tagLesbian SexTomorrow Isn't Promised Ch. 05

Tomorrow Isn't Promised Ch. 05


Toni Washburn stood at the window, her anxious hands wrapped around a bouquet of roses. She was so nervous. She knew she didn't have to be but she was just the same. She'd been in San Francisco for nearly six months now, alone, waiting for her lover to join her and steadily working through her therapy with great results. Most of her memory had returned, along with the bittersweet memories of her lovemaking sessions with Alex. The actual beating, she could not recall. Everything seemed like white light when she came to that spot. The doctors told her not to worry. It was inconsequential and it was left at that.

The shooting seemed so long ago. She remembered seeing Brett's dead eyes and recoiling into the welcoming arms of her lover. Then, Alex's partner and the police had shown up, answering Alex's call and hours of grueling questions ended with Toni being escorted away and Alex promising to call when she could. When the call came, Toni was disappointed to hear that Alex had to leave immediately for DEA headquarters and had been suspended until an investigation into her actions had been completed.

"But I will come for you."

"Alex, I love you."

Toni heard the hitch in Alex's breath even down the phone line. "We'll be together, baby. I will come for you."

Then the call this morning.


"Hi, baby."

"Oh, Alex! Alex, where are you?"

"Standing in the airport terminal waiting to a board a plane ... to Frisco."

"Are you serious?"

"As a heart attack. I'll be in your arms in less than four hours."

Toni couldn't help from sobbing when she heard the words she'd been longing to hear. "I don't intend to let you go again, you know."

"I'm counting on it." Alex steeled herself against her own tears, gently whispering to Toni. "They're calling the flight, baby. I'll see you in a few hours."

And now, she was getting off the plane, her heart pounding in her ears as she searched the terminal occupants for Toni. She didn't see her right away but when she did, she had to take a deep breath. Her long hair had been skillfully cropped and highlighted with golden-red streaks, her lips were a sweet shimmery pink and her eyes were dark and dreamy. Her elegant fingers were wrapped around a sheaf of plastic-wrapped flowers and she seemed ... nervous? Alex caught her eyes and a huge smile split her lovely features, making Alex's pussy respond with a wet twitch.

Then, Toni was in her arms and her loose breasts were pressed against hers, their bodies tight together in embrace. Neither spoke, allowing their mutual relief to flow through each other.

"Let's get out of here." Toni whispered, pressing a kiss to her ear. "I have an itch I want to scratch."

Luggage collected, they sped towards Toni's condo and once inside, Alex grabbed Toni to her and hugged her tightly. "I've missed you so much."

"And I've missed you." Toni ran her fingers through Alex's hair, then stepped back, smiling into her eyes. "These are for you." She pulled Alex closer, whispering against her lips. "Welcome home."


"Yes, our home." Alex accepted the roses, inhaling deeply and meeting Toni's gaze. Her body shivered when Toni's fingers slid up her ribcage and her thumbs slowly circled Alex's nipples. "I remember everything." Toni's whisper sent chills cascading through her body, coupled with the heat of her mouth on Alex's neck. "And I mean everything."

"Does that mean what I think it does?"

"It means that I want you to go take a shower, put your robe on and come join me by the fireplace."

Alex felt uncomfortable by the way that Toni dismissed her but climbed the stairs, found the bathroom and showered quickly. A new thick robe lay on the sink when she emerged and she pulled it on, brushed her teeth and skipped down the stairs. Unbelievable scents met her when she sauntered into the kitchen.


"Dinner first."

And so the silence continued through dinner. Alex chewed through chicken quesadillas and persimmon salsa while quietly observing Toni's mannerisms. She ate heartily but hardly glanced at Alex, cleaning the plates and extra food away, then coaxing Alex over in front of the fireplace with bite-sized pecan tarts and warmed amaretto.


"I'm sorry. I guess it wasn't nice to make you wait but I am just out of sorts about now." Toni swirled the amber liquid around in her glass, her handsome features pensive. "As I told you before, I remember everything."

"Yes, you said that."

"No. I mean, everything. Not just us. Everything." Toni paused to pop a tart into her mouth and followed it with a swig of liqueur. "Alex, I asked you to tell me the truth."

Alex sagged, raising the glass to her lips. "I had hoped ... " Her voice caught.

"That I wouldn't remember that part?" Toni sighed, pushing her thick hair back and staring at Alex. "I read my narrative. I was very interested to find that the poker injury that caused my temporary amnesia was given to me much later after my initial injuries." She took a breath. "You found me after Brett beat me, then you cracked me on the head with the poker."

"Toni ... "

"You've been well-trained. You were the only person that would know exactly where to hit me to cause that kind of injury."

"And why would I do that?"

"Because you didn't want me to remember that I was the one who stole the pills."

Alex dropped her head, her chin falling to her chest. "Oh, Toni."

"You hoped that I forget long enough for you to implicate my philandering husband and his drug-sniffing whore but I remembered too soon." Toni examined Alex's face. "And I suspect that you've just spent the last weeks tidying up the loose ends to make sure that Brett and Nurse Pelinsky would bear the total brunt of the blame."

"Toni ... "

"Where's the money?"

Alex sighed but arose, heading for a large purple dufflebag that she had left at the door. She slowly opened the zippered top and tugged a book-sized bag out of it. Shuffling slowly, she brought the bag over and set it in front of Toni. "You can count it. It's all there."

"I don't need to count it, Allie." Toni pushed the bag aside. "You tried to save my life, didn't you? You knew that if I woke up, Brett would kill me."

"He said as much. I overheard him and Pelinsky talking and they were all set to kill you the minute you resurfaced. They couldn't kill you before because the coma patients are too well-monitored. After you woke up, though, that was a different story. You were a regular patient, then." Alex accepted the refill. "But you had developed amnesia, so for the moment, you were safe."

"Safe from whom?" Toni asked quietly. "I was the one that stole the pills. Brett sold them and he gave me the money to take care of."

"And Pelinsky?"

"I guess he had planned on leaving me. Probably decided that when I told him that I was leaving to be with you." Toni set her glass down and crawled over in front of Alex. "I had to know. I had to know if it was the money or me."

The DEA agent brushed her fingers against Toni's cheek. "I could have taken the money any time after your hospitalization."

"Yes, you could have." Toni reached for the sash to Alex's robe and slowly pulled it open. The compact body that she fell in love with greeted her eyes and she bent down and took a thick, dark red nipple in her mouth, shivering when she heard Alex's growl of pleasure. "Then there's only one other question."

Alex couldn't think. The entire world seemed to revolve around the ardent tongue of her lover and she gave herself over to the sensations, her nipple hardening into spongy steel in Toni's hot mouth. "What?"

Toni moved to Alex's other breast, licking and sucking until the nipple matched the other. Alex moaned as Toni pressed both breasts together, her mouth capturing both nipples at the same time and sucking hard. "Are you going to turn me in?"

Alex pulled Toni's mouth up to hers, French-kissing her with abandon. "Are you going to steal again?"

"No." Toni gasped as Alex's fingers fluttered across her stomach. "Never again." She moved back down to Alex's rubbery nipples.

"Good, because if you did ... " The word trailed off into a soft moan as her pussy convulsed and she arched, pulling Toni's questing mouth more tightly against her breast. "I'd have to punish you."

Toni pulled back and surveyed Alex's flushed face. "Oh, yeah?" She quivered as Alex's strong hands pushed the robe off her shoulders.

"Mmm, yeah." Alex pressed kisses along Toni's bare shoulders, pausing to bite the tender flesh. Toni hissed in response. "And I brought a new friend." She let her tongue travel from the hollow of Toni's throat to her sensitive ear, brushing the outer shell while her fingers rolled taut chocolate nipples between them. "Why don't we move this party upstairs?"

They left the robes on the floor and headed up the stairs. Alex pushed Toni back on the bed, making her crawl up until her hands touched the headboard.

"Ready for your punishment?"

Toni nodded, feeling her heart leap when Alex produced two braided silk ropes, slipknots in each. The soft material looped around her wrist and Alex drew it tight, then repeated the action on the other arm.

"First, you need to prepare me and my new friend." Alex slipped off the bed and pulled a harness out, equipped with a double-sided dildo. She handed it to Toni, then lay on her back, licking her lips suggestively.

Toni knew what to do. Like a fish to water, she dove into Alex's bald pussy, shoving her legs apart and giving her a long lick from bottom to top. The shorter woman's body arched again and again as Toni plundered her leaking pussy, leaving the cinnamon lips glistening with juices. She hummed as she moved over Alex's blood-filled clit and began a leisurely suck, then grew more rapid and more ravenous, pulling Alex closer to the edge. Just as she was about to trip, she thrust two fingers into her pulsing canal and was rewarded with a thick freshet of pussy honey, which she lovingly licked away.

Her body still thrumming with pleasure, Alex watched as Toni raised the dildo and wrapped her lips around one of its fat heads, thoroughly swabbing it before sliding into Alex's grasping pussy. Alex moaned, gritting her teeth and closing her eyes as a pleasurable shake started in her hot core. Toni moved the dildo in and out, slowly building her desire, then moved over Alex's sweet slit, adding her lips and tongue. Alex screamed as her second orgasm slammed into her, lapsing into shivery sobs as a third and fourth swept through her.

Toni pushed the dildo fully into Alex's pussy and reached around, buckling the harness and gifting Alex with a deep French kiss. It took only a moment for Alex to respond, pressing her onto her back and rubbing the thick head up and down her already wet slit as Alex tied her hands to the bed.

"Are you ready for your punishment?"

Toni moaned as Alex pressed in, her mouth capturing hers. She came almost immediately, writhing against the bonds and bucking her hips upward, taking more of the dildo into her clasping pussy. Alex's moan joined Toni's as they began to move together, Alex pushing the thick plastic dildo into her with passionate relish. "Oh, God, Alex!" Toni came a second time, then opened her legs even wider, taking more.

Her third orgasm took them both. Alex grunted in mid-stroke, rotating her hips as she came hard and smiled when Toni erupted beneath her, coating her end of the dildo in thick cream. She collapsed against her, shivering when Toni's arms enclosed her, lightly stroking her sweaty back.

"Tomorrow isn't promised to us." Alex whispered, nuzzling Toni's neck. "That's why I told you to leave him." She pulled Toni's soft mouth down to hers. "You belong with me. For as long as we have."

"Yes." Toni answered. She briefly thought about the money downstairs and the money from Brett's life insurance. Her future was secure and now, her heart had a place to live. "For as long as we have."

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