The cold winter air caressed her thigh, nipples tight with the cold and aching for attention. She sat cross-legged on her bed, chewing her bottom lip, listening to the soft exhalations of his breath. The explicit visions flashed across her computer screen as she hunted for some image that would stir her loins, something to motivate her. The man stretched at her side sleeping was doing little to assuage the itch growing deep inside her.

The soft girl friendly porn she was surfing all showed girls on their knees with a cock stuffed into their mouths, or trim taut bodied women with their legs in the air being mounted by glistening sweat covered men. Where was the reality, the oomph she was looking for?

She clicked at the keys, not really paying attention but more frustrated at the lack of motivational pictures. As her fingers dropped in exasperation onto the keyboard, there was a momentary flicker and then a live feed camera flashed up onto the screen. Her eyes flew wide at the very sight held momentarily stilled before it buffered and started to move.

A woman, definitely not air brushed into perfection lay back on a table. Her thighs spread wide, ankles held to the legs of the table with some kind of rope while her head lolled off the far end. Her wrists seemed similarly tied to the opposite legs of the sturdy wooden structure.

Her shaved mound was on prominent display, the split of her pubic lips framing a protuberant clitoris that seemed to quiver and dance. Her nipples were clamped and a thin cord ran from each clip and up into the air keeping her breasts lifted, nipples swollen and purple. The soft moans of pain drifted through the speakers and the watcher leaned closer to better hear.

Her hand flew to her throat, as it constricted at the shock of what she was looking at on her screen. Transfixed, she watched, waiting to see who or what might be in the room with the helpless bound woman. She was soon rewarded as a second body walked into view of the camera lens. A man...naked but for a black leather hood that covered his head, masking his identity.

He circled the table and came to a stop at her head. He wriggled his hips and the strangled gag from the woman signaled his thrust of hard cock into her mouth. He pistoned his hips back and forth with such force that the table shook and moved on the floor. Her anguished groans, the strangled retching making his movements seem cruel.

But as she drug her eyes down on the screen to stare at the spread thighs, the angry red spread gash seemed to infuse with a brighter shade of red. The clit veritably dancing out of its hood, sat atop an oozing wet glistening slit.

She sat back, eyes still fixated on the macabre scene playing out in front of her. How could that woman be getting wet, excited as her mouth was violated, her throat brutally fucked?

One hand strayed down and started stroking her thigh, letting her palm brush over her mound...watching...waiting for what might happen next.

She was not disappointed nor did she have to wait long. The hooded man reached forward and picked up a long slender stick from the table. He held it at such an angle that the pinioned woman's eyes must have been able to see it. Her body seemed to lift off of the table, her back arched as she twisted her limbs at each of the four tether points.

Her head shaking from side to side...trying to dislodge the engorged cock still forced down her throat. The animal cry that gurgled out around the thick prick was unnatural and the watcher found her fingers slipping between her nether lips, deftly spreading them as she searched for the moisture she felt dripping from her pussy.

She bit down on her lower lip, fingers dipping into her suddenly wet pussy, thumb flicking at her own swollen clit as she waited, almost breathless for what that man was going to do with the cane he held aloft, gripped in his large hand.

With a soft 'snick' it broke the air, and the soft 'whap' as it struck flesh. So quick was the flick of his wrist that it was not immediately apparent where the blow had landed. The body lifted and more gurgled grunts issued from the speakers.

It took a few seconds but a faint pinkish line appeared breaking the creamy white of that breast held aloft by the tied clamp. The soft 'snick' and fleshy 'whap' repeated 5 more times as the body jerked and writhed in its bonds.

The watcher's fingers flew over her clit, probing deep inside, scooping out cunt wetness and smearing it over cunt lips. Her other hand found its way to the crotch of the man stretched out at her side and he added his moan to the strangled grunts. The sounds of pain and pleasure mixing obscenely in her ears.

The hooded man leaned forward, pushing his cock deeper into the bruised throat of the helpless woman. He unclamped each of the swollen nipples, and watched as the body attached to them jumped and convulsed. More disturbing was the lack of sound from that sealed throat...the sudden stillness as his fingers tortured those purplish rubbery nubs.

He pulled and yanked, tearing at her breasts, further bruising tender flesh... and then with a backwards flex of his hips, he pulled his cock free and the battered body shuddered and shook as the harsh gasp of inhalation hissed from the speakers.

It rose in pitch as did the moaning of the man at her side, her fingers had wrapped around his growing cock and were gripping it tighter than she should be. She pulled her eyes from the screen long enough to look at the hard cock in her hand...and her fingers loosened, started to stroke him softly, gently while she massaged her own throbbing little erection.

Flicking her eyes back to the computer screen she had to let her eyes refocus, lean closer to see exactly what it was that the hooded man was holding in his hands now. It was what seemed to be a small leather strap. He held it in the line of sight for his hapless victim to see and was immediately rewarded with sobbing, hoarse pleas for mercy. He did not answer but only shook his head from side to side. As she started to scream he shoved his cock down her throat until the sound was muffled, as if coming from a distance.

He raised his arm in a wide arc above his head and then with a forward motion his arm came crashing through the air with a 'whoosh' and landed on its intended target with a wet squelch. His target had been her uncovered, unprotected swollen clit. Her ass lifted off the table, and he pulled his cock free, not shoving it back in until her scream faded, but before she was able to pull in a new breath. Her entire body seemed to be changing colour, as he lifted his arm, poised momentarily before bringing his arm down, punishing her clit again and again. Cock out, scream, back in and 'whoosh' the strap came down again. The body dancing as if to the beat of an unseen drummer.

The watcher, mesmerized while at the same time repulsed at the punishment inflicted on an unknown woman, was becoming increasingly aroused. She was shocked at her response, trying to decide whether she should turn the screen off or keep watching. She looked away, let her eyes rove over the man sleeping, naked, fully erect in her hand. Licking her lips, wriggling her fingers in her crotch, amazed at the wetness produced by such a brutal bit of porn, she chews her lip, wondering what she should do next.

A scream, high pitched, more of a wail reaches her ears and her body stiffens as she turns her head to look to see what atrocities the hooded man might be inflicting on his bound victim.

He holds in his hand a simple bottle of lubricant. He holds it so that the tied woman can see it. But why is she so upset...why does she scream at the mere sight?

The hooded figure slowly walks alongside the table, stopping when he reaches the end. He stands poised between her legs and lets a stream of lube dribble over her spread pussy. Her screams increase as the liquid splashes and runs into the gaping slit, trickles down to the crack of her ass. What is it? Is it some sort of caustic liquid? Her body is contorting wildly, the table shaking with her efforts to free herself.

A macabre sense of curiosity makes the watcher's fingers slide up and down, slip in and out, further arousing her partner and herself as she sits transfixed by the man and woman on the screen.

It is soon apparent why the woman was screaming, as the man takes the lube and starts spreading it over his fingers, up over the knuckles and keeps lubing all the was to his wrist. He holds his hand up, showing it to the camera before reaching down to pull the already open lips wider. His fingers slide up and down, slowing, agonizingly slowly as the watcher tastes blood, biting down hard on her bottom lip, breaking the skin.

His hand is large, really really large. The watcher has heard of 'fisting' but has thought it must be rumor, conjecture...because how could any womans vagina stretch to accommodate a hand...at least a hand that large. She estimates that his wrist is at least as big around as the wide end of a baseball bat, and his hand thicker still.

Her pussy feels full, stuffed with her lovers cock which while sufficient is not in the same league as a baseball bat. She wriggles on her bed, her eyes roaming around the room, wondering if maybe she should try to push something big inside her own well lubricated pussy, well not as big as that hand though.

She pulls her eyes back to the screen, watching as his hand expertly manipulates the exposed pussy, turning the terrified screams into moans of pleasure. The pinioned hips start to gyrate, the swollen, whipped clit comes alive under his slippery fingers. Two fingers push into the sopping pussy, sliding easily as the watcher pushes in two of her own. He slowly, ever so slowly fucks the pussy to life, while the watcher feels the rush of blood and feels the slippery natural lube coating her own fingers.

He pulls his hand free and dribbles a fresh coat of lube, then corkscrews three fingers inside the tight clutching snatch. Her moans turn to growls and her hips lift to meet his fingers. He starts to fuck his fingers in and out, faster and harder...the table lurching as he shoves those three fingers home...right to the webbing of his hand. Her moans, gurgles, sounds of pure pleasure hiss from the speakers, a stark contrast to the horrific screams of just a moment ago.

The tied body stiffens and a sharp intake of breath while the the nipples of the watcher stiffen. The pinky finger has pushed itself in beside the first four, and while his hand seems to curl a little bit, it is still so wide at the juncture of his thumb. Only that thumb remains outside of her body, it dances on her clit giving her a modicum of pleasure to counteract the stretching pain. The watcher pants, gasps in unison with the hammering of those four fingers as they emerge and disappear over and over again.

Her moans are once more just the verbalization of pleasure, not tinged with pain, simply oral exclamations of the ecstasy of a filled pussy getting pounded properly. The watcher imagines her own pussy stretched so obscenely and wonders if she would be screaming or begging for more.

The bound woman stiffens again, the hips lifted, rolling from side to side and it is apparent that the hooded man has curled his thumb into his hand and is pushing, straining with all his might to force it inside the tight vagina that contracts, trying to prevent the assault on her body. Her cunt protests the invasion, but he keeps pushing...the veins on his forearm standing up as he forces his hand deeper. The screams echo in the room as he grunts in frustration...his free hand slamming down onto the quivering milky thigh, as he hisses between clenched teeth, "Let me in!"

Her voice is a high pitched cry as she chants a litany, "No, no, no, no, nonononononononononoooooooo."

Her pleas falling on deaf ears as he grunts and growls, pushing and slapping at reddened flesh. With a scream, and a sickly gurgling sloshing sound his hand lurches forward, swallowed by her gaping cunt. He sighs, a sound of contentment mixing with her scream of pain.

The watcher sits, watches, her own pussy dripping as she watches the hand start to turn, corkscrewing inside the delicate tissues of a vagina stretched so wide she thinks it may tear open right on the computer screen. She turns the computer screen and continues to watch as she mounts her sleeping partner. Her pussy swallowing his hard cock, her hips rocking to feel his girth inside her. She rides his cock as the tied woman is forced to ride the clenched fist.

The body of the woman is rocked and billeted by the hand that fucks her insides raw. The man's knuckles obviously scraping the tender gspot inside the cage of her cunt. Her hips rock, her screams still frantic yet suddenly also carrying a lustful cry.

His arm is brutally punishing the ravished cunt, while his other hand starts to massage that protruding clit. Her body bucks and writhes and he is soon rewarded with a stream of hot female cum as it is squeezed out of her pussy. So full that there is no room for even one drop to stay inside, the stream of thin hot liquid hits his chest forcibly, drips down his taut belly and pools around his hand while he continues to punish her insides.

The watcher, turned on and motivated more by the scene of brutality than all of the soft porn she had ever watched, straddles the sleeping mans hips and rides his cock until she cums, until she feels her own cum dripping down over his still hard cock. His hands reach forward and grip her hips, helping her find a rhythm that will bring him to his own climax. He has come fully awake and his hips are bucking up to meet her as she slides up and down. She pants like a wild animal...still watching the rough fisting on the screen in front of her. Unable to look away, the scream hisses again over the speakers as the captured woman is forced to another orgasm. Her entire body turning crimson from the flush of blood. Her screams lusty, yet begging once again for mercy.

Never missing a beat...he asks, "What in the hell are you watching? Turn the screen so I can see too."

She leans forward and tips the screen, both of them now watching as the hooded figure continues to fuck that damaged cunt with his curled fist. He pushes and pants while the pair watching fuck themselves into a heated lusty lather. Sweat trickles over both bodies, while the pair on the screen continue, while screams keep echoing through both rooms.

The watcher lifts and pauses, her lovers hands grabbing her hips and pulling her down as he arches up and delivers his own liquid love deep in her cunt. She falls forward limply, her fingers accidentally grazing the keyboard and the screen goes blank as the last scream is cut short. She turns and curls into the loving arms of her man. He kisses her and asks, "So did you notice the name on the bottle of lube? I think we should get some of that....and soon!"

She grins and nods, tomorrow, yes tomorrow they will go shopping.

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