tagFirst TimeTom's First Ch. 03

Tom's First Ch. 03

bymangrove jack©

Pussy was on Tom's mind as he walked to school. His oral evenings with the two of his school's most popular 19-year-old hotties, Sally-Anne and Melissa dominated his thoughts.

He licked his lips and smiled as he thought how he had learned in two short episodes to love eating pussy. He loved the smell and taste of pussy. To feel a woman’s body jump and tremble as his tongue touched their clit was the ultimate turn on.

He had developed a heightened interest in women. Young women old women, fat women, thin women, blondes, brunettes, redheads it didn’t matter.

He studied them all. He would watch them, looking beyond their breasts legs and bums, as he tried to picture their pussy lying open, shiny and wet after sex.

I’m a bloody sex fiend, he thought, when he relieved the pressure on his balls in the mall toilet before going to work at the store.

Tom wasn’t the only one having trouble coming to grips with reality after a night of heavy sex.

Melissa couldn’t contain herself; she had to tell Juanita and Danni about Tom.

“I was begging him to fuck me,” she whispered, as they sat together in the coffee shop after school. “I can’t explain what his tongue and lips do, other than to say it’s bloody wonderful, so loving, so tantalizing. Yes that’s it tantalizing, that’s the word. He creates a feeling of anticipation as you seem to lay suspended waiting for him to do it. He doesn’t rush; he just kisses and touches you all over. He’s so bloody slow he drives you crazy.”

Tom left the toilet and was heading for work when he spied Melissa and her friends. Melissa saw him coming, “There he is,” she whispered.

Tom waved to them, and then stopped as his mobile rang.

“Do you remember giving me your number at the company dance?” a husky voice asked quietly. You promised to take me dancing if I gave you a call.”

Tom’s prick gave a lurch in his pants as he recalled giving his number to a six-foot-six redhead whose prominent thick lips so dominated her face, that all he could think of was kissing them.

“My word I do,” he answered. ”I remember you.” He smiled as he thought how could I forget that round arse, those long legs, those hard pear shaped tits and those thick red lips. “Call me Dot,” she had said when he asked her to dance.

Dorothy Schrader put on what she thought was her most sexy tone. “Well I am surprised; I thought with all those beautiful young girls at school you would have forgotten us oldies.”

Tom found it easy to be cheeky on the phone, “I might forget some of them but not you and those lips made for kissing. I can’t wait to get you alone.”

“That’s good.” Dorothy whispered. ”But I have a lady friend who would like to go dancing, can you handle two.” Depends on what you mean by handle he thought, but didn’t say, instead he responded. “It would be a lot better just you and me,” as he spied Melissa and the others watching and listening,

He moved away as Dorothy started to speak. “So would I, but remember I’m married. I work in the companies head office. I’m well known. I must be careful.”

Toms mind was racing ahead. She’s married, she wants to go out with me, and she said we must be careful, so she’s not telling her husband. Shit this sounds interesting and even a little dangerous.

Melissa and her friends were now watching him closely.

“Look I can’t talk now, I’m working this afternoon, can you ring me tonight?”

“I’ll try,” she whispered down the phone, her voice giving him a thrill.

“Give me your number and I’ll ring you,” Tom asked as he tried to hide his anxiety.

“I can`t, it`s too dangerous,”_ she whispered.

“Everyone answers our phone at home.”” In the silence he heard her sigh, “I`ll ring you,” she said as the phone went dead.

Shit I don’t want to miss this opportunity he thought.

The wives at the dance had made him realise that there could be a lot of available experienced pussy in the thirty to forty age group.

Down at the store he had become more and more amazed at the number of women in that age group who responded quite positively to his good manners and his flirting.

Tom had spent hours trying to work out a fool proof way to get one of them to spend time alone with him.

Mrs Schrader was heaven sent; she wanted to go out with him. He grinned as he thought, she has a friend.

After exchanging small talk with Melissa he headed for work, where Molly was waiting. “Christine Barton that millionaire property developer was in here with the owners. She enquired about you.” Molly looked worried, “What have you been up to?” Tom wasn’t worried, “I don’t know I only met her once when I danced with her at the company function.”

He was packing Juanita Phillips mother’s bags when his mobile vibrated in his pocket. Mrs. Phillips was built wrong, she had very big saggy breasts, a fat belly and a large lumpy bum and yet Tom found her surprisingly sexy. He wondered as they worked together what her pussy would look like, would it be big and fat like the rest of her body.

The store was full of customers when his mobile rang again; excusing himself he headed for the storeroom.

"Hi it’s me," Dorothy Schrader said as he answered.

Tom couldn’t help himself, "My god you’ve got a terribly sexy telephone voice," he groaned as he looked around to see if anyone was close by.

"Thank you, I’m glad you like it," she purred.

Her voice changed as she became more business like.

"When and where can we go dancing?" she asked. He mumbled about a few discos and a waltzing group down at the 50`s and over club.

“Christ we can’t go there!" she exclaimed. “It has to be more private.” “The only place where couples go with no questions asked, is that motel and night club out of town on the coast road.” he said.

“There’s another bar down at the beach with canned music. Town folk don’t go there because it’s out of the way and it’s a hangout for the beach crowd.”

"The last one sounds interesting," she whispered.

"I’ll ring my girlfriend and get back to you." In the meantime I’ll give you my direct line to my office desk. I’m the only one who answers it. Don’t dare ring me at home," she said as she whispered goodbye and hung up.

Tom spoke quietly to himself as he left the storeroom. “She’s hot to trot, she wants an out of the way spot and she has a friend. I wonder if there’s a chance of a threesome.”

Molly was waving him over. "Mrs. Barton’s back she’s down in gardening, you’d better go down and say good day."

Her fucking husband stole Sally-Anne, Tom thought as he made his way to gardening, wouldn’t it be great to score with his missus to get square.

Christine Barton was alone in the Topiary section. He gasped and licked his lips, her business suit did not hide her generous curves, and if anything it accentuated them.

My god, he thought, that is one great piece of arse.

She must have heard him for she turned quickly catching him as he licked his lips. _What are you staring at?" she asked. Remembering how she dismissed him at the dance with a curt keep your hands to yourself, he couldn’t help but answer, “Studying that fine arse that I got into trouble for stroking during our dance.”

Christine Barton knew her husband was squiring Sally-Anne Matheson around, she wasn’t angry she just thought he was a silly old bugger. Tom had excited her at the dance. She had recalled a dozen times since then how he had caressed her backside.

She had no intention of making a fool of herself like her husband, but Tom was young and virile and obviously interested. The tingle in her pussy reminded her of how she used to enjoy a happy sex life.

She shook her head as she realized Tom was watching and waiting for an answer. “You didn’t get into trouble for stroking my backside. You got into trouble for doing it where people could get the wrong idea.”

"I’d like to do it again," he whispered as he looked her straight in the eye. “Next time I’d like to stroke more than your beautiful arse.”

"Oh would you now," she laughed, "We’ll see about that." She studied Tom closely. He makes me feel good she thought. He would be an interesting lover.

Mrs Schrader mentally shook herself. My God what’s happening to me? What the hell am I doing in the garden shop at the market dreaming of a school boy lover? Her dreaming was interrupted when the store public address called for Tom to go to the check out area.

"I hope you come shopping again," Tom whispered as he leant over and kissed her on the cheek before leaving for the checkout.

"Thank God," Christine Barton thought as she made her way home. _That young bugger has got my measure. I’m acting like a kid. He’s made me sopping wet.

Dot and Toni after long telephone conversations met at the tennis club to discuss Tom. "I’m starting to get scared," Toni said when Dot mentioned the motel.

"What are you scared of," Dot asked. “Tom won’t tell.

He’s young; we are probably the first older women who have taken an interest in him.”

“From what your daughter and her mates were saying on the phone he loves to eat pussy. Well my husband is from the generation that never licked pussy and I want some. You told me that you keep dreaming of a night of raunchy sex with young Tom, so what’s the problem."

"Oh hell," Toni said. "I’m scared; I don’t want to ruin my marriage." I don’t want to be the talk of the town as that silly old woman who led a young boy astray. I want to go with you, but I can’t."

“Well I can.” Dot said. “I’m going to go dancing Tuesday night. That’s school parents and friends night, so we have an excuse to be out. Will you cover for me and say we went for coffee later, if you do I’ll have time to do it.”

Tom recognized Dots sexy purr as he answered. "Tuesday night lover," she whispered in that voice that stirred his prick. “Meet me at the motel. They have a three piece combo playing, it will be fun.”

Dot called Toni, "He’ll be there Tuesday night, and I’m going to book a room. Why don’t you sneak down and join us." "Oh Dot I really want to come,” Toni moaned. “For the first time in years I find myself walking around my kitchen with a wet pussy. I would really love to have someone kissing it.”

Toni rubbed between her legs. She had thought of nothing else all day. "Have you told him it’s only you, maybe one woman is enough, he might not like the idea of two."

Dot burst out laughing “Do you know what you are saying woman? Every horny young man dreams of a threesome. He will walk over hot coals, if he thinks he can get two good looking women to join him in a motel room.”

Dot was right. Tom spent the day Tuesday dreaming and planning what he would do, or what he would like to happen at the motel. He had worn his good clothes to work. After work he freshened up in the change room and was five minutes early waiting in the car park when Dot arrived.

"My God you’re beautiful," he said as he opened her car door. Because of her height she seemed to need to unwind to get out, in doing so she showed a large amount of leg. Dot took her time she knew he was staring at her legs and her silk panties. "Look but don’t touch," she whispered."

Tom held her hand as she straightened up. "Great legs," he said as he grinned, "but it’s those lips I remember most."

She took him by surprise leaning forward to kiss him on the cheek. “Is that so, if I remember correctly you were more interested in stroking bottoms at the dance.”

Tom moved closer and put his arms around her, “Yes that’s true but now I want a real kiss.” He stood tip toe waiting as she made up her mind. Suddenly she kissed him. Her large full lips enclosed his mouth, her teeth grazing his excited tongue, in a kiss that made his toes curl in his shoes.

Tom’s hands moved down her back and slipped her skirt up allowing his hands to rub the silk of her panties.

"Steady," she whispered. “We are still in the car park; we don’t want to be seen. I booked a room and picked up the key this afternoon. Let me go first, you can follow in a few minutes.”

Juanita Phillips was running late tonight, she dropped her keys when she saw Tom Rock coming her way, "Is that you Tom?" She called.

Tom recognized Juanita and moved quickly. Picking up her keys he asked, "Where’s your car?" "I’ll walk with you just to be sure your safe." "Thanks Tom." Juanita responded as she desperately tried to think of something to say. All she could think of was “for hours” and she couldn’t say that.

Tom’s heart was beating fast. If Juanita had been a few minutes earlier she would have caught him and Mrs Schrader together.

At her car, he opened her door as she said, “I work here three nights a week, you can provide my security any night, just give me a ring." Tom leant in the window and gave her a peck on the cheek, "I just might do that." he whispered.

In the motel room Dot was pouring another drink from the mini bar, "Where the hell has he got to?" she moaned.

Minutes passed, she looked at her watch I’d better go and see what`s happened, she thought as she downed her drink and headed for the door.

Tom had reached the door after making sure no one was around. He paused thinking, what will I do when I get inside. Do I grab her and kiss her. Do I ask her to come down to the dance? Will she just want to fuck or will she get cold feet.

His hand was reaching for the door handle when it opened and she stepped out virtually into his arms.

"Oh!" she whispered.

"Oh!" he moaned, as they looked at one and other.

“Oh hell, why not” she groaned as she moved to kiss him. Tom kicked the door shut as he met her advance; his arms slipped around her and pulled her to him as he gently kissed her lips.

Dot was not interested in gentle kisses. She opened her mouth and her tongue darted out. The taste and smell of whisky added to the fire in Tom’s balls as her kiss stirred him.

Not a word was said, both knew what they wanted.

She struggled to remove his shirt and trousers. He slipped her dress from her shoulders and let it slip.

They grunted and struggled together until their clothes were strewn around their feet.

Tom’s hand had moved quickly down her body. His fingers pushed her panties aside.

Dot groaned as she felt him stroking the lips of her pussy. She gasped as she realized what he intended to do. He’s going to finger fuck me, her brain signalled as her body responded.

She didn’t try to stop him, instead moving her legs wider as they stood inside the door kissing and struggling together.

Tom felt her legs move and marvelled when he sensed more room for his hand. He eased one finger down from near her clit to find the wet hole at the bottom of her pussy.

He felt her body move and feeling no opposition, he quickly inserted a second finger hooking them up to touch the top inside of her now very wet pussy.

Dot’s groans grew louder finally converting to a low piercing wail as three fingers pushed their way into her throbbing pussy.

They had not moved far from the doorway of the motel room. She stood on one leg and swung the other up around him bringing her pussy higher. "Put it in," she cried, "put it in," as her hands sought his cock and fed it at her pussy.

She fell back towards the wall. Tom thrust up and in, grunting as he took some of her weight, before slamming her back, to hold her tight against the wall.

Pure lust drove them. They worked their bodies, their hands, their lips and their tongues; Tom came quickly jolting her body as he emptied his load.

He kissed away from her mouth as he felt the last of his come dribble into her pussy. He had come too quickly. He wanted to say something, but couldn`t think of any thing to say.

He kissed along her neck noting the red lover’s bites he must have given her when he was coming.

He licked those love bites and heard her moan as his hand slipped under her breast and held it up. “So soft,” he murmured as his brain registered that her breasts were soft compared with those of his younger girlfriends.

Her nipple was the longest he had experienced. When he licked around one and nibbled its end he felt Dot tremble deep in her pussy.

Her moans grew louder as he continued to explore the tip of her nipple with his tongue, “Do you like that Mrs. Schrader?” he asked.

“Oh my God lad, call me Dot when you’ve got your prick in my cunt. Are you turning yourself on with that Mrs Schrader nonsense?”

Dot had been disappointed when Tom came so quickly. Her disappointment vanished when to her surprise his cock did not shrink but stayed jammed in her cunt as he sucked on her nipple.

His body was moving again, their position forcing her clit against his cock as it moved. She moaned out loud as a series of little shudders ran through her and her pussy juices joined his.

The feeling that ran through her body made her weak.

She was forced to lower her leg back to the floor as another tiny shudder shook her.

Tom’s lips and tongue were causing further turmoil as they worked on her nipples. She blinked back a tear of joy as she ran her hands through his hair. “That was lovely, very lovely,” she whispered.

Dot was overcome with Tom`s stamina she was used to a quick frustrating poke from her husband followed by a sloppy kiss on the cheek before he collapsed and was snoring within minutes.

Tom hadn’t stopped. She held his head in her hands as he moved from one nipple to the other causing little tremors to erupt in her stomach. She moaned in anticipation as Tom dropped slowly to his knees all the while leaving a trail of kisses down her stomach and thigh.

She bucked when his tongue ran around the edge of her pussy. He mouthed her outer pussy lips, licking down and along, continuing on until his head was way between her legs.

He paused as she waited, wondering where he would kiss her next. Even though she was waiting she was taken by surprise, when his tongue darted out and forced its way into the edge of her arsehole.

Her heart was beating wildly it sounded like a drum.

Her breathing sounded heavy to her ears as she sighed and lay back relaxing while his tongue licked around her arse.

She jumped when a finger pushed up unexpectedly into her pussy. She cried out as her legs squeezed around his ears and she felt a dribble of cum escape.

Tom was enjoying the way Dot responded to his kisses.

He kissed his way back to her pussy to find it very very wet, his tongue making slurping sounds as he sucked her pussy lips clean.

Then his tongue encountered her clit. My God it was like a little cock. It stood out waiting to be kissed.

He licked it. To his delight he was forced back on his haunches when she bucked forward, her body hitting his face.

The violence of her reaction intrigued him. He thought that it was probably a one off thing as though he had hit a nerve. This time he leant forward and took her clit gently in his teeth caressing it lightly with his tongue.

Dot went wild.

Her body slammed into his face as she shuddered and came. Her hands grabbed his head and pulled his face tight into her cunt making him struggle to breathe.

Tom took two handfuls of her soft arse and pulled her back, forcing her to give him room. When she did, he licked up her cunt from top to bottom circling her large clit. She came again this time not so violently.

Her body bucked then subsided, then bucked again and again as little dribbles of come wet his tongue.

Dorothy Schrader knew she had lost control, their combined moisture was running down her legs, her breath coming in short noisy gasps, her nipples hurt, she could hear the wild beating of her heart.

“Oh hell.” she moaned as she felt Tom’s tongue lick up and down her cunt once more.

“Oh my God, no more, no more,” she cried as she grabbed a handful of his hair and wrenched his face from between her legs.

Tom looked up, her come over his lips and chin, “what’s up?” He cried.

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