tagFetishTonight Ch. 03

Tonight Ch. 03


First, his finger caresses over my throbbing clit. I feel your breath as you blow on my wetness. Cool. Hot. Both of you move in unison. The stranger straddles my chest; I can feel his dick against my belly. But his fingers part me, and one of them now circles my clit.

Between the two of you, I am completely lost in sensation. You, pushing the dildo in and out of my pussy. Alternating between the dildo and the beads. Then pulling the beads out all together before fucking them back into me.

Him, circling my clit, as if he had all the time in the world. I want to buck my hips against what the two of you are doing to me, but I can't move. You have secured me against the bed, and I have no way to move. I am the captive in your game. I want to speak, to cry, to beg for more, or beg for less, but I can not. I know the rules.

As the final waves of orgasm pass over me one last time, I hear you talking to him. "Do you want to go first, or me?" you ask.

I feel utter panic. Go first? I didn't agree to this! I agreed to you. My lover, my cherished one. This man is not mine. Just you.

He speaks. His voice sounds familiar, but I can not place it. He'll go first.

My face burns as you both move away from my body, step away from the bed.

"You still with me?" you ask. I can feel you leaning down now, close to my ear. Your finger circles my nipple, lazy circles. Unhurried circles.

I nod slightly, even though I want to scream that No! I'm not okay. But all I do is nod. Tears have come to my eyes. The idea of a strange man looking at my nakedness. And that you are allowing this. I feel hurt.

You seem to sense it. "Be still love," you say to me. I feel your lips as they caress mine. Your mouth as it closes over mine. Your tongue, darting in and out.

Then he's back. A warm, wet cloth moves over my mound. I buck at the new sensation. "I'm just washing you," he tells me.

I don't care. I want him gone.

But I lie quietly and try to focus on the sensation. That's what you always tell me to do. Just focus on how I feel. Not what I think, or what I want to change, but how does it feel.

And this feels nice.

I hear the cloth dip into a bowl he has brought with him. I hear the splashes of water as he wrings the excess water from the cloth. Then I feel as the hot cloth moves over my lower body. His finger dips between my lips, the roughness of the cloth moving against my clit. He moves it to my waiting hole and twists it as he pushes it in. "She's shaved, I like that," I hear him tell you.

My face grows hot. Most of the time, you don't want me shaved. But two weeks ago you decided to bare all. You had me lie on the bathroom floor and hold my legs wide as you shaved me. I felt electricity as the cool razor dragged against my hot pussy. And then it was gone. And I was bare.

His cloth dipped lower now. Wiped up the lubricant and cream from my ass. "I should clean her out," he tells you.

I feel panic. I don't know what he intends, but I did everything I'd been told to do before you came home tonight. And that included cleaning myself out thoroughly.

"No, she's clean," you tell him. Thank you, I want to say. But as you lightly place your lips against mine again, I realize you know what I'm thinking. It's one thing to "clean myself" while I'm alone. Something entirely different to do in front of someone.

You've punished me like that before. You brought me into the bathroom and had me lie over your knees. First you spanked me, then you pushed the enema nozzel inside of me. You filled me completely with soapy water and then you made me hold it before I had to empty myself in front of you. The humiliation is something I still have not forgotten.

One last dip of the cloth and one last swipe over all of my genitals and he seems done.

"I'm going to examine you now," he says to me.

He wouldn't. You and I have played doctor before, but that's not something you'd allow someone else to do to me, would you? We even bought a speculum, and an anal probe, but that's just for the two of us, right?

But even as I think this, I can feel you move from the bed. "Let me adjust her feet higher," you say. I feel you loosen the restraints on my feet and then pull them up higher on the four poster bed. First one side, then the other.

I'm now spread wide open. The cool air from the ceiling fan brushes against my completely exposed clit. I feel the air on my hole. My lips no longer hide me; my legs are too spread for that to happen. I moan. I've seen myself in this position before. When we played doctor. We have a mirror above the bed, and I could see everything you did to me that day.

So I know what's coming next...

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