tagFirst TimeTom's First Ch. 04

Tom's First Ch. 04

bymangrove jack©

Dot had been a bundle of nerves all night long. She had slept beside her husband and wondered if he could tell, or maybe even smell that she had had sex before she came home. In the morning as she showered she thought of young Tom. He had been more than she expected. Her body still trembled when she though of his kisses and his cock that had filled her pussy so full she thought it would burst.

She scrubbed her body hard but could not remove at least from her nostrils the sweet smell of sex, or was it the scent of him. Driving to work she wriggled and twisted until she let her hand drop to rub her pussy through her clothes.

At work Dot found it hard to concentrate on her job. She wanted to ring Tom but knew he was in school. “I just need to talk to him.” she told herself over and over whenever she looked at the phone.

She squirmed as she recalled how he licked around her pussy then along and in between her thighs. She wriggled in her seat pushing her legs under the desk, so no one could see what she was doing.

Even now she could feel his mouth nibbling, his tongue licking along her pussy both inside and outside. She shook her head and groaned as she recalled how he licked the outer lips first. She shivered as she remembered how he kissed then, before sucking them into his mouth. She rubbed herself under her clothes as the memories flooded back His tongue and lips had caressed her so gently they had created a rising heat in her body. Their touch was so light that she could hardly feel it. She rubbed her pussy and smiled as she recalled how without warning his tongue invaded her pussy.

Two or three people dropped into her office, but she could not recall what they wanted. Her mind was awash with memories of her night in the motel.

Next time I will be more prepared, she mused as she fingered her pussy under her desk. I want him on a bed, where I can watch what he is doing. He makes it so obvious that he loves my pussy that I want to watch. I want to see the look on his face, feel his hot breath as he loves my pussy.

Dot caught the eye of a workmate who was watching her closely through the plate glass petition that divided their offices. She left her desk and moved in to her private washroom. Closing the door she slumped on the toilet. Her legs pushed apart by her hands, jammed against the toilets side walls as she ran her fingers in circles over her clit.

“Oh my god,” she moaned as her heart thumped and her juices flowed.

Back in her office she rang Toni Tracey. “I had such a wonderful time I can’t think of anything else. I even dreamt about Tom last might. I’ve been wet all morning.” It was so exciting, I want to do it again tonight or this afternoon or whenever we can get free.”

Toni was over whelmed by Dot’s rush of words and obvious passion for young Tom Shit he must be good she thought. She spoke as loud as she could with out shouting “Settle down, your sounding a little crazy.”

“Well I am crazy I never thought I could want some one so much, that I can’t think of any thing else.”

Toni was breathing heavy as she encouraged Dot to tell her once more every detail of lasts nights’ adventure with young Tom.

She gasped as Dot described how she had become scared, when Tom didn’t follow her immediately into the motel room. “He took a long time coming in from the car park. I started to get cold feet. You worry that something has gone wrong, your sex drive disappears and worry takes over. Then all of a sudden he was there and all my worries disappeared. Especially when he stripped my clothes from my body, it was so quick so deliciously wrong.”

“It was awesome. I can’t begin to tell you what he did to me.” Dot whispered down the phone. “Oh how I wish you had been there,” she moaned. I `m going to meet him again, and I want you to come next time.”

When Toni didn’t reply, she stopped and asked, “Are you touching yourself.”

Only a moan came from the other end of the phone. “Good because I am too,”

“My god Toni it was just so marvellous to be fucked by a young hard body, so urgent, so vigorous, he just kept going. If it wasn’t his cock it was his tongue .My pussy was full for hours. His stamina made it so different from married sex with that lazy bloody husband of mime.”

“You know I’ve thought about it. It’s not just sex. It’s being wanted. After years of marriage your partner treats you like a possession he knows its there. He doesn’t get excited at the prospect that you might let him. You can tell young Tom’s perpetually excited; you can see his mouth watering feel his enthusiasm. He wants you; he’ll do anything to get into your pussy. He really makes love to it. You feel loved, you feel needed and there’s the added excitement of the possibility of getting caught. Add that all up and that’s what’s different. That’s what makes it so exciting.”

When Toni just groaned into the phone, Dot continued. “I can’t believe his tongue, he used it in such a way, that I believed him when he said, he loved my pussy. Remembering his gentle licking and sucking woke me up throughout the night. Each time I woke I was wet through.”

“It was so exciting I am going to do it again. I can’t stop now.”

Tom’s thoughts kept returning to Dot and their night in the motel. He licked his lips as he sat listening to Mrs Nelson in Biology class. I had the worlds best biology lesson last night he thought as he rubbed the tent in his pants.

Mrs Nelson a forty two year old divorcee liked Tom. She had a good, but not great body. She wasn’t a babe but probably would have been a few years ago. She was surprised when Tom stared at her then licked his lips and rubbed his bulge. My god, she thought, he’s signalling a sexual interest, and he’s coming on to me.

Nancy Nelson had led a quiet sex life since her divorce. She knew she was good looking. I’m short full bodied and sexy; she told herself when she looked in the mirror. Enough men tried to hit on her to confirm her judgement of herself. The available local single men her age were pretty gross, so she had resorted to reading erotic literature on the internet. In the last day or two she had been reading mature stories where older women sought younger partners.

Noting Tom’s stare she looked back at him. Remembering a story she had read last night, she winked then turned to bend over her bench in front of him to pick up some papers.

Tom sat up when Mrs Nelson winked. He studied her nicely rounded bottom when she bent in front of him. She’s teasing me he thought when he spied her looking back at him behind a pile of papers. Well two can play that game. He licked his lips, “Very nice,” he whispered just loud enough for her to hear.

Shit, Tom thought, what am I doing. I have a married lover, I have two girlfriends and I’m flirting with my teacher. I really am turning into a sex fiend. Then he licked his lips again and studied her body more closely. Christ she’s got a great body he thought, I wonder whether she would like her pussy licked. The class bell cut short his thoughts, but he made sure to catch her eye and wink as he left the room.

He was horny now after that little flirting session With Mrs Nelson. He had tried before to ring Dot, but Melissa and her friends hardly left his side during recesses. He escaped and tried again on her direct line.

“I’ll ring you back, I’ve got a call waiting,” Dot said as she finished talking to Toni and hung up.

She gave a sigh of relief when she answered the waiting call. “Can you talk?” Tom asked, his voice showing his excitement

“I’ve borrowed an office mobile so ring me on this number it’s safer,” she whispered.

They both spoke at once when she answered the mobile. “I’ve been horny all day,” she told Tom. “I wanted to ring but knew that you should be in class.”

“Well I’ve slipped away to see you;” Tom replied. “If you sneak away for a half an hour, we could meet down in the botanical gardens on the river bank near your office.”

“Oh no! I couldn’t do that,” she responded quickly.

“I want to kiss you and touch you,” Tom whispered. “There’s a little boat house owned by the school, I can get the key, I row in the fours.”

She hesitated just for a minute or two. “Please come,” he whispered. “Don’t wear your panties or bra, I want to kiss you.”

“Oh hell people would notice,” she moaned. “No they won’t, just slip them off in your office before you leave. I won’t embarrass you I promise. I just want to kiss you.”

Sensing that she was going to eventually agree, he decided to push her into action. “I’ll leave now. I’ll ring your mobile in about five minutes when I get there. I’ll leave the door ajar and wait inside.”

Dot was talking to the accountant when her mobile rang. “I’m waiting.” Tom whispered.

Tom smiled when he heard her say before the link went, “I have to go out for half an hour, I’ll fix that up as soon as I get back.”

“She’s coming,” he cried as he danced around looking for places where they would have room.

Dot was full of nerves, she felt as though everyone was looking at her. She was naked under her blouse and skirt having removed all but her garter belt and stockings. They would notice if after coming to work for years wearing black stockings, I suddenly took them off and went out with out them, she told Tom later.

Only a few couples sat on seats along the path to the boathouse. As she drew near she felt more comfortable. The couples were kissing and were making sure she could not see their faces. Their cheating, she thought as she quickened her step and slipped up the path.

He had heard her coming and stood inside the door bare chested.

Dot squeezed through the half opened door and heard it closed and locked behind her.

She gasped when she turned around to find Tom closing the door. He had undone his fly and left his cock jutting out through his underpants like an old warships cannon.

“Kiss me,” he growled as she leant down so Tom could reach her lips. At the same time she reached for his cock. “Careful love,” he cried “it’s already leaking. Let me get your clothes off, we don’t want come stains on them when you go back to work.”

He stripped of her skirt and blouse and stepped back, “my god your pussy is magnificent. I love the way you have left it natural. It’s far nicer than a shaved hairless one.” He pushed her back against the work table and lifted her till she sat up on it. Dropping to his knees he held her knees and moved her legs wide.

She watched him run his tongue up the inside of her leg. She quivered in anticipation as his mouth moved slowly to the lips of her pussy. His hands held her bottom, one fingering her arse. He lifted her and slowly pulled her forward on the work table so his tongue could reach deep in her pussy and his finger could worm its way into her back passage.

Tom knew they didn’t have a lot of time, but he wanted to lick her clit until she came. He found the ability to make a woman come just with his tongue one of the greatest turn ons. As Dot started to moan and squirm, his cock grew fatter and in some way longer. His balls grew larger and the sack seemed to fill up. Her bodies reaction to his tongue would bring him to an orgasm, if he was nor careful.

He knew from last night that the insertion of one and then two fingers into her pussy while he licked and sucked her clit would bring her closer and closer to coming.

His fingers worked on her pussy, fucking as though they were a cock, while his other hand teased her arsehole. He rimmed around the edge gradually pushing a little further and further until it was in as far as he could reach.

Dot flinched when his finger was finally fully embedded in her arse. She could feel his fingers in her pussy and arse rubbing together separated only by a thin piece of her flesh. His tongue had stirred her clit until it stood out tender to touch but wanting more. She lay back as tiny shudders started to build in her stomach. “Oh Tom don’t stop darling I’m coming, I’m coming,” she groaned,

She came with a jolt. Her body jumped, and then settled, only to jump again and again as she felt as though she would faint.

She lay for a minute panting before lifting her head to look down at Tom who was still licking her pussy. “You didn’t come,” she moaned. “No but I don’t have to come to be happy,” he whispered back.

“I want you to come,” she moaned as she lifted his head away from her thighs. “Can I kiss it?” She asked.

Tom had never had a blow job; Dot had never given anyone a blow job. Her university days were ending when blow jobs became an essential part of a college girl’s skill. They both became excited struggling to find a position where there was room. Finally Tom stood while Dot sat on the floor between his legs reaching up to hold his cock, her hands caressing it. “Oh hell” Tom cried, “be bloody careful I won’t need much, I’m so bloody hot from kissing your beautiful pussy.”

Dot looked up at Tom, “You have a beautiful cock.” Before he could respond she filled her mouth with saliva and transfer it to the head of Tom’s highly excited cock. “Oh god,” Tom moaned as her tongue licked around the head. She took just the head into her mouth and seemed to suck it slightly before pulling her head back to look up at him. “You like?” she asked.

“Like it, I bloody love it,” he cried as he tried to push more down her throat. She held him by the balls, “steady lover,” she whispered, “I haven’t done this before give me time to get used to it.” She moved her mouth steadily, mostly concentrating on the tip and the head. Her hand clasped his cock lightly and moved it in sync with her mouth.

“Can you feel the tension building?” he asked as she again mouthed the head while her hands massage his balls.

“Oh yes, I am sure you could transfer all of your feelings through your cock to my mouth,” she moaned. “I can tell what’s happening to your body, but I can’t tell what you’re thinking. Talk to me, reassure me that I’m not just a slut meeting you like this.”

She kept looking up at him. Time and time again her eyes asked the question. Tom spoke to her quietly until his voice trembled and grew louder. “Oh hell, take it out if you don’t want come in your mouth” he cried.

“I want it,” she cried as she sucked hard on his cock head and then licked up and down its length.

“Put it back,” he cried as his come started to spurt.

“Oh my god that’s lovely” she groaned as his body shuddered and came. She was surprised at the amount, Surprised at the force of his ejaculation. Her brain registered that it tasted fine, sticky and sweet.

Her mouth was awash with come and saliva when he pulled her up and kissed her. “I’ve never tasted my come before but I love that taste,” he said as he laughed and licked his lips.

“I don’t know how to judge blow jobs because that was my first. In fact our first, but if they get any better than that I’d like to have it.”

He kissed her again, licking his cum from the corner of her mouth “thank you for treating me to my first blow job,”

“Your welcome, come again,” she giggled, and he did


Toni laid on her bed her body cool from her shower. She had showered as soon as Dot finished telling her of her night at the motel.

She had stood under the cold shower and washed her sloppy wet pussy, removing any evidence of the mind blowing orgasms she had given herself with her fingers, while Dot purred all the details down the phone.

The cold shower had not worked. She was wet again, she imagined Tom doing to her what Dot had so frantically described. “Fuck it,” she moaned “I should have gone, why was I such a bloody chicken?”

She rolled over and answered her mobile, it was Dot again. “You won’t believe what I’ve just done” she whispered. “I just gave Tom his first blow job.”

“You what?” Toni gasped

“I gave Tom a blow job down at the school boat shed in the botanical gardens.

He rang me and asked me to meet him. My god it was exciting, he told me not to wear panties or bra.”

“You didn’t,” Toni groaned.

“I did, I took them off put them in my hand bag and left them in the office. It was wonderful parading down the Mall and the best part was no one knew.”

Toni became excited. “I’ve been a bloody wimp, I’ve got to have some of that, organise him for tonight or whenever. I’ll be ready just get him.”

Dot told Toni she would try. She didn’t need any urging, she couldn’t wait to get Tom in the motel again.

The feeling was mutual he had found her mature body more accommodating, more sexually aware, more interesting, than either of the two more beautiful young ladies he had loved previously.

Tom remembered to tell Dot when they spoke for the third time that evening of his encounter with Juanita Phillips in the motel car park. “Find out which three nights she works?” Dot ordered after recovering from the shock of possible discovery.

Tom talked to Juanita and promised to escort her home after work one night this week. He rang Dot, “tonight’s ok, she works tomorrow and the next night.”

“Tonight it is big fellow,” she said before she rang Toni and they compared alibis.

Toni arrived first. She waited in her car under the fig tree in the lane next to the motel. She had spent all afternoon shaving her legs and oiling and pampering her body, ready to fire the imagination of young Tom. During the afternoon her fingers continually returned to her clit creating little orgasms, as she dreamt up every possible scenario for the evening with Tom and Dot.

She jumped when Dot knocked on her car window, “stop dreaming” Dot laughed, “Tom will be a few minutes late, let’s get inside.”

In the motel room Toni started to get cold feet. “oh shit, Dot I don’t know about this, I’m bloody worried.”

Dot put her arm around Toni, “there’s nothing to worry about, we’re inside no one can see us and no one knows, so relax.” She straightened her hair in the mirror, “Just think in a few minutes time Tom will be here, he’ll make your most erotic pussy sucking dreams come true.”

“What if he doesn’t like me?” Toni moaned.

Dot responded angrirly, “Bloody hell you’ve got a body men would die to have in their bed. He’ll want you, I just hope he’ll still want me when he spies you,” Dot said with a wry grin.

A knock on the door sent Toni scurrying to the bathroom. “Leave that door open,” Dot said as she turned the main light off and left only one bedside light burning.

Tom stood outside waiting until Dot opened the door. He slipped his arm around her and kissed her on the neck as he slid inside the room. Dot was surprised at Tom’s kisses. After last night in this room, and today at the boat house she thought he may have lost some of his intensity. She quickly forgot that idea as his lips moved over her neck and chest and his hands squeezed her bum.

“My god Tom you’re horny, you haven’t even taken time to say good evening,” she cried as she bent to kiss him and said, “Good evening lover.”

Tom laughed kissing her on the lips he said, “good evening lips.” Kissing her neck, “good evening neck.” Holding her breasts in her dress he kissed them through the fabric, “good evening boobs.”

He dropped to his knees lifting her dress to kiss her legs, “good evening legs.” His hands moved to pull her pants down. “No pants!” he gasped as he buried his head between her legs. He kissed her pussy longingly, “good evening pussy, good evening clit.”

Twisting her body in his hands he crooned, “good evening arse,” as his tongue rimmed her arsehole. Turning her back his mouth returned to her pussy, “good evening lover,” he said as he looked up at her, before sinking his mouth to suck on her pussy lips.

Dot groaned out loud as Tom`s tongue licked her pussy from bottom to top. He immediately dropped into a rhythm that had her body responding quickly. One finger playfully sought her arse hole whilst the other hand ran around under his chin touching her pussy lips. She shuddered and groaned out loud, when his fingers pushed into her pussy, stopping at the entrance before wriggling his up turned finger deeper and deeper.

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