tagFetishTommy Meets the Rest of the Club

Tommy Meets the Rest of the Club


Well, after their Saturday adventure with some of the Big Foot club members, Tommy and Margaret were wiped out and went straight to bed after taking a nice long hot shower.

When they woke up at around noon on Sunday, they started talking about their adventure yesterday. Tommy was so in love with cock that he couldn't get enough and Margaret was a little bit concerned that she had created a monster. Although watching him sucking cock while getting fucked was a huge turn-on for her. She would get wet just thinking about it.

Now, with the boys wanting only Tommy next Saturday she was feeling more than a little left out. In talking about it, they felt that it would be better if the guys would take pictures of their "activities" with Tommy. This way she could enjoy watching him without actually being there.

They spent a lazy afternoon and wound up playing in the sling for several hours before going to sleep.

Morning came all too soon and they were off to work. That night they played because Margaret was really horny as she kept thinking about the guys "taking" Tommy. She hoped she could get some photos of their "play."

Wednesday evening Scott called to tell them that he would be picking Tommy up at 11:30 AM on Saturday morning; explaining that it would be easier for Tommy if he did so. When asked about bringing the camera along, he said "no problem, although you might not want to."

When they asked why, he told them that Margaret could log on and see what was happening in real time and they would burn the video on several DVDs so they could watch later on. Margaret asked "you can do that?" To which Scott replied "sure."

He went on to explain that the location was an attractive target for thieves and they could log onto their security server to allow access to the cameras in their "playroom." He told them that he would have the information for Margaret when he picked Tommy up on Saturday. He also told them that Tommy was not to cum before then and to take a Cialis Saturday morning.

Margaret was excited about being able to watch the boys take Tommy and could hardly wait for Saturday to come. Following Scott's instructions, she teased Tommy for over 3 hours that evening without letting him cum.

For the next few days, he spent hours in the sling being tormented by Margaret, being kept just short of a climax, which delighted her no end because she was "just following Scott's instructions." She was wet and horny the whole time and made him lick her to a number of orgasms while he was in agony, desperately wanting to cum.

Finally it was Saturday morning. Tommy had taken the Cialis and was waiting for Scott's arrival. When he did show up, he gave Margaret an IP address, a login name, password and told her to accept the download of the control that would allow her to watch their "activity." He went on to explain that she would see the images from several cameras.

All that is necessary to select one is to click on the image. She should use the arrow keys to move the camera and the plus or minus keys to zoom in or out. She would have control of the camera she was viewing.

After that, they got in Scott's car and left. About 30 minutes later, they came to an industrial area where Scott pointed out Ace Wholesale Electric as they drove by the front of the building.

Turning the corner and driving into an alley, they came to the back of the building which was surrounded by an electric fence with razor wire along the top. There were warning signs along the fence that read "DANGER High Voltage Do Not Touch." There was even a coil of razor wire and warning signs along the top edge of the building.

As Scott drove up to the gate, it opened automatically to let him in. One of the roll-up doors in the back of the building opened, which allowed him to drive in. Once he was inside, the door closed and the two of them got out of the car and walked up the steps to the loading dock.

They were met by Darnell, who Tommy knew as "slim", according to Scott, he was one of the partners in Ace Wholesale Electric. Darnell welcomed them and gave them a tour of the building. There was a shop where they were working on large cabinets full of electrical stuff which made Tommy curious enough to stop and look.

He asked Darnell what the gold colored rails were inside the boxes. Darnell told him that they were DIN rails and were used to mount electrical components.

Next was a small machine shop and packing area at the back. They passed some offices next and then walked into the inventory area, which was shelf after shelf full of all kinds of electrical parts and equipment.

Darnell told them that all of this was very attractive to thieves, which is why the extensive security. They had cameras everywhere, both inside and outside the building so they could keep track of everything going on. Their security system even allowed them to monitor and control the cameras by logging in through the internet. This is the system that allowed Margaret to access the playroom cameras.

When they continued to the front, there was a counter and then rows of tools and equipment, which he explained was like candy to the contractors that they served.

Tommy asked "what's that," pointing to the front door. Darnell explained that they had an electrically operated double door so they could control who came and went.

Walking back towards the loading dock, they stopped at one of the office doors that they had passed coming in. Opening the door, Darnell said "welcome to our playroom. It is now time for you to take off your clothes."

Looking around the room, Tommy saw a sling like the one he had at home and an elaborate padded sawhorse made of Baltic Birch in the middle of the room. There was also a bar suspended from the ceiling that was attached to a cable which ran over to a winch mounted on the wall.

There were a couple of guys standing there that Darnell introduced Tommy to once he was naked. First was Claes, who was their "Viking engineer," big, blonde, sporting a large cock and in excellent shape from the muscular body he had.

Next was Murray, and then the rest of the guys.

The club members present were: Scott -- 13 + inches, cut Darnell -- 13 inches, cut - nicknamed "slim." Denzel -- 14 inches, cut - who was nicknamed "horse" Algernon -- 8/9 inches around and 13 inches long, cut - who was "fat boy" Claes -- 13 tapered uncut inches - their Viking engineer Murray -- 13 ½ inches uncut with a round head, nicknamed "long ride"

Meanwhile Margaret had logged onto the website and was enjoying multi-screen views of the playroom. She discovered that she could click on one of the images, hit the plus key and it would enlarge, giving her more and more detail with each press of the key as the camera zoomed in.

And, of course, she checked the packages that were on display there. All of the cameras could be moved by using the arrows on her keyboard so she wasn't going to miss a thing! She could even hear the sounds associated with each camera. God, she was getting wet with anticipation.

Darnell told Claes "he's all yours," as he began to undress also. Claes smiled and told Tommy that "first, we have to fit you to the horse." He guided Tommy over to the padded sawhorse and had him lie face down on it. Telling Tommy to grab the bars that were sticking out at the front, then he put Tommy's feet on little shelves, which he adjusted.

Then he had Tommy stand up and fitted a padded strap around his chest, adjusting it until the two rings in it were centered over his nipples. He asked if the strap was comfortable.

After Tommy said "yes" Claes took it off him and told him to go stand over by the trapeze bar while he went over to the wall, where all kinds of bondage stuff was hanging on a pegboard and got some padded wrist and ankle restraints. He put them on Tommy, fastening the Velcro so they were tight but not constrictive.

Next, he told Tommy to grab the bar that was over his head. After he grabbed the bar, Claes fastened the wrist restraints to the rings on the ends of the bar. Next, he fastened the ankle restraints to eyebolts in the floor, which held Tommy's legs spread.

Once this was done, he went over to the wall and turned the crank on the winch. Tommy was pulled up until he was stretched, not uncomfortably but definitely not able to move.

Now Claes started to gently rub Tommy's chest, lightly brushing his nipples. Tommy immediately responded to the nipple play and instantly became erect. Claes continued working on Tommy's nipples, pulling and gently twisting them until Tommy started to moan.

He then got some lube and started rubbing Tommy's nipples, which was almost but not quite enough to bring him to a climax. Claes then rubbed Tommy's lips, running his fingers around them and lightly starting to put his fingertips into Tommy's mouth. Tommy began to move his head to suck on the elusive fingers but couldn't quite get to them.

Next, Claes got a pair of little plastic tubes with a knob on the top of each one. Pressing them over Tommy's nipples and turning the knob, he created suction which pulled Tommy's nipples into the clear tubes. This made Tommy gasp and arch his back.

Then he got a stool, sat down and started running his hands over Tommy's ass and legs. Tommy began to arch and twist as Claes began to stroke him, trying to get more contact.

Claes then sucked Tommy's entire cock into his mouth and throat, causing Tommy to arch, quiver and moan. At this point Tommy desperately wanted to cum, but it just wasn't going to happen. Claes then ran his lubed finger around, over and just into Tommy's asshole.

Margaret had her fingers working as she watched, one hand in her crotch and the other alternating between her breast and the keyboard. Oh yes, she was going to enjoy this!

Tommy didn't know what to do next. He wanted that finger in his ass but didn't want to pull out of that wonderful mouth on his cock. Claes kept up that exquisite torture for a few minutes and stopped.

He said "it looks like we may have your attention." To which Tommy responded "oh yes, please please let me cum." Claes responded "you will get to cum, just not yet."

Claes then got a penis shaped dildo with a handle, lubed it and pressed it against Tommy's asshole, who immediately pushed back to get it in. Claes had other ideas though. He pushed just the tip of it in and stopped.

Tommy groaned and tried to get more of it in. Claes simply moved with Tommy, which prevented any further penetration. He then pulled it out and pushed it back in, repeating this at least a dozen times. Now Tommy was really hot to have it filling his ass, which was exactly what Claes wanted.

At this point Tommy was moaning and begging him to put it in. Claes responded "you'll get it soon enough."

Then he went and got a black silicone tube, which he lubricated and slid onto Tommy's hard cock. When he asked what it was, Claes told him it was a Wide Inflation Tube and just about all that was left of a Surge Milker that they picked up a while back.

After the stretchy black sleeve was on his cock, Claes got a stainless steel tube and a padded strap. Slipping the tube into the ring in the strap, he put it on Tommy over the black sleeve and fastened it around his hips.

Claes then walked over and released the winch, lowering the bar holding Tommy stretched. He unfastened his wrists and ankles and helped him over to the horse.

Now he picked up the strap that he had fitted to Tommy earlier, put some small stainless steel cups in the rings and undid the two suction cups that were on Tommy's nipples. Tommy gasped as the suction was released.

After lubricating his nipples and rubbing them for a bit, he fitted the padded strap around Tommy's chest, making sure that the metal cups were directly over each nipple.

Then he had Tommy lie face down on the padded horse and told him to grab the bar. When Tommy complied, he fastened each wrist to a ring by the bar. Next he put Tommy's feet on the little shelves and fastened the ankle restraints to the rings there.

With this done he asked Tommy if he was comfortable and He replied "yes, but I can't move much."

To which Claes replied "good." Unfastening the strap around Tommy's hips, he attached it to the horse, adjusting it until it held the cup in place over Tommy's cock.

When Tommy asked what the cups were for, Claes replied "as I said, they are about all that is left of a Surge and a NuPulse milker.

We pulled a process controller out of stock and set it up so we could vary the rate and voltage ramp of two sets of outputs from it. Next we got a pair of ANVER adjustable vacuum switches, which are mounted on the side of the horse along with each set of the controller knobs and on/off switches.

We have a vacuum pump back in the shop and have run a pipe up here for the milkers. What we now have are essentially milkers but ours are much more controllable."

With that, he connected some clear tubes to each of the nipple cups and one to the cup on Tommy's cock. When Claes flipped the switch, Tommy immediately understood what the elaborate set up was about.

There was a gentle, pulsing suction on his nipples and a heavenly sliding suction on his now revived cock. God, it was wonderful!

Claes then asked him if he was OK. To which he replied "oh yes, please let me cum!" Claes told him "not yet, we just want to keep your attention."

Next he blindfolded Tommy, telling him that it was to help him stay focused. Once the blindfold was on and comfortable, he put a strap around Tommy's head and fastened it firmly.

Then he got a pair of cords that he clipped to small rings on the headband and used them to pull Tommy's head back and hold it in place by attaching the ends to pair of 4 inch coil springs that were hooked to yet another pair of rings on each side of the horse.

This held Tommy's head in place and the springs allowed just enough movement to keep him comfortable. This also gave whoever wanted it a straight shot from Tommy's mouth into his throat.

Next Claes announced "well boys, he's ready." They all agreed that since he had done all of the prep work on Tommy, he should go first. Claes' cock was 13 tapered uncut inches with a smooth round head, slightly smaller than a ping pong ball. His cock was shaped like a wedge, getting larger until it was the width of Algernon's at the base.

He held a bottle of poppers under Tommy's nose and told him to take a deep breath, which he did. Then he fed his cock to Tommy to suck and slowly fucked his face which was held very nicely by the cords, although he used one hand behind Tommy's head to steady him.

All Tommy could do was suck, he had very little freedom of movement -- not that he minded since he loved sucking cock and having his face fucked was heaven.

The head Claes's cock was sooo smooth and felt wonderful on his tongue as he searched for a precious drop of precum that he knew was in there. As Claes slid his cock deeper and deeper into Tommy's throat, the tip of his cock was small enough that Tommy could get air by breathing through his nose.

Although when Claes was completely in, Tommy's jaw was stretched as wide as it would go, painfully wide. But he could still press the flat of his tongue on the underside and swirl it around as Claes fucked his throat. Tommy really wanted his cum but knew it wasn't going to happen, yet.

After he spent some time fucking Tommy's face and throat, Claes pulled out, gave him a couple more hits of the poppers, used a foot pedal to pump the back of the horse a couple of inches, lubed his cock with a very slippery silicone lube called Gun Oil, and slid slowly into Tommy's hungry ass.

God, the feeling of that cock sliding into his ass was heaven, thought Tommy. With that big cock wedged deep in his ass, it just doesn't get better than this. He was quivering with need as the slow suction on his cock was enough to keep him hot but was not enough to get him off.

Not wanting him to cum too soon, Claes turned off the suction on Tommy's cock, leaving on just the pulsing nipple suckers.

Motioning to Slim he asked "do you want some of this?" Darnell nodded, gave him some poppers and slid his half hard cock into Tommy's throat, saying "come on boy, make it feel good."

Tommy's whole world was that cock in his mouth and the one invading his ass. He loved the feel of the smooth head and the veins sliding over his outstretched tongue as Slim worked his mouth and throat.

He pushed out with his ass on Claes's in stroke and tried to suck his cock in on the out stroke. Meanwhile Darnell had picked up speed and Tommy was very busy sucking and tonguing him while pleasuring Claes's cock at the same time. Talk about sensory overload! This was the best kind. He was floating it was so good!

Margaret, watching all of this, had cum several times using her fingers and was now riding the large dildo to a new wave of orgasms. This video feed was cool! She could focus in on the cock sliding into Tommy's mouth or ass, giving her a remarkably detailed view of the invasion and she could hear the sounds of Tommy being fucked.

Claes was taking long deep strokes, pulling almost all the way out of Tommy's ass only to slam back in as far as he could bury his cock. Tommy had not stopped his pushing and pulling, which was causing Claes to come up faster than he wanted to, but the good feeling of fucking that hungry ass was just too much to fight.

It wasn't long before his movement started to get jerky, letting Tommy know that he was going to be getting his first load of cum at any moment now.

Darnell was getting into it as well, sliding his cock into Tommy's throat as far as it would go, holding it for a moment and then pulling out so Tommy could take a deep breath and get a hit of poppers. Tommy was in heaven, tonguing that delicious cock in his mouth and working that huge wedge of man meat in his ass.

Suddenly Claes thrust hard into Tommy's ass. Tommy could feel his cock pulse repeatedly as it filled him with cum. Just as Claes's pounding subsided, Darnell started to cum deep in Tommy's throat.

It was a good thing that his cock was so long because he just kept pumping and pumping. He must have unloaded 8-10 big shots of cum in Tommy's throat. If his cock hadn't been in so deep, Tommy doubted that he could swallow fast enough to keep up with Darnell's hot load.

It was all he could do to breathe through his nose while Slim was cumming down this throat.

Watching the boys fill Tommy, Margaret came as well, imagining that she was the one being filled with cum instead of him.

Finally Claes and Darnell pulled out to Tommy's moan of "noooo." They then wiped themselves with one of the towels that were stacked underneath the horse.

Claes asked Tommy how he was doing and got back "wonderful, I need more, more cock!" Claes turned on the milker that was on Tommy's cock, which caused him to arch and stiffen, trying to get more stimulation.

Claes grinned when he saw Tommy arch, telling him "not yet, but soon."

Claes said "who's next? I don't know what he does with his ass, but it felt like it was hungry and trying to eat my cock. You've gotta try it."

Murray walked over and said "watching you guys get off made me horny. I think I will try some of that sweet ass. Scott came over saying that a hot mouth is just what he needed.

Murray walked over to Tommy, undid the strap holding his head in place and fed him his cock, which was getting harder by the moment. Tommy loved the smooth round head on Claes's cock but this one was to die for! It was silky smooth, full and round, much bigger than Claes's and it filled his mouth completely.

He bathed it with his tongue, paying special attention to the underside and around the back of the head. He was in heaven! He could feel it getting harder and harder until it began to stretch his mouth as much as Claes's cock did.

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