tagSci-Fi & FantasyTom's Dreamy Reality

Tom's Dreamy Reality


Tom checked his watch again,

"5:30. Where is she?"

He paced back and forth in his living room. He thought about the night before, when she had kissed him. Kate's kiss almost brought him to his knees. He reminisced about how hot she looked. She wore a hot pink plaid mini skirt, in the fashion of a catholic school girl skirt, a tight white tee shirt that accented her breasts perfectly. She looked like she had just walked out of the local private school. Tom got dizzy just thinking about staring at Kate's legs, as she walked in front of him. He remembered tracing her legs with his eyes and traveling um them to watch her skirt bouncing slightly on her perfect ass. He found himself wondering if she was wearing panties under her skirt. A slight breeze came by almost as if he willed it. Katie bent over to tie her sneaker laces, and as she did, the wind lifted her skirt just enough to reveal pink soft pussy lips.

"Naughty girl" he thought feeling his cock stiffen at the sight. Again, also in reality as he thought back.

Tom decided to sit down on the couch. As his thought drifted back to Kate, he absentmindedly stroked himself through his jeans. He closed his eyes.

"That is beautiful" he had remarked to Kate, as he secretively adjusted his now stiffer cock.

Kate looked at him devilishly, and said, "Yes, it is"

They sat down on his couch, and began to talk. His thoughts and eyes kept drifting back to Kate's luscious thighs, and her lips that lay waiting beneath that pink skirt. Kate nothing Toms distraction chuckled, and said

"Would you like to see more?"

As she ran her finger up her thigh moving the skirt up as she went. She lay back on the couch as she did, revealing her pubic region. Tom's eyes widened slightly. She looked at him with a smile, and traced her pubic mound and then the Y that her legs made when they were closed. Tom stiffened more. His breathing quickened slightly.

The phone rang, and brought him out of his fantasy. He heaved off of the couch, and answered the phone. He still had a hard on as he talked on the phone. He hung up sharply

"Damn telemarketers."

He went back to the couch, and slumped back into his daydream.

Kate smiled and whispered,

"You want to see more?" Tom nodded. Kate let her legs carelessly part, and Tom caught her scent. He felt his dick jump. Kate traced her lips slowly and parted them to reveal a slightly damp hole, she casually drug her finger down her swollen clit. She pinched it lightly letting out a moan, and continued running her finger the rest of the way to her wet hole. Her legs opened wider. Tom gulped, wondering what she was going to do. Kate traced her pussyhole in a circular motion. She then gently dipped her middle finger inside, and gasped, as did Tom. He sat on his couch, absentmindedly stroking himself through his jeans, lost in fantasy, without realizing he undid his pants, and now had a light grip on his cock.

Kate began to finger herself slowly, with her middle finger and then her middle finger and her ring finger. She worked her fingers in and out of her pussy, growing faster and faster. She then used her other hand to play with her clit. Tom stroked himself more rapidly, eyes closed. His breathing as rapid as his strokes. Then out of nowhere, his dick suddenly felt wet, and like it was being massaged. He opened his eyes from his fantasy to see Kate's mouth lowering onto his rigid cock. Tom gasped and moaned. His head fell back as Kate frenched his dick. He lifted his head and looked through blurry eyes at Kate's raven head bobbing up and down and saw his entire cock disappear into her mouth. He moaned loudly and his head fell back again, Kate began to rapidly stroke his cock, he moaned and sharply inhaled when he felt a tighter pair of lips lower onto his member. Kate slid her pussy into his throbbing cock and began to ride and grind him so fast he could barely catch his breath. He moaned and Kate moaned, their bodies thrusting together. Kate rode Tom until she felt the familiar stiffening that pointed toward his impending climax. She then carefully and quickly got off Tom and plunged her mouth onto his dick, sucking and bobbing rapidly until Tom's back started to arch from the force of the orgasm that was building. Kate gave one final suck that made it feel as if his head was about to pop off its shaft and with a loud moan and saying

"oh fuck, oh fuck yeah, don't stop, don't stop, aaaaah!"

He exploded sending shots of hot semen into Kate's waiting mouth which she wantonly gulped up and swallowed. She continued sucking until every last drop was gone and Tom's dick stopped violently twitching, then proceeded to lick his cock clean.

Tom let out a sigh, as Kate wiped her chin. He smiled. He reached over to the end table and got a cigarette from his pack, he lay back on the couch with his cock rapidly retreating into his pants, lit his cigarette and inhaled. On the exhale he looked at Kate and said

"You're late"

Kate grinned and replied, "At least I came"

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