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Tomorrow was here at last, I was getting married. I had been looking forward to this day for 2 years. I had met Mark 3 years ago when I was 18. We hit it off right away, became inseparable, and decided that we wanted to marry and start a life together.

My parents had never really given their blessing; neither of them liked him too much. But they never once tried to discourage me from doing what I wanted. To marry!

My father paid for the most lavish wedding for me, his only daughter. Nothing was too much expense. He welcomed Mark into the family even though he had reservations about him.

The wedding was a great success; everything went as planned, if not better.

I of course looked fabulous in my silk gown.

If there was to be a down side, it was because of my height. I am 5ft 11" tall. Mark is 6ft tall, and while it's not normally a problem, I usually wear shoes that don't allow me to top him in the height stakes.

He's a man of course isn't he, so he has an ego, that doesn't let him reconcile, that in heels, I am a lot taller than he.

I had thought about this for the wedding, but I had decided that I was wearing heels. I had told Mark, he wasn't very happy, because he said no one would know if I wore flats.

But I was adamant, heels I would wear! And that was the end of that!

What I hadn't told him, and to be honest, I hadn't thought of it was. I was having my long hair especially done, and it would be piled on top of my head, and that my veil would be added to that.

So on the morning of my wedding, with my heels, my hair up, my veil on.

I was about 6ft 5" or more top to bottom.

I suddenly saw Marks face in my mind, he wouldn't be very happy, but it was too late now, to wear flats would mean a dress alteration.

Me? I am Luanne or Lu for short. Like I said, I am 5ft 11" tall, long light chestnutty hair, its soft, I look after it, and its really nice to the feel and touch. I consider myself to be quite attractive, without being overly so, and I've always had lots of attention from men.

I weigh 10 and a ½ stones, or if you like about 147lbs, give or take, depending on the day of the week.

I have a nice lovely face; lips that love to kiss, and be kissed.

Nice bodied, always got something to grab hold of Mark says, have the boobs to match my body, I've been told I have childbearing hips. My legs though, are my best asset, along with my bum. My legs go on forever.

Nice narrowish waist, big feely tits, embarrassingly large protruding nipples, that can burn holes in me with the right handling?

A couple of boys had there way with me, by getting hold of them, and me falling into their lust for me. But all before I met Mark, and also one of my dad's friends, but we won't go there!

Any way, the wedding went off without a hitch, but Mark did comment on my stature as we danced. And then it was forgotten.

The following morning, we boarded our plane for the 3 week honeymoon we had booked to Colorado, and Arizona.

It was going to be the holiday of a lifetime, a 1 centre ranch holiday, all by the same company, even transferred to some of the further destinations by helicopter.

We would be mountain trekking, climbing, skiing, horse riding, all out door adventures. We would be sleeping out in the open under the stars etc. The Grand Canyon, you name it, we were going to do it.

It was an organised holiday, it cost an absolute fortune, but we would never get to do it again, so we went for the whole nine yards!

We were to be met at the airport by a rep of the company, he turned out to be a Native American, a Red Indian, and he said his name was Running Bear.

He was about our age, and really nice, I loved his deep American drawl.

He was easily 6ft 5", he towered over us, and big with it, rippling muscles, he also had moccasins on his feet.

He told us he would be our personal guide for the whole of the trip, and whatever we asked for he would provide us with it.

Running Bear didn't look like your average Indian; he didn't have feathers on his head etc. His hair was relatively short. He was wearing what looked like calf leather clothes, or as I found out later, buckskin.

Neither was he really good looking, his face was flattish, his skin? Well, Red Indian I suppose?

But you could see the power of him underneath.

We left the terminal, in a 4X4, it was a truck, as he put it; to me it was a huge tractor looking thing, with a cabin on top. But it was very comfortable.

We arrived at the ranch, and shown to our own cabin. A log cabin it was too! My mouth wouldn't work, it was fantastic, it had everything, Jacuzzi, bathrooms, showers, BBQ at the front, a beautiful open lounge, a massive open log fire. Phone, internet, and fax all on a credenza. A fully stocked kitchen, a fully stocked bar, heating, it had everything.

But the view off the veranda at the front was stunning, mesmerising to say the least.

I absolutely loved it; we spent the rest of the day just exploring our new home.

We ate and drank, then went to bed early and fucked like rabbits.

All this had given me an insatiable need to fuck, I wore Mark out that night, It was ages before I let him go to sleep, but only after much begging.

In the morning, the sun was streaming through the windows; I walked on to our veranda in my little dressing gown, and just drank in the views.

Someone must have seen me, or been watching for activity because a phone rang somewhere, I found and answered it.

It was Running Bear, to say breakfast would be served in 30 minutes, and brought over to us!

And it was, but it wasn't the kind of breakfast I was used to. It was an enormous feast.

Huge piles of eggs, fried, boiled, scrambled, bacon, crispy, soft, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, hash browns, pudding, pancakes, some things I didn't recognise, but I tried. And it was fantastic, we ate like ravenous pigs!

By the time we were ready to do anything, or go anywhere it was early afternoon.

I had never been so happy in my life, this was utopia to say the least, what a life style this was, I was already wishing I could live it.

Running Bear suggested that, as it was our first day, we shouldn't waste any of it, so we might go trail biking. I was amazed, I hadn't thought of anything like this, and I immediately said yes, great. So off we went, up hill and down dale, or should I say up bluff and down valley, or crag?

We spent 4 hours out on the land; it was brilliant, when we got back both of us were worn out. It was 7:00pm and Running Bear said dinner would be in 1 hour, so would we like to get ready, jeans, shirts and boots were the order of the day, he told us.

I daren't tell you of the dinner, we were told steaks would be served. And I am sure I had the whole cow. I had never seen a steak so big; it was so tender, and so juicy.

We retired to our cabin, had a few drinks, fucked like rabbits again, and then went to bed.

The next day we went on a tour of the ranch and its land, it was amazing, I had never seen such views.

Running Bear drove us for miles and miles. We had a packed picnic, the warm sun was fantastic.

I started getting horny again, I don't know if it was the air or not, but my pussy was tingling away at me.

In and out of the truck, I was manhandling, and feeling Mark's prick and bum as we went, he was frightened that Running Bear would see us, so kept shooing me away.

I whispered to him, that tonight he was going to get it, like it or not!

He laughed at me, and smirked.

I knew that smirk, it was an 'I'll decide, what goes on, not you smirk!' And I thought to myself, 'Right my lad, you just wait, I'm having you, yes or no!'

We had gone through this before in our relationship; sometimes he wouldn't fuck me when I wanted fucking, and so we'd had a sort of fight, a wrestling match. And much to his and my surprise, I had won most of them. He is a desk worker, and I am surveyor on construction sites, so I get a lot more exercise than he does.

So in the last few months, he had avoided such confrontations, much to my dismay. But I did like overpowering him, in a gentle way of course, and then him being unable to resist me, and me getting the fucking I wanted. Like I said earlier, his ego, wouldn't allow him such aberrations.

When we got back, Running Bear gave me a look that saidb. 'You are a feisty woman, that's obvious' why I read that in his face, I don't know but I did.

We had another sumptuous dinner, and retired early again, this all this was wearing me out, but I still wanted to make love. Mark said he was too tired. He went into the bathroom, I followed to get him, but he locked the door! I was furious.

"Mark," I bellowed through it, "open this door right now!"

"I'm in the bath honey, go to bed, I'll see you in a while." He shouted.

I sulked away, and went to bed, determined to stay awake, so I could get him!

But tiredness overtook me. And when I awoke it was 9:30 in the morning. Mark was up and sat on the veranda.

"Good morning darling," he said quietly. But I was okay, my anger had gone, and I was looking forward to another day in paradise.

We went for breakfast, another banquet!

Today we were horse riding. Mine was a beauty, a large chestnut, with a huge flash on his head. "This is Blaze," Running Bear told me.

"Yours horse Mark is called, Blacky," obviously because of his jet black colour.

We walked them first so they could get to know us a little. They were gentle giants

We set off at a gentle pace and soon we were wondering all over. Running Bear was riding bareback, with just a small blanket under him. We had cowboy hats on, all that was missing were the six shooters.

Running bear showed us how to gather cattle, he was outstanding in the things he could do.

He lassoed a cow from a distance, and the loop just sailed over its head.

He was carrying the packed lunch for us, and we stopped on top of a ridge, the setting was straight off a painting, nothing I had ever seen was as good as this.

I was totally in love with this place, and already I was wishing I could live here forever. This was something for discussion when we returned from our honey moon.

In the middle of the afternoon, we were riding at a canter, when Marks horse was spooked by; it turned out, a snake.

He was thrown right off Blacky, and landed in a sickening thud, on the hard ground, I was sure I heard bones breaking.

We jumped off our horse's and hurried to him, he was hurt, and quite badly it appeared.

It looked like he had damaged his fingers, his lower arm, his upper arm, a shoulder, and his right leg.

Running Bear immediately got the radio out, and called the ranch, within 30 minutes, the helicopter was with us.

A trained paramedic came with it. And confirmed that all the places he was hurting looked very definitely broken, he had to be airlifted to the hospital 40 miles away.

I went with him, he was x rayed, then later operated on, and all the things they do in hospital. And they put his right leg in traction, just to be safe. He was a real mess, my poor husband. I was sure glad that we had taken out very comprehensive insurance. So we knew no cost would be involved, for medical expenses.

I stayed that night with him; I slept in a cot in his room. He was in pain, but also sedated, so he was feeling a little better.

He apologised for ruining our honeymoon, but I wasn't haven't any of that. "It was an accident, and that's all there was to it. It's not your fault." I told him.

The next day I asked the doctors, how long he could be expected to be in hospital for?

They told us, that because of the nature of his injuries, he may well be in for at least the next 2 to 3 weeks.

Jesus hell, I thought, that's it then, the holiday is over, done with, what would I do for the next weeks?

Mark said. I would have to go back to the ranch and try and enjoy what I could, being on my own and all that.

I wasn't very happy now, I really wanted to call it all off and go home. But I couldn't could I? I couldn't leave him.

So, using the insurance, I was hired a car, and I managed to make my way back to the ranch.

I was met by an astonished Running Bear.

"Why didn't you call me?" He asked. "I would have come for you."

"It's okay; I needed time to think about things."

Then I burst into tears. He held me and comforted me.

"I'm going to bed Running Bear, I'm sorry, I need to be alone."

"Yes, good idea, have a drink, I will bring you some supper in an hour." He told me.

I went off; I had a long hot bath, and 2 bloody stiff drinks.

I felt a mess inside.

I was sat on the veranda feeling sorry for Mark, and myself.

Running Bear appeared and gave me a tray with food on it.

He asked me if I was okay, and that I should try to eat something.

I did, he went, and then I called my parents to tell them of events.

They both told me to stay and try to enjoy what was left of our holiday. I appreciated that.

The next morning, Running Bear drove me to the hospital, I only saw Mark for 10 minutes, they wouldn't let me stay because he was sleeping, and sedated.

Sadly I returned to the ranch.

It had all turned into a nightmare; I really was fed up, pissed off actually!

Late in the afternoon Running Bear turned up with my horse Blaze, and he had his too. I was happy to see her; I felt am affinity with her.

He said to me, 'come on Mrs Lu, you need to get out, lets go for a ride okay?'

'It will help take your mind off things, yes?'

I thought for a moment then agreed, it would be good to think about something else.

So off we went at a canter, I thought to myself, this is how Mark got hurt, so I had better be careful.

He took us up a mountain, it was wonderful, I began to relax and really enjoy myself.

We stopped on the west side of it, and the sun was getting lower on the horizon, what a fabulous view it was, absolutely stunning.

We set off back as it was starting to get dark. On the way, Running Bear stopped at a stream to let the horses drink. He jumped of, and as I began to get off, he said, 'Whoa Mrs Lu, let me help okay?'

'Yes,' I replied, 'good idea.'

I reached down and took his upper arms, he reached up and took mine, I slid out of the saddle, and dropped to the floor.

As I landed my foot hit a rock, and my ankle went over.

The agony was terrible, I thought, oh no, oh fuck, what have I gone and done?

I collapsed to the floor; he immediately caught me, and lifted me back up.

'What have you done?' He asked, concern in his voice.

'I have hurt my ankle,' I whined.

'Oh hell,' he said.

'Let me have a look at it?'

He did, he felt it like an expert in these matters.

Then he said, 'you have twisted it, its not broken, how bad does it hurt you?' He said.

I tried to stand on it, but it was too sore.

'Okay,' he said, 'let's get you back on Blaze and get back.'

He helped me up, and I'm sure he felt my backside as he pushed me up, but I wasn't sure?

When we got back, he insisted on getting me off Blaze, and carried me into our cabin.

He told me to wait there on the couch where he had deposited me. And left to go and get bandages etc.

He came back, soaked the bandages in cold water, and applied them fairly tightly to help keep any swelling done, he said.

After making me a supper, and making sure I was alright, he bade me goodnight, with the promise he would see me early in the morning.

I hobbled to bed, and had a reasonable night, but I did think about his hand on my arse, I couldn't make my mind up whether he had done it on purpose, or not?

In the morning, I was up earlyish, had a good shower, and dressed in my PJs and a dressing gown, hobbled my way to the veranda, it was a beautiful morning, but my ankle was hurting me.

I called the hospital, to speak to Mark, but his nurse said he was asleep, I told her I wouldn't be able to get there today, but I would be there tomorrow.

Running Bear appeared with a tray of the usual, a monstrous breakfast, there was enough for 3, let alone just me!

After I had eaten, he reappeared and took the tray away. He came back after about 30 minutes, with another tray. This was loaded with ointments, and lotions, it looked like.

He told me to lie on the couch, and lift up my foot. As I did, he gathered my leg in his strong hands and rested it on his knee.

He applied some lotion to my ankle, it's an old Indian recipe, my forefathers used it. I feared it would hurt me, but it was so soothing.

I felt heat emanating through his hands to my injured foot. It was so relaxing; I swear I could have fallen asleep.

And it was making me bloody horny too. It was all that horse riding, every time I got on Blaze, I wanted to fuck! As he rubbed it in, his hands drifted higher up my calf.

'Just to make sure it gets to all the bruising,' he told me. I loved it, it was hypnotising.

He applied more and more, and his strong hands were now at my knee, up and down, round and round he went.

My baggy PJ trouser leg had fallen up my thigh, I hadn't realised it, but it had. And now he had an advantage I wasn't aware of.

The heat from the lotion was spreading like a fire up my leg and into my loins; I was on a slow burn.

"Must get all the peripheral bruises Mrs Lu," he murmured.

There was one hand high on my thigh, as his other was on my ankle, and then they swapped, this time his hand was on the inside of my upper leg.

I moaned, I felt serene, especially when he touched the top of my leg. I still didn't realise he was seducing me.

I had my eyes closed as I relaxed more and more under his touch.

Then the first caress of his fingers, lightly passed over my pussy through my panties. I knew it had happened, but I never moved a muscle.

My lower leg was still resting on his upper thigh, but now his hands were both on mine, kneading, caressing, rubbing, pulverising my mind.

Fingers began a gentle rubbing of my pussy lips through my panties; I just lay back and let it happen.

I was in dire need of comfort, and someone to love me, make me feel safe, I needed reassurance.

Running Bear was going to give it to me, but yet I was unaware of it.

Then I felt fingers insert themselves under the opening, and suddenly, they were at the entrance, at the doorway to my love hole.

It was too late for me to stop anything, I was under his spell, and he was working me so good. I was as horny as hell anyway, so his assaults on my senses were more or less guaranteed to work.

Here I was 21 years old, married 5 days ago, and being well and truly seduced, while my new husband was in hospital.

And my treacherous body didn't give a damn, it wanted cock, and cock it was going to get!

The fingers in my pussy was working their magic, I was on my way to an orgasm.

I hadn't felt him undo my pyjama top, I just felt red hot heat on my nipples, I managed to open my eyes briefly, I looked down to see Running Bear's lips clamped to a strutting nipple.

His right hand was under my buttocks tickling my pussy and clit. I was gone! His sucking of my already burgeoning nipples had me going gaga.

Then suddenly I was up in the air, I was in his arms, and he was taking me to bed and to my infidelity. My recent marriage vows were going out of the window.

He was displaying a courage, and control I wasn't used to. His walk to my bedroom was strident, meaningful, he was a man on a mission, I was it. And he was unstoppable. Even if I had resisted, I think the result was going to be the same.

He was taking me, I was his, his dominance without being stated, was all around me.

That's when I understood what his intentions were; I knew I was going to be made love to, to be fucked. I wanted it badly. But when he called me 'White Dove' and said, I was to be his squaw from now on. That I realised my life was entering a new dimension.

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