tagGay MaleTommy - A Life Pt. 05

Tommy - A Life Pt. 05


CHAPTER TWELVE: Surrogate Father

The summer passed. Tommy received mail from the university concerning his teaching fellowship, inviting him to an introductory session. It was a comfort to return to the university, a familiar place, a place where he had excelled. The other graduate students in the program quickly formed a close-knit group during the orientation sessions. He enjoyed the long meetings with the professor of literature to whom he had been assigned.

After one of the graduate student meetings, he was approached by a woman he knew from undergraduate classes, Karen. She had impressed him with her energy and overt dedication to causes. She took Tommy aside and began fervently telling him of a program she was supporting as part of her medical school training, a fertility program. She explained, perhaps too forthrightly, that the program needed a steady supply of sperm for its experiments and that she was recruiting likely donors. Tommy felt a bit like a bull being reviewed by a breeder. But, Karen was unashamedly ticking off the characteristics she was looking for in candidates.

"I think you'll do fine." Not listening to any protests or comments from Tommy, Karen produced an appointment card, explained that he should abstain from ejaculation for three days prior, and be sure to be on time. Tommy stood, watching the ardent woman march off to find her next candidate.

"Well," thought Tommy, "I'm not using it for anything else these days."

Tommy complied with the requirements Karen had specified - not much of a challenge in the face of the emptiness Tommy felt. He arrived at the clinic where he was greeted by a cheerful receptionist. He was asked to fill in some forms that covered his health and family history. He was then asked to step into an examination room and strip. There would be a physical examination.

As he sat, naked, on the examination table, waiting for further instructions, a man came into the room. He was of medium height, slight, with olive skin and a thin moustache. His nametag read "Carlo". He was very handsome.

"Are you the doctor?" Tommy asked.

Carlo's face lit into an arch smile. "Alas, no, just an attendant making sure you are ready. Though I would very much like to examine you more closely," he said looking over Tommy. "Here is a robe, I'm sorry I was late in getting it to you. The doctor will be in shortly."

"Thanks," replied Tommy, putting on the robe.

"Hope to see you around - Tommy," said Carlo, checking the chart for Tommy's name. Carlo left just as another man, this one clearly the doctor entered.

The examination was quickly done, the doctor concluding that Tommy looked 'healthy enough.'

Tommy was to come every three days and provide a specimen. The first time, Tommy faced the empty vial, his mind filled with images of Billy. Tears began to fall down his cheeks. As the images passed, he tried to focus on the wonderful, erotic times they had shared, of learning new ways to make love and the many happy hours they had spent pleasuring each other. He came out of his reverie just in time to capture his orgasm into the vial.

Carlo was waiting as he opened the door to the specimen room. "Whoa, you cum a lot. I thought I heard some 'happy noises' from in there. See you later in the week." Carlo's irreverence eased Tommy's nervousness about participating in the program.


Just before the school term began for the undergraduates, Karen approached Tommy again.

"I'd like to thank you for participating in the program. What we're trying to do will help many people. You've made that possible." Tommy, embarrassed, downplayed his 'contribution.'

"There is a new part of the program I'd like to include you in." Tommy wondered what else he might do. "There are many couples who can't have children. We're working on ways to conceive children outside the womb, outside the mother's body. But we've had little success. For many couples, time is of the essence, so we're sponsoring a 'surrogate father' program. We run it as clinically as possible. Contact is minimized. In some ways it's no different that what you've done so far."

"Karen, what exactly are you saying?" Tommy wondered.

"Uh, well, you'd make the, uh insertion, directly into the mother-candidate." Even the forthright Karen looked away from Tommy's eyes.

"I don't think I can do that."

"Big, strong guy like you? What could be the problem?"

"Well, for one, I've never been with a woman." Karen gaped at Tommy. "And I'm gay. I have, had, a lover, a man lover."

Karen looked downcast. "It's only for a few moments. This whole program is in jeopardy, and I feel I've let all these couples down. Couldn't you just try?" A defeated Karen was even more compelling than an overbearing Karen. Somehow, Tommy agreed to try. Karen beamed back at him, already pulling schedules and calendars out of her bag. She reviewed her list of candidate mothers, estimating fertility cycles. After long minutes she declared that the following Tuesday would be right. She asked whether Tommy could be available after 10 AM. She couldn't pinpoint the time until the actual day, something about basal temperature of the mother. Tommy even more reluctantly agreed.

He found himself waiting in the reception area on Tuesday. Karen breezed by, thanking him again for participating. Tommy simply blushed and worried. Carlo came out and was surprised to see him.

"This isn't your regular day, and you're not on my schedule." Tommy explained that he was here for a new program. "Ah that program? You?" Carlo looked both amused and sympathetic. "I think things might go better if you come with me."

Carlo led Tommy to an examination room. Tommy began to undress, mechanically. Carlo stepped out for a few minutes to tell the program director where Tommy could be found. Carlo then returned. He suggested that Tommy lay down on the examining table. Tommy felt hands rubbing along his shoulders and chest. "Roll over," Carlo urged. Tommy complied and then felt Carlo's hands as they massaged his shoulders and back. While at first nervous, both from the situation he was in and the attentions of Carlo, Tommy at last relaxed. Carlo's touch became more intimate, massaging Tommy's thighs and ass. Tommy could not hold back a sigh of pleasure as Carlo's hand wrapped around his balls and tugged. "Roll over, again, Tommy." Carlo guided Tommy as he rolled over. Tommy's cock was partially engorged and flopped heavily onto his stomach. The word 'beautiful' escaped Carlo's lips and his hands began to rub Tommy's cock. Carlo added some cool lubricant to his attentions. Tommy became very hard, he could feel need rising.

A soft, hurried knock at the door, followed by Karen's voice, "ready?" Carlo whispered into Tommy's ear, "Its time, lover. I'll be right there for you. Just follow along, it will be fine." Carlo helped Tommy to sit up and wrapped him in a robe. He led Tommy down the hallway and into a darkened room. There was a conventional bed in the room occupied by a person, the candidate mother. She was modestly covered. Carlo assisted Tommy to get onto the bed and under the sheets. As Tommy's erection began to flag, Carlo teased it back to hardness and placed him against the woman. Tommy felt the woman's hand on his cock, guiding him into her. He closed his eyes and gave in to the sensations. How different this was than entering Billy. Billy was always so very tight, it was a tender effort to enter him, going easily so as not to hurt him. The woman opened up to take him in. He was surrounded by the soft, moistness. Her body was yielding to him. Her skin soft to the touch.

Tommy began to move in the woman. His mind blanked as he focused on the sensations surrounding his cock. The woman made a soft moaning noise. Tommy was distracted and stopped thrusting.

A change in the light of the room, seen through his closed eyelids, caused Tommy to open his eyes. Across the room, yet in plain sight was Carlo, stripped to the waist. He moistened a finger with his tongue and rubbed one nipple, arching his back in response to the sensation. His fingertips ran down along the line of hair to his navel. Again he wet his index finger and toyed with the opening of his navel. His hand wandered further down, toying with the bulge in his pants. The erotic pantomime brought Tommy to complete arousal. He had begun thrusting as soon as he saw Carlo and now pressed deep into the woman letting go of his orgasm.

As the pulsing stopped, Tommy became aware of his surroundings. Carlo, dressed, approached with the robe. Tommy suddenly felt a tremendous let down. Images of Billy filled his mind again, and he felt somehow to have betrayed that relationship. Carlo, sensing the change of mood led Tommy to a room with a shower and helped him to clean up.

"Tommy. You've given someone a precious gift, don't feel badly." Carlo tried to reassure Tommy.

Tommy dressed, but felt all the weight of depression. He fled the clinic, heading in no particular direction trying to be away from that place, trying to escape the images of Billy and the emptiness of his life.

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