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I would come over to your house when it gets dark out. I get buzzed in and your door is cracked open. I would come inside and it's pitch black. I close your door and kneel down, and you would approach me and immediately put the colllar around my neck. Have me stand up, and pull my cock out of the top of my track pants. Using my cock to lead me, pull me to your bathroom. You would put me in the bathroom, and close the door.

Once the door is closed, I would turn on the light and see your cock ring/ball spreader laying on the counter. I take off all my clothes so I'm completely naked and attach the tight ball spreader to my cock. My cock and ass are completely shaved, I just did it today. :)

Once I am naked with the ball spreader on, I would get on my knees and turn off the bathroom light. When you see the light go off from under the door, you would open the door and approach me. I woud want you to put your po@#ers under my nose and have me inhale while I'm kneeling in front of you and your cock is inches from my mouth. As soon as you give me the po@#ers, I want you to take your cock and rub it across my lips and cheeks, then feed it to me. After a few moments of getting me ready, pull me up by my collar and lead me into your bedroom.

Have me kneel on the floor in front of your bed so my back is pushed up against it, and stand in front of me. Put your cock at the entrance to my mouth and have me suck on just the head for a moment. Put the po@#ers up to my nose again, and right after I inhale, slowly push your cock into my mouth till it touches the entrance of my throat. Keep pushing and see how far into my throat you can make me suck you. Once I start to slobber and drool a little, rub my saliva and your precum across my lips and face, smearing it all over me. I want you to fuck my mouth kind of rough, but not so bad that I puke. I want to have my saliva dripping all over my chest by the time you're finished fucking my mouth..

When you tire of this, I want you to lift me up roughly by my collar and push me onto your bed on my back. Straddle my chest, and kneel on my arms so I can't use them. From here I want you to again, feed me your cock while you take my head in your hands and slowly fuck my face. While I have your cock in my mouth, reach behind you and play with my cock, squeezing it tightly in your palm and stroking me a little.

When you want, roll me onto my stomach and stick your tongue in my asshole, playing with it with your tongue and maybe a finger or two. After a moment of this, grab your lube bottle, stick the nozzle in my ass and squeeze a lot of it into my asshole. Once my ass it thoroughly lubed, put the po@#ers up to my nose, and then slowly slide your cock into my ass. Slow at first, but more and more until you are as deep inside of me as you can get. Slow thrusts at first, but after more po@#ers I want you to start to fuck my ass however you want to. If it hurts too much, I'll pull away and you can slow down for a little bit.

When you're getting ready to cum, I want you to pull out of me and roll me over onto my back. Kneel in between my spread legs. Take off your condom, and jerk your cock until you cum. When you cum, I want you to try to get as much of it as you can on my cock. While you're cumming on me, grab my cock and use your cum as lube while stroking me.. Take one of my hands and put it on my cock with yours. I want you to help me stroke my cock until I cum as well. I'll probably shoot all over my stomach and chest, and I want you to rub it all over and put your hand up to my lips and rub my own cum all over my mouth and make me taste some of it.

Once I catch my breath, you would again lift me by my collar and lead me to your bathroom and close the door behind me. I'll clean up, probably rinse off, and leave your ball spreader and collar in your bathroom. Make yourself scarce and I will let myself out....


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