tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTomb Raider: Uncharted Ch. 02

Tomb Raider: Uncharted Ch. 02


Previously in Tomb Raider Uncharted:

Sailing her expensive yacht on the sparkling seas of Miami, Florida served as a luxurious diversion for Lara Croft as she waited for a gangbanger who carried an ancient Assyrian key she required.

On boarding the boat with gangsters and drug sealers Ms Croft acquired her little trinket by force, and when she went below deck, she found a man who had been beaten up there; that man was an adventurer in his own right, Nathan Drake, descendent of famous explorer Sir Francis Drake...

On freeing Drake and entertaining him on her yacht Lara told him that she required the key to free a friend then left the conversation hanging in the air as she retired for an evening of "private time", but not without Nathan getting an eye full...

Lara then told Nathan he would accompany her to Egypt to free her friend Professor Von Croy from an Arab arms dealer and Jihad leader...


The hazy vapors of evaporating water caused the hot sun to almost swim in the golden sky; from the north the white sea plane shimmered in its glare as it flew in earthbound.

Nathan Drake eased the stick down as he flew the aircraft down toward the river.

"We have hurry, we're really pressed for time", Lara said to him as she checked her guns for the fifth time since they had left Miami.

"Yeah", Nathan replied, "We're really, really low on fuel."

"I'm worried about my engagement with Adlah dear, his not a very patient man and shan't like us taking our sweet time."

Nathan checked his watch, "thought you set the meet for three, local time?"

"I also said I was unwilling to trade him the key for Werner."

"Can't be much of a friend", Nathan smirked.

"Actually Werner was my trusted mentor, and one of the dearest people in my life, that was until he left me for dead; here in Egypt actually. However, I am not about to give a man like Abdul bin Adlah the finance he needs for his holy war."

Nathan kept the next comment to himself, Lara Croft certainly was a passionate woman; he had to admire that. He just hoped she had a plan.

"We're coming in to the town about a mile up."

A wave of water dashed up into the air like liquid wings as the sea plane came in, landing on the water of the Nile River.

"Atbara", Lara said looking at the town overhead. A man came running over the peer when he saw her.

He ran to the door of the plane and opened it, "Ms Croft, I thought you will not be making it in time."

"Abu, nice of you to come and greet us", Lara smiled stepping out.

The little man was dressed in white, his greasy long hair looked tangled and unkempt, the crown of his head completely bald. His beady eyes were peering down Lara's cleavage as she stepped onto the peer.

"Be a darling and have the plane filled will you Abu, I fear we'll be making a rather hasty retreat."

Nathan climbed over the passenger seat and also got out of the plane. He was surprised to see a suspicious glare on Abu's mouse-like face as he looked at him.

"Hey, I'm Nathan", he smiled, extending his hand.

Abu looked at him, and then turned to follow Lara as she strutted toward the town.

"Jeez, talk about cold reception, Lara, I don't like Egypt", he said running after her as well.

"The place is rather deserted, isn't it", Lara said to Nathan as he caught up.

Abu answered, "Abdul bin Adlah brings with him fear and terror, Ms Croft, the people will cower in their homes until he passes through."

"Wonderful", Nathan said sarcastically.

"We had better prepare ourselves for his arrival then, shan't we?" Lara commented, thinking out loud.

********** *************** *************

In the quietness of the Town Square Lara heard the rumbling engine of the truck that approached from down the dusty street.

It drove into the town and stopped.

Abdul bin Adlah was dressed in his black jilbāb. His long grey beard rested on his chest, his eyes were like black coals in their sockets.

"Mr. Adlah, I trust you have brought my friend?"

Abdul looked back at the truck. Two men pulled the elderly gentleman out of the back; he looked unharmed, though he did seem a tad dehydrated.

"Are you alright Werner?"

"Fine my dear, a little the worse for ware, but quite..."

He shut his mouth as Adlah raised a hand.

"Where is my key?"

Lara was looking at Nathan as he moved over the roof top, trying to position himself just above Adlah's men as she spoke, "I have it..."

"I really do hate it when my integrity is scrutinized Mr. Adlah."


Nathan leapt off the roof and onto the two guards with the almighty yell. Adlah looked behind him to see Drake dive one of his men to the dirt. He turned back to face Lara, only to find her first hurtling toward his face fast.

Lara swung hard knocking Adlah through his jaw. As he went down; she looked at Nathan as he wrestled with the man beneath him. More men were now getting out of the truck armed with machine guns. Lara drew her own pistols ready to fire, but the men ran to cover, firing at her, forcing her to dive behind the nearby well.

Nathan swung a right hook that connected with the man's jaw in a loud crunch; he got ready to follow through with a head butt, when he saw the men with machine guns had turned their attentions to him.

He rolled off the man lying flat on the ground covering is head with his hands as the spray of bullets thrift through the dirt around him and hit the truck behind him.

Lara took advantage of the situation to dart out of cover and squeeze off a few shots of her own, taking down two of the goons as she ran for Von Croy. Reaching him Lara tugged him under his arm yanking him to the safety of a nearby dwelling.

"Werner, are you fit enough to get yourself out of here?" she yelled above he blaring gunfire.

"Just you point the way child!"

Meanwhile, Nathan pulled the Desert Eagle out of his holster and fired it in the direction of the men. When they got down behind cover he quickly got to his feet ready to move.

He looked at the truck and spotted the leak in the gas tank, "Oh, not good."

What caught his attention next was the whirling noise of chopper blades. It flew in from the south, a man with a M65 assault riffle ready to fire at him.

The bullets ripped over the ground hitting the truck again, igniting sparks...

"Oh com'n, are you serious!" Nathan yelled running. The thundering explosion caused a wave that knocked him off his feet and slammed him like a rag doll against a nearby wall.

Again taking advantage of the diversion Lara came out of hiding shooting up at the chopper. She hit the shooter in the shoulder and he clutched it as he plummeted to the earth. Ms Croft clicked the empty clips out of her gun as she skidded across the ground kicking up a cloud of dirt and dust as she slid to the cover of the well. She reloaded her weapons and held it up ready to go.

Nathan stirred on the ground his ears ringing from the explosion, "How the hell do I get myself in these situations"?

"Ludicrous", he said getting to his feet. He shot at the group of men as he darted to Lara.

Lara Knelt with her back to the well as bullets hit the old bricks breaking them apart into small particle. She looked at Nathan as he came in kneeling next to her, "You're looking fashionable once again."

Nathan's side of his body was covered in dirt, the cut above is eye had once again started to bleed, a dark red stain running down his face.

"Nice", Nathan mocked as he rose and shot at the men, hitting one of them in the neck; the guy gurgling, hand clutching his bleeding throat.

"Oh, bloody hell, this isn't getting us anywhere is it", Lara moaned as the bullets ricocheted around her. She holstered one gun and cocked the other.

"Give me some covering fire, will you."

Nathan looked at her, confused; it was becoming something he was doing a lot, but he got up and fired at the men again and they ducked behind cover. Lara peeked out to find the chopper; it was right above the men. She got up and took aim quickly then fired a single shot...

Bullet time would have seen the hammer of the gun slam, driving the firing pin forward, the empty shell flicking out on the chamber as the bullet shot out in a brief nozzle flash. The bullet streamed through the air, shattered through the chopper's windshield, drilled through the pilot's helmet, then busts the skull of his forehead apart before it got logged in his brain...

"How can things possibly get this fucked up", Nathan said watching as the chopper spun around in the air. The blades smashed against the ground turning some of the goons to mince meat as it chopped them up. It hit the ground then shot up enveloped in fire, introducing the impending explosion.

Lara dove Nathan through a nearby door as the chopper spun and rolled toward them. Looking through the door at the in coming catastrophe, Nathan rolled on top of Lara covering her, as the chopper exploded just outside the door, shrapnel flinging over them, as the place they were in shook causing debris to fall from the ceiling.

In the deafening chiming in her ears Lara could make out Adlah speaking, she looked through the watery haze of the fire to see him get into another truck that had come before it drove off; he must have thought they were killed in the explosion.

Nathan rose up allowing Lara to breathe and turned to see the sheering flames outside the door. He looked back at Lara; she was staring at him, that same mischievous smile on her face he had seen before. His blood instantly ran to his cock.

"All that hard steel in my hands, firing off shots, the action, it really gets the adrenalin going doesn't it? I really get off on it", Lara said, smiling sexily.

Nathan couldn't control himself; all at once his mind was thrown back to that lucky bastard skipper, images of him drilling Lara on the yacht. He went down and pressed his lips against hers hard, pressing his tongue into her mouth.

Adrenalin boiled over into passion and all Lara could do was moan as she pulled Nathan's body on top of her and opened her mouth allowing him to explore hers. The burning need in between her legs was making her impatient though, and she moved her hands down to undo his belt.

Nathan ripped his lips from Lara's and groaned as his zip flew down and her hand snaked into his pants to wrap round his hard dick. Meanwhile Lara quickly left his cock to pull down her own shorts, but with the straps of her gun holsters round her legs she couldn't shimmy them down all the way.

"FUCK", Nathan moaned as his shinny circumcised knob pressed against Ms Croft's wet pussy lips. He looked down at her beautiful face; it was partially covered in dirt, her eyes fluttering rapidly.

"Hurry up lover, push inside me", she purred.

Nathan bit his lip, his cock throbbed as it rested against Lara's slit, he felt like he was going to blow there and then. He took a strained breath as he pushed his hips into her, her pussy gripping around his cock as he pushed it into her toned body.

God she was so wet, so ready for him, his cock twitching as it was sheathed in the burning heat of Lady Croft's incredible sex. Her legs wrapped around him as he shoved further into her, slowly thrusting out then feeding into her as he eased forward.

Lara licked her lips as she felt Nathan's hard cock slide between her clammy legs, the insatiable need to be shagged causing her body to burn up, "Hurry up you daft idiot, fuck me already."

Nathan was delirious with pleasure; he started to pump his cock into Lara quickly, using short, quick thrusts, his cock throbbing painfully as it was drawn deeper inside her hot gash. The clutter of her belt rig, and shorts making it hard for him to drive his full length into her, but he didn't care, she felt so goddamn amazing inside. As he held himself on his arms and thrust in and out of her as he watched those full round large breasts jiggle.

Lara grunted as her sweaty breasts were exposed to the heated air from the fire, her light brown nipples instantly hardening. Another grunt escaped her full lips as Nathan started to nip and suck her nipple. Her breathing grew heavier as she got caught in the intense pleasure, lightly meeting Nathan's strong strokes.

Nathan removed his mouth from her tit and huffed as he drove in and out of her sopping cunt, his balls beginning to ach, his back throbbing from where he had hit it against the wall; but he continued fucking her harder faster, her pussy starting to convulse round his thick cock.

"Hahh, hah, ohh, ohh, god, t-that's soo.. so yummy.. darling", Lara whined, as she felt Nathan ram his hard dick in and out of her, her sweet, sweet juices running from her seeping pussy down the crack of her ass.

Next thing; she bit the crook of his neck, her legs squeezing his waist tightly as her pussy contracted, "Hahh, hahh, HAAAAH!" she screamed as she was overwhelmed by a mind blowing orgasm her eyes driving to the back of her head. Her body shuddered underneath Drake before her limbs tensed in the surge of pleasure.

Nathan's grunts grew desperate, as he continued to scour Lara's tender, dripping cunt with his aching cock, feeling her arch into him, her breasts pushing into his chest as her orgasm rolled through her sensual body.

Lara felt him throb violently inside her, signaling his own impending climax...

"Pull, out lover, don't cum inside me."

She gasped as he slithered his cock out of her pussy. He rolled off her and pumped his cock twice shivering as he shot his load on the ground.

Out of breath, he knelt next to Lara his glistening cock deflating slowly. He looked over at her; her eyes were wide as she looked past him. He followed her gaze...

The family was staring at them, the husband and his wife, the little girl in their arms as they hid in the cupboard; they had dived into the family's home.

"Oh, my", Lara said face red wit embarrassment, getting to her feet and pulling up her pants, then covering her exposed boobs.

Nathan smiled awkwardly as he put his dick away, "We'll just let ourselves out the back."

The two of them walked briskly out of the house.

"E-um", Nathan cleared his throat as they made it outside again, "I guess we better make it back to the sea plane."

"The plane is gone", Lara said looking at him, strands of her hair clung to her brow, her face glowing slightly, "Werner took it."

"How do..."

"We find a place to stay the night, I'll have Zip send my jet to the airport, then tomorrow we make for India..."

********** *************** *************

Nathan looked out the window of the hotel they were staying in, there was a lot of commotion in the town of Atbara, but then again, he thought, it's not everyday that a chopper crashed into someone's house killing five armed men.

Lara's little friend Abu, despite his misleading appearance, was quite resourceful; he had managed to use his influence over officials to pin everything on Adlah. He didn't know why he was surprised, Lara was a countess, and had connections around the globe.

The bathroom door opened and Lara walked out wearing her tank top and a pair of royal blue panties, Nathan swallowed a groan looking at her curvaceous body, the top straining over her large breasts, her nipples clearly visible, her hear tussled from her shower, her long sexy legs, shinning, still a bit damp.

Lara noticed the bulge in his jean, "behave darling, there's no time for shagging now."

Nathan's face contorted in a disappointed scowl.

"Werner will be meeting us in Bangalore in India tomorrow evening from there we have to make our way to the tomb of Sheik Mohinder Sudesh."

Nathan looked at her curiously, "The sheik Alexander the Great allegedly stayed with?"

"Good boy, you know your history Mr. Drake..."

"Yes, as a gift to the sheik for the hand of his daughter, Alexander gave him the coffin of Artaxerxes, being made of gold, it was rather valuable, of course Alexander violated his daughter later..."

"But what we're interested in lay inside the coffin and is far more valuable."

Nathan watched her as she brushed her long brown hair, "No one knows for sure what's in his coffin."

"Werner von Croy is a greedy bastard, but he is a world renowned archeologist, and he believes it's the scepter of the Northern King of Acadia."

"You kidding me right", Nathan snorted, "the scepter of the God-King..." "It's a myth."

"Lara stared at her reflection in the mirror, "Ningirsu. "Fertility god of ancient Acadia..."

She turned to Nathan Drake, "A god bound in the form of a man in the days before Noah's flood..."

"Yeah, I know the legend, he ruled as the Northern God-King taking every virgin daughter of the Acadian people to his bed and producing warrior men for his armies. When the mortal king died he put his powers into the scepter. Like I said Lara, it's a myth", Nathan said in a mocking tone.

Lara walked and sat on the bed, "Artaxerxes ruled a great army, if he used the scepter to breed that army..."

"It's a goddamn myth Lara, myth, do you understand that?

"Well we will certainly see if it is won't we", she retorted.

She got under the blankets, then turned to Nathan, "you'll be sleeping on the floor by the way, I sleep with a gun under my pillow in case you misbehave." She turned around and closed her eyes.

Nathan laid down on the hard floor resting his head on a rolled up blanket. His mind milling over what Lara had said. Even if the whole army breeding sex god myth was a bunch of bullshit, the scepter itself was said to be made of solid gold encrusted with blue diamonds. It would be worth billions of dollars...

...with that last titillating thought he drifted to sleep.

********** *************** *************

Cairo International Airport...

She certainly was a woman of expensive taste, Nathan thought as he looked at the Gulfstream G550 private jet they were driving toward, it was priced at a high end of $ 50 000 000.

The captain welcomed them, "Lady Croft, we are ready to take off whenever you're ready, and..."

"Bangalore International, George, we leave immediately", she said passing him and boarding the plane.

"Yes ma'am.

Five minutes later the engine roared as the plane ran down the landing strip, it flew up into the air, landing gear folding in as it rose higher into the African sky.


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