tagGay MaleTommy - A Life Pt. 07

Tommy - A Life Pt. 07


His unconscious steps led Tommy toward his home. Only two blocks from his home, on a street he had not previously been on, he spotted a sign, 'Mike's Gym.' It was so familiar. Was that the name that Thor had mentioned? Tommy hesitated to trust any memory from that awful day. The doorway under the sign led immediately to a long upward stair. Tommy hesitated on the threshold.

He thought of Thor, of the many hours they had spent together, Tommy working out at Thor's direction. They had had many conversations during those nine months, about Billy, about working out, about Tommy's early life, about finding love. Thor had been more of a friend than Tommy realized. He knew he had to see if this was the place Thor mentioned.

Tommy climbed the stairs, anticipation growing with each step. At the top of the stairs was a counter behind which sat an older man. His face showed all the lines and creases of life and yet the arms and torso revealed by the tight tank top were that of a young, vigorous man.

"Can I help you?" the man asked in a manner somewhere between friendly and gruff.

"Uh, does Thor work out here?"

The man smiled from ear to ear. He leaned back on the stool upon which he sat and bellowed through an open doorway, "Thor, somebody's here to see you. You better come quick or I'm taking him, myself."

There was a thunderous clang as iron weights dropped to the floor. A breathless Thor appeared in the doorway, his face all curiosity. "Tommy," he yelled and swept Tommy into a huge hug. Thor's face was beaming.

"Uh, hi, Thor." Tommy uttered from within the bear hug. He had not expected such a greeting.

"Oh my god, I've gotten sweat all over you. I'm so sorry. It's just, it's just, hell, I don't know." Thor stammered and blushed.

"Hey Thor, where's your manners," the older man barked. "I'm Mike. This is my dump of a gym, well more Thor's lately, he really runs things. And you are?"

"I'm Tommy. I knew Thor in a former life."

Mike's eyebrows arched past his forehead. "Tommy? The Tommy, Thor?"

Thor was crimson with embarrassment. "Yeah. I guess I mentioned that I trained you."

Mike teased, "That's not all he 'mentioned'."

Thor froze Mike with a glance. "You're welcome here, Tommy. Five bucks a visit, or forty for a month, since you're a special friend of Thor. I look forward to seeing more of you," Mike said archly.

Thor wrapped his arm around Tommy's shoulder, again forgetting that he was wet with sweat. He showed Tommy around the facility, showing his pride in the establishment, pointing out things he had done to improve it. Men working out greeted Tommy and made comments to Thor, sometimes asking questions on lifting technique. Thor explained that he had left the health club where he had met Tommy and now existed by working at Mike's gym sometimes supplementing his income by giving private training sessions.

Thor talked and talked, far more open than Tommy remembered him. Tommy's hearing faded when he caught a glimpse of Thor in one of the many mirrors. Held so tightly to his side, Tommy had to look in the mirror to see Thor. His first impression was that Thor was more muscular and tighter than before. Of course, he was wearing a string tank top and tight shorts that emphasized his musculature and the sheen of sweat set off his physique even further. There was no question, Thor was a beautiful man.

Tommy's reverie was interrupted by a question from Thor, "So you want to work out with me? I think it would be really cool. If we work out together, I don't have to charge you and we can push each other and help each other." Thor spoke with a young boy's enthusiasm.

Tommy demurred that he had not pursued working out since he had last seen Thor and feared he was no longer in shape. Thor, squeezing Tommy's arm appreciatively, said, "Nonsense. Anyway, in a few weeks, you'll be right back on top."

There was no way that Tommy could resist the joyous bulldozer that was Thor. He promised to come back the next day at 8 AM to get "down to work." Thor walked with him to the entrance. Somehow he couldn't let go and tussled with Tommy down the stairs. Out on the street, he kept hold of Tommy's hand, talking to keep Tommy from leaving.

At last, Tommy managed to back away. He turned toward his house. In a darkened shop window he saw his face reflected. He was smiling, smiling for all he was worth and he couldn't imagine why.


Tommy was faithful to his promise. He arrived at the gym, carrying his workout shoes. Thor was already there. He helped Tommy choose some workout clothes and followed him into the locker room.

"Yeah, you've lost some of the finish," Thor observed, seated on a bench next to Tommy, "but you still look mighty good. Let's hit the gym." Thor led Tommy through a warm up and then gave him a workout logbook, already filled out with a routine for the next eight weeks. Thor guided Tommy through the workout, adding tips on how to help as a workout partner. This was a different interaction, one of equals, not of an employer to employee. Though they had to decrease the weight for Tommy, they worked out as a close team.

At the end of the work out, following some concluding stretching, they were both covered in sweat. Tommy inhaled deeply. "Thor, smell that, it's wonderful. I had forgotten." Thor also breathed deeply, his eyes closed, his face the image of happiness. Suddenly he came to, and blushing, said he had to go do some 'stuff', 'see you tomorrow, ok?'

Tommy sat on a bench, wondering what had gotten into Thor. He showered and returned to his home, eager to go back to the gym the next day.

Classes had started for Tommy. Most were in the afternoon, leaving his mornings open for working out and other errands. He enjoyed his meals more than he remembered doing. Enjoyed the reading his classes required. Enjoyed assisting the professor with seminars and preparing for classes. He just felt good.

Two weeks passed. All during that time, at the end of each workout, Thor disappeared in a rush.

As Tommy passed the front counter, Mike said gruffly, "Hey you, Tommy, wait a minute." He leaned back on the stool, as he had done the first time Tommy had been to the gym, and bellowed, "Thor, did you ask him yet?"

"Ask me what?"

"Thor, get your ass out here. I've had enough of you moping around for two weeks." Thor appeared, sheepishly in the doorway. "Ask him, dammit."

"Thor, what's all this about."

Thor looked at his shoes. He hemmed and hawed. This incredible figure of a man looked for all the world like a young boy who was about to be in trouble. Thor stammered, "Tommy, would you, you know, like to go have some coffee or something?"

"There, that wasn't so bad, was it?" Mike showed no mercy.

Tommy could not help but smile. "Thor, I'd love to. But let's make it dinner. Can I pick you up around seven?"

Thor tried to be calm, but was dancing inside. He threw his arms around Tommy as he had on the first day, then ran back into the gym. Thinking he was out of earshot, he shouted to the roof, 'Yahoo."

Mike just winked at Tommy.

Tommy stopped by the gym on his way back from a late seminar. He carried a shopping bag filled with items he had picked up. The ever present Mike saw him come up the stairs and leaned back and bellowed, "Thor, its time to go."

Thor was dressed nicely, including a jacket that stretched across his broad chest. He looked good. Tommy found that he was doing all the talking on the short walk to his home, until he turned to walk up the steps.

"What are we doing here? I thought we're going out for dinner."

"I live here. I thought we could have dinner in. This bag has everything we need."

"You live here? It's beautiful. And you mean to tell me you've been two blocks away and never..." Thor's words were said with feigned anger.

As they entered the front door, they were met by Hopkins and Mrs. Hopkins.

"Will there be two for dinner this evening?" Hopkins asked.

"I picked up some salmon. I can make it myself."

"Salmon, I know some great ways to make salmon," Thor said.

"You'll do nothing of the sort. I'll take care of that." Mrs. Hopkins commandeered the bag of groceries and turned to walk down the stairs.

"Let me." Thor intercepted the bag and followed Mrs. Hopkins down the stairs toward her flat.

Hopkins turned to Tommy. "There is no point resisting her, she'll have her way. Why don't you go freshen up, I'll rescue your friend and send him up."

Tommy, having nothing else to do, climbed to his flat. Almost a half hour later, Thor entered the sitting room while knocking.

"And where have you been?" Tommy asked.

"Mrs. Hopkins and I were trading recipes. She must be a fantastic cook, judging by her kitchen. She thinks you're pretty special," Thor reported. "Hell, this place is great. Not so oppressive as those places in Billy's building. Show me around."

Tommy showed him the dining room, then offered just a glance of the bedroom through the door, then showed Thor into the study. Thor was fascinated by all the books, eager to say the right thing, praising everything.

As they returned to the sitting room, Tommy noticed that the doors to the dining room had been closed. He then noticed that in front of the sofa, an ice bucket complete with a bottle of white wine and glasses had been set.

"I guess this is for us," Tommy conjectured. He stepped over and poured two glasses of wine, handing one to Thor. "To friends" Tommy toasted. As Thor drank to the toast, his eyes were fixed on Tommy's face.

Tommy began telling the story of Bunny and Cupcake and how this flat had become his home. For the first time he realized all the crazy, funny things that happened during those first days after he lost Billy. Thor drank in his words, neglecting the wine.

Their conversation had stopped. The momentary silence was interrupted by the sound of the dining room pocket doors sliding open. The dining table was revealed set for two in regal fashion, but rather than at opposite ends of the long table, the places were across the narrow dimension, facing each other. Hopkins appeared from behind the doorway to announce, "Dinner is served." Tommy and Thor walked into the dining room, both feeling the awkwardness of children in an unfamiliar formal setting. Hopkins served the meal, poured wine, indicated that more food waited under dome-covered platters, and then retired from the room.

"Jeez, Tommy, I didn't know you had a butler."

"I don't, but I think Hopkins likes playing at one. He's just supposed to take care of the house in exchange for rent. But he and Mrs. Hopkins take care of me, too. But I never expected anything like this."

They ate the meal, both praising the skills of Mrs. Hopkins. Hopkins appeared again, briefly, to clear their plates and serve dessert.

Thor braced himself against the table with his hands, his mind visibly working. "Tommy, I know you loved Billy. And I know that he meant the world to you, and you to him. And I know it's only been a few months. And I know..."

Tommy cut him off. "Thor, would you go to bed with me"

Thor stammered on, not hearing Tommy. "And I know it's awfully pushy of me to even think..."

"Thor, did you hear me?"

"And I know I can never be Billy. And, and, what did you say?" Thor said coming into focus.

"I want to make love to you, Thor."

"Uh, ok."

Tommy reached across the table and took Thor's hand. He led him down the hall and into the bedroom. Tommy noted with some interest that the bed had been turned down. Thor stood in the middle of the room, looking unsure of what to do.

"At least take your jacket off." Tommy encouraged.

They both took to tearing their clothes off. When Thor was down to his boxer shorts, he turned and faced away from Tommy.

"Thor? What is it?" Tommy asked.

"Shit," said Thor. "I don't want to ruin this."

"Thor? Have I embarrassed you in some way?"

"No, Tommy, its not you. It's just well..." Thor dropped his shorts and turned to face Tommy, his head hanging.

Tommy's eyes sought out Thor's eyes. He could not help taking in all of the naked man before him, the rugged, square handsome face, the broad muscled chest, the tight ridges of his stomach, and then disproportionate to even this large man, his cock. His cock hung long and heavy between his legs, above large low hanging balls.

"Oh, god, Thor. You are amazingly beautiful. I don't understand why you're upset."

"It's my cock dammit. Most guys, they just won't have anything to do with me. I guess I'm a freak."

"Thor, I'd be lying if I didn't say my ass is a little frightened. But that's not the only way to make love, it'll work out."

"Oh, Tommy," Thor crossed the space between them and kissed him deeply. They tumbled into the bed.

"Tommy, I do love being the top, but what I've fantasized about, since we first met, was having you inside me."

With this admission, all the awkwardness between them vanished. Thor's touch was all gentleness, supported by his great strength. Tommy's mind reeled as kisses on the mouth led to touching led to grasping. They clung to each other in increasing passion. "I want you inside me, Tommy. I want it right now. Please, Tommy, fuck me." Thor turned over onto his knees and presented his ass.

"Thor, oh man, yes, I'll fuck you, fuck with you." Tommy lubed his cock and pressed it against Thor's hole. Thor pushed back and Tommy's cock slipped past the first ring. Thor grunted with his lust and pushed back again taking more of Tommy's cock.

"Oh god, I need you in me, give me more," Thor demanded.

Tommy pressed further in gently, worried that Thor might be hurt. Tommy felt the extraordinary pressure of Thor's muscled butt squeezing his cock, pulling in more. "Thor, baby, go easy. Relax a little, just enjoy this."

Thor stopped moving, his breath coming in deep pants. "I've wanted this so long, I just have to have it. Fuck me, Tommy, fuck me."

Tommy began stroking in and out of Thor's ass. The sight of the heaving muscles of his back, narrow at the waist, beyond impressive at the shoulders, inspired him to greater passion. Thor grasped his own cock and began stroking in time with Tommy's thrusts. Each could feel the other's excitement rising. Thor's entire body clenched as his orgasm ripped from his cock, spurt after spurt, soaking the sheet beneath him. Tommy's cock was nearly crushed as Thor's ass bore down. He held on, his own orgasm struggling against the pressure until the grip eased and his cum burst through pumping and pumping into Thor.

Breathlessly, they collapsed onto the bed. Thor's struggle to catch breath changed to sobs, his body was wracked with emotion.

"Oh my god, Thor, did I hurt you?"

"Oh no Tommy. I've never felt anything like that before. It's just, it's just that I've loved you from the first moment I saw you. But you were with Billy. I couldn't dream that you and I could ever...but then Billy was gone. And then I couldn't find you. I thought I'd never be happy again. And then you walked into the gym, and, and..." The emotion overtook Thor again.

Tommy pulled his cock from the still tight grip of Thor's ass, admittedly with some reluctance. He turned Thor over and put his arms around the broad torso and held him, kissing him as Thor wept.

Tommy felt emotion rising in his own heart and tears began to roll down his face. He clung all the tighter to Thor.

In time, the emotion passed. Each tried to comfort the other with kisses and gentle touches. New desire rose between them, less urgent, more loving. Tommy rolled Thor onto his back and sat astride him. He reached behind him and lubed Thor's hardening cock. Mimicking what he had seen Billy do so long ago, he pressed his ass against Thor's cock head and breathed out slowly. His first attempt to take Thor's cock hurt too much and he had to pull off. Thor's face was all worry.

"I want this, too, Thor. But we'll have to go easy." He pushed against the cock again and managed to take the head into his ass. While Tommy was far from being a virgin, Thor was on a scale far beyond what Tommy had experienced with Billy. Desire and the beauty of the man before his eyes inspired Tommy to keep trying, to focus on relaxing and slowly take more of the cock into his ass.

Thor began to whimper as his desire grew, needing to cum. Tommy stopped and held still, his ass spasming on the thickness of Thor's cock. Thor placed his hands on Tommy's cock, erect over his chest, and began to stroke it. The sensations on his cock diverted Tommy's attention away from his ass just long enough for him to relax. The extreme tension of being stretched gave way to the pleasure of fullness. Tommy began to ride Thor's cock, up and down. His head leaned back as the pleasure overtook his entire body, and the loving touch of Thor's hands brought him again to orgasm, spewing all over Thor's face and chest. Thor gritted his teeth as his own orgasm welled up and shot into Tommy's ass. Tommy pulled off the large organ and dropped into Thor's waiting arms.

"No one has ever taken me like that," Thor panted.

Tommy replied, "I never wanted anything so badly. I knew I had to try. Oh, Thor, you are so beautiful. You make love divinely. I could love you."

Thor hugged Tommy even harder. They spoke softly to each other, praising the lovemaking they had shared, and slowly drifted to sleep in each other's arms.


During the night, the lovers sought continual contact with each other. By morning, Thor was draped across Tommy. It was the weight pressing on his chest that brought Tommy into waking. "Thor, Thor, wake up, you're crushing me." Thor's arms tightened around Tommy. "Ok, you big lug, time for a shower."

Thor's face bore and idiotic smile. "Whatever you say, lover, whatever you say."

Thor followed Tommy into the bathroom and into the shower. They teased and played with each other, soaping each other, stopping to kiss and neck while in the hot streams of water. Tommy dropped to his knees and began sucking on Thor. Already worked up, Thor quickly reached climax and roared with the pleasure of Tommy's mouth on his cock. Tommy stood and shared a mouthful of Thor's cum as they kissed.

They washed again, stepped from the shower and dried each other off. Tommy offered Thor a robe, and giggled as it barely covered the broad chest. Tommy put a towel around his waist and led the way back to the bedroom. Tommy stopped in his tracks, Thor ran into him from behind. As Tommy stood staring, Thor snuggled against Tommy's back, putting his arms around him, kissing his neck.

"Thor, the bed's been made. Our clothes, they're all folded up. They've been in here while we were in the shower. My god, they must have heard..."

From the door came the familiar discrete knock. Tommy and Thor just stared at the door. After a polite interval, the door opened slightly. "Ahem, breakfast awaits you in the dining room." The door closed. Tommy and Thor broke into shamefaced giggles.

Tommy tossed on some sweat pants, insisting that Thor remain in the robe, 'just too yummy, you are.' They walked hand-in-hand to the dining room. Not only had the previous night's dinner been cleaned up, but the table was set for breakfast. Coffee steamed in the paired cups. The room was unoccupied. Tommy lifted the various covers and served up yet another wonderful meal. Both men ate hungrily, teasing each other with stolen touches under the table.

As Tommy stood to pour more coffee came the discrete knock again. "Yes?"

The door opened. "If we might have a word with you, sir?"

"It seems I have an urgent matter to attend to. Will you please excuse me, Thor," Tommy assumed a faux formality, far beyond the dignity due a man wearing only sweat pants.

Hopkins waited by the door to the sitting room. Tommy entered the sitting room to find Mrs. Hopkins nearly dancing with delight. Hopkins closed the door. "Mr. Thomas, you are looking in fine form today, if I may say so."

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