tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTom's Journey Ch. 02

Tom's Journey Ch. 02


Life had changed quite a bit for Tom. Five years after living next to Tara and Emily he had gotten married, bought a house, and settled down. It was a nice little home with an extra bedroom that he and his wife turned into a guest room. They had two children, one of which was still an infant, and a couple of dogs. Tom had a decent job as well. Everything was going smooth in his life until his wife's friend from her college days, Sarah, came into the picture.

Sarah was average height with straight black hair that fell almost to her waist. She had a cute little nose and eyes that were like looking into two black pools of honey. Her skin was smooth white and, even thought she had two kids, her stomach was amazingly flat. The two most impressive things about her though, were her magnificent boobs and her baby doll voice (think Kristen Bell).

Tom's wife told him one day that Sarah had been fighting with her husband and needed a place to stay for awhile. She wanted to let Sarah use the guest room and her kids could sleep on the rollaway. Tom didn't have a problem with it at all, in fact he was nice enough to help her move in and make sure she and her kids were comfortable and settled. Sarah was constantly thanking them for letting her stay and would do whatever she could around the house to help out. As the days went by , he began to notice Sarah more and more. Every time she was talking he would sit, entranced by her voice. When she left the room he thought about her magnificent boobs and how nice they would feel in his hands.

One night, Tom was sleeping peacefully next to his wife when he began having an erotic dream. He dreamed that Sarah was talking dirty to him in her baby doll voice, groaning things like, "Oh Tom, I need your cock in my pussy so bad. Please fuck me, pleeeeeease!" Tom could see her jet black hair flying around her shoulders as she furiously played with her pussy, whimpering and writhing, her firm, white boobs jiggling with every movement. Tom's thick cock was rock hard.

Then the dream shifted. Now he felt Sarah's hands sliding down his chest, past his groin and stopping at his inner thighs. Sarah was smiling at him in his dream, her liquid black eyes drawing him in, her boobs hanging down, swaying with her movements. She brought her hands up to his groin and fondled his balls. Tom sighed with delight. What an amazing dream! Things started getting a little hazy and Sarah began to fade away.

"No! Don't go!" Tom said to Sarah. As Sarah's face got harder and harder to see, he felt her hand move to his cock and softly stroke it. "Ohhhh no, come on!" Tom cried frustrated.

Then, the dream went away and Tom realized he was in his bed. His wife was softly snoring on the other side. Suddenly he was aware of a cool feeling on his body and the presence of someone else in the room. His eyes widened in shock, but before he could cry out a hand went over his mouth. The face above the hand was Sarah's.

"Sarah?" he thought.

Sarah looked at him and gave a little smile. She put her finger to her lips and very faintly whispered, "Shhhhhhh". She moved down his body and now Tom became aware of how hard he was. Sarah softly touched his cock, and gently rubbed his balls.

Tom scowled at her and mouthed the words, "What are you doing?" Sarah just smiled, glanced over at his wife, and then lowered her mouth to his cock. Tom bit his lip to keep from groaning out loud. His wife would kill him if she found out what was going on, and there she was, right next to him, sleeping like a lumberjack, oblivious to what her friend was doing.

Sarah began to move her mouth up and down the shaft of his cock. She would suck on the tip for a while and then gulp most of the length in her mouth. She used her hands to knead the base of his cock and all around his balls. Tom gritted his teeth and tried to push Sarah off the bed. Sarah stayed put and continued to work his cock. Tom fell back, his head hitting the pillow, his mind telling him to stop but his cock urging him on.

Sarah gripped his cock tightly in her hand and began to stroke it, her mouth sucking the tip. The constant rhythm was getting to Tom. He felt his balls tighten and his breathing became shallow. He swallowed, trying to moisten his parched throat. His hips began to buck upwards, trying to push his cock deeper into Sarah's throat. Sarah stopped for a moment and looked at him. There was a pause that seemed like forever. Then she lowered her mouth all the way to the base of his cock and gently squeezed his balls.

Once again, Tom had to bite his lips to prevent the scream that wanted to erupt from his mouth as his body stiffened. Every muscle tensed up, every fiber fought to push and writhe and buck, but Tom had to lay still, he couldn't risk his wife waking up. The sweet agony continued for a few seconds, then the cum came rushing up his shaft, filling Sarah's mouth. Sarah clamped her mouth firmly around his cock, not letting a drop escape. Tom's shuddered and exhaled, his body trembling and quaking. Eventually his breathing slowly returned to normal. His cock became softer and finally slipped from Sarah's mouth. Without a word Sarah crawled off the bed and walked away.

The next morning Tom met Sarah in the downstairs hallway. "What just happened last night?" Tom said.

"What are you talking about sweetie?" Sarah said impishly.

"You know what I'm talking about."

Sarah's expression changed and got serious. "Look, you have done so much for me and my kids; I kind of wanted to give you something back."

"But, why that?" Tom said. "Why put me in a situation where my marriage could be broken?"

Sarah looked at him wisely and said, "You wife is a deep sleeper, remember I used to hang out with her all the time in college. I knew she wouldn't wake up. And what she doesn't know won't hurt her." Sarah's face turned impish again. "It can be our little secret".

As she walked away Tom half jokingly said, "It would have been better if I could have heard you talk dirty to me and maybe fucked your boobs a little bit."

Sarah spun around, her eyes dancing. "You have always liked my voice haven't you? Haven't you?" Tom nodded. "Well, that was a onetime deal. As for fucking my boobs -- no way. That's just weird."

"Weird? How is that weird?" Tom said.

"It just is. My husband is always trying to get what he calls a 'titty fuck'. He hasn't got one yet and neither will you."

The next week Tom's wife told him that Sarah was going to move into an apartment and needed help moving. Although Tom was willing to help it was on a day when he had to work.

"Honey I can't take time off work, we're really busy and I could be putting my job in jeopardy."

Tom's wife said, "That's true, I'll tell Sarah she will have to find someone else." Tom thought about it and then called his work. He went over to the guest room and knocked on the door.

"Sarah?" He called.

"What Tom? Come on in." Sarah said.

"Hey I just talked to my boss and even though he griped about it, he said I could have this weekend off." Sarah's face lit up.

"Oh thank you thank you thank you so much!" She threw her arms around his neck and gave him a big hug. Tom's cock twitched as he felt Sarah's boobs press against his chest. Sarah felt it too and laughed. She looked at him for a few seconds and then peeked outside. The kids were out taking a walk with Tom's wife.

Sarah looked back at him and softly said to herself, "Why not."

Tom's heart began to race. Sarah dropped to her knees and undid his shorts. They made a flumping sound as they hit the floor. Sarah moved her hands up his thighs until they reached the hem of his boxers. She dropped to her knees and blew softly on the opening of his boxers. Out to meet her lips grew his cock like an eel coming out of its lair.

Sarah held it in her hand, looked up at him and said in her little girl voice, "Poor baby, cock's all hard. You want me to suck it for you?" She flicked the head with her tongue.

"Ohhh yesssssssssss." Tom gasped.

Sarah pulled down his boxers and pushed his legs apart. Tom leaned against the wall. Sarah started stroking his cock and sucking on the tip just as she had done a few nights before. Tom's breathing quickened.

Sarah increased the pace of her sucking, pausing every once in a while to say things like, "you want me to suck your cock? I love your cock in my hot little mouth. I can't wait to feel your hot cum coat the inside of my throat. OMG baby! Make me your cock sucking whore!"

Tom reached down for Sarah's blouse and tore at the buttons. Sarah, knowing what he wanted, helped him out and undid her bra. Her boobs sprang free. Tom bent his knees and tried to push his cock between them but Sarah pulled back and shook her head no. Tom tried again and this time Sarah squeezed his balls a little too tight for his comfort.


"Oooooooooo did that hurt?" Sarah said in her sweet voice, as she licked his cock," If I were you, I would focus on how good my mouth feels around your cock, not my boobs". There was a glint to her eye, and seeing that she literally had him by the balls, Tom relaxed and leaned up against the wall.

"Fuck my mouth baby!" Sarah cried, "Fuck it hard and fast!"

Tom grunted and plowed his cock in and out of Sarah's mouth. He looked longingly at her boobs and pretty brunette hair. Sarah pulled her mouth off him, squeezed his cock with her hands and began jacking him off.

She looked up at him and said, "Cum for me baby, spray your cum all over my nice big tits!"

With that Tom roared as load after load of white , creamy cum sprayed onto Sarah's face, boobs, and hair. It was like slow motion as one strand of cum would splash on a boob, then another would splash on her cheek. Tom sank to the floor, completely spent. Sarah got up and slapped him across the face.

"Don't EVER try to fuck my boobs again! I gave you what you wanted to thank you for helping me. Once I'm moved out we're done! Got it?!" Sarah stalked angrily away. Tom was stunned, hurt, and a little angry. As he went into the garage he found himself wanting revenge. Oh he knew he shouldn't, but then, he shouldn't have with Sarah twice already.

All of Sarah's things had been moved that day except for a few things. Sarah and her kids were spending one last night at Tom's place. The next day they would be gone. Tom had done his part and had efficiently moved all of Sarah's things into her new apartment, even hooking up the stove and making sure everything worked. He had been the perfect docile gentlemen, leading Sarah to suspect nothing.

That night, Sarah tucked her kids into their rollaway bed in the adjoining room and got ready for bed herself. She brushed her long silky hair, took off her bra, and slipped on a comfortable nightgown. She was exhausted after a long day of work. She wasn't too mad at Tom anymore. After all, he had done what any guy would. Still, it probably wasn't a bad idea to put him in his place. Sarah snuggled under the covers and drifted off to sleep.

Tom waited until Sarah was fast asleep and quietly entered her room. It had been a week since she had slapped him and he had played nice, biding his time. Now was the time for him to get what he had always wanted. Gone were any thought s of his wife. The only thoughts now were of revenge and pleasure. He crept to the foot of Sarah's bed and slowly, ever so slowly, pulled the covers down. Sarah was on her side, the nightgown riding up her legs, past her hips, and bunched around her waist. Tom gently turned her on her back. Sarah moaned a little. Tom stopped, his breathing stopped. Sarah settled back into sleep and Tom breathed again.

Inch by inch he opened Sarah's legs until he had a clear view of her pussy. He lay between her legs and started softly and gently using the tip of his tongue on the bottom and sides of Sarah's pussy lips. He worked his way up until he found her clit. He gave little hummingbird kisses to her clit and then moved to the center of her pussy. He repeated the process over and over, increasing the pressure. He felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter. He was on the move up towards her clit again, when he heard a little gasp. He looked up, without breaking contact with her pussy, and saw Sarah staring at him, wide eyed and startled. Tom sucked her clit into his mouth. Sarah's hips jumped and she grabbed his head and tried to push him away. Tom tensed his muscles and refused to move, sucking on her clit furiously.

Sarah's breath was ragged and she fiercely whispered, "What are you doing?"

Tom pointed in the direction the kids were sleeping and put his finger over his mouth.


Then dipped his head back down to her pussy. Sarah whimpered as he inserted one, then two fingers inside her. He moved them in and out in a fucking motion as he flicked her clit with his tongue. Sarah's hips began to roll. Her face got red. Her body started trembling. With a muffled shriek Sarah grabbed Tom's head and shoved it hard against her pussy. Tom felt the contractions around his fingers as Sarah came and came and came.

Sarah melted into the bed, her legs and arms spread open, panting from the huge orgasm she had just had. Suddenly, she felt and then saw Tom loom over her. He was naked from the waist down and his cock was hard and dripping precum. Before Sarah could move Tom had clamped her ribs between his muscular thighs and pushed her shoulders into the bed.

"Now for a nice titty fuck" Tom whispered.

Sarah glared at him and opened her mouth but remembered that the kids were sleeping. She shook her head angrily. Tom motioned for her to push her boobs together. Sarah spit at him. Tom reached one hand behind and rubbed her sensitive clit.

"o wow ow stop please stop it's too sensitive!" Sarah whined.

Tom removed his hand. Sarah relaxed her shoulders in defeat and cupped her boobs to form a tunnel for Tom's angry red cock. He leaned forward, placing his hands on either side of the pillow and savored the silky feel of her alabaster boobs, as his cock used them for his own pleasure. He was so horny he knew it wouldn't take long for him to cum, but he wanted this to last as long as it could. He sat up and cupped Sarah's heavy boobs in his hands and squeezed and fondled them for awhile. Sarah couldn't bring herself to look at him. She hated this feeling of being used. After a few minutes, Tom could feel the urgent call from his cock to finish things. He got back into position and motioned for Sarah to hold her boobs together. Sarah numbly did. After only a few strokes Tom began to feel his sack tighten, a few more strokes and he would be there. Sarah sensed it too and screwed up her face. Then he let it go. Squirt after squirt of hot sperm shot over Sarah's neck, her boobs, and dripped into her pretty long brunette hair. Tom felt like he was cumming forever. When he looked down he could not believe how much of his cum was covering Sarah.

As he walked out of the room Sarah whispered to him, "I'll get you for this you fucker!" Tom just smiled.

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