The stress and tension of the last few weeks was almost visibly bubbling through my skin, a much needed break from work couldn't come fast enough. Team that with some playtime with my Sir and all that was wrong in my world would be made right, forgotten. Like a reset button, after which I could stand tall and face the world again. Submission is a funny thing, I figured out that's what was missing from my life years ago now, for me it is so natural and so freeing, but not with just anyone.

The last few weeks had been particularly challenging and my stress was palpable, I was grumpy with everyone. What made it even harder to bear was that it was looking like the window I needed for Sir was not going to be possible. Someone was smiling on me though because in an instant a window opened and a wave of relief washed over me. Tomorrow.

My Sir would come tomorrow. With this thought came the flutter of nerves and excitement deep in my belly, my mind raced and my kitty wept, flooding my panties. I allowed my thoughts to wander as I went about the chores of everyday life; it was hard to focus on the task at hand. Throughout the day my Sir sent me text messages, fuelling the slow burning fire 'tomorrow' had ignited.

I had some specific instructions to follow tomorrow as I fulfilled my family obligations, this was going to be challenging. I had to be discrete, yet obedient. "When you leave to run your errands tomorrow I want you to wear your small collars under your bra, your medium weight benwa balls and a small butt plug." I love having my breasts bound and a pair of small dog collars wrapped around them hidden in my bra is delicious. Ensuring all my toys were ready all my chores done I slipped between my cool sheets. The temptation to sneak a little orgasm was great, but I resisted not because I wasn't allowed but I know 'tomorrow' will be more than worth the restraint.

I slept soundly, more soundly than I had done in a while. I awoke to the twinkly notes of my alarm, I stretched and as mind woke, slowly I remembered 'tomorrow' was here, 'today'! Almost instantly my pussy moistened and I became very aware of my nipples skimming the sheet. I slid out from between them and started to dress, the more prepared I was before the rest of the house awoke the better. I opened by bedside drawer and found the collars and carefully wrapped them around each breast taking care to ensure there were no twists or knots, clipping them shut and checking they weren't too tight. I would be wearing these for some time, I hoped... Within minutes they felt fuller and my nipples became impossibly aroused as they brushed against the fabric of my bra. They looked and felt wonderful. I smiled a secret smile. Today.

I finished dressing quickly slipping on jeans and a t shirt before pocketing my medium benwa balls and heading to the bathroom to slip them in discretely. Unfortunately the rest of the house awoke before I could arrange the butt plug, I knew there would be consequences but I had to accept that. The thought sent another flutter of excitement through my body. I took a deep breath and messaged Sir my disobedience and hurried to get everyone ready and out the door. I was very aware of the balls tightly held in my snatch, gently stretching me open as I moved, drove, and hurried to complete my errands.

I hurried home, I had promised I would be there at 12:30 and I did not want to get in anymore trouble. I am a good girl at heart. As I walked in the door at 12:32pm my phone vibrated asking me if I was home, he knew I was. Sir had watched me arrive and before I had a moment to catch my breath from the busy morning there was a gentle tap on the front door. I rushed to open it and receive my Sir.

I quickly shut the door, locked it and closed the curtains before sliding my arms around Sir and melting into a hug. I took a deep breath and let the stress and worry slide away. Sir brushed the hair off my neck and kissed me there nipping the skin between his teeth, I could not stop the small moans escaping my lips. We kissed before he spun me around and directed me to the bedroom. I found myself sitting looking up at Sir my hands sliding up his legs, feeling his delicious hardness in his jeans. I knew what I had to do next, quickly unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his trousers to release his cock. My shoulders relaxed and I closed my eyes in bliss as I finally took him into my mouth. The feel of Sir in my mouth was wonderful I gently sucked his cock deep and ran my tongue under, over and around every inch. Sir whispered words, words reminding me whose I was. I lost myself in the moment.

Quickly any remaining items of clothing were removed, my panties soaked with moisture pushed gently into my mouth. I could smell and taste my arousal. I was inspected wearing only the collars encircling my breasts, causing them to bulge and stand out from my body and the balls hidden in the depths of my pussy. Sir's hand slid down to my saturated slit and the intensity of the sensation had me biting the panties filling my mouth. His hands caressed and pinched my nipples, each breath I took I could smell my need. As I stood there he whispered "you have been naughty haven't you little miss?" Taking the panties from my mouth, "Yes, Sir" I whispered back. "I didn't prepare for you properly Sir, I didn't wear the butt plug like you asked."

"And what else," sir asked.

I had to think carefully about that I wasn't sure what it was I had done, suddenly it dawned on me. "I have damaged my body Sir?" My stress had manifested itself in such a way that my skin was blemished.

"Yes, my little miss and it has to stop." Tears crept out of the corner of my eye and I knew that with Sir's help I could make it better. I also knew I would be punished. Very quickly I found myself on my knees, Sir behind me his hand caressing my bottom. I took a deep breath, I knew what was coming next, but you can never be completely prepared for the sting as his hand came down hard on my bottom cheek. His hand came down on one cheek then the next, each impact tempered by the gentle caress of his hand calming the tingle. My bottom was left stinging and hot as the last impact landed I thanked My Sir. The moisture from my pussy was almost dripping as Sir slipped his hand between my legs, knowing exactly what spanking does to me, he opened my pussy lips and slid his fingers deep inside finding that little nub buried deep. He stroked it quickly, my breath came in gasps and as the crescendo built I breathily asked for permission to cum. "Come for me little miss". I exploded saturating the surface beneath me, my cum ran down my thighs. I closed my eyes to catch my breath. His breath close to my ear, Sir whispered his next instruction, "Kneel in the shower".

Sir and I had been chatting about what was going to happen next for a while now, I wasn't sure how to feel about it but I was excited to try.

I knelt in the shower legs spread and waited, I did not have to wait long before sir came into the shower with me. Looking up at him I took his cock into my mouth and tasted him before he pressed it against me and let go. A strong, stream of piss hit my chest, I watched in fascination as the warm liquid trickled over my breasts dripping of my nipples, over my tummy and moistened my already wet pussy before dripping down the drain. It felt deliciously warm and incredibly naughty. After the last drops had fallen I took Sir's cock in my mouth, as deep as I could over and over until Sir's favourite tears leaked from my eyes.

With Sir's help I stood up and he led me back to the bedroom, I thought it would bother me that I was not allowed to rinse off, but it didn't. I felt beautiful and privileged, proudly wearing a mark. With Sir's pee cooling on my skin I found myself again on all fours, Sir's cock sliding into my sopping pussy while his fingers began preparing my tight little bottom hole for his long hard cock. I knew what was coming later.

The time flew by and after the intensity of the last hour or two we needed a wee break, a cup of tea and a cuddle on the couch revived us. Little did I know Sir had an ulterior motive as after the brief break I was again instructed to kneel in the shower. This time when sir stepped in with me he slipped his cock in my mouth. Our eyes met and I knew what he was going to do. I wasn't sure but I trust my Sir. Suddenly my mouth filled with liquid, it overflowed as the hot pee dribbled out and over my chin. While I was not required to drink or swallow little sips made it down my throat and was surprised that it was not unpleasant, the taste was mild and interesting. My mouth continued to fill to overflowing and once again I was dripping with piss, over my breasts, my nipples, my pussy lips and onto the floor. The sensation was so great I let go and my own pee splattered on the floor as Sir's filled my mouth. There I was kneeling on the shower floor covered in piss and I felt wonderful, special, cared for and knew that I belonged to Sir. He tilted my chin up with his hand and bent to kiss me. That moment was the most amazing, I felt cared for and loved , valued and important. Sir tasted himself on me.

Marked by my sir, and wearing his scent he led me back to the bedroom and prepared to ensure all my entrances knew who they belonged to. He slid his now rigid cock deep into my pussy from behind, filling me so deeply I could feel him pressing against my cervix. Causing the odd sensation that is not quite pain but is not quite pure pleasure. But god did it feel good and a constant stream of little moans escaped. Sir's fingers found my bottom hole and began gently sliding in and out, first one finger and then two. Preparing me for him, despite the initial discomfort Sir knows just how to make anal feel amazing. It was not long before his cock was nudging at my rear, stretching me open and filling me. It felt amazing, sliding all the way out and popping through that tight little ring over and over. I pressed back so I could feel him deeper and deeper. I let out a sigh of almost disappointment as he slid out and left the room.

I waited patiently for him to return and when he did I knew he was going to use my sopping wet pussy for his please to mark me as his by filling me with him. I was flipped over and he slid up and inside. I squeezed my pussy muscles tightly I like watching him close his eyes in pleasure when I do that. I want him to use my hole to please himself. I find my pleasure in his.

Afterwards, cum dribbling from my pussy, covered in Sir's scent I lay curled against him feeling languid and content.

Tomorrow, today, now.

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by Anonymous

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by Avidreader314210/07/17

Short & sweet....

Hope there is more to come ?? very nice reading.

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