Tom's Torture


Down, down again, a little more, a very little more...and it now felt like we were about halfway there...yes, a glance down between us showed half my cock already gone inside her. Wonderful. Beautiful. She rose up again, and I knew the next drop would take even more in...just seconds now, there she goes...starting to lower ever so slowly down again, and then—

The door to the apartment flung open and a cheerful voice called out, "Watch out, Pam I'm—oh, my God! Wow!"

Pam and I froze in mid-fuck and whipped our heads around and there was Pam's roommate, Kelly, standing near the door, her hand still on the handle, a huge grin of surprise and excitement on her face as she stared at the two naked lovers. One second later, Pam whipped her body off me, causing my erection to flop out of her pussy and make a wet thwack against my belly, and she curled into kind of a ball against my side. I could only feebly drop my hands to my cock and balls, but there was no way I could completely hide my entire engorged member that way.

Kelly slammed the door shut and dropped her purse. She swayed a little, I could tell she'd been drinking. Despite being only 19, it clearly wasn't a problem for her to get into clubs and bars and get guys to buy any number of drinks she cared to consume.

She said, "Oh, Pammy, I'm so sorry! I thought you guys would be in the bedroom."

Pam's only response was to nuzzle her head into my shoulder, still overwhelmed with surprise and embarrassment. I could feel my own cheeks burn red with my own level of embarrassment, but I also realized that my penis hadn't softened in the least. And there, staring openly at it now, was Pam's roommate Kelly.

Kelly was Asian and carried many of the attributes typical to her racial background: smooth olive complexion, straight dark hair (long and in pig-tails at the moment), and seductively narrow eyes. She had a small nose, wide cheekbones, and a mouth that seemed to enjoy pouting childishly or with mischievousness. She was taller than the average Asian girl, perhaps five-foot-five, and she was very slender, giving the appearance that her lithe legs simply went on forever.

Tonight she was wearing a simple black shift of a dress, one that was barely held up by spaghetti straps and hung low, very low, across a pair of small but perfectly rounded breasts that never needed a bra to defy gravity on their own. The bottom of her skimpy dress seemed to stop at the very top of her thighs, flaring nicely at her muscular hips. I got the sense that if she would simply bend over a few degrees when facing away from me, I would very easily see the point where the bottom of her ass joined in a loving embrace above what I could only imagine was a wonderfully tight pussy.

In the few other times I'd encountered her before, Kelly was never one to stand on formality, and with an alcoholic buzz dissolving her inhibitions even further, she was now quite blunt: "Pammy, he's beautiful. My God, look at that cock!"

Pam's head finally shot up. "Kelly!"

"I'm sorry, honey, but just look at that thing!" Kelly shifted slightly on her four-inch stiletto heels, causing one of her spaghetti straps to drop down her shoulder, in turn causing her low-cut dress to drop even further, until I swear I could just barely begin to make out the top of her areolas. She made no move to fix her dress. Instead she licked her lips and murmured, "He's as big as one of my black boys."

"Oh my God!" Pam groaned, reburying her head in my shoulder. Instinctively, I raised and arm and put it around her, only then realizing that I'd just exposed more of my cock to Kelly's hungry gaze. Hmm...perhaps I...wanted to do this? Well, she was already seeing 98% of me. Might as well as give her the other couple of bits of flesh.

I dropped my other hand at my side.

Kelly's jaw dropped. "Oh, are soooooo lucky!"

Pam whimpered.

Kelly unabashedly approached us and dropped down on the couch next to me, on my left, opposite Pam whose naked form was balled up against me on my right. In this sitting position Kelly's insidiously short cocktail dress rode up to within what could only be a half-inch of exposing her crotch. As I automatically wondered if she was even wearing panties, I was suddenly fully aware of her immediate presence...her scent...her flesh as her knee inadvertently grazed against my leg. Interestingly enough, Kelly seemed to ignore my naked presence as she reached across me to stroke Pam's hair.

"I'm sooooo sorry," she said soothingly. "This was your special moment. This was your special gift to Tom. My timing is horrible."

Mumbling into my shoulder, Pam said, "You promised not to be home until after midnight!"

While listening to Pam, Kelly's gaze moved down my body, past my flat, muscular stomach, and right to my cock. I was still incredibly hard, pre-cum drizzling into my belly button. I was amazed that we were all sitting here like this, making no move to cover up. The tone was as if Kelly had accidentally walked in on Pam watching a movie, perfectly innocent. But it wasn't innocent! I had barely had half my cock inside my girlfriend for the first time, ready to take her virginity, but I couldn't quite declare victory. And goddammit I was fucking horny!

This was torture!

Kelly looked at me and winked, then put on a soothing face again for Pam. "I know, baby, I know. I had every intention of staying out...but Darryl was beginning to turn into an asshole. Well, an even bigger asshole than normal! Kept trying to show me off to his homies like I was some piece of meat, even suggesting that they should ALL get a taste of me. The nerve! So I walked out on the fucker!"

From my shoulder, Pam's muffled voice, "Okay...."

Kelly leaned further in, her face now only a couple of inches from mine, and she continued to stroke Pam's long, blond hair, curling it back behind her ear. She said, "I want you two to finish what you started, Pammy. Don't worry about me."

Pam's head raised a little. She glanced automatically down my body and managed to smile slightly at the fact that I was still quite erect. I glanced down her body, enjoying the fact that she too was still totally nude, totally sexy, and hopefully still as totally horny as I was.

Pam asked, "What're you going to do?"

Kelly grinned. "Just watch."

My cocked twitched.

Pam's brow furrowed. "Watch?"

Kelly leaned back, still grinning. Her movement caused the top of her dress to slide even further down, now completely exposing her right nipple. I couldn't help but notice this, of course, but when Kelly caught the direction of my gaze, she casually slid the top up a little and said with a giggle, "Easy, big boy, feast on your own girl's titties for now."

I was speechless. I don't think I could've spoken if I tried. My mouth was dry, my head spun. It was if even more blood was draining from my skull and down into my already painfully hard cock. I felt like I would literally explode if I didn't ejaculate in the next few minutes.

"Come on, Pammy," Kelly continued. "This is a beautiful moment. Enjoy it. I would be honored to be part of it."

Pam took on a puzzled look again. "Part of it?"

Kelly grinned again and raised her hands. "Don't worry, I'll keep my hands off." She glanced down at my dick again. "Well, I'll try to...."


"Okay, okay!" Kelly chuckled. "I promise, I'll stay out of the way. But you have, you have GOT to let me watch. Please, Pammy, pleeeeeeeease!"

She sounded like a little girl begging for another ride on the pony. Despite the situation, all three of us laughed, and things suddenly became strangely more comfortable. The initial shock of being walked in on during the act of intercourse had worn off, and a warmly erotic aura was beginning to take shape again. Pam slid her hand up and down my chest and abs, just allowing her hand to graze my dripping cock.

She said, "Is this okay for you, Tom?"

I tried to speak, ""

Kelly said, "Come on, Tom, it'll be fun! Really kinky!"

Pam leaned in and kissed my cheek. She said, "Kelly is my best friend on the planet. She's like my sister. Somehow I now feel a bit better knowing that she'll be here to see you sink yourself fully inside me."

"Jesus," I stammered. "How can a guy say no?"

Both girls giggled, "Hurray!" Pam gave me a tight hug around the neck and straddled me once more. Kelly climbed more fully on the couch, still quite close to us, and drew her knees up with her legs tucked under her so she could now face us directly. I got a momentary glimpse up Kelly's little dress, but it was deeply shadowed in there, couldn't tell if there were panties or just a really dark, thick bush.

My attention, however, was quickly diverted right back to the hot skinny blond who was once again lowering herself onto me. Instead of grabbing me by the shaft and guiding me in this time, Pam gyrated and angled her hips back and forth a couple of times until she'd maneuvered her pussy right against the head. She lowered her weight a little, and I began to feel a wonderful sensation of my cock squeezing slowly into a tight, wet opening.

When Kelly next spoke her voice sounded much louder, but this was because she was now leaning over, almost leveling her head with where my cock was sliding into Pam's pussy. "This is so beautiful, Pammy. You're actually going to do it. Your first man!"

Pam tried to turn her grimace of discomfort into a smile. "Thank you, Kel—whoops!"

I slipped out, my cock once again slapping against my belly. How I was going to endure this torture much longer was beyond me. But oh such exquisite pain!

Kelly said, "Oh, baby, let me help, please!" Before Pam could respond, Kelly reached right between us and grasped the shaft of my cock with an expert grip. Pam began to utter a protest, but Kelly put her other hand on Pam's shoulder, making soothing sounds. "It's okay, baby. Kelly's gonna help. This is all for you." Then she gave my cock a squeeze and said to me softly, "And for you, too, lucky boy."

In my haze of lust, I glanced over at Kelly again. Both spaghetti straps had now dropped off her thin shoulders, and both of her little breasts were quite fully exposed to me as the dress hung down. But Kelly only smiled at me before looking back down at her hand on my cock, determined to help her roommate fit it in.

Pam grunted breathlessly, "Fine...okay, Kel, just...just get it in!"

"You got it, Pammy," Kelly responded. Still grasping me firmly with one hand, Kelly gently nudged Pam down with her other. "There you go, sweetie, slowly now...ease down on him. Get it in there...."

A couple of inches went in easily enough, and in another moment we were about a third in, and then that famous halfway mark. Here Pam froze again, biting her lip. She began to tremble.

"Oh, Tom," she whimpered. "So...big. So big...oh, Kelly, he's so big."

"He is," Kelly said in a gentle voice. "He's very big, and this is your first one, honey, so just try to absorb it. Sink down a little more...there go you...a little more...just let your pussy flex around his shaft. Don't clench up."

How I could keep from blasting my cum right then and there was a miracle for the history books. Here I was, not just taking a young woman's cherry for the first time, I was doing it with the aid of this woman's totally hot Asian roommate who was helping by personally guiding my cock into my girlfriend's pussy. And the talking, this completely erotic talking! Words could not describe my sense of pleasure in this moment.

Further and further my cock disappeared deeper and deeper into Pam's vagina. As Pam sank down onto me, Kelly's grasp loosened from a full tight grip to no more than a couple of fingers as there was less exposed shaft to hold. I started to realize that, at this point, there was no need for Kelly to hold me, I was quite deep enough inside Pam. But if Kelly wanted to keep her hand there, I sure the fuck was NOT going to protest.

In fact, as Pam was now almost fully impaled onto my penis, her crotch touched down against Kelly's hand, which flattened and then cupped around my balls, sending a new shudder of pleasure racing through my body. Kelly herself groaned in satisfaction when she sensed my reaction. Slowly, reluctantly, she slid her hand back, providing no further obstruction for the final plunge. When Kelly pulled her hand back, it glistened with the combined fluids of both Pam and myself. Staring right at me, Kelly licked at this hand.

"You're on your own now, kids," she said, licking her lips.

With a final intake of breath by both Pam and myself, my girlfriend finally dropped all of her weight on me, driving the last half-inch of cock fully into her tight pussy. We both groaned and clutched at each other, holding tight and allowing the moment to last. We heard Kelly cheer and clap. Pam turned to her, a tear running down her cheek.

"Thank you, Kelly," she said. "This is wonderful." She turned and caressed my face. "You, are wonderful."

I managed a smile back. "This is...a wonderful gift, Pam...thank you."

Kelly sniffled back tears of her own. "This is so adorable, you two. It's so erotic and sexual and...beautiful!"

Pam smiled at me. "Let's see what we can do now."

Slowly up...slowly down...Pam began to move her body, taking me in and out of her with her gentle movements. It was sensational, just amazingly wonderful. I knew that my orgasm was about to burst beyond my control, and my instincts demanded that I match Pam's downward movements with strong upward thrusts, but I barely managed to regain control of my instincts, determined now to let the torture to last as long as possible.

I reached up and traced my fingers along Pam's breasts and nipples before grasping them fully. She sighed and moaned between grimaces. She assured me that she felt no pain; it was just very, very tight. I heard Kelly shifting on the couch again, and when I looked over I was shocked to see that she had allowed her dress to drop completely to her waist, exposing her entire naked upper torso to me. What's more, she was pulling the hem of the dress up, finally revealing to me that yes, she was wearing panties, but they were so incredibly skimpy that she merely had to push a thin piece of black material aside to expose the naked lips of her fully shaved pussy.

"I'm sorry," she was saying. "You just have to let me experience this pleasure with you."

When Pam saw what she was doing, she only smiled. "It's okay, Kelly...please pleasure yourself. Please share the gift that we are all enjoying."

Pam's sentence was hardly finished before Kelly had driven two or possibly even three fingers into her pussy, and she vigorously played with herself, watching through narrowed, lustful eyes as Pam and I continued fucking in front of her.

"Oh...oh, Pam," I moaned by way of warning. I was too close now. The point of no return was approaching.

Pam began panting more and more loudly. "It's okay,'s okay. I think...yes, I think I'm...I think I'm going to cum too!" She sounded surprised. But it was a very pleasant surprise, and then she was shouting. "Oh, fuck yes! Tom! My first time with you...and I'm gonna...I'm gonna..."

Kelly shouted, her own moans of pleasure filling the room. "Yes, Pammy! Cum for him! Cum for Tom! I'm cumming too!"

Pam screamed out, "Yes! It's happening! Oh my God, it's so gooooooood!"

As tight as Pam already was, it suddenly felt as if a vice-grip had clamped down on my shaft, and this was the feeling of Pam cumming above me. And with Kelly's screams about her own orgasm splitting my eardrums, I finally felt my own balls erupt and blast forth a mother load of white hot semen, deep, ever so fucking deep into my beautiful girlfriend's womb.

Spasms...convulsions...screams of ecstasy. For several seconds we all succumbed with apoplectic pleasure as nervous systems became overwhelmed with pleasure. When I was able to open my eyes, I looked down to see my white sperm oozing out from Pam's pussy and around my cock and balls, for there was no way her little cunt could contain that much spunk at the same time as my cock. When I looked up at Pam she was smiling down at me, her face now shiny with sweat. Still breathless, she mouthed "Thank you" to me, and I leaned up to kiss her nose before sinking back.

Pam allowed her body to drop completely onto me. My cock was still fairly rigid in its post-orgasmic state, and it remained fully impaled within Pam's cunt. She put her head on my chest and we both turned to watch Kelly, who'd leaned back against the armrest of the couch. Her legs were spread, and we could both see right up to where her wet pussy dripped with her own lubrication. Christ, what a sexy sight.

Sensing the attention on her, Kelly allowed her eyes to flutter open, and she raised her head toward us. She grinned. "Hi, guys." We grinned back at her. She looked down at her own body. "Shit, I should take this dress off before completely I ruin it." She sat up and wiggled out of the thing before carefully folding it once and setting it on a side table. I studied her long slender body. It was flawless. Just amazing skin, wonderfully proportioned. Her breasts protruded sharply outward, no matter what direction she was facing, up or down, and her nipples seemed perpetually hard. I continued to stare as Kelly flicked at one of the strings of her flimsy panties. She said, "These are pretty useless now too, aren't they?" In seconds, they were off as well, and there were now officially three 100% naked people on the couch.

Pam shifted slightly, wincing as she did so. "I'm sorry, Tom," she said. "It's...beginning to hurt a little now."

"Oh, I'm sorry," I said, coming to my senses. I helped lift her gently as she worked her hips off of mine, and for the third time that night we all heard the sound of my cock slapping against my stomach.

"You're still kinda hard," Kelly said. "Impressive."

Despite what we'd all just been through, I blushed. "Thanks."

Pam scooted back over into the corner of the couch, pulling me to her. She seemed to ponder something for a moment, glancing between Kelly and me a couple of times. But finally she reached a hand out and beckoned Kelly to us. In the next moment, I found myself relaxing on the huge couch with my arm around Pam on my right, and Kelly on my left. For their part, they both turned in toward me, each symmetrically sliding a leg up my thighs until their knees almost touched on either side of my now semi-flaccid cock. For my part, I'd managed to allow my hands to rest gently on one breast of each girl. Priceless.

In a now sleepy voice, Kelly asked, "So, was your first time?"

"Wonderful," Pam replied, her tone equally drowsy. "Just wonderful. I love the feeling of Tom's cum squishing inside me, keeping my thighs wet."

"Well," Kelly said, "when you're ready for more, just let me know. I still need to show you how to suck a man's cock!"

Pam giggled as she began to doze. "Oh...I can't wait...."

"Neither can I," I finally said, and the two girls tightened their embraces around me. With such powerful orgasms having flowed through us, it was easy and even quite relaxing to doze off with them. In fact, we must have all fallen quite deeply asleep, at least for a short time, because when we woke up, something was very, very different in the room.

I opened my eyes to see a very tall black man standing over the three of us, looking quite sinister. I felt Kelly jerk sharply in shock as she gasped, "Darryl!"

This in and of itself was scary enough, but what made it all the worse was that just behind Darryl, a little further across the room, two more men were also standing, staring at us. Pam, Kelly and I could only lay there, utterly naked and completely vulnerable.

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