sprawled out on the stone table being used by those sadistic bastards.

Lara Croft pushed her body harder, she could hear the noise behind her, the barking of the bloodhounds cashing after her; they had her scent. She had to get away, had to run faster, she would not let the murderous cult catch her; that knowledge wasn't worth it.

Another flash, she saw the tall hooded man in the maroon robe pushing his hard cock into her flashing before her eyes; it caused her to stumble...

"NO!" Lara yelled loosing her footing and falling off the edge of the cliff...




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