tagErotic CouplingsTom's New Job Ch. 01

Tom's New Job Ch. 01


Tom knew when he agreed to work with his mum at her office, that it may not be the best job in the world. Working as a 'skivvy' or 'junior clerk', to give it the correct title, wasn't very appealing. The money wasn't great either, but it was a job all the same.

He had struggled to find employment elsewhere, a sign of the times, especially as he had just left college and didn't have the necessary 'experience' companies craved. He was grateful as his mum had to pull a few strings in order to get him in. On his first day, Tom arrived early, wanting to give a good impression to his boss. As he waited for the senior partner to come to reception to greet him, he chatted politely to the receptionists. Both, he thought were attractive, but Karen was more so than Debra. Debra was ok to talk to, had good looks and a skinny frame. Wearing a wedding ring also, Tom noticed. However, Karen was more the type of girl Tom would go for anywhere else. She was shorter, around 5' 5" with a petite frame and brunette. And importantly not married.

Soon, his boss arrived in reception and took Tom to his office where he explained his role and what he expected from Tom. One of the office rules was 'No office relationships', which Tom understood. 'Guess I'll have to stay away from reception then', he thought to himself.

Over the next few weeks, Tom began to find his feet and began to actually enjoy his work. He rarely saw his mum during the day and his stature in the office became more Tom than Joan's son. His responsibilities included collecting post and other general office stuff, but also covering Reception. This meant working with both Debra and Karen for one hour a day. Naturally, they all became more friendly as they worked together, talking in between calls and visitors about their interests and life in general.

He thought of Debra as old beyond her 31 year old years. She was more into staying at home with her husband, or going for long walks with her husband etc. Etc.

Karen however was more of a firecracker. She enjoyed clubbing, partying, going to the football with her Dad. 'My dream woman' Tom thought, made worse that they had been getting more friendlier than maybe they were supposed to and innocently flirting with each other since he began on reception duties. The fact that she had 10 years on him meant nothing, she was fun. But he had remembered the boundaries laid down by the boss, and respected them.

Tom soon became too good for his role, and his boss saw this. He was offered a role in with the legal team as an apprentice, which he accepted. The role meant the job he originally thought of as a stop-gap position while he looked for something more suited to his qualifications, became a prospective career.

His pay became better than any of his other friends were earning, and life was good. He knew that one thing was missing though, a relationship. Being a good looking athletic build, he had his fair share of one night flings borne of too much alcohol and regret in the morning. He also had a brief relationship with one of these women, but nothing in common ended it. Plus, no one matched up to Karen at work. It nagged him that the one woman he wanted, he couldn't have. He was pretty sure she may have felt similar, but he now respected the rules even more now he had higher position. Tom found out one day that his thoughts were in fact, true. After some meetings in the morning, he had some work to catch up with in his office.

In fact, it was more of a cubby-hole, a desk, chair, filing cabinet and no air-con and no window. It was so small that you could only just get through the door for the filing cabinet, and the door was a self returner which no wedge in the world could keep open.

Summer was upon them and his office was stifling, so naturally Tom had removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt a little to allow what little air coming from his budget desk fan to circulate around his body. A knock on the door followed by Karen entering his office gave him a welcome distraction from his paperwork.

She was wearing a low-cut blouse showing her ample cleavage and a short skirt with killer high heels, 'something no girl should leave the house without' she had told him previously. 'Tom, I need to ask you something that has been on my mind for some time' Karen said.

Tom asked her what it was, wondering if it was work related, hoping it wasn't. He needn't have wondered as Karen lifted her hand to his and placed it on her breast. 'I was wondering if you can keep secrets? I know how much you want to make a go of your job, but I can't keep seeing you day in day out when I feel like this'.

Tom, somewhat startled by this but remaining composed, stood up and brushed past Karen. She felt his hard-on and knew his answer immediately, following with confirmation when he locked the door. Tom felt sure he may regret what he was about to do, but now he knew she wanted him, he had to have her.

He turned to her and without a word began kissing her. Long and deep tongued like he wanted to for so long. Karen responded, humming and moaning softly as her wrapped his arms around her waist, and sliding his hands down to feel her pert bum cheeks.

She followed by sliding her hands inside his open shirt and feeling his smooth chest. Tom by this time was ready to go, Karen noticed an impressive bulge growing in between them and didn't hesitate to place a hand on it. 'I guess that's a yes then?' she said as she stroked him through his suit trousers.

'Oh, yes, Karen. You have no idea how many times I've wanted this but thought better of it' gasped Tom. He felt as though he was ready to explode there and then so though it best to grab her hand away.

'It's ok,' she said, 'you'll need to be quick. Debra will be wondering if I got lost on my way to the toilet!' She unzipped his pants and dropped to her knees, 'lets see if this is as good as it feels'.

She released his 9 inches from his pants and began stroking him, 'well it's better than good' she said. She took his dick and began licking the head while stroking his shaft, 'You can return the favour later on, she said. 'You can come back to my house after work can't you?'

'Try and stop me' Tom said.

Karen worked his shaft with her hand while taking his length into her mouth gradually. She had seen cocks smaller and as big, but knew how to handle them. Tom moaned as she sucked him, he had never felt as ready as this so soon, but knew he would be able to make up for his quickness later.

Besides, he liked her a lot and had fantasised about Karen in every position possible. So when it happened for real, his passion was getting the better of him.

Karen continued to lick and suck him speeding up as she felt his balls tighten in her free hand. With a gasp, Tom shot what felt like thunderbolts into Karen's mouth, spraying the back of her mouth with hot cum. Karen took it all and swallowed every drop, licking his head as she milked out the last few drops from his engorged cock.

She stood and kissed Tom again, 'I want you really bad but I have to get back to work. Meet me in the bar around the corner after work and we'll go to mine for round two'.

Tom replied, 'and three, four and five hopefully, can't wait. And remember, our little secret?'

Karen smiled, 'absolutely'.

Round two coming soon...

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