tagErotic CouplingsTom's Christmas Present Ch. 02

Tom's Christmas Present Ch. 02


I shut the door to my apartment and exhaled in a long, slow breath. The snow fell heavily around me, blocking out the sounds of the city. There was three full inches on the sidewalk, and my black wool coat cradled the snow like a lover's hand on virgin skin.

Am I really doing this? I thought as I stepped off the curb walking across the single lane dividing our apartments.

The snow had already covered her tire tracks. I reached the edge of her building and paused, clutching the little box in my hand tighter. I am completely ridiculous. I had bought the simple diamond necklace shortly after Thanksgiving, but as I'd paid for it I knew I would never give it to her. We'd never spoken, we'd only made eye contact twice, once while jogging, and once while she was retrieving something off her dresser.

The beautiful vision who lived in the apartment next door to mine, and had masturbated for me 327 times. Since she had given me the lovely gift of her buxom breasts, tight ass, and flat tummy over and over again, I had justified I needed to get her something lovely too. After all what girl doesn't love diamonds? Besides, my thought process raced on, its not like you can't afford it. I could afford it. Despite the turn in the economy, business for me had been good.

I started walking again, it had only been about five minutes since she had held out the silver and gold present, "For you, From me" emblazoned on its tag. She had been dressed in a Sexy-Santa lingerie set, red velvet with white fur trim, the bra expertly holding up her voluptuous breasts, the sheer red "skirt" cut to not really cover her velvet bikini-style briefs, her chocolate curls cascading around her creamy white skin. As soon as she'd shown it to me through the heavily falling snow I had walked out of the room, grabbing the diamond. I had debated on changing into a nice button down and slacks, or perhaps a three-piece suit, but she had seen me in my black sweater and khakis. I was too afraid it would attract attention to change. So I'd slipped on socks and shoes and wrapped the diamond -- if she was giving me a present than I could give her one right? I sighed.

What if she thinks I'm trying to pay her for letting me watch? I thought as I let the brass knocker fall in the center of her real-pine wreath.

I took a breath, and almost slipped the package in my coat pocket when the door opened.


She was breathtaking, her cheeks were flushed, possibly from embarrassment or perhaps from the orgasms she had gifted me only moments ago. She bit her lip and I saw an expression in her brown eyes she tried to block out with a sexy grin, her tongue peaking between perfect white teeth and licking her brilliantly red upper lip. The expression had been excitement, she had looked completely thrilled I had come over.

"Hi," I said, "I'm," but that was as far as I got. She sprang into my arms, her lips locking on mine. I caught her with the hand holding the diamond and caught the door-frame with my other hand, keeping us upright, my feet slipping on the slick sidewalk.

God. I thought again. Her lips were like satin, smooth and moist, just enough to be soft. I kissed her back, and felt her tongue dart into my mouth. She tasted like a candy cane. I slid my foot forward looking for a better purchase, and feeling her leg wrap around mine. As much as I wanted to enjoy the kiss the awkwardness of keeping us standing with the icy ground was distracting.

She leaned back with a grin, and I got my first up close view of her.

Her eyes were a deep brown, lit with the slightest hint of green right around the pupil, which at the moment was very, very dilated. Her brows were perfect arcs, the kind my mother says comes from painful waxing. Her nose was small, slightly upturned, with the lightest sprinkling of freckles making her look youthful. Her mouth was a perfect thick curve, not as thick as Angelina's, but then who's is?

I let my own mouth break into a smile, I could feel my manhood pressed between us, and knew she recognized it as well.

"Hi, I'm," I began again, but her fingers flashed out, she pressed them over my lips silencing me.

"No names yet," she said, her voice sexy, although deeper than I'd pictured.

I chuckled, but nodded.

"If you must, you may call me Noel, and I will call you Tom, since you're a peeper," she said, which delighted me thoroughly as my name was indeed Tom. "Can we go inside now? I'm freezing!" She asked, a giggle escaping those lovely lips.

I set her gently down inside her own door, and noticed she was indeed cold, her nipples pointed through the velvet top. Up close I could tell they were a larger than I had originally guessed definitely larger than the end of the pencil eraser I'd compared them to previously.

"What's this?" She asked, noticing the present I held in my hand.

I laughed, "You weren't supposed to see that. I hadn't decided if I should give it to you yet."

She grinned and pulled me in by the wrist, "Ooooh! What is it?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" I asked, playing at suave. Honestly I was impressed by how easy it came, usually I'm too nervous to talk to women. Maybe they should all only wear lingerie.

I glanced around the little entry way of her apartment, in truth it was the exact same shape as mine, but in reverse, a staircase turning around column. On top of mine was a fake plant, on top of hers was a sculpture. Black and white glass twisting in a double helix around a gray abstract piece. Maybe it was because I was so turned on my balls ached, but the gray part looked like a couple making love. It was the size that if I shoved it up her cunt it would induce pleasure cries.

Noel led me up the stairs, her velvet clad butt swinging more than necessary, but completely entrancing my eyes. At the top her living room carried the black and white theme, subtle pops of color were scattered here and there, blues mostly, especially heavy on the turquoise side. She had other glass sculptures on an entertainment center that was ridiculously over-sized compared to the little television on the shelf, and several soft looking pillows on the modern-styled white couch.

"Wine? Champagne? Eggnog?" She asked, entering her kitchen, it was well equipped, stainless steel appliances, lots of glass.

"Whatever you're having is fine," I said with a smile, still taking in the styling. "You're bedroom is very," I paused. I didn't want to offend any of her tastes, "different from this."

She laughed, "My mother sees everything but my bedroom."

"She designed this?" I asked, taking the cup she was offering me. It was a coffee with a shot of Kahlua in it, girlie, but tasty.

Noel laughed, "No, I designed it...but I guess I designed it for 'the public's eye' if you will." She took a sip and licked her lipsticked lips.

"You lead a dual life in many ways don't you?" I asked.

She laughed out loud, but the bright flush she had at the door downstairs returned.


I nodded.

"I had never done anything like I've done with you before I moved here," she bit her lip and looked away.

I let out a laugh of disbelief.

Her responding look held daggers. "I swear it!"

It was my turn to blush with embarrassment. "I'm sorry," I said, "But why then?"

She frowned, and shook her head. She drained the cup and took mine from me, "No. That is not why I asked you over. This is not how I want this to go."

I blinked at her and watched as the flirty youthful girl in front of me transitioned into the sexy vixen in the Santa-lingerie I'd been watching earlier.

She stepped up to me, pressing her breasts into my chest, tipping up to look me in the eye. "Tom, this night is magical. Will you play by the rules?"

I smiled at her sincerity. "I wouldn't dream of cheating."

"Good. You have a present to unwrap."

She slid her hand into mine and led me to her bedroom. I glanced out the window and could barely see my window through the heavily falling snow.

She sat me down in a plush silver chair with red throw pillows, and she took the diamond present away from me, setting it on her night stand. She handed me the silver and gold package with the huge tag. I smiled, "Are you sure you want me to open it, Noel?" I asked.

Suddenly I felt intimidated. The giant bed, covered in red satin sheets and a red comforter with black trim, the giant mahogany four poster frame had white Christmas lights and red sheer fabric wrapped around it. She had dimmed the lights in the room, making it dreamy and romantic.

Again I watched her pink tongue dart out between the red lips, but this time she only nodded.

I took my time, slipping a fingernail under the edge of the tape. My mind reeled, I'd open it and find a note saying, "just kidding." I was sure of it.

Noel let the slightest moan out, and I knew my tormenting was successful, she was restless and excited. Finally I removed the paper and was holding only a cardboard box.

"Boy I'm glad I didn't tape the box," she laughed, and I could hear the nervous energy in her voice.

I slid the lid off and peered inside. A candy cane? I looked at it puzzled. It was red and pink, and much bigger than your standard candy-cane, maybe an inch in diameter and 7 inches long. I reached in and picked it up, realizing the texture was different, and on the top edge of the curve was button. I flicked the switch and the whole thing started shaking.

I let out a sharp laugh, discomposed and excited. I looked up and she was blushing a brilliant red, but I could see the sexy-vixen still shining behind her eyes.

She stood up and walked over to me, taking small and sensual steps, I let my eyes travel over her shapely legs. Runner's legs, toned, and muscular, they curved with high tight calves and down into pretty little feet on stiletto heals. I wasn't a foot man, but I had to admit, the clean red and white pedicure begged to be kissed.

She slid her hand out and took the candy-cane turning off the buzzing. Then she turned around. For a moment I thought she would go back to her bed and use the toy, leaving me to watch. But she didn't step away.

She twisted, looking at me over her shoulder, "You know the rules in a strip club?" She asked, taking a step and grabbing something off the plush bench at the end of her bed.

I swallowed. "I do."

"Obey them," she commanded, and music filled the room. She dropped the remote back on the bench and kicked her feet out to a wide standing stance and bent over, her red velvet ass becoming the highest part of her. I watched as she trailed the giant candy-cane sensually up her calf, sliding back up into a standing position as she drug it up her thigh, hooking the fur trimmed skirt. I watched the baring of her beautiful back, she rubbed the cane and fur trim over her breast in a slow circle letting trim fall away. I exhaled, my hands begged to touch her, my fingers nervously worrying the khaki slacks on my thighs.

She popped the cane into her mouth, showing me only her profile as she sultrily pumped it in and out of her open mouth.

"Oh fuck," I said, tipping my head back into the plush pillow of the chair, but keeping my eyes locked on her.

She turned and rolled her shoulders in slow circles, her hands pressed on her thighs, lifting the skirt of her top. When she rolled her shoulders back her breasts jutted out and I had the strong desire to taste those luscious globes.

She stepped over to the chair, and put one knee right between my legs, carefully not bumping my throbbing ball-sack. She placed her hands on either side of my head and brought her other leg up, tipping it up and over my hand as I clutched the arm of the chair, slipping her white thigh high over the back of my hand and up my arm. I wanted to touch her so badly, but I was too afraid of the consequences. I would not let over-exuberance get me kicked out of her bedroom.

Noel slid her leg back down then gyrated over my thigh, even through her velvet panties and my khakis I could feel her moisture as she ground her pussy into my leg. She made it only three good swipes before becoming sporadic. She bit her lip hard then grasped hold of my forearms with clenching hands.

"Fuck!" She said, and I felt the moisture of her orgasm seep through in a small spurt. "God, I'm sorry!"

I couldn't help it I laughed, "please don't be. I'm not." I knew I was grinning like a school boy.

She peaked at me and then let out a laugh, "ok."

Then she slid off my lap, turning and I could see the moisture had darkened her panties again, she spun slowly so I had a view of her beautiful tight ass. She flicked her hair over her shoulder and did some sort of belly dancing thing thrusting her ass out at me. She twisted and took a Shakira-worthy breath, puffing her chest up and down.

She rolled her hips in a circle and stepped away from me, spinning again hips first to come back to facing me. She did the chest pop again, and stepped back, bumping into her bed. She recovered quickly, blushing, but we both laughed. She paused briefly thinking about the music and what she wanted to do next before lifting her arms over her head and grabbing the post. She slid down, and her hair caught on the post, lifting she tipped her head sideways, she went down and down, her legs bending as she dipped into a deep squat. The velvet over her pussy stretched, and I could see the tiniest bit of her skin, clean shaven.

It made me bite my lip and try hard not to imagine it -- she always had kept some of the brown fuzz, neatly trimmed, sometimes in little trails or designs. Honestly I'd never made love to a freshly shaven pussy, and I'd always wanted to, I wondered if she'd shaved it all.

She brought her arms down, her hands sliding along her skin. God those hands... if I got to touch half the places she was touching I would be a happy man.

She took hold of her beautiful breasts squeezing those perfect orbs, she moved them in slow circles to the beat of the music. Then she slid her hand between them and over her flat tummy, and lower, her eyes were locked on mine again, and I was torn between watching her hand slide under her panties and keeping eye contact with those baby browns. She glanced down at her own pussy, slipping her hand under the rim of the panties. I took a slow breath, watching as she trailed her fingers around in a circle under the panties. Then with her other hand she pulled the candy-cane out of her mouth, sucking on it the whole way.

She slid the end in a trail down from her mouth, over her breasts, and over her panties. I watched, intent, my hand rubbing hard on my thigh. She slid the candy-cane under the edge of the panties, using it to lever the panties away from her pussy and I couldn't help it, I groaned.

It had been so long since I had been in the same room as an exposed pussy. She slid the end of the cane into her pussy, just barely, then pulled it out.

"Shall I turn on the vibrator?" She asked.

I smiled, "If you'd like."

She slid her hand up the candy-cane and turned the device on. Then aligning it again she slipped it in till she bumped the hooked part of the cane into her clit. Immediately she started moaning, her hips rocking forward as she pumped it in and out of her, each time bumping her clit the tonality of her voice changing pitch.

"What...what are you thinking?" she asked, rolling her head forward to attempt to look at me.

"The truth?" I breathed, as she whimpered, the cane pounding into her clit.


"I really wish I could touch you," I breathed, but I wasn't certain she heard me because she came. She squeezed her legs together around the cane, rolling her head back along the foot of her bed.

"Will you, please?" She murmured.

I slid out of the chair. My hand reached out touching her ankle, she was shivering, still shifting her hips, riding the build up and release.

I slid my hands under her knees and around her back, lifting her easily up to the bed. She shivered, and moaned and attempted to spread her knees, her hands reaching for the dildo.

"No," I said, she'd been in control of the entire night, I was going to take it now. She whimpered, but smiled at me.

I laid her back, aligning her head with the pillows, and slid my hand along her foot, up her calf, and along her thigh. She shivered and suddenly jerked her legs together, her back arced and I grinned, realizing she was in yet another orgasm. She had always been quick to orgasm. I had marveled sometimes she was orgasming before she touched herself.

I adjusted her knees, gently spreading them, and she quivered, her hips rocking. I slid her panties down, and she let me! Noel watched me, her eyes closing briefly twice as she either came yet again, or fought coming again.

I lowered myself over her, and took the end of the candy-cane in my mouth, and grinned around it. Though it was a dildo it was peppermint-flavored. I pulled it free, laying it on the bed beside us, and slid my tongue down over her perfect clit, I'd never gone down on a woman before, and I'd always wanted to. I licked, not really knowing what I was doing, and then turned sideways and sealed my lips around the little bud. I hummed to see what she'd do, she squirmed and giggled. I smiled lifting my head, "That ok?"

She exhaled, "yeah... I've never had anyone go down on me."

"A new experience for both of us then."

I bent again, my lips sealing over it again, and attempted to do what I'd seen the porn stars do in the videos I watched sometimes when I didn't get enough of her. I suckled, I hummed, I licked, mostly I explored, grading her noises, and the shifts of her hips as I tried to discover what she liked. The humming, and the licking into her delectable pussy. Those were the two that got the best reaction. I slid up and went for her clit first, humming on it, her hands grabbed my hair, holding me tightly to her.

"Oh god, Tom. Tom!" She cried out, arcing up.

"Noel!" I said, with a laugh, though it sounded more like mow-al, since it was said into her sopping cunt. It was hard to breathe with her holding me tightly against her, but then she came and I felt the hot rush of her cum run over my chin as I pulled back.

She took several long breaths as she relaxed down from the climax.

I sat back, watching her breasts as they rose and fell. Her eyes locked on me.

"May I see you Tom?" she asked.

I smiled and leaned back, thinking. Then the music swapped to a new song, and I grinned, it had a good enough beat, and would provide enough humor to relax my anxiousness of stripping in front of a woman who hadn't told me her real name.

I climbed off the bed and started doing a goofy dance. Noel giggled and propped herself up, her eyes wandering over me.

I turned around and slid my sweater up and over my head, bearing my chest. I had a decent chest, despite the fact I am a home body and don't work out as obsessively as some men. I turned and wiggled for her announcing "I'm sexy and I know it!"

It got the desired effect, her laughter filled the room. I attempted her little hip circle thing, which brought out another giggle, as I undid my belt.

I was more than a little embarrassed, as I pulled the belt free from my pants. I dropped it on the floor, and slid my pants down. Women always do it sexier than men I think-I felt like a complete goofball. I did a "wiggle" with the song and again Noel's beautiful laughter filled the room, and it was as much as my courage could handle. I climbed back into the bed, leaning against the pole that made up the foot-board with a laugh.

"Ahhhh," she whined, but the angelic smile on her lips showed her pleasure. Noel slid up on her knees, and advanced on me, her smile never wavering. She crawled between my legs, and lowered herself down, her eyes looking at my boxers.

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