tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTomboy Tease Ch. 02

Tomboy Tease Ch. 02


Tina moaned as Dominic climbed on the bed with her again, lowering his mouth to the nipple that Sean had previously attended too, giving it the same rough treatment that had made her other nipple ache. Then Sean straddled her chest, shoving his cum coated dick in her face.

"Clean me," he ordered.

She looked up at him with shock in her eyes.

"And don't even think about biting," he said as she opened her mouth to protest and he shoved his dick in. It was bitter and sweet at the same time, she almost gagged just on the taste. Their combined sex juices rolled on her tongue as she tried to pull her head away, but he held her fast and her lips remained pressed against his groin, his soft dick filling her mouth. Whimpering, she slid her tongue across his dick, hoping that they would just play with her some more and then be done. That hope slowly slipped away as Sean's dick began to grow in her mouth, and she could feel Dominic's hardening against her thigh as he roughly played with her breasts.

"Hey man, let's flip her over," said Dominic, "I want her to ride me."

Tina felt elated as they took off the ankle cuffs, but all of her kicking was for nothing. They were stronger than her and a few sharp slaps on her sore pussy from Dominic were enough to keep her from trying again. She felt ashamed, like she should have struggled more.

She moaned as they arranged her above Dominic and Sean began to press her down onto Dominic's dick. He felt huge as his dick invaded her swollen pussy, the difference in position making a difference in how tight she was. Dominic reached up and began to pull on her nipples to encourage her to slide all the way down onto him faster, she cried out as she sank completely onto his dick. Her arms were still secured to the head of the bed so she had to lean forward in order to be on top of him, it made his dick press against her g-spot and her entire body jerked.

Sean stayed behind her, helping her move up and down on Dominic's dick as he moaned about how tight she was. Tina didn't even protest, she just gasped and moaned as her sore pussy moved up and down on him, most of her attention on trying to adjust to this new activity. Slowly that heat started to spread throughout her groin again and she was moving with more alacrity, needing less encouragement from Sean to slide up and down Dominic's dick. She didn't even notice when Sean left from behind her, all of her attention was concentrated on the different pleasures that could be found in her pussy as her movements changed.

As soon as he had the camera set up and turned on, where Tina wouldn't see it unless she turned her head, but it caught enough of her to know who she was and that she was enjoying fucking Dominic, Sean moved back towards the bed. Tina slid up and down Dominic's dick, her eyes half closed as the heat in her pussy grew. Sean's hands sliding up and down her body, stopping at her breasts and squeezing them, were quite welcome, and she arched her back in pleasure at his touch.

"Oh yes..." she moaned as Sean's fingers gently pinched her plump nipples, little shocks of pleasure that spread throughout her body, "Oh god it feels so good..."

Dominic's dick twitched inside her as she shuddered, pressing against her g-spot firmly as Sean leaned her forward. Putting one hand on her neck, Dominic brought her in for a kiss, she willingly slid her tongue into his mouth, returning the kiss with glee. That is, until she felt something pressing against her asshole.

Her mouth pulled away from Dominic's as much as she was able, "STOP!"

"Shhh," Dominic murmured, trying to pull her lips back to his, but she turned her head and so he just held her down, his dick moving up and down inside her. Both of them held her in place as she shrieked and protested, screaming when the head of Sean's dick popped into her anus.

"Oh please stop..." she moaned, "You're splitting me open... it's too big... I can't do it... please, I can't do it..."

"Shhh..." Dominic stroked her hair as Sean held her down on top of him, working his dick slowly into her tight ass, deflowering it with every stroke, "You're doing fantastic."

Dominic moaned as he felt Sean's dick moving back and forth in Tina's ass, pressing deeper and deeper with every thrust. Her pussy was tightening around him to make room for Sean's dick, both of her holes spasming as she tried to expel the invader. Wet tears on his neck just turned Dominic on even more as her protests died and she just accepted her anal violation with small sobs and whimpers.

It hurt, much more than losing her virginity had. She felt overfull, like they were trying to shove too much meat into her body and she was going to burst open. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of cramping pain, she felt Sean's groin pressing against her asscheeks. Then both of them started to move in unison. Gasping, Tina twitched and jerked between them, pulling on the cuffs around her wrists as she writhed.

Pleasure and pain intermingled, her ass slowly adjusting to Sean's cock, her body slowly adjusting to the new proportions that they'd forced her into. The guys started to move harder and rougher as she relaxed between them, enjoying her tight holes and the way she squirmed uncomfortably, the way her moans slowly went from pained to pleasured.

"Oh god..." she breathed. Tina could barely grasp the huge wave that was building inside her, filling up her body, she shuddered between them as she tried to fight it off, almost afraid of the intensity of the thing. Instead it just grew, pressing on her as they both pressed into her, twin cocks that buried themselves in her recently deflowered holes. Something about this orgasm seemed so much grander, so much fuller than any other one in her life.

"OH GOD!" she screamed as she began to convulse between them, her holes tightening over both of them as they gasped and shoved into her. Their cocks swelled almost in unison inside of her as she shrieked her way to ecstatic oblivion, her mind losing itself in the chaos of pleasure. The guys pressed tightly against her, trapping her between them as they began to fill her up with their cum, the shooting spurts of liquid spurring her to greater heights of pleasure.

Tina fainted between them as they finished cumming inside her.

* * * *

When she woke up she was on her side, wrapped in someone's arms. Her pussy felt sore and swollen, and someone's dick was in her ass. Wriggling a little, she immediately stopped as the dick in her ass twitched and got a little bigger. Frozen, she held still and then moaned in resignation as the person behind her moved, pressing their quickly hardening dick deeper into her body.

"Oh please..." she whimpered, "It hurts..."

"Don't worry," Dominic's voice whispered in her ear, "It'll feel really good soon..." and then he called out, "Hey Sean, she's awake!"

"Oh good," and Tina moaned as Sean came into view, holding a camera and zooming it in on her face as she squirmed uncomfortably, her ass filling up with Dominic's hardening dick.

"Please don't..." she pleaded.

Sean just laughed, "We already taped you earlier sweetheart, and I want to get a real good look at you while Dominic fucks your ass. But don't worry, we got all day to make lots of fun tapes."

Tina whimpered as Dominic's hands tightened over her breasts, his dick thrusting upwards to fill her tight ass. She wasn't sure if she was whimpering in denial or in anticipation.

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