tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTomboy Tease Ch. 01

Tomboy Tease Ch. 01


"Suckers!" Tina laughed at Sean and Dominic as the ball swished through the net, she'd won yet again. Both of them groaned and shook their heads, looking at each other miserably. They'd lost to her ever since she'd come back from camp, where some jackass had gone and shown her all these little tricks with the basketball that had made her nigh unbeatable. At least for them.

"Maybe you guys should spend a little less time checking me out and more time concentrating on your balls," she said winking and laughing as she jogged up to them. Ok, so it was true that they did spend a fair amount of time checking out her body, but damn! She'd suddenly grown up when she was 16 and now that she was 18 she wore whatever she wanted - which was very little when they were playing ball. Right now her large breasts were bouncing in the sports bra and the tight little shorts she was wearing barely covered the swell of her ass. Both the guys sported hard ons if they watched her for too long.

But she was just a cock-tease. A tomboy cock-tease... she'd never had a boyfriend and she didn't look likely to start remedying the situation. Not that she liked girls, but she was just too brash and too good at sports for most guys to be able to go for her. There weren't too many guys that LIKED being beaten every time, and she never held back or let anyone win. Although her girl friends told her that she would probably pick up more guys if she did, Tina didn't believe in denying her abilities, and so things just went on as they were.

"I'm going to use your shower if that's ok Sean," she said, pulling her hair from its rubberband and running her hand through it, "I need to get down to my evening class and I don't have time to go home first."

"Sure," he said, glancing at Dominic who just smiled genially.

"Thanks," she flashed them a brilliant smile and jogged back towards Sean's house, her ass bobbling lusciously as she bounced.

"So we're gonna do it today?" asked Dominic.

"Hell yeah," said Sean, "I'm tired of her shit. Friendship is one thing, but she's a crappy winner."

"And she'll be all nice and clean," grinned Dominic.

Sean grinned back, "Yeah, that too."


They were waiting for her when she got out of the shower. Her body was barely wrapped in the very short towel, which had been the only one in there, and her wet hair hanging down her back. Tina's eyes went wide as the guy's stared at her barely concealed breasts and the way the bottom of the towel barely covered her ass, her long legs completely revealed.

"Nice one guys," she laughed, "Glad you could catch the view, now if you'll excuse me..."

She tried to push past them but suddenly found herself pressed between Sean and Dominic, their hands holding her.

"You know Tina, that's not quite the view we wanted." Tina felt a little stab of fear at the look in her best friend's eyes. She'd known Sean for years and he'd never looked at her in this way, and his face was so close to hers now, she could feel his breath on her cheeks and lips, making her press back even harder against Dominic, her ass pressing into his groin with startling results.

"Stop it guys," she tried to laugh and pull away, but they didn't let her, "No seriously stop it."

"Let's see the view Tina," Dominic laughed in her ear, trying to pull her hands away from the top of her towel where she was holding it together. She couldn't hold onto the towel and push them away at the same time and found herself in a bit of a dilemma.

A short struggle and then she lost her balance and fell, shrieking she thrust out her hands to catch herself. Unfortunately Dominic and Sean were still holding onto the towel and so she landed completely naked on the floor, quickly closing her legs and pulling them up the her chest, leaving them with only a glimpse of her bare pink pussy and round breasts.

"Now THAT's more like it," breathed Sean, his eyes roaming over his naked friend's body, what she hadn't managed to cover.

"Very funny," she glared at them, "Now give me my towel back assholes."

They boys looked at each other.

"What a mouth on her," Dominic said, "I think we need to do something about that."

"Seriously," agreed Sean, "We're her friends. I don't think that friends call each other things like that."

"HEY GUYS!" yelled Tina, "I'm RIGHT HERE. And I'd like my towel back. I don't think friends leave each other naked in the hallway either."

Both of the guys grinned at her and Sean said, "Well maybe if the friend is a cock-teasing bitch we do leave them naked in the hallway. Especially when it's such nice scenery."

Tina didn't like the look in his eyes at all. Not at ALL. Scooting back away from them with a nervous look on her face, her nerve broke when they stepped forward, following her. Jumping up she ran down the hall, tits and ass bouncing as she headed for Sean's bedroom, slamming the door behind her and trying to lock it. She moaned as the knob twisted in her hand and she felt the two boys pushing against the door.

"STOP IT!" she shrieked, "THIS ISN'T FUNNY YOU GUYS!"

"Who said it's meant to be funny?" asked Sean. There was something low and unhappy in his voice, something she had never guessed at, or maybe she just hadn't ever wanted to acknowledge. Tears sparked in her eyes as she wondered just how she was going to get out of this situation. The guys were not acting like her friends anymore, and for the first time she feared rape.

Suddenly a door opened behind her, and she turned, screaming as Dominic burst into the room. Silly her, she'd forgotten that they could get in through the guest bedroom. The door that she'd been holding shut burst open as she scrambled to get away from Dominic.

About five minutes later the boys had her tied down to Sean's bed, her arms held straight up over her head and soft cuffs around her wrists, bought just for this purpose. The same soft cuffs were on her ankles, but her legs were spread wide apart with each ankle secured to opposite bedposts. In her mouth was a gag, something interesting Dominic had happened across online, supposedly they would be able to slide their dicks in the opening and get a blowjob, but she wouldn't be able to bite down or make much noise.

They were pretty much ecstatic. Both older than her, Sean at 19 and Dominic at 22, neither of them were virgins - although they'd been excited to find that she was when Dominic slid his fingers between her pussy folds. Dominic had a more diverse sexual background than Sean too, he'd been the one to find all the props online, and they had a few more tricks up their sleeve that both of them would enjoy quite a lot.

"Well aren't you pretty all spread out like this," chuckled Sean, "You know, I always wanted to play doctor like this with you."

Tina squirmed and made small noises behind her gag, her eyes big and pleading for them to let her go. They ignored it.

"I think we should start the examination by checking her breasts," said Dominic, "We need to make sure that everything's in working order."

The guys laughed at how stupid they were being, but it was fun too. Tina pulled at the cuffs on her wrists as the guys started to squeeze her large boobs, each of them taking one and becoming engrossed in it. Slowly her nipples hardened, and Sean was unable to resist leaning forward and taking the tiny cherry in his mouth, nibbling and sucking on it. Dominic's hands were rougher and he seemed to enjoy pulling on her nipple like it was taffy, stretching it away from her body until she squealed behind the gag and then letting it go.

She was extremely embarrassed to realize that she was becoming turned on. Even though she didn't like the situation, her body liked the stimulation; especially when Dominic leaned down and started sucking on her nipple as well. He was rough with his mouth too, biting down on the tender bud and making her moan and squeal, Sean was massaging her breast as he sucked her nipple deep into his mouth, rolling his tongue over the sensitive bud. All of it made her pussy ache, even though she wanted to scream at them to stop.

Dominic's fingers began to slide down her stomach, she twisted her hips, trying to get away from the probing digits as they slid between the folds of her pussy. The wet folds of her pussy. With a small laugh Dominic let her nipple pop out of his mouth and he looked up at Sean.

"She's wet," he grinned, his fingers sliding up and down her wetness.

"No way..." breathed Sean, and then his fingers joined Dominic's and Tina writhed in shame as they violated her, humiliating her.

Then Sean got down between her legs and pressed his face into her pussy, and her hips jerked with electric shock as his tongue swiped a long lick between her folds.

Dominic laughed at the confused expression on her face, and then he straddled her body, pressing her tits together around his dick with his thighs, moving back and forth between the large mounds of flesh. Tina shuddered with disgust and arousal and Dominic lifted her head and began to thrust the tip of his dick into her mouth as it popped through her breasts, while her pussy was slowly starting to erotically burn as Sean began to lick and suck at her wetness. She couldn't help it when her tongue flicked up against the underside of Dominic's dick as it entered her mouth. He moaned and abandoned the titty fuck, scooting forward so that he could start feeding her his meat.

It was shocking and frightening as he plunged into her mouth for the first time, not like any blowjob she'd ever given before because she had no control. His dick just went straight down her throat without any consideration for her gag reflex or breathing, instead she was just forced to swallow him as brought her lips all the way to his groin. Her throat tightened and worked as she struggled to accept the invader, it massaged his dick as she tried to protest, the vibrations working up and down his shaft.

"Fuck that's good..." Dominic moaned as he held himself in her mouth before pulling out. She was given just enough time to take a deep gasping breath before he shoved back in.

Hearing Dominic's comment, Sean looked up and realized that his friend was already buried balls deep in Tina's mouth. Well, no reason why he shouldn't start getting his own pleasure, and now that Tina was soaking wet it would be VERY pleasurable.

Shifting himself between her legs, he pressed his raging hardon against her virgin pussy and began to press inwards. Tina's eyes widened and her throat tightened pleasurably around Damian as Sean forced his way into her very wet pussy, she screamed in frustration as he pushed his way past her virginity. It didn't hurt, not as much as she had expected it too, in fact it felt very good as he pressed into her aroused flesh, sliding against the wetness. Sean moaned with pleasure as her inner muscles rippled around him, she was so tight, so wet, and he could feel her hips making little movements underneath him. She wanted it and he could tell.

Tina didn't know what was happening to her as the boys both began to use her, pressing their cocks into her holes, she could feel herself moving against them, her tongue sliding along the underside of Dominic's dick, her hips lifting to meet Sean's as he thrust inside her. It was rape, she knew it was rape, and worst of all it was her best friends raping her. She'd never even known that they really thought of her as a girl, she'd always been one of the guys. Well, now she was learning that they HAD noticed she was a girl, a very attractive one at that.

Her hips lifted and her entire body tensed as she orgasmed, her pussy tightening around Sean's cock and shocking him into overdrive. He pounded her body, thrusting hard and fast as she rippled around him, plunging into her as the pleasure overtook his senses. Muffled screams from around Dominic's dick made her throat work, and suddenly Dominic was shooting cum straight into her belly, his hands holding her lips pressed firmly against his groin.

And then he was off her and it was just Sean thrusting roughly into her body as her orgasm crested higher and higher, her cries of pleasure much more clear now. Dominic's hands pulled at the gag, and suddenly they could hear the full extent of her pleasure.

Sean thrust hard and held himself inside her, his face twisted in a grimace of ecstacy as he unloaded his frustration into her convulsing pussy. Then he collapsed on top of her as she continued to moan slightly, her pussy feeling raw and chafed, overloaded with sensation.

When Sean rolled off of her she looked up at both of them.

"Please," she said softly, "Let me go now. I won't tell anyone."

"Let you go?" asked Dominic incredulously, "Are you kidding? We're not even close to done!"

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