Tomboy Ch. 04


Tom noticed the other four guys did not have a car. "You guys want to meet us there?"

"Nonsense," Jo smiled. "Tim is the biggest so he can ride in the front with Karen and I'll ride in the back with the other guys."

"But..........." Tom started to say but it was too late as Eric, Jason and Jake sat in the back and Jo crawled onto their laps. She moved her body until she was lying across all of them. Karen smiled at Tim as she jumped on his lap.

"Be careful back there," Tom said nervously. He could see Eric's hand on her leg, Jason's on her waist and Jake's hand supporting her head. Her skirt had ridden high enough for both him and Eric to see the thin white strip of her panties.

As Tom backed out of the space he heard Jo giggle. He tried to look over his shoulder but couldn't see why she was laughing. "Be good with my girl!" he warned as he turned the car out of the parking lot. He was going too fast when the car hit the speed bump and Jo's body jumped up and then hard back down again.

Jo realized for the first time Tom was jealous of her instead of the other way around. And for the first time she was had the attention of three horny guys under her body. She pushed her elbow down into Jason's lap and immediately felt his penis under his shorts. It was so nasty she thought as she looked down to see her skirt riding high over the vee of her panties. She slightly opened her legs to give Eric a good view of the blonde bush through her semi-sheer panties. Suddenly the car hit another speed bump and Jo's head pushed down on Jake's lap. She giggled again when she felt his hard-on against her head. She knew if she turned her head she could kiss it if she wanted to. She giggled again and saw Tom try to look back in the rearview mirror.

Eric's fingers on her leg was moving cautiously north towards the silky white of her panties which were now almost totally exposed. Just a little more and his fingers would be pushing into the softness of her pussy mound. The car hit the last speed bump and Jo's body rose again and fell again.

Jake moaned when her head turn slightly which caused her face and mouth to push against the hard bulge in his nylon shorts. So did Jason when she moved her hand to her elbow and brushed her fingers up and down his hard shaft. It was Jo who moaned when Eric's fingers pushed hard between her damp thighs against the panty-covered swollen lips of her covered pussy.

"What's going on back there?" Tom yelled when he heard the moaning and laughing.

"Nothing," Jo giggled as she grabbed the hem on her skirt and pushed it down her legs. Eric thought she would push his hand away but she left it covered. No one but Tom had really touched her there and since he messed around with May it was pay back time. They were two blocks from the café when Eric's middle finger tried to move under her panties but Jo grabbed his wrist. When the car stopped Eric immediately pulled his hand from under her skirt and Jo moved her hand from Jason's lap.

"Wow," Jo giggled when Tom opened the side door and she crawled out over their bodies.

"Looks like you guys had just a little too much fun," he said looking at their hard-ons. He grabbed Jo's hand and led her into the café. "What do you think you are doing?"

"Why are you jealous?" she asked. "Now you know how it feels." She pushed him away and headed for the restroom with Karen to dry out her panties.

"Did you have a good time riding on Tim's lap?" Jo asked her sister.

"Yes, but he was too shy. When I tried to move back he kept pushing me forward. I guess these country boys are not as aggressive as our guys back home."

"I wouldn't say that," Jo laughed.

"God Tom she is great," Eric said when he walked over to the booth where the four guys were sitting.

"Hands off," he said smiling. He still was taller and stronger than the four of them.

"Hi Tom," a voice behind him said. He turned and saw Tracy. "Shit," he thought. "She did not know about him and Jo."

"Why didn't you tell me you were coming home this weekend?"

Tom looked at her and saw the guys trying to hold back their laughter. They knew Jo was in the restroom.

"Aren't you at least going to give me a hug?" she said blinking her blue eyes.

Tom glanced at the restroom door and held his arms open for her to move into them. He tried to push her away but she held on tightly. He heard the door open and again pushed her back. This time her lips pressed against his. This time he used more force to get her away from him. He turned and saw Jo's shocked expression. Shit.

Tracy saw him looking behind her and turned to see Jo standing there. "What is she doing here?"

"She came with me," Tom said. "We are going out."

Tears formed in Tracy's eyes. "You could have at least told me."

"I did tell you it was over Tracy," he whispered hoping she would let it go. He glanced at the door and noticed a couple of young girls that had lived on his street and had thought he was the greatest person alive. He knew they would make a fuss over him.

"Hi Tom," the cute little thirteen year old blonde said smiling.

"Hi Amber," he said smiling. He held out his arms for a hug but she pushed him aside and walked up to Jo.

"Are you Josephine Thompson?" Amber asked shyly.

"Why yes," Jo replied. She was still glaring at Tracy who had walked to the other side of the restaurant.

"Could we have your autograph?" Both girls asked at the same time.

Others in the restaurant were now whispering and the word was out that a high school first team All-American girl basketball player was in Carol's Diner.

"Sit here," Eric said to Jo as she walked to the booth. She blushed and looked back at Tom who was quickly following her. Jo sat down on the end of the booth bench which left no room for Tom.

"Sit next to me," Karen said smiling. She had Tim on the other side of her.

Things were not going as planned for Tom. People kept coming up to Jo to shake her hand or to get her autograph. He was quickly forgotten. He also kept peeking at how close Eric was sitting to his girlfriend. Suddenly his cell phone rang and it was Grandma Bell.

"Tom you got letters today from both the University of Connecticut and Tennessee. Do you want me to open them for you?" Bell asked.

Tom glanced over at Jo who was laughing as Eric whispered something in her ear. "Yes read them to me."

Tom waited until Bell read them both. It seemed both schools were suddenly interested in Tom's game and said they wanted to send some coaches out to watch him play. "Thanks Grandma," he said. "Yes, Jo likes it here very much." He looked at Jo who smiled back at him.

"Is everything OK?" Jo asked.

"Yes, it seems both Tennessee and Connecticut are both interested in me now."

Jo knew right away the schools were interested in Tom because they wanted her to come to their schools. "Good," she said smiling.

They were almost finished eating when a tall man walked up to the booth. Tom recognized him as the mayor.

"Welcome back Tom," he said shaking his hand. "I hear we have a celebrity among us?" He looked at Karen sitting next to Tom.

"Not I," Karen said smiling. "It's my sister." She pointed to Jo.

"Ms. Thompson let me welcome you to Clarkton and if you need anything at all please call me personally," the mayor said as he handed her his business card.

"Thank you," Jo blushed. "I love your town." She felt Eric's fingers tickling her left thigh.

After the mayor left Tom grabbed Jo's arm and pulled her from the restaurant. As they walked towards his car he let her have it. "When are you going to act like my girlfriend instead of like your sister?"

"I thought you liked what my sister did to you?" Jo shot back at him. "And what the hell was that kiss with Tracy back there?"

"I couldn't stop her," Tom answered.

"Well I couldn't stop Eric touching my leg either," Jo answered. She didn't want to tell him Eric was touching her pussy through her panties.

"And, don't think I don't know about the Tennessee and Connecticut letters," Tom shot back. "They are only interested in me because of you."

"So, at least it will give you a chance to be seen by them," she replied. She could see he was pissed off and needed to calm down. "You are good enough to play for either of those teams." Jo moved up to him and hugged him into her body. The other guys had turned her on so much she wanted him right there right now.

"Where can we go and be alone?" she whispered as she nibbled on his ear.

"What about the rest of them?" Tom whispered back.

"I'm sure Karen can handle them," Jo giggled. Karen had told her she had hoped to lose her cherry this weekend and now she had four guys to pick from. Tom remembered where the old swimming spot down by the river. "How about a skinny dip down at the river?"

"Is it private?" she asked as she rubbed her thigh against his hard-on.

"It should be because the whole town is in the restaurant looking for your autograph," Tom whispered.

"Let's go," she giggled.

"Lets!" he laughed as he smacked her lightly on her cute little ass.

They hurried to open the door and Tom sped from the parking space.


"Hey, Tom's leaving with Jo!" Eric shouted as he peeked out the door. "Let's go find them."

The three other guys stood but Karen stopped him. "Why don't you leave them alone? After all you have Jo's twin sister." She smiled and stuck her breast out at them. "Why don't you all give me a tour of your town?"

"Let's go get my car," Tim said smiling. Karen was cuter than any other girl in Clarkton except for Jo and she was taken. The five of them walked quickly down the street.


"Are you sure no one can see us?" Jo asked as they walked down the long dirt path from the roadway.

"Yes," Tom laughed as he grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt and pulled it upward until it escaped over her blonde head.

"TOM!" she cried as her hands covered her bra-covered mounds. "We are not there yet."

"You have to be naked when you get there because you have to jump off the cliff," he laughed.

Before she could stop him he released her bra and pulled it down her naked mounds. "Cliff? I'm not jumping off any cliff!" she screamed. Tom pulled on her skirt and it slithered down to her feet. She stood in only her white laced panties.

"Sure you are," Tom laughed as he quickly undressed and grabbed her clothing. He ran ahead of her. "If you want your clothes back you'll jump," he laughed as he ran through some thick underbrush.

Jo heard his scream and then heard a loud splash. She ran through the bushes and almost fell over the small cliff. She looked down about fifteen feet to see their clothes floating in the water. Tom had not surfaced. "TOM WHERE ARE YOU?" she screamed. She waited for ten more seconds. "TOM OH GOD TOM WHERE ARE YOU?" She wondered if he had drowned. Just the thought of losing him took away all fear as she took a running jump out over the water. She didn't know how deep it was and didn't care. She had to save him.

Tom sat on the rocks below the cliff and smiled when he heard her calling his name. Their clothing was starting to drift down the river and he had to get it soon or it would be gone. Suddenly off the cliff came Jo's panty covered body feet first into the cool water. He hoped she could swim as he waited for her to surface.

Jo' feet hit the sandy bottom and she opened her eyes to look around for Tom. She was a very good swimmer and used her ability to swim underwater looking for him. She had to take a breath so she quickly surfaced. As she started to go back down she saw him standing on the rocks waving. "I'm going to kill you!" she grunted as she swam like a shark for the kill.

Tom stood in his dripping boxers as she swam up to him. He pulled her up out of the water. "That was mean," she said as she reached into his boxers to pull out his el. "I thought you had drowned."

"Sorry, it's a prank we play on all the kids in town," he laughed.

"Did you play it on Tracy?" she asked as she stroked him until he was rock hard.

"No she wouldn't play the game," he said remembering the time he had stripped to his underwear but she wouldn't do it.

"Good," Jo giggled. She looked around for a place they could get together.

"Back here," Tom said as he led her behind the rocks. As they sat down on the soft sand Jo realized no one could see them unless they were on the river.

"Hurry," Jo moaned as she pulled off her damp panties and waited on her back for him to join her. As his shaft slipped slowly into her quim she curled her legs around his hips. A few months ago Jo would have never guessed she would be fucking a guy on a river bank out in the open like this.

"God Jo you don't know how many times I thought about making love here at this spot," Tom moaned as she sucked on his hard nipple.

"Who did you imagine doing it with?" she giggled. Their bodies were joined and were moving as one.

"You," he lied.

She bit down on his nipple. "OUCH!"

"OK, she was nameless but I know now it is you."

Her lips moved up and sucked in his tongue and his fingers explored her back and ass.

"I'm getting close," Tom warned as he tried to hold back as long as possible.

"Not yet," she moaned as she pushed her hips upward until her clit was rubbed by his shaft. "OK...I'm getting.........a little bit more.........NOW!" she cried as she climaxed. Tom let go as soon as he heard the NOW.

As they lay hugging in the sand Tom said, "I can't believe I just fucked the famous Josephine Thompson."

Jo smacked him on his white ass cheek and suddenly sat up. "Where are our clothes?"

"OH SHIT!" Tom said as he jumped up and ran to the river bank. He looked down river as far as he could but they were gone.

"What are we supposed to do now?" Jo asked as they stood bare ass naked on the river bank.

"You have your panties and I have my boxers," Tom laughed.

"Yeah, I'm sure Clarkton will love it when we go driving back through the town like this."

As they found their underwear and were putting it on they heard someone scream and then a loud splash in the water. Tom grabbed Jo's arm and pulled her behind some small trees. They glanced out to see a head submerge. It was Eric.

They heard two more screams and then Jason and Tim splashed down in the water. Jo and Tom got great shots of their naked ass just before they hit the water.

"I wonder if Karen is with them," Jo whispered to Tom. Suddenly a bunch of clothing fell from the cliff onto the rocks by the water and off the cliff came Jake's naked body.

"Come on don't be chicken," Eric shouted up at Karen who stood on the ledge looking down at four naked boys in the water.

"Do you think she will do it?" Tom whispered in Jo's ear.

"Duh," Jo smiled. "Four naked boys waiting for her. What do you think?"

Tom didn't have time to think because Karen's dress fell down onto the rocks.

"Yeah!" Tim yelled as he looked up at the golden goddess on the cliff reaching back behind her to release her bra. As many times as these boys had taken girls to the cliff none of them had undressed until now. Four hard-ons in the water were waiting impatiently for...........suddenly Karen pulled off the bra and stood displaying her firm breasts and pink nipples.

"You want me to take these off too?" she teased as she toyed with the waistband of her thongs.

"YES! HELL YESS! DO IT! PLEASE!!!" the boys chanted from the water.

"OK but you have to turn around," Karen yelled down.

The four boys immediately turned and did not see the black thongs fall to the rocks. They didn't know Karen had done it until her body splashed in the water behind him.

Karen was also a very good swimmer and as soon as she hit the water she moved underwater towards the four guys. As they turned she got to check out their torpedoes. Of the four Eric was the biggest followed by Tim, Jason and Jake. She smiled as she surfaced in front of them.

"What do we do now?" she asked.

"What do you want to do?" Tim asked with a grin. He could barely see the tip of her nips through the clean water.

"How about Marco Polo?" Jake asked. He moved towards the shore until he could stand with just his head out of the water.

"OK," Karen laughed.

"You're Marco first," Jake said as he swam away from her. Karen closed her eyes and moved towards where the boys were. She felt the bottom so she started walking towards them with her eyes closed and her hands straight out and that when she touched one of their hard-ons.

"MARCO!" Karen giggled as she fondled the six-inch shaft under water.

"POLO!" Jake cried out as she grabbed his balls and squeezed.

"You're it," Karen laughed as she moved away from him towards Tim who was grinning as her wet blonde mop moved his way.

Jake now glanced where Karen was and closed his eyes. As he moved in her direction he said, "MARCO!"

"Come with me," Tim said to Karen as he pulled her to the left. He shouted "POLO" to throw Jake off.

Karen felt Tim's strong hand on her elbow as they moved backwards away from Jake. Suddenly Tim stopped but Karen's backside kept coming until her butt pushed into his lower stomach. Karen giggled and reached back to grab his prick.

Eric swam underwater up to Karen and saw her legs spread and the shadow of her bush. He moved forward until his face pushed between her legs and his tongue flicked across her virgin gash.

It was Karen's dream to be sandwiched between two naked guys. She jerked one of them off while the other one licked her pussy underwater.

"MARCO!" Jake yelled when he realized she must have moved.

"POLO!" Jason yelled from behind him. Jason could see Karen between Tim and Eric and wanted to lead Jake towards them as well. He moved to within a foot of Karen's body when her fingers moved out to curl around his shaft as well.

"MARCO!" Jake yelled as he walked past the four hot bodies. No one answered so he peeked to see Karen being touched by Eric, Jason and Tim. "Hey," he said as he moved towards the pile of bodies.

Karen was in heaven because four naked guys were touching her and she them. She quickly compared the size and hardness of their penises and moaned when their fingers discovered she was a virgin. The only question she had was which guy was going to take her cherry.

Eric surfaced and his lips found hers. She broke away and said, "Let's go to the bank."


Jo envied Karen in one sense because she had eight hands caressing her and four pricks to touch. "Maybe I should go help her," she whispered to Tom who she discovered was hard again.

"No way," he chuckled as they watched the five of them walk onto the bank.

"Ummm, all those naked guys," Jo giggled when she saw four pricks swaying back and forth as they walked to the sandy area where she and Tom had fucked only minutes before.

"You don't like the one you have?" Tom asked as he aimed his hard tip between her buttocks. She moved down on her hands and knees and continued to watch Karen move on her back. Tom's prick slipped between her thighs and into her dampness.

"I like it," Jo whispered. She watched as Eric moved down to lie with Karen first. Would he be the one?'

"Hey," Jake said seeing Eric move between her thighs. "Don't we all get a chance?"

Karen laughed and looked at the other three guys standing over her with their hard-ons on display. "The first guy to swim out to that rock gets to be first." She looked at a large rock in the middle of the river. Suddenly the three guys took off. "HEY!" Eric yelled when he saw them get a head start. As he stood to run Karen pulled him back down. "I just wanted to get rid of them. I want you to be first." Her hand grabbed his body and pulled him between her open thighs.

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