tagLesbian SexTomorrow Isn't Promised Ch. 02

Tomorrow Isn't Promised Ch. 02


"Good morning."

She looked better this morning, Alex noted, striding into the room. The deep, dark circles under her creamy brown eyes were retreating and she offered her a shy smile that made Alex's heart leap in her throat.


"I brought you that gown. I think you'll like this one a lot better."

Alex watched as she took the dressing gown and smoothed it with appreciative fingers. "The only thing that could make it better is if it had a zipper. I hate having my ass out in the air."

Alex laughed. "I'm sure you're not alone in that respect." She turned, heading for the door. "Well, I'll see you later."

"Hey, um … " She fumbled with words under Alex's direct gaze. "I'm sorry, I don't know your name?"

"It's Alex."

"Alex." She rolled the word over her tongue and paused as something seemed to prickle her memory. Alex. She felt strangely drawn to this tomboyish woman and her pussy tingled at the thought.

Alex moved closer to her, her heart pounding in her ears as her eyes fell to the full, pink lips. "Does that name sound familiar?"

"I … I don't know."

Alex trembled, knowing that fat chocolate nipples were just inches from her aching fingertips. "Tell me your name."

"I don't know that, either."

"I do." Alex's voice was low and hypnotic. "I know your name."

"You do?" The black woman's voice was almost a whisper. "How do you know?"

"We were lovers."

The words jolted her. The remnants of her dream from last night. "Was there a blindfold involved?"

"Yes." The word left Alex's mouth in a rush. She was remembering! "That was our last time together." Alex moved closer. "Do you remember what I told you?"

Her nipples instantly hardened, much to her confusion. Alex was so close, her mouth so tantalizing. All she could think about was the lovemaking in the dream: Alex's mouth on her clit, her tongue sliding into her slit and her mesmerizing voice in her ear as she fucked her into the stratosphere. "Yes. That you were the only one for me."

"Yes." It had been nearly three months since their last session and Alex was longing to taste that peach of a pussy. "And you were punished for not believing me."

"Yes." A deep shiver coursed down her spine and she closed her eyes in sweet memory. "Yes."

"Your name is Toni." Alex met her dark eyes, willing every ounce of seduction into her gaze. "My Toni."

"Good morning!" Nurse Pelinsky breezed in, pausing at the sight of Alex and the amnesia patient standing so close. "Alex, what are you doing?"

"Getting an eyelash out of her eye." Alex took a few steps back, giving Toni a warning look. She hoped that Toni understood. "Is that better?"

"Uh, yes. Quite better."

"Good." Alex turned to Pelinsky. "She has a new gown. Just drop it in the dirty linen basket at the end of the hall and I'll be sure to pick it up tonight."

Toni gave an imperceptible nod to Alex. So the linen basket would be an info drop point and Toni would remain silent until she could understand what was going on. Toni ignored Alex's departure and grabbed the new gown from the bed. "I have to change. Is that okay?"

"Absolutely." Pelinsky opened the blinds and patiently waited until the woman exited the bathroom, clad in the fresh dressing gown and holding her soiled one. "I'll take that for you."

"No. If it's okay with you, I'd like to walk it down to the basket myself. I've been cooped up in this room too long."

The nurse helped her back into the bed, her keen eyes on the soiled gown. "After all the time you've spent in a coma, I understand that."

"Good. Then maybe I can get out of here."

"That would be up to Dr. Washburn."

"Oh." The woman laid back and allowed the nurse to attach a blood pressure cuff to her arm, her eyes drawn to the windows. "Has the doctor found out what my name is?"

Pelinsky nodded negatively. "Nope. No luck yet." She paused to take the reading, then deflated and removed the cuff. "Have you remembered anything else?"

"No." She paused, glad that the darkness of her skin kept the nurse from seeing her blush. Alex. Toni wondered what else she would remember about Alex.


The rest of the day passed slowly. Dr. Washburn stopped by to check up on her but denied her request to be discharged. She had been the victim of a violent assault and with no memories, she might easily put herself in the hands of her attacker. She understood but was upset with his decision. She was happy, though, when he said that she could walk around the hospital and the grounds as long as she had an escort. He would arrange that for her as well as some clothes.

After dinner, she was surprised to find Alex in her room, a stack of folded clothes neatly balanced on her lap.

"Put these on and let's take a walk."

For some odd reason, she felt more like herself, whatever that was, once she put the jeans and t-shirt on. She had a little trouble with the sports bra but was grateful that she could at least figure it out. Alex laughed at her when she told her about it but it made Toni feel warm inside. Like a friend giving her a gentle jibe over something stupid. She reached out and touched Alex's face and marveled at the way the woman reacted. Alex's eyes closed and her breath fluttered over Toni's palm, her face turning into the center.

"I was so afraid … "

Toni raised her other hand, cupping Alex's sweet face and letting her fingers graze the soft skin of her jaw. "Afraid of what?"

"Afraid that you wouldn't remember me." Alex opened her eyes, fighting the tears she wanted to cry. "Do you know how wonderful, how special it is that I am the first person you've remembered?"

"Oh, Alex." Toni leaned in to kiss her but Alex broke the spell, quickly stepping back.

"Not here. It's too dangerous." Alex threw a quick glance at the open door. "Come on."

They walked without talking around the entire floor before taking the stairs to the boiler room and laundry area. Alex led Toni between rows of steel shelves to a large bin of freshly-washed sheets and pillowcases, then sliding her shoes off, she stepped into the pile, drawing Toni down with her.

"Alex, I … "

Alex shushed her with a fingertip, pressed softly against Toni's plump lips, then replaced it with her mouth. Her body tingled with the connection and deepened into a full-blown tremble when Toni's warm tongue glided against her lips, forcing her mouth to open. She moaned, pulling Toni closer to her, her hands wandering over her denim-clad ass and grinding against her. She slipped her knee between Toni's legs and pushed her thigh into her crotch, rubbing her own pussy against Toni's leg.

The breath caught in Toni's throat as her pussy reacted to the sweet pressure of Alex's body. Her senses swirled with the passion of their kiss and she knew, deep in her heart, that she was where she belonged, with Alex. She gasped when Alex's hand cupped her mound and pressed again.

"God, Alex, please. I want you so badly."

"I know." Alex whispered, sighing at the feeling of Toni's hand caressing her breast. "I want to fuck you until you scream my name."

"Oh, Alex." Toni pulled her back down, savoring the taste of her lover's tongue. "Please take me."

"Not here." Alex touched Toni's face gently. "I don't want our first time back together to be in a pile of clean sheets. It should be special."

"I don't care, Alex." Toni ran her fingers through Alex's short hair, rubbing her mouth along her jawline and pausing to nibble on her ear. "It's special because I'm here with you. I don't need anything else."

Alex looked down into her eyes, feeling her heart stir at the need she saw written there. "But, baby … "


Toni's plea was her undoing. She didn't hesitate; she took Toni's mouth, pressing her tongue inside and plundering the softness. Alex shivered as Toni gave as good as she got, whimpering as her mouth found the valley of Alex's breasts and licked wildly. She let her lover have her way, laying back as Toni unbuttoned her shirt and began to devour her raspberry nipples, sucking and licking until Alex felt as if she would break into a million pieces.

"Toni … " Alex gasped. She pressed Toni back, making quick work of stripping her T-shirt and sports bra off and launched her own attack on Toni's sensitive breasts. The black woman trembled beneath Alex's skillful tongue, writhing with pleasure as her pink lips covered her chocolate nipples.

"I want to feel you." Toni whispered, sitting up and pushing the shirt and bra off of Alex's shoulders. "All of you." Alex fumbled with her own pants as she watched Toni slip out of hers, gazing at the smooth chocolate skin that emerged and licking her lips. "You want this?"

"Oh, yeah." Alex murmured, dropping to her knees and bringing Toni's panty-clad pussy to her watering mouth. She licked through the fabric, then reached up and pulled the thong down. Toni's sweet scent filled Alex's nostrils. "Fuck, yeah." She pressed her mouth into Toni's sopping slit, licking upward to find her clit. Toni moaned, her knees threatening to buckle. "Lay down, baby."

Toni felt as if she was in a dream. Alex's strong arms bore her down onto the sheets and her tender mouth slid over hers, allowing her to taste herself. She moaned again as Alex's naked body covered hers, their pussies rubbing together. "Oh, yes, Alex. Fuck me."

Alex adjusted her body, reaching between them and making sure that their clits met. The sensations were so sweet and continued to climb as she rocked back and forth, her forehead touching Toni's so that they shared breaths. She opened her eyes and gazed into Toni's, kissing the woman's mouth until her lips were swollen. Toni looked so beautiful that she couldn't help herself. "Oh, baby! I've missed you so much!"

"I'm not going anywhere, Allie."

The world exploded as Toni came with Alex's tongue in her mouth. Alex's moans told her that she'd tripped as well, the sensations all the sweeter because of the words Alex had said. Toni pulled Alex close, nuzzling her neck as they fought to catch their breaths.

"You called me Allie."

Toni thought for a minute. "Did I?"

"Yes, you're remembering more, baby."

"And I called you Allie?"

"Yes. You used to tell me that I didn't look like an Alex. You told me that on our first date."

"How long have we been seeing each other?"

"Nearly five months." Alex sighed. "The most wonderful five months of my life."


"Really." She smiled at Toni and sighed a second time. "I think it's time that I told you the truth."

Toni snuggled against Alex, closing her eyes in contentment. "You make it sound bad."

"It is bad, Toni." Alex pulled a sheet over their naked bodies. "You see, you were supposed to die."

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