Tomboy Ch. 04


"You are so going to lose," she said as she tried to grab the small Nerf ball from his hands. "Lady's first?"

"Sure if there was lady present," he laughed as he ducked her over hand right. "My house, my rules. Rule number one is that you must make exactly the same shot as the first player. Rule two is that you can do anything to distract the other player except physically obstruct the shot."

"Is that it?" she grinned.

"Nope, rule three is that the loser must be the winners slave for rest of the night."

"I guess you have been practicing all day," she laughed. She quickly counted their clothing and saw they both were wearing four items not counting their shoes if you counted his belt as an item. "No shoes," she said as she kicked her slip on sneakers to the side.

"OK my first shot is a hook shot from behind the bed," he smiled. Before Jo could react he swiftly moved behind the bed and swished it clean through the hoop. "Looks like an "H" for Jo," he teased.

"I'll give you an "H" right here," she laughed as she grabbed his crotch. He jumped back before she got a good hold. Jo moved behind the bed and took a practice hook with an empty hand. As she concentrated on the shot and moved her arm back Tom's fingers moved up under her skirt and caressed her buttock. "Hey!" she yelled as the small ball barely struck the wire rim. "That's not fair."

"Rule two," Tom laughed. "Take something off."

Jo didn't like to lose at any game and smiled as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse. She teased him by turning the other way before she tossed the blouse on the chair and turned to face him. Her golden bangs fell down into her face. She blew them back and stuck out her chest at him. "Don't miss or you will be in trouble," she joked.

Tom peeked at her tight bra as he moved down on the bed on his back. He took the ball above his head for a shot when her head moved down to nibble at the large lump in his shorts. "Now that is definitely not fair," he moaned as he took aim again and bounced the ball high off the ceiling. It fell straight to the floor.

"AIR-BALL, AIR-BALL!" she yelled as she grabbed the ball and ran up to the hoop for a dunk before he could grab her. "Your shot big boy."

It as simple dunk however he knew she would grabbed at him as he went up. He held one hand out to block her as the other hand dunked the ball through the hoop. "You can do better than that," he laughed. Tina moved up onto the bed and took aim across the room. She knew he would touch or something and was ready for it when he pulled down her bra allowing her breast to flop out. As he sucked on the hard tip she shot. "SWISH BABY!" she yelled as she pushed his lips from her nip and jumped off the bed.

Tom too anticipated she would grab him so he concentrated on the shot while he stood on the bed. But instead of grabbing him she ran over by the basket and pulled down both cups of her bra. Her two hard pink nipples looked at him. "Shit," he muttered as he moved his hands back. Suddenly she wiggled her chest and the ball bounced off the backboard. "Take something off," she giggled.

Tom pulled off his shirt and watched as she moved down on her back on the floor facing away from the basket. As she looked over her head at the hoop she felt her skirt being raised and the cool air on her thighs and stomach. She giggled as his wet tongue licked at the edges of her panties around her crotch. She aimed and fired. It banked in. "Ummm, you can keep doing that if you want," she moaned.

Tom grabbed the ball. "How can you make a shot like that with my tongue on your panties and you play like shit with me in the stands?" he asked.

"I know where your tongue is now but not when you are in the stands," she giggled. "Your shot." She moved up to allow him to take her place.

Tom took his position and waited for her to do something. She just smiled as she stood up next to his head. As he aimed the ball she pulled up her skirt until the damp crotch of her panties could be seen. "That won't work," he laughed as he shot the ball. It went in and out.

"It won't huh?" she laughed. She took the ball and watched as he removed his belt.

Jo quickly jumped to the side of him and shot the ball off the side wall. It swished through the tiny net.

"You've played this game before haven't you?" he asked, now sweating.

"Yes, but not for these high stakes."

As he turned towards the hoop he felt her breasts push up against his back. This time he took his time and made the shot.

"Try this one," Jo said as she threw the ball up in the air and head-butted it in the hoop.

"Damn Jo, you must be the Nerf ball queen," he said as he tried to do the same thing but missed. He quickly pushed his shorts over his boxers. "Is it cold in here or is it just me?" he laughed.

Jo could see his level of arousement and wanted to get the game going. She hooked the ball poorly and missed.

"I guess the sight is too much for you," he laughed as he grabbed the ball and sat down in the chair. As he aimed the ball Jo's mouth sucked in his earlobe. Somehow he got the ball off and made it. Jo moved in his place and felt his lips do the same to her ear. He whispered just as she shot, "I want to eat you up." The ball missed.

Both of them were breathing heavy now as she pulled off her skirt and stood in only her dainty undies. "This game is too slow," she said seriously. "From now on if we miss we take everything off."

"Rule four," he laughed as he stood against the back wall and took aim. He gasped when her fingers fished out his prick and her lips circled the tip. "That's definitely not fair," he grunted as his shot bounced into the net. It was Jo's turn and if she missed she would be his slave for the rest of the night.

"You have to promise me that if I miss that you won't ask me to do something I don't want to do," she said as her mouth popped off of his hard-on.

"How would I know what you don't like to do?" he asked. So far she had been willing to do just about anything.

She giggled. "I'll let you know." She moved back against the wall and saw him drop down the front of her body. His fingers pulled her striped bikini panties down low enough for him to lick up and down her quivering pussy mound. As she threw the ball her legs buckled on her and she fell to the floor on top of him. Neither of them saw if the ball went through the hoop.

"Did it go in?" he asked as he pulled her panties off her soft hips.

"No," she moaned. It didn't matter because she wanted to be his sex slave. "What do you want me to do master?"

"I never thought I'd hear those words from you Jo Thompson," he grinned. Her panties were gone and he was working on her bra.

"I never thought I'd say I love you," she moaned when his fingers split her damp blonde forest.

"Tell me you love me," he commanded.

"I love you," she whispered.

"Take off my boxers."

Jo smiled as she released the master's tool. She wanted to touch it and suck it but waited for his commands.

"Rub your breasts on it," he commanded.

Jo giggled as she did as he said. Her breasts were so firm and her nipples were do hard she had little trouble pushing them up and down his pink shaft. When the hard tip got to the tip she moved it around and around the damp crown.

"Ummm, I like that," he moaned. "Squeeze it between your breasts."

Jo moved his pink pole between her mounds and pushed on the sides until only the purple tip stuck outward. She grinned as she lowered her body which moved his penis to her lips. She licked the pre-come from the tip and pretended to bite it with her pearly whites.

"Hey easy down there," he laughed. She rubbed her breasts a few more minutes up and down until he told her to lie onto her back. She did and stopped when she heard him to open her legs as wide as they could go. It would mean he could see everything.

"Come on slave," he chanted as he knelt between her legs. Finally her legs opened wider and wider until her pink gash was completely exposed. "Spread apart the lips with your fingers."

Jo took a deep breath and did what he said. She knew he could now see her raised clitoris and her open pussy which was now dripping in anticipation of what was to come. "Are you just going to look?" she giggled.

"Quiet slave," he said seriously. He moved his body forward until the tip of his shaft pushed against her pleasure knob. She moaned and lifted her hips until he was poised to enter her dampness.

"Oh God Tom quit teasing me," she moaned.

"Call me master," he commanded.

Jo had reached the limit with the master and slave stuff. "Fuck you master," she said as she grabbed his hard-on and pulled it until three inches sank into her hole. It was now lined up as she grabbed his ass and pulled him deeply inside of her.

Tom realized the game was over and the serious sex had started. He tried to think of something else to prevent ejaculating prematurely and it worked for almost a minute until her pussy squeezed him tightly. "OH GOD JO I'M COMING!"

Jo was ready too and quickly let her dam loose. "ME TOO!" Their bodies slapped together ten more times before Tom collapsed on top of her.

For the next hour all they did was kiss and snuggle. "What are we going to do in Clarkton?" Jo asked.

"I just want to show you where I grew up and meet some of my old friends."

"How about Tracy?"

"Tracy is history," he smiled. Jo's fingers played with his softness until it began stirring again.

"Ummm, something wants more action," she giggled. "Do we have time?"

Tom looked at the clock and realized it was 8:00PM. "Not really. They will be home around 8:30PM or so and we have to straighten up this room.

"We have the whole weekend," Jo smiled as she let go of his shaft.


Jo had a little problem convincing her parents to let her go alone with Tom to Clarkton and the only way they would let her go was if Karen went as well. It didn't make Jo happy but at least she got to go.

Tom borrowed his parent's car and the three of them left as early as they could. Being Saturday morning they made good time out of town and were well on their way to Clarkton. Tom looked at Jo who was wearing a short denim skirt but still had her basketball sneakers on. Her loose sweatshirt hid her well developed mounds. "We are staying at my friend Eric's house. His parents are out of town so there should not be a problem of us sleeping together."

"How cute is Eric?" Karen giggled from the back seat.

"I don't think he is cute at all," Tom laughed. "Good," Jo said slapping him.

"Are you sure you can handle a whole night of me?" Jo asked with a wicked smile.

"I brought my One-A-Day vitamins for Seniors," he laughed.


"It's a private joke between Grandma and me," he chuckled.

The trip went quickly and soon they turned off the interstate and drove ten more miles to Clarkton. As they passed through the center of the town Jo laughed. "This is it?" She made note of a post office, a K-Mart, two gas stations, a food market, a motel and a police station.

"Well no," he smiled. "We have a Toys R Us being built next month."

"Wow," she laughed. "Is that a movie theater?"

Tom looked where she was looking. "Yes we have two screens now."

"Is GONE WITH THE WIND still playing?" She laughed.

"Now be careful," he warned. "You can joke with me about Clarkton but the locals here take this town seriously."

Jo smiled as they drove by the high school. "So this is the famous Clarkton High." She noticed a few guys shooting some hoops on the three asphalt courts. "You know those guys?"

Tom pulled into a parking space next to the court and the four guys stopped playing and looked to see who was in the car. Tom rolled down the window and stuck his face out. "You guys suck!" he yelled.

"Not as bad as you," one of them yelled back.

"Come on and meet the guys," Tom said to Jo and Karen as he exited the car.

Jo and her sister hung back as Tom bumped and pushed the guys. He turned to Jo. "Guys this is my girlfriend Jo."

Jo blushed realizing it was the first time she had ever been introduced as someone's girlfriend. "Hi," she said as she moved onto the court.

"This is Jake, Eric, Tim and Jason." Tom said as he pointed to each of them.

"Where did you find a cute girl like this in the big city?" Jason said as he stared up and down Jo's body.

"Don't let him bother you," Tom laughed. "He's a harmless virgin."

"Old news," Jason laughed. "I'll tell you about it later."

"Hello!" Karen yelled from behind Jo.

"Who are you?" Eric asked as he dribbled the ball towards her.

"Hi, I'm Jo's sister Karen," she grinned. She could see the three guys ogling her chest.

"Eric told us you will be staying the weekend," Tim said. "Will you have some time to play some hoops with us?"

"Sure, how about now?" Tom asked.

"I'll sit out and take the next game," Jake said realizing there were five guys.

"Na, Jo can play on my team," Tom said winking at her. "Losing team buys lunch."

"As good as you are you won't have a chance against three guys," Eric said. "I hope you brought enough money to buy some cheeseburgers at Carol's Café.

"You will need the money not me," Tom laughed. He walked over and whispered in Jo's ear. "Can you play in that skirt?"

"Against these chumps I can play in an evening gown," she smiled.

"OK but hold back at first until they get to five points," he whispered. "You'll see why."

Jo did as Tom said and was frustrated not to drive around these hick boys to the hoop. The first team to 10 baskets won and when the score got to be 5 to 2 their favor Eric started in. 'Ummm, those cheeseburgers are starting to smell real nice. I don't even feel bad beating you with a girl on your team."

Jo was steaming as she walked over to Tom. "Can I do it now?"

"Yes," he grinned as he took the ball out and tossed it to her on the wing. Jason was the shortest guy and was guarding her. He stood smiling about six feet away from her daring her to shoot. Tom had to turn the other way to keep from laughing as Jo's body jumped high and her high arching shot swished through the net. "5 – 3," Tom announced.

It was winners out so Tom again tossed it to Jo. She was surprised Jason still stood back from her. She didn't hesitate as she again popped a long shot. All three boys turned and watched it swish. Nothing but net. "5 – 4," Tom grinned.

Even country boys learn after they get burned twice. As Jo caught Tom's pass Jason moved quickly towards her. She faked another long shot and when he left his feet to block it she dribbled between his legs. Eric and Tim were too shocked to stop her as she jumped high to lay it in. "5 – 5," Tom smiled. "You know I can smell those french fries too."

As Tom took the ball out he whispered in Jo's ear. "Don't jump too high. I could see your panties on that last shot."

"Getting jealous?" she asked with a grin.

"You guard Jake," Eric said to Jason. "I'll shut her down."

Jo smiled as Eric stood spread-legged in front of her. She took the inbounds pass and dribbled back and forth between her legs. She knew if she offered the ball he would soon lunge forward to smack it away. As soon as he did she did a quick cross over dribble and sped around him. Eric was watching her lacy panties as she again laid the ball in the hoop. "I believe it's now 6 – 5," Tom laughed.

As Tom prepared to throw the ball to Jo again he heard Jason whispering to Tim, "Who is she?"

Eric was steaming now and didn't want to buy lunch. He knew the best way to stop her was to prevent her getting the ball in the first place. As Tom stood with the ball Eric moved in close and held out his hands to push her away from the ball. It was nothing new to Jo because all the teams tried to be rough with her. As Eric pushed her hard on her side she ducked back and pulled his body until he flew by her. Tom passed her the ball on her way to the hoop. More lacy white panties. "7 – 5."

"Jesus H. Christ!" Eric shouted to Tim and Jason. "Can't you guys give me some help?

"But Eric it's just a girl," Tom laughed.

"She's got to prove it to me she is a girl," he glared back at Tom. Tom knew it was not the thing to say to Jo.

"Why should I do that?" Jo said seriously. "You haven't proven to me you are a man."

"Bring it on!" Eric said as he moved down into the standard defensive stance.

Jo didn't smile this time and she dribbled left and then right. She dribbled up to him and then back. Eric thought he was stopping her but Tom knew she was just playing. The ball moved so fast between her legs and behind her back Eric suddenly became dizzy and tired. As he focused on her dribbling around him she moved into him and then back to shot a twenty foot jump shot. This time it hit the rim but rattled in. "Damn, its 8 – 5," Tom grinned.

Eric turned and huddled with Jason and Tim. "Tom wants her to beat us so now we all guard her. If I'm going to loose it will not because a girl beat us."

Even Tom was surprised when all three guys guarded Jo. He knew he could throw the ball to Jake who was standing alone under the basket waving his arms but wanted to get it to Jo. When she ran up to him he pressed the ball into her hands. "Clear out," she grinned. Tom moved to the side and stood watching Jo dribble around with three 18 year-old boys trying to take the ball from her.

She faked Eric to the right and when he lunged back he crashed into Jason who was coming the other way. When they banged apart Jo cut between him. Only Tim was between her and the basket. She surprised him when she shot the ball quickly. When he turned to see if it missed or not she ran around him and took the rebound and laid it back in. "9 – 5," Tom laughed. He motioned for Jake to come back by him so Jo had the whole court to finish them off.

Jo knew the last point would be tough and they would do whatever it took. She knew she also had one advantage left that she would now pull out. She dribbled in place at mid-court smiling as the three guys moved closer and closer to her. Tom and Jake stood on the sideline.

"You will not score," Eric said sternly.

"You questioned if I was a girl before," Jo said smiling. As she dribbled with one hand the other hand grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt and pulled it up over her breasts. She giggled as his eyes opened wide.

All three guys froze when they saw her pink mounds trying to burst out of her too tight bra. The white lace did little to hide her dark nipples. Before they could react, Jo shot the ball over their heads. They didn't have to turn to know it went it because the sound of the nets snapping back told them. "10 -5," Tom laughed. He grabbed her sweatshirt and pulled it back down over her bra. "This is a small town remember?"


Jo thought the other three guys might be pissed that she beat them single-handedly but the opposite was true after she flashed her chestly treasures. "Wow, you are some player," Jason said as he moved closer to her. "What is your last name?"

"Thompson," she giggled. She was not used to all the male attention she was now getting.

"Not THE Josephine Thompson," Eric said smiling.

"Don't act like you know her," Tom said embarrassed that his friends would be making such a fuss over her.

"First team All-America on many of the major sports networks. You made the McDonald AA team too right?" Tim asked.

"Yes," she blushed. "The game is in a few months."

"No wonder you kicked our asses," Eric said as he smacked her lightly on her back.

"So are you going to UCONN or Tennessee?" Jason asked.

Jo looked at Tom because they had not talked about her getting the ship offers. "I'm not sure."

"Tina told me about the offers," Tom whispered. "Hey, I'm hungry for my cheeseburger deluxe. Let's get down to Carol's."

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