tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTom's Torture Ch. 02

Tom's Torture Ch. 02


The other two men, as black and as menacing as Darryl, stepped forward...

Once again 18-year-old Pam's little naked blond-haired body was curled in a ball against my own nude form, but this time there was genuine fear overwhelming mere embarrassment. Nineteen-year-old Kelly, also naked and on my left, clutched tightly to me, but she was glaring up at Darryl with venom in her piercing eyes.

"Just stop, Darryl," she scowled. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

Darryl paused, now within arm's reach, staring down at us, towering over us. We were reclining on the big couch, but even if I were to stand to my full six feet, I knew Darryl would have a good five or six inches on me yet. My athletic 18-year-old physique tipped the scales at about 170 pounds, but Darryl, a man in his 30s, was clearly bigger and bulkier under his black leather jacket, and I put him at about 210, maybe 220 pounds. Behind him, his two black buddies, also in their late-20s or early-30s, were almost nearly as imposing, though one looked more or less my size.

Darryl said, "Bitch, I'm asking the same question. What the fuck are YOU doing?"

"None of your goddamned business. Get the fuck OUT of here!"

He merely grinned down at her, bright white teeth shining out from his dark skin. "I don't think so," he said. He let his eyes linger on the naked form of his on-again-off-again lover, then he looked at Pam, licking his lips. Finally, he turned to me. He said, "You gonna be trouble, boy?"

I did my best to at least maintain eye contact with him. There wasn't much else I could do. I was one man, naked and vulnerable, against three very tough looking brothers. Even if I were able to launch up and get a good strike at Darryl—his crotch was just within reach—the other two would be on me in a second. It would be over before it begun. Nevertheless, I was in pretty good shape myself. I'd made Lieutenant in the ROTC in high school, and my black belt in Hapkido could certainly come into play with this real live threat. Perhaps attacking them now was the last thing they'd expect....

Darryl again: "I said, are you gonna be any trouble?" To punctuate his question, he put his big hands on his hips, and in doing so he revealed the butt of a pistol tucked into his loose-fitting jeans.

No go.

It was no go. Three men AND a gun? I shook my head.

"Good. Smart answer, for a white boy." He glanced down at my crotch. My flaccid cock had fallen limply to one side, against my thigh, still slightly crusty with dried remnants of my semen and Pam's vaginal fluids. Darryl nodded, "Well, for a white boy, that ain't too bad of a package, I guess. Eh, boys?"

This last remark he had called over his shoulder with a laugh. The other guys laughed as well. I glanced at Pam; her big blue eyes, moist with tears, stared desperately into mine. I could only give her a reassuring squeeze, though who I was actually reassuring was another question. I turned to Kelly, and she whispered to me.

"I'm sorry."

I whispered back, squeezing her as well, "Not your fault."

Darryl whipped his head back toward us. "Shut the FUCK up!"

Kelly ignored him, "What the fuck do you want, Darryl?"

He smiled again. "A piece of the action, bitch. I wanna piece of this!"

He reached down and grabbed Kelly's ankle, jerking her toward him and off the couch so that she flopped onto the hardwood floor, her naked thigh slapping against it. Instinctively I sat up straight, reaching for Kelly, but the back of Darryl's hand caught me square in the side of the face, sending stars into my vision, flinging me back against Pam, who screamed.

"Shut up!" Darryl shouted at her. "Bobby, make sure the door's locked."

The shorter of the two other men, Bobby, crossed over and latched the door. The taller one, who's name I did not yet know, stayed where he was. He seemed to be slightly uncertain as to just what was going on here. I was wondering the same thing, and I wasn't liking any of the hypothetical scenarios playing out in my head.

Darryl turned to me. "You can see I ain't too slow, right? You try another move and I'll take you out, boy, plain and simple. You just sit tight and I may let you in on some of the fun. Fuck with me, and I take you out, period."

Pam began sobbing. Kelly cried out again, "Darryl, what are you doing? Just leave them alone. I'll go with you if you want. I swear!"

He kneeled down and pushed Kelly back against the foot of the couch. He maneuvered her into a position so that she was now sitting on her butt on the floor, her legs spread, knees up, back against the couch. Her beautiful fully shaved pussy was obscenely exposed to all three of these men, and Darryl was now kneeling between her legs.

He said, "I wanted you to go with me earlier, remember? I promised a lot of fun and a lot of presents for you in the VIP room if you let my boys get a little taste. You were into it for a while, weren't you?"

She stammered, "Darryl, we were fucking around, kidding. Teasing. I'm not a whore!"

"Oh, you're a ho now, bitch. You're MY ho now, and we're gonna finish what we started back at the club." He called over his shoulder, "Bobby!"

With a childish giggle for an adult, sounding like he was pulling off a college prank, Bobby came over to Darryl and already seemed to know what was about to go down. He also squatted down next to Kelly and locked his lustful gaze right at her cunt.

Darryl smacked the side of his head. "Not yet, Bobby, you get the blondie first. Get over there." He leaned forward and cupped a hand over Kelly's pussy. "This one's mine."

I had to pull my eyes from what Darryl was doing to Kelly because Bobby was now leaning over Pam, reaching for her. When he began to close his fingers around one of her arms, I could take no more. With my left hand, I struck hard and fast at a certain tender nerve on Bobby's forearm, and he jerked back, clutching at his temporarily useless hand. I then reached up to try and deflect the blow that was coming from Darryl, but I got it only half-right and still caught a glancing punch at the side of my head.

Kelly squirmed up and back onto the couch and quickly pulled my head to her naked chest, screaming, "Goddammit, Darryl, I said leave them alone! You fucking asshole!"

Darryl stood and drew the pistol, it was semi-automatic and lethal. "Okay," he said, "we're going to do this right." He jacked the slide on the pistol, cocking it, and pointed it right at me. "I am going to issue a few orders now, boy, and I swear on my mamma that if you pull one more little kung fu move like that or make ANY other attempt to resist, I'm gonna cap you right here. End of story."

To say that I was now glaring back at him like some action movie hero would be a clear lie. Through anger and masculine protectiveness for these two woman, I'd had enough adrenaline try what I'd tried. But now I had a seriously pissed off man pointing a gun at me with his thick finger on the hair trigger. Now I was fucking terrified.


The word was barely audible, and it actually took me a second to realize it was coming from Pam right next to me. She said again, "Please, Tom...don't fight him. I don't want to see you hurt."

Darryl commanded Kelly, "Let go of him! He doesn't get to taste your tits!"

Kelly relaxed her grip on me. I glanced into her eyes, then over to Pam, then back to Kelly, who nodded. "It's okay," she said softly. "Let's just get through this."

All I could do was lower my head and let out a sigh, defeated.

"There we go," Darryl was saying. "One big happy fuck fest now. Bobby, how's your arm?"

Bobby was opening and closing his fist, moving his arm up and down. He said, "Tingles a bit, but I'm all right. The fuck that boy do to me!"

"Never mind. We gonna give him a show now. You want that blond bitch to suck your cock?"

"Fuck yeah!"

"Then get your goddamned pants off, nigga, show the bitch what you got!"

Darryl kept the gun aimed at me, but everyone else looked over at Bobby, who quickly unbuckled his pants. They dropped to the floor right along with his boxer shorts, and there before us was a black man wearing a jacket and t-shirt, with his pants down around his ankles. His dark cock, rising slightly in arousal, swayed with his movements as he shuffled closer to us. He shed his jacket and shirt as he did so, and now there were four naked people in the room.

"Get in there," Darryl encouraged. "Get that bitch to make you hard."

Bobby had finally kicked off his shoes and pants, and with no shyness whatsoever he stepped right up to where Pam had but to lean forward on the couch to get a mouthful. I stared at his cock, filled with disgust, realizing that he was about to sodomize my girlfriend right in front of me. And if I wanted to do anything about it, I would be shot in the head for my efforts.

Bobby said, "Come on, little bitch. Get that mouth over here."

Pam looked up at the big black penis in front of her. Her eyes were wide and she seemed frozen in shock. Bobby reached forward to grab at her again. I shifted on the couch, but Darryl seemed to level the gun more in line with my skull so I backed down. Bobby got ahold of her and pulled her forward on the couch. Ignoring her whimpering, he laced his fingers in her soft blond hair, behind her head, and slowly pushed her face toward his crotch.

Kelly shouted angrily, "Goddammit, goddammit! Listen, if you want to get your cock sucked, bring it here. Don't make Pam do that."

Bobby paused with the head of his semi-erect cock barely an inch from Pam's lips. He looked over at Kelly, then at Darryl, expectantly. Darryl only shook his head, "No way, not till I've had my fun with her first. It's the blondie or your right hand in the bathroom, nigga. Make your choice."

Bobby merely shrugged at Kelly who sat back, saying "fuck" over and over.

With horror, I watched as Bobby resumed pressing against the back of Pam's head. With his free hand he lifted the head of his cock more in line with her pouting mouth. Just the anticipation of it all was getting him an erection already. As morbid as it sounded in my head, I silently hoped he would just shoot off quickly from the excitement and save her from too much agony.

Pam had squeezed her eyes closed tightly, but they opened again in shock when she felt Bobby's cock push against her lips. She stared down at it, cross-eyed. With one last sideways glance my way, I heard her mumble, "Sorry," and then, with a final sigh, she opened up and took about half of Bobby's erection into her mouth.

"Oh, fuck yeah!" Bobby called out.

Darryl grinned, "Oh, this is too good. Just too good." He released one hand from supporting the pistol to cup his crotch, adjusting his own growing erection.

For what seemed like several minutes, the only sound in the room was that of awkward slurping as Pam struggled to contain the huge piece of meat in her mouth. I couldn't help but notice that Bobby's dick was no bigger than mine when hard, and mine was big enough, so to an inexperienced cocksucker like Pam it must've felt like a fucking arm being shoved down her throat. Bobby didn't make it any easier, the way he bucked his hips forward now and then, trying to get deeper, banging into the back of Pam's throat. She began gagging, and copious amounts of sticky saliva dribbled down her chin, dripping onto her small breasts. Bobby's eyes rolled up in his head, he was in heaven.

Darryl said, "Tyrone, get over here and get a better look."

The other tall one who'd been watching from further back, whom I now knew was Tyrone, said, "That's okay, D-man. I can see just fine from here."

"Fuck that," said Darryl, "I need you to hold the gun so I can have some fun, too."

"Oh...okay." He moved closer to us.

I finally had to look away from Pam gagging over Bobby's cock. I looked over at Kelly, who was hugging herself, her feet drawn up to her naked butt. She was watching Pam, and she seemed to be transfixed by it, completely amazed by what was going on. After a moment she realized I was looking at her and she blinked at me, coming out of her trance.

"This is fucking insane," she said softly. It was strange, her tone was no longer heated with frustration. It was more like...fascination.

Darryl, handing the gun over to Tyrone, said, "Okay, bitch, your turn."

Kelly looked up at him, "What?"

He was already dropping his jacket to the floor, then kicking off his shoes. "You heard me. Watching Bobby get his rocks sucked off is too much for me. I gotta bust a nut, too." He started undoing his pants.

Every once and a while, Pam managed to pull her mouth all the way off of Bobby's cock, and though she still held the shaft in one hand, she got a chance to cough and spit a little. But one threatening look from Darryl and she was back on again, sucking away. I couldn't believe this.

Darryl was now stripped down, and I couldn't help but do a double-take when I saw the man's penis. Holy Christ. It was only half-hard, but it was a fucking monster. Like his height, Darryl also had at least a few inches on me in the cock category. I guess I shouldn't have expected anything less, but I certainly wasn't used to having this many exposed cocks around me outside of my old high community shower room—certainly none with erections!

To my amazement, Kelly was already leaning forward and reaching up for his shaft without being ordered to. She merely muttered, "Goddammit, Darryl," and then opened right up and began sucking. She closed her eyes and put some real work into it, as if she'd just decided to make it a good blowjob if she had to give one at all.

I took in my new setting: I was sitting between two naked chicks, both sucking huge cocks directly on either side of me. I too was naked but getting none of the action, only forced to watch. The other man watching—the only one wearing clothing now—was Tyrone, and he was the key to all of this happening because he now had the gun. Although he couldn't help but glance now and then at the live porno scene unfolding before him, he did a pretty good job of keeping the gun aimed at me.

"Oh, that's right," Darryl was saying, his words sounding thicker now. "That's what I'm talking about, bitch. You know you like it."

Her only reply came in the form of slurping sounds. Kelly began to jack his cock in sync to the bobbing of her head.

"Yeah...yeah...suck that, bitch." Darryl was really enjoying it, and now that he was fully erect I couldn't help but stare in wonder. It seemed like Kelly's mouth was completely stuffed to the point where the head of his cock was going to start jamming down her throat, yet there were still a number of inches exposed to the air, and Kelly's tiny little hand didn't even close around the shaft.

But Darryl wasn't letting that stop him. He said, "More to go, my little ho! More to go!" With that, he shoved his hips forward, and from Kelly's throat I heard a muffled scream of shock and pain and perhaps even a bit of disbelief as Darryl managed to get another couple of inches of his penis into her mouth. Kelly gagged loudly, half-choking. Her eyes bulged began watering, and I could swear she was just this short of vomiting.

Pam, for her part, was finally getting a handle on the cock in her mouth. She seemed to catch on to Kelly's instinct to give as good a blowjob as possible, to get the fucker to cum as quickly as possible so it could end. So Pam was now stroking her hand up and down quickly against the exposed part of Bobby's cock as her head bobbed furiously in almost perfect time with her hand. With a mixed sense of extreme jealousy and amazement I watched her reach up a free hand and start massaging Bobby's hairy black balls.

"Oh, that is SWEET!" he cried out.

Sucking, gagging, salivating, tears running down their eyes, the girls put on a valiant job of blowing these guys as quickly as they could to orgasm. I was surprised they were lasting this long. It would be a pretty erotic scene from the guy's point of view. In fact....

Oh shit.

"Look!" Darryl shouted, pointing down at me while jerking his hips back and forth in Kelly's face. "Our boy's getting off on this!"

Both Kelly and Pam slowed their sucking and turned their heads slightly in my direction. They both appeared amazed—as I was—that my cock had actually stirred. In fact, I was already about 75% erect. I guess the initial shock and fear and embarrassment had subsided enough so that the young, hormonally horny 18-year-old in me was poking its head out. Or up, that is, because that's exactly where the head of my cock was beginning to point.

I looked frantically at both of the girls. "I'm so sorry!" I exclaimed. I really did feel horrible about it. I was getting off on an act of rape.

Kelly managed to get her mouth off of Darryl's cock long enough to cough a couple of times and tell me breathlessly, "Okay...it's...okay, Tom. Not your...not your fault." She even took one of her hands and reached for mine, giving me a reassuring squeeze. But this moment was all too brief before Darryl was twisting her head around to get back on his dripping bazooka of a cock.

Well, that was Kelly, but what about Pam, the one who was my actual girlfriend? I turned to her, expecting to see an expression of anger and shock. Instead, she had also pulled her mouth off of Bobby's cock long enough to give me a sort of dejected little smile. She reached for my other hand and gave her own trembling squeeze. I realized in that moment that somehow we were going to get through this.

But not before it got worse.

Bobby had begun grunting and jerking his hips erratically, surely about to cum. This was going to be terrible. But suddenly Darryl pulled his cock out from Kelly's mouth, leaned over to Bobby and pushed back on his shoulder. "Not yet!" he shouted. "We gonna make this last."

Bobby pulled back, allowing Pam to collapse backward on the couch, reaching up to massage her sore jaw. "Aw, man!" Bobby explained, his hard-on bouncing. "I was so close, man!"

"It'll happen," Darryl said, "But we're gonna have a little more fun first. And look at this white boy. Hard as a motherfucking rock now, watching his two bitches blow a couple of niggas. You into some kinky shit, eh boy?"

I didn't answer. Didn't even look at him standing there with a tree trunk sticking out from his crotch. I reached for the two girls, touching their shoulders, letting them know I was there with them. They both instinctively leaned in toward me.

Darryl said, "Oh, that's so cute. A loving threesome. Okay, white boy, we gonna let you have some fun with this. Why not." He stroked his cock a couple of times, thinking. He said, "Okay, bitches, get down here on the floor, on your knees, and lean up on the couch so you're both facing your white boy's cock."

We all looked at him now, hesitating. Darryl grabbed the gun from Tyrone's hand, then waved it at us. "I ain't talking Chinese, bitches. Move!"

Slowly, both women slid their naked bodies to the floor, turning their backs to the black men and getting to their knees so they were now kneeling on either side of my thighs, pushing their asses back toward the men. Their small breasts hung down from their smooth chests. I noticed Kelly's nipples were quite hard. She was also staring at me, but somewhat absently, waiting for the next command, almost like she was resolved to let herself be used as they saw fit. Pam had her head bowed so I couldn't see her expression.

Darryl gave the gun back to Tyrone and said to him, "Okay, now Bobby and I are gonna get these bitches ready for some dark meat. You watch the white boy closely. If twitches anything other than that white pecker of his, shoot him. Ready Bobby?"

"Fuck yeah, D-man!"

"Then let's dive in."

The two men dropped to their knees. Bobby put his hand on one of Pam's ass cheeks, and her head shot up as if she'd received an electric shock. She looked at me with desperate eyes and then reached for my hand, clutching tightly. I mouthed again that I was sorry and she nodded with understanding.

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